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How to: Install Google Wallet From the Market on the Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus

We just discovered that Google Wallet has been given the green light for the Galaxy Nexus as long as it has an AT&T SIM (sorry T-Mo users), but the reason we discovered that in the first place, was a tip from a reader who claimed to have installed it on his Verizon LTE G-Nex. After following his instructions, we also were able to install the app directly from the Android Market without flashing a zip or doing anything that a non-rooted phone could not do. How did we do it?  Instructions below.  


*People are having much better luck with the long version below.

1.  From your phone, open the browser and head to http://market.android.com.
2.  Search for “Google Wallet.”

*If your browser prompts you to open the Market, don’t. Just stay in the browser.

3.  When the results come back, tap on the Google Wallet icon.
4.  The phone will prompt you to leave the browser and go to the Market. Choose the Market this time.
5.  You should now be sitting in the Android Market with Google Wallet up.
6.  Tap “install” and enjoy.

If that short method is not working, here is the full method that our tipster gave us:

*Tip:  You may want to clear data and defaults on browser and Market before doing this.

1.  From your phone open the browser and head to http://market.android.com.
2.  Search for “Google Wallet.”

*If your browser prompts you to open the Market, don’t. Just stay in the browser.

3.  When the results come back, tap on the Google Wallet icon.
4.  Tap the “Install” button from within the browser and then sign into your Google account.

*Again, this is all from the browser, not the Market app.

5.  Once you have signed in, you should be redirected back to the Market page in the browser.
6.  Obviously, you will not have the option to install there since the VZW Nexus is not supported.
7.  Tap the back button until you are prompted for the Market or Browser again, this time choosing the Market.
8.  The Android Market should open to the Google Wallet page with an option to install.

Video instructions (Cheers Joey!):


*Note 1 – This method should work to get almost any blocked app installed on your phone.

*Note 2 – The market is also now recognizing it as being installed:

Cheers Mbanicek!

  • Alexander Borsi

    This still works, albeit with slightly changed instructions. You can’t find it on the phone anymore. Just email
    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.walletnfcrel to yourself, and then open it on the phone. The instructions are basically step 4 and onwards.

    Just did it on my non rooted 4.0.4 phone.

    1. Email the link to yourself.
    2. Open it in the stock browser.
    3. Click on install in the stock browser.
    4. Log in with account details.
    5. It sent me right back with an install button.
    6. Clicked install, and now I am setting up my cards.

  • Borg Nexus

    I am getting this message after rooting and trying to use wallet…

    Some users may disable important security mechanisms in order to gain system-level “root” access to their phone. We strongly discourage doing so if you plan to use Google Wallet. We are unable to support devices with unauthorized operating systems as the security layers of the device may be limited.

  • Cowboydroid

    This did not work as of today. I just get a Google Wallet page with no options at all in the Play store.

    Still have the old app on my phone, though, since I installed it way back.

  • Johnny Rocket

    This hack must have been fixed in an update. I was able to install Wallet on my phone a month or so ago, but it won’t work with my wife’s phone today. 🙁

  • Matt R.

    Does this still work now that android market has changed to Google Play?

  • i don’t think this works with the Google Play store anymore

  • Jordan Wyatt

    wouldnt work for me here in New Zealand with my Galaxy Nexus and the new Play store 🙁

    Very sad I cant install it, I’m sure I have nothing to actually use it with, but it would be nice having the app to see how it works, to show others “….one day…..eventually…we’ll all be able to pay just like this….”

  • Theescservice

    awesome way of getting apps but since google play store  it doesn’t work 🙁

  • These instructions seem to be out of date.

    The link provided above redirects you now to play.google.com/store

    Of course the phone keeps trying to take me to the Play application, but I persist with the browser.

    When I find Wallet I am asked which device to install it on:
    1. Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    2. phone

    both give  me a message that This item is not available on your carrier

    Verizon seems to have gone a long way to stopping this function on this phone.

  • Courtney M Horne

    I had now i dont. How do i get it back?

  • Step 0: Log out of Google in your browser–this only works when you have to be prompted to Sign In as part of Step 5.

  • Tmmyos

    I followed this and it installed on my galaxy nexus. Not rooted, haven’t tried it yet buy I got 10 bucks and will see tomorrow

  • Snowxtc1

    I cannot get this to work.  After I sign in it gives me an overlay page asking for the device, when I hit the back button, it goes back to the search results page and does not ask for browser or play.  It does ask if I hit back twice, but then it goes to google wallet on play and says it will not install on the nexus.

    Why has Verizon blocked this?  Isn’t the NFC and payment features suppose to be big seller for the phone?

  • Mtzan

    I get all the way to the install, but then it gives me an error 940 and doesn’t install 

  • Halfsquatch

    This won’t work on the current version of the play store on a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. I have tried everything. When play comes up, there is no installation button.

  • Not working anymore. The Market app that opens up at step 8, doesn’t have the “Accept & download” button. That button is simply torn off from that page… 🙁
    FYI, I already have Wallet installed on my GNex. When I opened it up today to check whether I have the extra $5 that Google’s been dolling out today to apologize, wallet told me that I should update it. It is still working though. And no, I didn’t get the $5 boost. Bummer.

    • Matthew Haas

      I can validate this. It doesn’t give an incompatible message or anything. Takes you to the install page but the install button is just gone. I don’t think this works anymore 🙁

    • GawkerRedesignSucks

      I just did it 5 minutes ago.

  • Fozzie239

    I have it installed but i get the message “Unfortunately, Google Wallet has not yet been certified in your country or on your device/carrier”.  This is on a Vz Galaxy Nexus.

    • Did you follow the instructions to the letter?

