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DROID RAZR MAXX Review – Verizon


Since we already reviewed the DROID RAZR and there are very few differences other than the battery in the MAXX, this won’t be the full review that you would normally see with a new device. Instead, I will go through my thoughts on the subtle changes and of course, talk about the 3300mAh elephant in the room. I will say that I was as impressed with this phone as I was the original RAZR, but the single-charge life was a massive bonus. 

The Good:

  • Full review:  Again, please read our full review of the DROID RAZR to get our thoughts on the software experience and other little tid bits.
  • Battery:  Let’s get right to it. The 3300mAh battery in this phone is amazing. With all other LTE phones continuing to struggle to make it throughout an entire day, that is a worry that will disappear should you choose the RAZR MAXX as your next device. I spent the entire weekend with it, putting up day 1, day 2 and day 3 results and thoughts. Never once did I run into battery concerns. The most amazing part of the whole experience was on Saturday, when I only had time to charge the phone to around 60% before heading out for the day. Even at 60%, I never did find myself wondering where the closest outlet was; something that I constantly do with other LTE phones.
  • Thickness:  You would think with a 3300mAh battery inside that the RAZR MAXX would suffer from Tank Syndrome, but it doesn’t. Motorola is working magic on the thickness front these days and has kept this phone under 9mm. For comparison, the original RAZR is around 7.1mm while the Galaxy Nexus weighs in at 9.47mm – neither come close in battery capacity.
  • Camera:  I covered camera in the RAZR review, but wanted to touch on it again. Not only is this camera incredibly fast, it also takes pretty damn good pictures. As someone that has been on the Galaxy Nexus since it was released in December, this was a welcomed change. It may not match the camera of the HTC Rezound, however, it’ll do the job.

  • Call quality and signal strength:  The slightly thicker build has not affected the call quality or signal strength with this phone. Not that bars are the most scientific of methods to compare two phones, but the RAZR MAXX almost always pulls in more than my Nexus. Phones calls are also as clear as any other phone.

The Not-so-Good:

  • Charging time:  Most phones with sub-2000mAh batteries can be charged in under 2 hours. Since the RAZR MAXX has a 3300mAh behemoth inside, it takes a heck of a lot longer than that. You are looking at anywhere from 2.5-3.5 hours to charge this device fully should you run it down to under 20%. Charging time is definitely not reason enough to decide against a phone, but just be aware that you will want to charge it while sleeping so that you won’t have to worry about it during the day. If you ever caught yourself in a pinch with little time to charge, you might be in trouble.
  • Locked bootloader:  Motorola announced a new RAZR variant with an unlockable bootloader today. The RAZR MAXX will likely never see such freedom. This phone is locked down just like every other Moto phone. It’s too bad really because this phone could be tough to turn down by even developers were it to be unlockable.
  • Not Ice Cream Sandwich:  Like I mentioned earlier, this phone is running the exact same software as the skinnier RAZR which means Gingerbread. With Ice Cream Sandwich now being a couple of months old, it’s disappointing to see phones hit store shelves with year-old software. Sure, it will see Android 4.0 at some point, but it could be a while.
  • Price:  It’s $299 on 2-year contract, so definitely not cheap. Knowing Moto’s track record from the last few months, potential buyers should understand that there could be yet another upgraded version of this phone on the way. I know that sounds like a silly joke, but would you really be surprised if Moto pumped out an even better phone in April? That’s the mobile game these days though.




The Verdict:

The DROID RAZR MAXX is my favorite Motorola phone to date. Actually, it’s pushing the Galaxy Nexus as my favorite Android phone period. While it’s locked bootloader will continue to hold it back on the development side of this game, it’s still one heck of a phone thanks to battery life and a somewhat surprisingly polished manufacturer skin. If you aren’t interested in hacking your smartphone, this phone should be strongly considered even at the $299 price. Moto should actually be applauded for figuring out a way to stick such a massive battery inside such a skinny phone. It feels weird to recommend a phone based off of battery performance, but with the #1 complaint about LTE phones continuing to be battery life, it’s warranted.