  • John Jordan

    So google is legally required by verizon to not allow gnex to get this. “Whoops… forgot about the back button”.. Good job google dev team; we love you too <3

  • Charles

    Still works even now android market is changed to Google Play. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • With the Google Play update, it looks like Google has closed all the “incompatible” app loopholes. 🙁 I’ve tried all the variations of this hack along with alternate markets like GetJar and they are all blocked.

    • Nao Nozawa

      I’m not having any luck with this with Google Play either. 

      • It finally worked for me but for clarification, I had to follow a few specific methods. 1) Even when you clear the data, the stock browser automatically detects your Google Account and logs you back in. You have to log back out again even after deleting the data files for the browser. 2) Once you follow all the instructions to keep selecting “browser” and you get back to the sign-on screen, you have ignore the yellow bar at the top for the automatic sign-on of your account that’s suggested to you if you automatically save your passwords. You have to scroll down and manually type in your username and password in the sign-on form. Then continue the instructions.

    • Hermarock

      I just got it to work, cleared out the info saved in Browser app first. I tried it yesterday the same way with no luck, but today it did. I selected Play cause market is not a option now, and even though I got the banner saying carrier does not allow app, I got the option to install 

  • TechnoGeek4Life

    I take that back. it doesn’t work if you use Dolphin Browser or as someone said below Chrome.  However it DOES work if you use the STOCK browser. 🙂

  • TechnoGeek4Life

    This doesn’t work anymore. I go back to where it gives me the option to choose market and click and it tells me its not available from my carrier

  • Peemee

    Still useless as prepaid cards don’t work anymore and I do not have a Citibank card.

    • DCA

      Google re-activated all prepaid cards I believe…

  • chadstone30

    this does not work on the verizon galaxy nexus running 4.0.4.  

  • Peg Horner

    Just did this on Verizon gnex!! Worked like a charm. The step after you sign into your google account and you get the pop-up for the browser selection, choose the browser the first time and chose the market the second time.

  • Wa

    Worked on a rooted (locked bl) Nexus S with TMO.

  • Azholio

    Argh. I got it installed easily but I cannot access my prepaid card. It says that it’s unavailable due to planned system upgrades. I uninstalled the old version, installed the new one from the market and I STILL DON’T HAVE ACCESS TO MY MONEY… I’ve got over $100 on that card and it pisses me off. Do you think my NFC is nuked?

  • ddbones61

    Sadly this doesn’t work on the AT&T Galaxy Note… gets to the download but then fails indicating the phone is not compatible… 

  • Legendsoftroy

    just got a new nexus and this worked like a charm…  much love.

  • Get it to work after a reboot, thanks!

  • Guest

    YESSSSSSS!!!! Thank you. Worked with the Wallet as well as with some UK apps I wanted.

  • DCA

    Didn’t Work 🙁

    • DCA

      Never mind, sweet, that vid really helped, kept trying to do the install button directly when you search for it. 🙂

  • Dan

    Worked for me! Good job guys

  • guest

    Thank you Droid Life!  Got it installed.

  • Ben

    Got it installed with my Fido GNexus here in Canada (using the yellow bar login method, I just had to go back two “open in market” requests, not one). Unfortunately, when I go to load Wallet, I get “Not Supported; Unfortunately, Google Wallet has not yet been certified in your country or on your device / carrier.” I guess I will have to wait for an approved launch.

  • Hud

    OK, so I already had this installed from the apk. I tried this method to update it and now it NO LONGER WORKS! Uninstalling now, and hoping I can get the old APK back.

  • Agasi818


  • JZ

    I got Google Wallet installed, but on launch, I get the message that it won’t work in my country…Any way to get around this in Canada?

  • me

    This does not work… Keeps telling me all my devices are incompatible

  • Drpatel

    got it installed but cannot get it to work- insufficent  secure element priviliges. Any suggestions

  • Kevin Parlee


  • Worked on my VZW Galaxy Nexus. Manually typed in my login info. 

  • Guest

    This method worked on a TMo SGS2 (T989), but when the app starts initializing it says “Sorry, this device is not yet supported.” Without payments, the NFC chip is kinda useless 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Confirmed that the full method is working for t-mobile.


  • Anonymous

    How is this different from the version of wallet that we got from the .APK back in December? worth un/reinstalling?

  • NateS

    Worked for me, the long way, manually typing in my log in info. Totally stock, not rooted, etc.

  • guest

    Will I get my $10 again if I do this one? I still haven’t used it from the hacked version.

  • Awesome, Bone Stock Nexus on Verizon and now have google wallet, same way Jmac just mentioned. Thanks Droid-Life!!

  • Got Wallet to install using the second method.

    1 – Browser to market.android.com
    2 – Searched for Google Wallet and chose Browser when prompted.
    3 – Clicked on Google Wallet icon and chose Browser when prompted.
    4 – Clicked on Install at the Google Wallet page. Chose Browser and the dialog box popped open again asking Browser or Market. Chose Market and it brought me to the Market App install page giving me the option to download.

    Prepaid card is activated and good to go. AWESOME!

    Stock – locked and unrooted.

  • Bcorrell34

    Worked on complete stock VZW G-Nex. Hell yes!

  • I wish Google Wallet was actually useful.

    • Anonymous

      It’s very useful, only thing that’s hampered at the moment is the fact that it’s not allowing you to easily bind other cards besides the citi cards.

    • 21stNow

       What makes you say that it’s not useful?  It has come in very handy for me.

  • STR

     Stock with leaked Wallet sideloaded:

    1) Go to market.android.com. Stay in browser. Do not open market.
    2) Search for Wallet. Again, stay in browser.
    3) Click the icon for Wallet, this time open it in Market App.
    4) Update App.
    5) Party like an underwear gnome.

  • Richy

    Worked like a charm. Unrooted, used the long version. 