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  • jado

    Review needs an update. Just got my razr maxx (upgrade) for $149 with 2 year contract renewal, and it came with ICS out of the box. New buyers / customers can get it for $99 with 2 year contract.

  • Guch

    The battery is downright amazing. Im a moderate user and I charge every other night. Ive taken my car charger out and just have the charger next to my bed because its impossible to kill the MAXX outside of literally streaming movies for half a day.

  • stuckwithabrokenphone

    Pretty good phone……until you drop it. I dropped this thing once and the screen completely shattered. I’ve dropped other smartphones before at much greater heights and never had that happen. They advertise its durability….but it’s really the farthest thing from durable.

  • Galaxy Nexus

    This phone’s design is so ugly.

  • Ellymanelly

    My speakers don’t work on my Droid Razar Maxx and they did when I bought t the phone. I haven’t dropped my phone or anything

  • i love this phone thiis should of set the bar high for smart phones 

  • Jansen17

    I like this phone.


  • Tanya Lopez

    I just got my Maxx yesterday after spending some time with my fiances Razr (non-Maxx) and see the huge difference in battery life.  His phone is a month old but he’s going back to the Verizon store to beg to buy the Maxx in an exchange…don’t sweat the extra money, when you get this you will be playing with it non-stop and WILL drain your battery on the regular Razr.

  • Ekknr

    Had mine for a week and the phone is freaking awesome. Off the charger at 7 am and it’s 8:40 pm and still at 60 percent battery life. Been using all day with 4G and wifi mixed in!!

  • My wife has the regular RAZR.  Verizon 4G constantly drops to no signal at all outside of Philly, the battery is also horrible. 

  • Dustin

    Question is if there ar no major diffrence in the Razr vs Razr MAXX, can we change the battery in the RAZR and put a MAXX backplate on?

  • Aplochirco

    best android phone I own, just fantastic, pretty durable, holds a charge that still even amazes me 

  • from Galaxy S1

    I have just purchased this. And Im in LOVVEE. 14MBS on Speednet!!! amazing interface.. I strongly recommend

  • Ajruzic

    Amazing phone. No complaints. Hopefully, the othe manufacturers follow in these footsteps and start adding larger batteries. The Maxx’s battery life is, in my opinion, the battery life that a smartphone SHOULD have. Prior releases of LTE phones with terrible battery life was only a disservice to the consumer. This simple engineering should have been implimented way sooner. It’s a shame it took over a year for just one Motorola engineers vision to finally make this happen. Rocket Science?

  • Mscaduto

    Just wondering how it feels in the hand. When I held a Razr it felt awkward and wide because it was so thin. Too thin. I’m sure this feels better. Anyone who has used this and a Nexus can tell me which is more comfortable to use one handed for us non-huge handed people?

    • I love it~ honestly its still super thin; I just got an Otterbox case for mine and it is perfect! It didn’t add too much size to the already thin phone. And the button covers actually even improved how the buttons press in. So the fit is great in my hands.

  • Jetwayne

    kinda hard to see details of the screen when you are putting finger prints all over the phone screen instead of touching the sides of the phone when showing the physical features, it takes away from the presentation

  • jason

    i,m lovin my droid razr maxx  a ton more battery with the same equal mutli tasking  as the droid razr.

  • Phoneman67

    So if you have to buy a verizon phone today, what do you buy nexus or maxx?  My charge died and I have to get phone.  Does anyone know anything else coming out?

  • Jim McClain

    I have a Nexus , and if the updates fix the speaker , camera and radios, then the Nexus is the best phone out here,  but right now, the Razor is by far the best, I love ICS, but the Razor is the best phone for now

  • lol this phone sucks. a friend just got it. oh boy it has a crazy battery…. it still has gingerbread, blur, motorola, and a locked bootloader. im sure 3000000 people have just said the same thing i did, but this phone actually does suck.  so glad i have a nexus. 