  • Apparently Verizon and Google got this taken care of.  On a stock non-rooted Nexus I tried all of the steps and everything I could think of to jimmy this in and it was a no go.  Glad I have a Nexus S 4G I will just keep copying the APK from it everytime it updates since I have decided to leave my Galaxy Nexus Stock until my ROM is ready to rock on it.

    • Had to hit back about 3 times and get to the install page from the browser and then it finally launched the accept and download option into the market app.  The steps though both sets did not work as written.  If you get to about step 6 on the long version hit back twice and then choose the market app is what i had to do.

  • shark

    worked like a charm

  • mostwant3d1

    YAY Worked Long version on GNEX Rooted with Stock ICS.

  • Paul

    I have a stock G-Nex on Verizon… I did this over WiFi and had to use the long version.  The short version didn’t work for me.

  • Guest

    I have a stock (never been rooted, version 4.0.2) G-Nex on Verizon LTE and the long version of the written method worked.

  • Anonymous

    Worked on my droid x… interesting lol

  • Alex Hutchins

    I only had to go to step 4. Once I hit sign in, it automatically (got angry the first time it automatically opened market, but then I did a double take) opened the market app against my will, but accept and download was available now. It still said that is was not available on my carrier, but I was still able to download and install.

  • Works on my rooted and unlock bootloader on codename android 1.2. Running wallet version 1.1-R48v4. Now I have to test if it works. 

  • Crash

    wow thanks droid life, all the google wallet goodness on a stock non-rooted  Verizon LTE G-Nex

  • Jim Hovey

    Couldn’t get this to work with Dolphin Mini or Maxthon (when backing out of the browser Market page) … but worked fine when doing it with the stock Browser. Thanks Kellex!

  • Guest

    Had to try twice but got the “full method” to go on a completely stock GNex.  Awesome!  Thank you. 

  • Nick

    Worked for me in Australia on gsm Nexus S with Optus. Once I opened it and it began to initialise but it told me it didnt have the certificate for my country or something similar however.

  • Mofoliar

    the long way worked for me…only took less than 5 min

  • Aran Miller

    I am currently unlocked but not rooted. I did have to go the long way, and you have to ensure you stay in browser until you get back to the market page in the browser and only hit the back button once. Then it downloads and updates perfectly. I did keep Google Wallet from when I installed it way back when, and it just updated from the market. Thanks guys! great job!

  • TomL

    Worked great make sure to log in the long way and not the short way with the yellow drop down.

  • Rapidlipz

    All Stock. unrooted Big Red Galaxy Nexus. Use long method and login without using the yellow drop box. A+

  • I have a 100% stock, unrooted VZW Galaxy Nexus. The first method didn’t work but the second method did. 😀

  • Bradley Michael

    Worked using the steps in Joey Wollenburg’s video. Completely stock verizon nexus

  • Now it says my device isn’t compatible. 🙁

  • Dwjr82

    Neither method worked for me either. Verizon gnex unrooted locked bl stock

  • Successfully installed during my commute… All I did was;
    1. Launched this link from VZW Nexus on 4G (Not WiFi)
    2. Opened link in Market App
    3. Accepted Terms and installed 
    3. Activated Google Prepaid Card and got $10.00 instant credit

    All this was done in less than 5-minutes

    • To make it simple, here is a QR Code you can capture with Barcode Scanner or Google Goggles and open link with the Market App

      • that wont work for people who dont have it

      • The above method failed for me, but the QR code worked perfectly!

        Thanks Tobby!

      • Will Rehse

        Awesome!  This worked for me!

      • Sillygirl

         tried to get it using the long version before I saw this post, and nada. …pulled out the handy dandy QR bar scanner, and BAM…I’m in business. Thanks a bunch!

      • Will

        The QR code worked perfectly to update already installed wallet!

      • Neither this, nor the link, nor the method by droid-life works for me. All I get is a blank area where the accept&download should be.

    • RW-1

      Awesome! Got it, thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Wasn’t able to get it to work last nite, until I tried this method. Worked like a charm on a rooted/unlocked VZW Nexus as well as a stock VZW Nexus 🙂

  • igor

    none of the two worked for me, sadly 🙁    
    anything else i can try?

  • Good Job Google


  • Tim242

    I had the side-loaded apk. I went to market in my browser, did not sign in. Searched Google Wallet, clicked the icon, chose Market…it updated my older version. Shows up in my app list, works perfectly : )

  • Blujayeww

    Worked for me 100% after reading JMac726 post.

  • Eric Payne

    Someone just posted a review on the app telling everyone to come to droid-life to do this on the LTE nexus. Expect this loophole to be fixed soon.

  • I have been using Google Wallet, but I wanted updates through the market. So I tried this and the second method worked for me. I used the default browser. After I installed it, when I went to the market the first time, it showed as installed, but when I click on it in my apps it displayed this applciaiton is not compatable with your phone where it normally says open uninstall. It did not show as installed in the browser either. So I rebooted the phone and then it showed up correctly in the market on my phone and showed as installed in the browser. When I ran Google Wallet for the first time, it said NFC was not turned on. So I had go to setting and turn it on, but everything worked after that. Still had my Credit Card info saved. Very Cool! I love Droid-Life!


    Manually sign in to the Market in the browser. Do NOT let the auto sign in occur. 


    This worked for me on my never-rooted, 100% stock VZW Galaxy Nexus. The key seems to be that you CANNOT use the auto sign in feature of the browser app. Type in your info manually, log in, then hit back – do Market and you’ll be asked to install. 

    App works correctly with no errors whatsoever. 

  • R Xclusiv

    what happened to Visa partnering with Wallet?

  • Anonymous

    Cannot get it to work, says “This item isn’t available by your carrier” where the install button should be. Tried removing cache & data from both browser and market. Any way to by pass this?