  • Rlarson_mn

    Have the Razr Maxx. Worth every penny. Battery is the real deal. Screen works for me. I can now use my phone the entire day as I wish without battery changes, AC charger connections or power from my car. I just carry my phone! At the end of the day I still have over 40% battery left while on 3G with screen set at 1/2 brightness.

  • Anonymous

    personally i applaud Motorola hopefully they proved to all that a phone can still feel great with such a large factory battery. Message sent to all manufactuers. Becaise of this 2012 will be filled with great devices with LARGE STOCK BATTERIES. Even with that i am a VERY PROUD GALAXY NEXUS OWNER moto will never be better than that regardless of what they make.

  • Anonymous

    I would’ve absolutely gotten the RAZR (or RAZR MAXX) over the Galaxy Nexus. But unfortunately, I enjoy the modding community way too much. Both the RAZR and Rezound are, by and large, better phones than the Nexus. The only thing the Nexus has on both of them is NFC (Yes I use it), ICS (This’ll change soon, but the stock ICS experience is unmatched), and the community. 

    I had the Rezound before I returned it for the Nexus, and I was pretty upset. The Rezound was amazing; the screen was great, the call quality was fantastic, it held to a signal like it was made of gold. The speaker was obnoxiously loud as well. But to me, these phones are more than just something to make calls with. It’s a personal device and a hobby.

    Once these OEMs take people like me and the modding community into account, I’d definitely buy their phones.

    • John Smith

      There is already a bunch of ROMs out for it though… I don’t see anything getting in the way. Mine is rooted and im switching between the ICS alpha just to prove people wrong and a de-blurred rom as my driver… Its got all the customization anyone could ever really need and with that said it feels like your banging your girlfriend in your parents house every time you exploit the “locked” bootloader. =)

  • Alexander Garcia

    Bought it last Sunday. I am sooo lovin’ this phone. I went 2 and a half days on single charge! THAT is f..kin’ amazing!!! I’m so glad I waited. Although I must admit that I was given the heads up on this bad boy when the OG Droid RAZR was released a few months ago. So yeah… I cheated!  =P

  • Jeffrp83

    battery test on 3g only please 🙂

    • HotwingCindy

      With 3g on and just a lil bit of 4g,full battery and around 40% brightness lasted me i think 12-14hrs maybe more until last 15% warning appeared. I was texting all day and taking pictures, browsing internet and the screen was almost never off. Right now with 6.6 hrs of wifi it says 70%. With screen on like 6.3hrs. I cant put it dow.n!

  • I really hope this starts a trend with manufacturers, they should be putting 3000mAh or higher batteries in these phones. Especially with all the stuff they can do.

  • Q

    Funny how how simply adding a bigger battery all of a sudden has people saying “Blur is not so bad” and “Locked bootloader isnt a big deal” .. Functionally, this phone is very similar to the Bionic which is nearly universally hated here..   Throw in a better screen and a huge battery and it seems all is forgiven… just sayin 🙂

    • samIam

      Most of the comments about BLUR are obviously from people that tried out versions a year or two ago & assume its the same.  RAZR MAXX has these same folks reconsidering Moto because they are sick constantly having to hunt for a charger and when they see the new BLUR they are generally pleasantly surprised. 

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm…  Looks pretty good, but I’ve been waiting for the Droid 4.  Now I’m wondering if there’s going to be a Droid 4 Maxx ?????? 

    That would be right up Verizon’s & Motorola’s alley the way they’ve been going lately……

    Why they went to the non-removable battery is beyond me!!

    • John Smith

      There has been a couple articles talking about the death of the removable battery. I feel your pain, but then again I’ve taken apart my maxx..its actually really easy. If I got an OEM battery I could do it on the fly in 5 minutes if i was in a pinch…but who needs a replaceable battery when you can make this thing last three days…

  • You can really speed up the charge times by getting a 2.1A charger. I bet the stock one is only 750-850mA.

    • samIam

      You’re absolutely right.  Stock charger is still 850mA so if you’re a ‘snack charging’ sort (as apposed to a all-night charging sort) buying a more beefy charger is a good idea.