  • Anonymous

    Was so mad it wouldnt work, but then i found how to stop the market from opening when i clicked the icon. People, go to your phone setting menu, then click apps, then click on market app, then scroll down to where it says reset default settings for the permissions youve given and reset. Then i did the “long way” and it worked …thank god …felt like a dumbass

    Other comments did say to do this, but were not specific enough

  • Eric Payne

    I am gonna stick to the wallet i am using now, its the app you guys had up for download back when the phone came out, works perfectly.

    If i switch to this they will probably patch it and lock me out somehow, not worth my time until there is some important update that i have to have.

  • Kind of off topic — but if rooted and often switching ROMS on the GNex — you have to go into the GW app and reset Google Wallet manually from within the app, and then go ahead and flash the new ROM and reinstall GW.  This has been written as the best way to prevent a Secure Element Lockout.

  • Blomgrenjason

    Works for me! Stock not rooted 100% out of the box no mods. Took about ten min to get it to work.

  • Nexusman

    Worked like a charm!! Make sure you follow directions to a T. Droid-life is awesome!!

  • Anonymous

    Unlocked non rooted. Was able to install but I get this error whenever I attempt to open:

    “Not Supported. Unfortunately Google Wallet has not yet been certified in your country or on your device/carrier”.

    Seems like they caught on.

    • Datbmxkid

      No they havent follow the instructions step by step and it should work! dont do something that you think the step means do exactly what it says. (ex: Click on Google Wallet Icon means click on the Google Wallet Icon not select install under the icon!)

      • Anonymous

         Its already installed. When I load the app up it pops up with that error and won’t let go any further.

        • Datbmxkid

          uninstall any pervious versions. Clear all data from browser. and do not use the yellow box to sign in. Manually type in your user name and password for your google account when you get to the log in page. So many people have reported this successful there is no reason y u cant too

  • Datbmxkid

    Does anyone know if you should install updates when they come out? What if an update is a patch to force Google wallet not to work on the Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot get this to work no matter what I try.  Bone stock, extended battery, wifi only… nothin.

    • Javikid

      same here

  • Here is my installation Video for anyone that needs it


  • Cam

    Sweet, got it working after a few attempts with the second method. The mistake I kept making was, after searching, clicking the ‘Install’ link under the Google Wallet icon in the search results, rather than the icon itself.

    • Javikid

      if i click the icon directs me to the market and i get the item isn’t available by your carrier

      • Datbmxkid

        Follow the exact instructions and you shouldnt have a problem

      • Cam

        You have to be signed out when you click the icon (do not click the word “Install”. Clear your cache, cookies, etc. When it asks you to sign in, manually enter your info. It will give you the option of Browser or Market. Choose Browser. It will ask a second time, then choose Market.

  • Anonymous

    100% stock Verizon Nexus, Method #2 worked like a charm.

  • Javikid

    help cant get it to work

  • BP

    Got it, I had to mess around and clear my browser data first cuz it kept trying to sign me automatically but after that it installed just fine. Im unlocked but not rooted 

  • I just emailed myself the .apk, I have a non-rooted LTE gnex… works like a charm…

  • Usty

    Took a few tries but finally got it to work by turning on airplane mode and WiFi then following long instructions to download. Before opening the first time i turned off airplane mode and everything configured correctly. I’m stock, unlocked and rooted and because I saw someone ask, with extended battery too.

  • I uninstalled the sideloaded apk and got it to install. I just could never get the apk to work with the extended battery. It would start, but never complete the transaction. I just installed this with the extended battery in so I’ll give it a shot next time I’m at a terminal.

  • The long version also worked for me. Stock, not rooted nor unlocked, fairly new Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

    +1 to “you must actually sign in, not use the yellow bar”.. For step 7, as I went back in the browser, I ran across an error page. Once I got past that, it gave me the Browser/Market option.. and that’s when it worked.

  • Javikid

    no work for me

  • Anonymous

    Shows as unavailable on my Gnex bone stock.

  • Anonymous

    It just worked for me. I had to do it the long way. Now, the question is, will this work with the extended battery?

    • Q

      I have an extended battery in mine and the install worked.. app opens up like normal.. all my cards still there.. Guess Ill go to 7/11 right now to test it out, but everything seems like it’s working fine.

      Also I started off using the sideloaded version on my stock battery and after swapping in the extended it worked fine..

      EDIT: Just went to 7/11 and paid.. worked great with extended battery and my Citi credit card as default payment card…

  • ddevito

    I’ve had it side loaded since December and it’s always been listed under my apps (installed) in the market (on the web).

  • Q

    Got it working using the 2nd set of instructions.. Updated the current leaked version I already had installed.. Thanks for the tip DL!
    Love how it says I cant have it, while it’s installing 😀

  • ddevito

    Google Wallet has been my sleeper app/feature on the GNex and ICS. I use it almost daily.

    PayPass is everywhere and I am seeing Google Wallet terminals popping up in a lot of places.

  • Salty_teabag

    Took a LOT of playing around but finally worked…. had 4G and WiFi disabled when I did it, but dunno if that was what made the difference.

  • Teabling

    I got it to work after a few tries. the trick is to clear the browser data after every time it doesn’t work. then i followed the second longer way. when you press install, it asks you to sign in, you should get asked between the browser or market twice in a row. the second time asked, press market. it should take you strait to the accept/download page and still say it isn’t supported but will let you DL it anyway.

    • THANK YOU!!!!!!  This did the trick for me, too.

  • Anonymous

    i did it with the long method with manual sign in on a locked, stock, non rooted nexus straight from vzw store on 12/15

  • Keir Stiegler

    Worked great to update my existing wallet!

  • tjmonkey15

    The long method worked on my stock, unrooted, NOT unlocked (yeah, I’m one of those non-hacker people…) Verizon GNex running 4.0.2.  I had installed an older version of Wallet through a different workaround a while ago, and this method updated the app to the most current version.  Thank you!!

  • Guest

    Where I got caught up was at step 6 using the long method. I have multiple Android devices and was prompted to choose one. I didn’t not get the message that my device was not supported so I chose the G-Nex and clicked install and finally got the message but this seemed make the remaining steps ineffective. If you just ignore step 6 of the long method and hit the back button once you have logged in within the browser and follow the steps it should work.

  • Bob

    Got it working, nice thanks gus

  • JB

    I just got it to work on my unrooted, unlocked Verizon GN.  Just sent the market link to my phone with Chrome to Phone, hit accept and download.  It complained but downloaded and installed anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been using GW since it was presented here as a standalone. Works fine. Not touching the market until it is actually supported…..not broke, no need to fix.

  • David Elisha

    Running Completely Stock…Used to use the apk that I sideloaded, when I installed Wallet (with the full method)…. Doesn’t Work 🙁

    • CentervilleVA

      Try clearing the market defaults in settings. Worked for me a few seconds ago

      • David Elisha

        Actually after I tried using it, my phone had one of its random reboots and checked it out again and worked perfectly…. SWEET. Also the money I added from the apk app automatically came back. Now all I have to do is root the damn phone. 

  • CentervilleVA

    this actually works for any app not compatible with ICS.  I downloaded Sims and HBOGO, but neither work well.  At least they will automatically update when they release the compatible versions.

  • Does not work any more.

  • Mikeyflo

    Got mine to work by searching for it on my computer. Went all the way to where I had to select which device to install it on, and used Chrome-To-Phone to send it to my Verizon GNex. Then selected Market when it came up on my device. My bootloader is unlocked and I’m rooted but stock

  • i didn’t have to do anything. i searched in the market and it updated google wallet that i sideloaded. LOL

  • It took awhile but it eventually worked and updated the version i had before.  I used the second method, but I had to make sure I signed out of my google account before doing it. 

  • Anonymous

    Would it be too much to ask Kellex if we could have a video tutorial for those of us having problems?

  • Anonymous

    make sure cellular data is on and you have service… then force stop wallet and clear its data and try again with cellular data on

  • Galaxynexus

    ANY RISK OF THE SECURE ELEMENT ERROR? Is warrenty covered if you do get the error?

  • Hcoboy1987

    those who got it to work do you have two step verification on your account?

  • Anonymous

    I got a message stating: Unforunately, Google Wallet has not yet been certified in your country or on your device / carrier.

  • Anonymous

    Almost makes me want to go down to CVS or peets coffee just to use it 😀

  • Anonymous

    I had several problems but i got it working (i had the xda app before and my balance remained 0.00) short method didn’t work the long way didn’t either… saw jmac726’s comment… long way works but do not use the yellow auto sign in, instead manually type in your email and password then select market it will bring you straight to the accept and download screen, have cellular data on or it won’t work. if you try without cellular data it says wallet is not available in your country (and it is supposed to be) go to settings force stop wallet and clear data it should work after that with cellular data on

  • Cereed09

    Doesn’t work…not compatible on my device.

  • Rdjr74

    yes i got it to work. completely stock verizon galaxy nexus.

  • Anonymous

    Got it over 3g with the long method. I cleared both the browser AND market cache though. Otherwise when I would go to the market, I would get a a “google+wallet” string in the search bar and a list of apps.

    • Anonymous

      p.s. I didn’t set my phone to CDMA, I just don’t get 4g at my house. =(

  • Dwjr82

    Should we uninstalled the old google wallet first

    • QtDL

      I did. As long as you have the APK saved somewhere you can always go back to it if needed.

  • Completely stock, unrooted, locked bootloader, as pure as the day I got it from the store and it works now. It took me THREE attempts however, and I had to use the long way. Wallet told me that my carrier wasn’t supported, but it still installed the app. 

    Thanks to Kellex and whoever sent this in.

  • awesomeguy

    Stock, unrooted, unlocked bootloader. Success with method 2!

  • RW-1

    No such luck. I’ll wait for XDA to sideload the APK, besides i have the first version and it is functional.

    Anyone know the improvements/changelog?

  • Locked and unrooted. Finally got it to work.  They key was clicking on the icon in the search results, not the Install button.

    • Anonymous

      Followed Mark P’s additional instructions and got it to work on my locked/unrooted device.

  • Anonymous

    yes this does work, i have had google wallet on my verizon nexus for quite some time, Have used it in store as well.

  • Cchandler66

    running complete stock. had the old leaked version. took a couple tries before it worked. I used the second one and about the second time it worked. 

  • little old me

    Does not work for me …. completely stock: not rooted, not unlocked.

    It doesn’t show up searching from the phone and when I go to the market on my laptop, it shows up but says it is not compatible with my devices and “not available on your carrier”

    le sigh.

  • Jon Tobin

    I just installed it on my T-Mobile Nexus S with ICS and it’s running great! I even got the free $10!

  • Anonymous

    Installed but now getting country/ carrier error

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know where/how the hell you guys come up with this, but I’m very grateful you do. It worked with no problems. Amazing.

  • Azwillnj

    So I just tried this and it was already installed… I had downloaded the apk from DL earlier and installed it on my unlocked non-rooted nexus. I rooted yesterday and installed AOKP Milestone 3 and it installed it when it restored my apps automatically… Cool!

  • Not available with carrier 

    • I figured it out…You must sign out of your gmail account if you have auto sign in on. 

  • JMac726

    WORKED! I have a completely stock, not rooted, not unlocked, straight from Verizon retail phone…

    The fast version didn’t work for me.  Then I had to do the long version and that failed too.  I went and signed out of the market, and did the long version again.  when you get to the sign in page you HAVE to type out your account and password.  When I clicked the yellow bar that auto-signed me in, it didn’t work.  After signing in by typing everything out, I hit back, selected open with market, and it said “This item isn’t available by your carrier” but let me “Accept & Download” anyway….AWESOME!