      • John Smith

        Im using an old charger I had sitting around thats 1.25..The phone charges in about an hour.

    • samIam

      Lonnie, I just looked into this further & I was WRONG in my last response.  Evidently Moto’s new dual USB charger shipping with MAXX is 1.25A

  • Anonymous

    Motorola needs to be commended on this battery.  With this phone, any other phone that has a smaller battery in a thicker package needs to be counted as a negative. Just like I don’t accept single core phones, screens smaller than 4″, and now non HD screens, I won’t accept anything smaller. At least not if it doesn’t come with an increase in battery life due to being more efficient.

    That being said, Motorola stop.  You don’t need a special version of the phone to unlock the bootloader, and we know you’re going to come out with a Developer MAXX in the next few weeks/months. Just stop. It is getting embarrassing. Unlock this phone and the other RAZRs and there is no need for anything else.

  • lg phones charge pretty fast 

    • John Smith

      Lg phones die fast. =)

  • Anonymous

    Don’t do it unless you love buyers remorse.


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  • Dbarden31

    Wondering if anyone can help me out here. I bought the Razr first. The software just kept bugging up on me so i originally returned it for the Maxx. But after 2 Razrs i thought hat if i had problems with the Maxx as well so i went with the galaxy nexus. I like mostly everything more with a few exceptions. I went into this knowing my actually reception wouldnt be as good as it was on the Razr. The main thing though is bettery life. It was better on my Razr. Keep in mind i only use 3G. Why is this? Is it due to the HD screen? Oh and in idle it eats away battery life on my GN but with the Razr in idle the battery didnt drop as much. I’d appreciate some legit answers. Thanks…

    • samIam

      The dirty little secret of the GN is that it’s just not very well optimized (yet?) for current drain.  The testing I have seen shows that Samsung/Google did a ok job with 4G but evidently they didn’t have time to do the same for 3G.  As a result GN is almost as good as RAZR in 4G but much worse in 3G. 

      • Dbarden31

        That’s a pretty interesting thing to know. But i must ask, is this a known fact or just based off certain reviewers/tests? One more question. Can this issue be resolved via OTA or maybe rooting and installing a custom rom or is this a fixed issue?

        • samIam

          Unfortunately most reviews don’t actually do real testing (BGR, DL, I’m looking at you).  My favorite tech site, Anandtech, has some data that both agrees & disagrees with what I have seen. 


          You’ll note that the websurfing 3G result in Anandtech’s coverage kind of disagrees with their later tests (phone calls & hotspot).  I suspect they had bad data on the RAZR as they did that testing during early Dec. when VZW was having lots of issues with their network.  I’m hoping their MAXX testing will revisit this.

          • daryle barden jr

            Just checked out the link. Crazy how big of a difference the network will affect your battery life. The GSM GN battery is smaller yet it’s overall lasting power is superior to its CDMA variant. But the testing on WiFi is definitely true. I usually have my WiFi on and surf the web a lot while i’m home and it eats battery life way too fast. The Razr is A LOT better in that category.

  • Anonymous

    If I didn’t care about Android hacking, this would be my new phone.

  • The battery is still not use replaceable. If it were, it would still only live up to about 75% of the Galaxy Nexus.

    I don’t care how many hours the RAZR MAXX lasts, it’ll never last as many as my Galaxy Nexus does with 1-2 spare batteries in tow. Everywhere I go I either have: 1) pockets, 2) a backpack, or 3) my car. In any of those cases, I have enough room to carry with me a spare battery (or two) the size of my wallet (one of the kind that only fits credit cards and a little bit of folded up cash – so a very small wallet).As long as we can interchange batteries, battery life isn’t really an issue. Samsung was brilliant enough to produce and sell the spare battery charger. I take that thing with me in my car or in my backpack anywhere I go… and since the day I bought it I’ve no longer had a SINGLE anxiety about not having enough battery to get through the longest of days away from the wall charger. I’ve been living a battery-related-anxiety-free life for 1 and 1/2 months and I can say it is LIBERATING!Finally, buying the RAZR MAXX is an inherently flawed decision: you’re choosing to buy something locked down, and which does not have a replaceable battery. Further, it’s taller and wider than the Nexus, which is among the tallest of tall phones and the widest of wide phones. In my opinion, the Razr’s small 4.3″ screen is too small to justify the admittedly huge phone. The bezel is ridiculously and unnecessarily large.Tl;DR = MotoFail. Once again.