    • Jd

      that helped a lot!

    • Isaac

      Thank you for the tip, Tried it your way and it worked!

    • Anthony Armando

      had to manually type in user name and password also. using the yellow bar for auto-sign-in did not work.

    • Anonymous

      agreed figured out that I had to do the same thing to make it work for me also. Wish I had read your comment firts.

    • Datbmxkid

      Yeah they should have mentioned in the post to not click on the yellow bar when signing in

    • This worked for me 100%.

    • Spokehedz

      Also worked for me. I had google 2-way auth on, which was a pain to work with but it WORKS. Completely stock, no root no funny biz here.

    • Anonymous

      The easiest way I found was to send a market link to my phone with the Chrome to Phone extension for the Chrome browser.  Opened automatically in the Market App and let me Accept & Download.

    • exiOS

      This worked for my unrooted device

    • Sanchezl99

      Thanks! This worked for me as well. Unrooted completely stock.

    • Anonymous

      Works! Thx +11111

    • Anonymous

      I can’t get it to work.  Stock Galaxy Nexus – no root.  I force close and clear data/cache on both the browser and the market.  I log out in the browser, access the market via the browser, search for Google Wallet, click “Install”, sign in manually when prompted (ignoring the yellow bar), and then EVERY TIME when I hit the back button – I get a connection error. I’ve tried the whole process 3 times and it happens the same way each time.  WTF.

      • JMac726

         When are you hitting back? you have to let it sign all the way in until you are back at the install page…on mine it twice asked me if i wanted to use browser before getting me back to that page.  Also, try clicking install from the google wallet market page itself, not from the search results page

        • That seems to be the problem.  If you attempt this from the search results page it fails.  You must be on the market page and you cant use the auto sign in yellow bar.  Worked perfectly!

    • ahwal

      i got it working too. it took quite a few tries, but i finally backed up at the right time. keep trying, it will work.

    • Anonymous

      I got this to work just fine as well.  My concern is that while it does show Wallet in my list of installed apps in my Market app when I open it, it just shows that whole “This item isn’t available by your carrier” blurb and there are no “Open” or “Uninstall” option buttons where they normally are, so I wonder if we’ll actually get updates to this like normal…..

    • Bcorrell34

      That’s how I did it too. HAVE TO TYPE IN LOGIN AND PASSWORD, not the auto-sign in!!!!

    • BigODroid

      It worked it worked, downloading now! Man I love the Android and DL community. did have to manually sign in as well. i hit that back button one time, hit play instead of browser and voila, hit accept and download. despit it telling me its not available by my carrier. So awesome.

  • This worked for me.  On AOKP ROM

  • iPhonesucks

    Galaxy Nexus…….Yeah I got it CHEA!

  • Hcoboy1987

    this doesn’t work.  period.  vapor ware

    • Tim242

      Yeah, that’s why it is working for so many people.

  • i have a stock, non-rooted, locked bootloader GNex and i cant get it to show in the market. i just keep on getting the “not on this carrier” warning. i can get to the market popup where you need to log in on the browser, then i cant get the popup to choose the market again. Guess ill just wait for an apk or an official version to maybe get released

    • woot! nevermind, did what some people suggested (airplane+wifi, clearing market app data) and finally got it to work! (had to long press of wallet icon in browser to get to the app info page, then hit install, signed in, and could agree & install) first launch said it wasnt available in country/carrier, but opening it again went right into app and could add cards!

  • Got the app installed, but when I run it, I get “Unfortunately, Google Wallet has not yet been certified in your country or on your device / carrier.”  Any ideas?

    • Problem was being in airplane mode with Wifi.  Turn airplane mode off, force stop Google Wallet and try again.

  • Anonymous

    is anyone uninstalling apk to download this?

    • QtDL

      I did and it worked for me. Doesn’t show up in my market account though. I will be testing to make sure it actually does work in a store. I have the hacked APK saved in case I need to go back to it.

  • Anonymous

    Took me numerous tried but I finally got it! Woot!

  • QtDL

    So I uninstalled the hacked APK and did the ‘long way’ listed above. It says at the top of the market “this item isn’t available by your carrier” but it still downloaded, installed.and activated properly. Weird, sneaky loopholes are awesome but it still doesn’t show up in my market account. 🙂 Thanks anonymous reader and Droid Life!

  • Galaxynexus

    how about hulu or hbo go?

    • Anonymous

      Does not work with HBO Go 🙁

    • QtDL

      Well it sorta works….I was able to install the Hulu app via the ‘long method’ above but when I open the app I get the “device not supported blah blah blah….check back soon”.

  • Nathan

    I followed the second instructions in airplane mode with wifi on and it worked.

    • Nathan

      And I’m stock all the way…

  • Holy moly. This works with other apps too. I just installed Salesforce!

  • Anonymous

    It is still not working tried both methods  🙁

  • Tip for how I got it to work: Do the process with the ICS browser. It worked when I did it that way, but not in Dolphin HD.

  • Galaxynexus

    So should i root and make a nandroid before doing this? What are the risks with the Secure Element error? I have my bootloader unlocked but have not yet rooted.

  • Anonymous

    Titanium backup will also fix Market links on these types of things. However you have to be rooted in order to run it.

  • John Lane

    thx now I can keep up with updates without always flashing a new zip

  • I tried a couple different variations of this and it finally worked.  Keep trying.

    I had the sideloaded app and it was updated.

  • yes!!! had this on my GN sine the .zip method was out. the app was very slow, but with this update it is a lot faster.

  • Anonymous

    I side loaded it a while back.  On VZW.  The curious thing is that when I go to the market.android.com, it shows it as installed, even though it says its incompatible with all my devices…lol

  • Paul Harper

    Chrome 2 phone sounds a lot easier

  • eze4

    I’ve had Google wallet since December 15th. I’m still amazing people @ CVS, jack n the box, Mcdonald’s & Whataburger every time I use it.

  • RW-1

    I think they closed that loophole, even through the browser, then going back and selecting market i get the not available message…

  • I am getting the not available on your carrier message as well.. Tried on VZW Data and Wifi, cleared Market Data and Cache after reach attempt, still nothing.. 

  • Anonymous

    Or if you’re on your computer, you can use chrome/fox to phone on that link =D…God I love android.

  • Dbarden31

    i did the first method and google wallet pulled up from the market but said the app wasnt available on my phone. Tried the second method and it just got worse. I wonder what i should do now.

  • Wow, that was some wierdness in the steps, but it worked.  I now have Google Wallet.  Thanks for the tim Droid-Life and tipster.

    • Rooted or unrooted? Bootloader locked or unlocked?

  • Jedi54

    oh hell YES!!
    after a few unsuccessful attempts, I did the following:

    – reset defaults for the android marketplace (so it doesn’t automatically open until you are ready for it)
    – logged out of the marketplace on my browser

    I followed the ‘longer’ version of the instructions and it worked like a champ.  The trick is after you ask it to install and you sign into your account, it will tell you that it is incompatible.  Press the back button ONCE (be patient) and it will then ask if you want to use the Marketplace app, select that and it automatically is on the accept & download screen.  


    I’m going to 7-Eleven on the way home to try this out. 

    note: phone is rooted with stock ICS. 

    • Anonymous

      Tried the same thing. Couldn’t get it to work. /sadface. Same setup too.

    • Joe

      Google Wallet IN THE HOUSE.
      Thank you, Thank you .
      This works!!

    • I did exactly what you explained and it worked great!  unlocked, not rooted

  • Anonymous

    wow, awesome.. it works.. it’s in my market listing now.  get bent, verizon

  • Aka Skiball

    See. Its still not officially supported. Its just a loophole. The more you use wallet some will probably get that SE problem. Im waiting on official. Posts like this drive me crazy kellex

  • Anonymous

    Do I have to be rooted?

  • Anonymous

    Worked following the directions. I’m on AOKP

  • Another way to do it is:

    Put your phone in airplane mode. Turn on WiFi.
    Go to this link on your phone: http://bit.ly/wbgAdm (Google Wallet Market Link).
    When it asks if you want to open in Market or Browser, select Market.

    Btw, this works with every app that is blocked by Verizon.

    • Dbarden31

      My phone keeps saying “this item isnt available by your carrier”.

      • fishkid13


  • Just sideload it guys, here is a link to my Dropbox:

    • We know that you can sideload, but this is a way to get it directly from the market. 😛

      • Anonymous

        will it stay in the list for future updates now?

        • Bill Stebbins

          Yes it will 😀

      • obscura

        I’ve had the apk since you first mentioned of it. I use the free $10, then uninstall, then install again. Google has given me a free $10 each time I install the apk and I won’t say how many times I’ve done this 🙂

        • Tehtank

          Don’t see how you did this.  It links it to your google account.

    • Anonymous

      if you sideload, its not linked to your market account then you don’t get auto-updates, just do this method, it works even if you had the hacked version, it will let you update it to this one.

  • Cchandler66

    downloading right now while it is telling me on the same page the it isn’t available. Smarter than google now?

    • Anonymous

      I’m pretty sure if they wanted to lock you out, they could 😉

      I’d say, smarter than Verizon, instead.

  • Anonymous

    does it matter if we have the apk file already installed?

    • Anonymous

      no, it’ll just take you to the market page and you select “update” then.  i was in same situation.

  • Michael Forte

    I just used Google Wallet today actually. It was pretty funny watching the cashier’s face when they saw me paying with my phone.

  • Anonymous

    Just worked on my Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile!

    • Nice, good to know it’ll get it for T-Mo users too.

    • Anonymous

      how?  what method?

      • Anonymous

        the first method worked for me

      • chris

        I got it to work on tmobile too. I had to first logout of my google account in the browser. Then follow all of the steps exactly how they are done in the video. Awesome.

  • Dieringerscott93

    People be careful of the “Secure Element Not responding”  if you get that you will never be able to use google wallet…

    • … on that device.

    •  Yep I got that a few days after I got my Galaxy Nexus. Now I am screwed. I just hope there is a way to fix it without replacing your whole device.

      • Dieringerscott93

        I called wallet support   I was told to wait until the verizon version comes out (which she assured me would be soon) then flash to stock then go to verizon for a trade in

    • Anonymous

      This might be a stupid question, but I’ve read online that a lot of people were getting this problem with the leaked .apk…if we installed Wallet from a leak but then linked it back to the Market and updated it through the Market, would we technically then have an “official,” non-leaked version of Google Wallet moving forward? I have not actually signed up for Wallet yet partially because I was flashing ROMs and was afraid of getting this error.

  • Logan_jinx

    Not on your carrier

  • Angelrod111

    These kinds of posts are the exact reason I fell in love with this site back in the OG Droid days!  Keep up the great posts guys!

    • Anonymous

      yeah but these are also what can get the “work around” removed or patched, publicly posting isn’t exactly the best idea.  Forums might be.

      in other news, it updated the hacked version i had already installed, but the work around worked flawlessly

      • Anonymous

        If this site didn’t break the news, someone else would. Be glad if you read here and got it. If they fix this workaround(doubt it personally) thank Droid-Life and Kellex for notifying you sooner.

        Forums aren’t some magical place that are hidden to everyone but the enthusiast. Everyone can see them and XDA is watched heavily.