    • MaybeYouShouldReconsider

      Let me get this right, you carry a bunch of extra batteries in your pocket along with change/keys/etc. that could short them out at any moment and you’re ‘anxiety free’?  Ignorance is bliss I guess…but me, I like my penis the way it is (ie. not burned or blown off).


      This is all opinion. As much as I agree that the Galaxy Nexus is a great phone, you can’t knock the RAZR MAXX for not having a removable battery. The reason manufacturers made phones with removable batteries can be argued as you will pay more for extra batteries. Motorola shoved a 3300mAh battery in the RAZR MAXX, assuring people they would never need to use a second battery or ever run out of juice. You’re siding with the Galaxy Nexus because you have one, not because you are stating actual facts. If you think the RAZR MAXX is SO much wider than the Galaxy Nexus, you’re wrong, as it is only one millimeter longer in length (almost 68mm vs. 69mm). And it is also not taller than the Galaxy Nexus, it is 4mm less in height. If you’re going to start bashing a phone, at least use correct facts and don’t make outrageous assumptions.

    • I really wish you had put “the Razr’s small 4.3″ screen…” at the beginning so I didn’t have to waste my time reading this ridiculous comment of yours.

    • Mule0331

      Do you also carry around a big supplementary antenna for that crappy reception? My wife took my Razr because she hated the Nexus. I got a chance to play with it for a few days until my Maxx arrived. Yes the OS is nice, but as far as phones go the Nexus was crap. Dropped calls, no signal, no thanks. 

  • samiam

    Kellex, I can understand that you needed to stretch a bit to find cons for the MAXX, but the one regarding charging ‘in a pinch’ is simply wrong & I respectfully suggest you edit your post so don’t spread more misinformation.  The offending quote: 

    “…you will want to charge it while sleeping so that you won’t have to
    worry about it during the day. If you ever caught yourself in a pinch
    with little time to charge, you might be in trouble.”

    The rate of charging a phone (mA) under normal conditions is basically dependent on 3 things:  the charge state of the battery (ie. how ‘full’ it is), the maximum current (mA) produced by the charger, and the capacity of the battery.  Normally a Li+ battery will accept the maximum output current of the charger until ~80% of the battery capacity is reached after which the current accepted by the battery will start to tapper off.  So, for 2 batteries of different capacities that tapering off of current will happen more quickly on the smaller capacity battery.  So, all else being equal, the 3300mAh battery in the MAXX will accept more current than a smaller battery in the same time period. 

    Obviously since it’s a much larger battery the displayed % capacity gained during the charging will be less, but it will actually have stored more mAh than the smaller battery.

    • Well put, I was thinking along those same lines~ reaching 100% of 1785mAh real fast still isn’t better than reaching a 60% charge on a 3300mAh batt! (60% already hitting 1980mAh’s)!  I didn’t even know that 80% tapering bit of info, but it makes sense. So thanks for that samIam.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you Kellex. The battery life is a welcomed relief… 
    The MOTO skin is not bad either. I prefer Launcher Pro Plus cause of the customization’s but the OEM skin is OK. As far as the rest of it like the phone pad contacts etc, it’s surprisingly nice. I have a Bionic and other than the compression you see in non-1080p video it’s a great phone. My battery won’t last all day probably because i use Netflix allot…. and of coarse i use my 4G cause it’s faster that my works WiFi so it does drain the battery. I just plug in for a couple of hours and it recharge. I have a spare battery ready if i;m not by a charger too. I’d like to point out to to all the Bionic owners out there, because the red in the Pentile screen is higher than the blue and green and the contrast is really turned up, try using “screen adjuster” in the market and turn green to +6 and blue to +8 and the contrast down to -29 and then notice the difference it makes. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. https://market.android.com/details?id=com.netmanslab.sa&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5uZXRtYW5zbGFiLnNhIl0.

  • Anonymous

    I just switched from my Iphone 4s to the Razr Maxx and I’m loving it. I can’t keep my hands off of it. I started using it at 5am with 100% charge and I’m currently at 60% at 3pm. That’s 10 hours! The perfect phone will never be available because our desires and expectations change with the evolving technology; however, I’m extremely happy. The size and build quality of the phone is awesome. I barely feel the phone in my jeans, slacks or coat. The only thing I miss from the Iphone 4s is the keyboard.

    For me the Razr Maxx would be perfect if it was a world phone. ICS in the future is nice but not necessary for me.

    • you know what im just happy you dont have an iphone anymore. you made the right decision

  • GCurry

    As someone who got a little ahead of himself with the Transformer Prime, I’ve been thinking a bit, with my product marketer’s hat on, about how to assess a release.

    In the case of the Prime, IMHO, there were QA issues and problems meeting spec. 

    So in the case of Motorola, given their history with Quality …


    I would not have expected to see QA issues to the degree I did.  That orientation also partially explains the bootloader orientation (quality control).

    Another aspect, aside from QA, is product SUITE completeness.   As an OG Droid guy, I was delighted at the Costco Droid bundle which included an excellent desk mount and car mount.  Having replaced that guy with a Galaxy Nexus, I have to say I’m happy with the phone and still waiting for the accessories.  I have a feeling that Moto might be more thoughtful with the completeness of the entire product set.   Is the Razr product set complete, and does it work with the Maxx.

    Does the product meet specs?

  • And screen! Should of bumped it to hd than this phonr would be worth a look

    • Anonymous

      There’s really no practical difference between qHD and HD at 4.3″. You can only tell the difference if you’re really, really looking for it. In actual usage it’s a non-factor.

      • samIam

        But there is a difference…the 720HD device will get you lower frame rates.

        • Anonymous

          True, but not enough to matter.

          • watched three videos on the Rezound, RAZR Maxx, Spectrum, and Nexus…you can tell…all 720p devices were amazing with the Spectrum being the absolute best but the Nexus being a super close 2nd (the screen is huuuge)…the eyes can’t notice anything about 300ppi…the 720p screens all have over that, the Maxx has 226…thats also the reason iPhone is called Retina Display, because it’s over 300ppi, the maximum that the human retina can process…

            Try watching HD movie trailers….the Maxx has pixelation a lot more than the Nexus or Spectrum and the single reason that I’m not owning a Maxx right now.

        • And hd uses more battery than qhd. I’ll take qhd . it looks good and uses less battery. win win

  • Love this phone.  I am not interested in rooting so stock works for me.  Screen is fine too although I know there are better.  I’ve been unplugged for 10 hours, surfed and played words with friends, listened to an hour of music from SD card, just streamed an episode of Criminal Minds on Netlix (4G, 100% display).  Still have 50% battery left.  

  • Armorthane

    I totally agree with all the Pro’s of your review. As for the Con’s: I charge it at night while I’m sleeping so charge time is not really an issue and if it is, I have a car charger. A locked bootloader is not a concern, I don’t put ROM’s on my phones. I would love to have ICS on here but this version of BLUR isn’t bad. I had Launcher Plus Pro on my Droid X and I was happy with that, so far I haven’t even thought of putting it on this phone. I’m liking it just the way it is. And yes the $299 price is a bit steep but I look at it like I would have needed to buy an additional battery pack to go with the regular RAZR, so the extra $100 covers the cost of the extra battery and is a convenience fee of not having to carry one around and make sure it’s charged. Had this since Thursday and I’m loving it! Oh, and while some people will complain about the screen, if you’re my age, I can’t hold it close enough to see the difference anyways! To me this screen ROCKS compared to my old DX! She’s a keeper!!!