        • feztheforeigner

          Yeah it already seems to be broken… I tried to install Proxy Lite via this method and it didn’t work (when pressing back it closed the browser – not a force close, just closed the window)

  • just get the apk from someone and sideload it. make sure you have Unknown Sources checked. Been running wallet on my GN for weeks

    • Anonymous

      Exactly! I sideloaded it to my unrooted GN…Works fine.

      • palomosan

        Me too but this is good news for those that haven’t.

      • Post please?

      • Anonymous

        Same here I used titanium to force attach to market now its showing in my apps and let me update.

    • Anonymous

      I have been doing that too. however its just the fact that i trust Google’s market more than xda when it comes to Google’s own apps

    • Post please?

    • Anonymous

      The updated market version seems smoother. That and the fact that I was hesitant to add funds to the hacked version even though I’m 99% sure there is no threat of my info being stolen.

      The market install worked fine on my unlocked but not rooted gnex. Used the long version. Just sign in using the browser and don’t use the yellow bar. A prompt will come up, select market and it will install. Be sure to clear the cache on the market first.

  • JustinD2473

    I got it to work….you have to click on the google wallet ICON in the web browser version of the market NOT install…after you click on the icon for google wallet, it will ask you “Market or Browser” again, select Market….it will open you Android Market app to the Google Wallet page.  Then install.

    Worked fine for me.

    • Updated to icon. And you are right, I did click on the icon and not install.

      • Nick

        I’m in the browser. I see the result. I click on the ICON. I click market. I see the page, with a wonderful black bar on the top that says “This item isn’t available by your carrier. Kellex, could you pull the APK from your phone and upload it for us? I’d like to get it from a trusted source, as google/verizon seem to have blocked this method.

        • Nick

          Update: Got the long version to work after a few tries, I had to turn on airplane mode and then turn on wifi.

          • Nick

            Update 2: Make sure to turn mobile data back on before you open wallet. If only Wifi is on then it will say that wallet is not supported by your country/carrier when you open it for the first time. If it does this, just turn back on mobile networks, then go to the apps settings menu, force wallet to stop, and clear the data for it.

  • Anonymous

    Works perfectly. Even had an update waiting. (had the old version installed from December)

  • Anonymous

    secure element stopped responding. Please contact Google Wallet support. 🙁 hope they fix this stupid issue

    • Anonymous

      Do you have your original Nandroid backup? Rerun that, launch wallet, Go into settings and do reset Google Wallet. Uninstall Google Wallet. REINSTALL Google Wallet and sign in…wait 3-5 mins it will pickup your prepaid card. Reset and uninstall Google Wallet again. Restore your custom Rom, Reinstall Google Wallet there and sign in. All should be good now. It’s long and aggravating, but that fixed mine.

    • Anonymous

      I’m the dude that doesn’t have the nandroid backup… 🙁

      • Anonymous

        Darn. Sorry boss, I’ll admit without it you may be SOL. I did see someone had success relocking and revirginizing the entire device on stock 4.0.2 and had success but that would be painful.

  • big007hed

    Didn’t work for me either… Same carrier error

  • “This item isn’t available by your carrier.”

    • Anonymous

      Yep, that’s what I’m getting…  figures, I just deleted my instance of it to try this…  I already had it installed.

      • Nick

        Do the long version. Short version doesn’t work.

  • Pdiddy187

    Nice. That updated the leaked version.

  • JustinD2473

    Maybe do it on WIFI only ????

  • Anonymous

    IT WORKED! Guys, follow the instructions. Visit it through the browser ON YOUR G-NEX. It’ll link straight to the market link if you do it right.

    • Well there is one of you heh.

      • Anonymous

        What also worked for me was just doing a google search for “google wallet” and clicking the market page, then selecting market when prompted.(not advocating trying this, unless you actually can’t get the instructions to work.)

        • Anonymous

          This is the only method that worked for me, thanks Timoh =D

  • Anonymous

    If you still can’t get it to work, here is a solution.(requires titanium backup paid version)

    1. Download the APK from Droid-life. http://www.droid-life.com/2011/12/17/download-google-wallet-apk-for-galaxy-nexus-lte-all-users-no-root-or-zip-flashing-required/
    2. Open titanium backup.
    3. Uninstall google wallet through titanium backup(if it’s there obviously)
    4. Restart device(required? Don’t know, did it to be safe and clear the cache.)
    5. Install downloaded apk
    6. Open Titanium backup
    7. Force market link
    8. open market and update.

    • Anonymous

      i tried that after the last post about it working for the at&t nexus, but didn’t work for me for some reason.  this did though!

    • Anonymous

      This worked for me. Thanks.

    • Casey Megginson

      Works like a champ. Thanks!

    • Lawrence Himelfarb

      does this work if you get the secured element error?

  • I just tweeted a screen shot to @Droid-Life. Stock Gnex on verizon unrooted.

  • Kiter86

    Will this fry the secure element?

  • Chris

    If we can install it this way, why is Verizon blocking the app? 

  • Casey Megginson

    Just tried it, doesn’t work.

    • Casey Megginson

      I went back and grabbed the APK version, used Titanium Backup to link it to the market, and a couple hours later I was able to update it. Thanks!

  • Erik Meyers

    Getting message there that “this item isn’t available by your carrier.”

    • Robert Walters

      Same here.

    • Chris

      You don’t press Install rather press Google Wallet to bring you to the market, worked for me.

    • Anonymous

      Did you visit it through your phone’s browser? And did you follow the instructions EXACTLY?

    • Erik Meyers

      Following the long directions it did work. Still says blocked by carrier but it just starts installing. 

  • Derek Stiles

    No luck.

  • Anonymous

    Still shows up as “This item isn’t available by your carrier” for me :-/

  • It takes me to the market, but says it isn’t available for my device.

    • Nathan Cox


    • Just takes me to other google apps, but no wallet. 

      • Anonymous

        You likely click on “google” rather than the wallet link.