    • Yea price shouldnt mattrr all good phones are 299 man if they put an hd.screen on this it would be a winner

    • Anonymous

      I think text on my DX looks better than the Razr! (and I’m old too) I don’t know what it is, some people are bothered by the screen and some aren’t.

  • kretz7

    How many NBA games do you go to? It seems like you take a lot of sample photos at Trailblazer games.

  • Anonymous

    … the 4 RAZR buttons arrangement doesn’t fit with the upcoming ICS … nice, moto.

    • IckyPickySister

      shows what little you know

      • Anonymous

        why? if you use an ICS tablet AND this phone, the buttons are different (backbutton ICS left, RAZR second right), so you always have to think different …

        • Tmassey110

           So it doesn’t fit with the tablet.  ICS has nothing to do with it.

  • Anonymous

    Imagine this without lte lol it’ll probably last half a week

  • G-Nex

    Kellex, you put charging time as a negative? Come on that’s not fair. If you buy a truck with a larger gas tank do you knock it because it takes longer at the gas pump to fill it up? I’m just sayin’

    • EC8CH

      I think Sony has faster charging times as a feature on one of their android phones.

      • RAZR FANN

        Correct, this is for the Sony Ericsson Xperia S.

      • Anonymous

        Sony doesn’t exactly have much else going for them…
        (somewhat sarcastic)

    • Anonymous

      Have to agree; especially because you get the same basic result, unless the charger itself is really underpowered.  Getting this thing to ~50% charged in an hour would be about the same as getting a “normal” device to 100% charged in the same hour. (using the VERY poor approximation that the 3300mah battery is precisely double a ‘normal’ phone has)

    • Anonymous

      This x1000. There is no way to see this as a negative because it in no way is disadvantageous to what’s on the current RAZR. If you only have 30 minutes to charge the device at 50% battery, this will give you the same amount of usability as a RAZR (non Maxx). However, if you have more time, this will give you more usability.

    • I mean come on, no matter if you charge a RAZR or a RAZR MAXX for 30 mins, you’re going to end up with the same amount of extra time. It’s not like it’s harder to charge the 3300mAh battery.

  • Arameth

    Happy with my EVO 4G running ICS.  Unlocked boot loader, and I’d jump.

  • Anonymous

    *sigh*….The build and radios of this device + a 720p display + vanilla Android ICS + a camera comparable to the iPhone camera = a nearly perfect “Nexus” device.  Maybe we’ll get a Nexus device like that some day. 

    • Anonymous

      My Frankenstein phone: 
      – The rezound screen – The battery and radios of the Maxx – The OS of GNex – The camera of the iPhone 4s. And if we could jam that into a Maxx-like form factor, but maybe remove some of that bezel?

      • Anonymous

        Interesting…you took basically nothing from the GNex to add to your piece-together phone.  As the GNex is just hardware, the OS doesn’t count.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah basically, I don’t think any single hardware part of the GNex is the best-in-breed, even when only considering Verizon’s line-up. Maybe the CPU/GPU if we stick with verizon’s offerings. Going parts hunting outside big-red, I’d stick in the GPU from SGSII to my made-up device. The funny thing is that I’ll probably upgrade to the GNex even though I think nearly every part of the phone is a compromise – software and community support is that important. 

          • Anonymous

            Oh wait, I’ll take the notification light from the Gnex! There’s where the GNex hardware (literally) shines!!

          • Anonymous

            Lol…I have the GNex. For the most part, I like it. But, it could have been better.

          • EC8CH

            Notification light on the G-Nex is to big as

            Notification light on the D-Inc is to tiny

          • Anonymous

            Nice analogy, but I’d prefer a haiku…

          • Anonymous

            Lights both too big and too small
            GNex and Rezound

      • Anonymous

        I’d also add the the GNex’s CPU, iPhone 4S GPU, OG Droid speaker, and GNex front facing camera

        • Anonymous

          god how i miss the OGD speaker

          • Anonymous

            WORD to your mother! There will never be another speaker like the OGD’s

          • Noyfb

            have a gnex, but use my OG droid as my music system i keep in my duffle

          • Anonymous

            I’ve franfenstein’ed two OGD’s into a retro boombox with a dock for my D3

      • Screw the rezounds screen its good but i like amoled a lot more

        • Anonymous

          The GNex HD Super AMOLED screen seems really good. But, I’ve read complaints with weird banding and other issues on some units. Rezound or a non-broken GNex screen, I’ll accept either as donors to my creation. 

          • Anonymous

            I’d honestly take the RAZR screen over the Rezound’s. I just love the “pop” you get with sAMOLED screens (yes, I’ve compared them side by side; in anything other than static text at 2″ from your face, the RAZR wins). That said, GNex screen ftw.

        • Anonymous

          I think the screen to beat is the LG Spectrum’s screen. Yeah terrible phone otherwise, but you have to admit the screen is breathtaking.

      • Anonymous

        Change that camera to either the shooter in the Xperia Ion (same as the 4S) or the Nokia N8’s camera. The N8 is a singular piece of crap, but it’s camera/flash are second to none.

        Or, as Kanye West would say: iPhone 4S, you got a great camera and all, and imma let you finish, but the Nokia N8 has the best smartphone camera of all time. OF ALL TIME!

        So, GNex screen, RAZR MAXX body/radios/battery/speakers, Nokia N8 camera, TF Prime processor, GNex software, Rezound earbuds (not the best in the business, but pretty awesome for being included) . . . that’ll do.

        • Anonymous

          I would honestly prefer OMAP 4470 with the PowerVR SGX 544 gpu… or the new Exynos with that baller MALI

      • Anonymous

        Don’t forget the chrome, spinning 22″s

  • nwd1911

    I love the splash proof coating they put on the phone…they have come up with some very cool features. If it had the screen from the Chineese version, I would consider returning my Rezound.

    • I really hope they put the splash proof on every phone it would be a very cool featurw for android

      • Anonymous

        Has anyone tested that IRL?  Just how splash proof is it?  

  • Anonymous

    I returned my RAZR 6wks after buying it thanks to VZW extended return period, just to get this phone. Bought it Thursday night and am very happy with that decision. Battery life was my only complaint with the phone. Thankfully Motorola found a solution. If you can’t improve battery life with smart actions, just put in a bigger battery. “More power, argh argh argh” Tim the Toolman Taylor.

    • Hach38

      They actually let you exchange it now?!  (did you have to beg them to do so?) If this is true, I think I know what I am doing tomorrow with my Razr..  

      • OG Droid Owner

        evltwn is referring to their “Holiday return policy.” Most Retailers will allow any product purchased in November or December to returned 14 days after Christmas. I believe Verizon specifically allowed until January 11th for “Holiday returns.” A lot of people who purchased RAZR’s returned them the week of/after CES when they learned of the MAXX.

        I had been waiting for the Droid 4 all this time, but once they finally released the specs on it, decided to get a RAZR, and might as well get the extra battery since I ‘d waited this long, already ^_^

        • Anonymous

          Actually it was the 15th of Jan.  I returned it on the 14th.  I bought it on the 3rd of Dec.  So that was a 6 week test drive if you will.    I only had to wait 12 days to get the MAXX.  I feel bad for those RAZR owners that bought on launch day and missed out on the holiday return special that VZW did.  But if you are with-in the 14day window right now, I’d return the RAZR and get the MAXX.  It’s worth the extra 100 bucks.  IMO.  Loving this phone. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve looked at the screen several times in-store. The text looks very grainy to me, even if I max the brightness. Both the GNex and Rezound screen (again, wrt text) looked a lot better. 

    I’m also not sold on the width, but maybe I’m just being picky.

  • tbaybe

    excited to get mine this week 🙂 

  • Q

    This thing is great.  Ive been reccomending it to everyone.  I still like my Gnex better, but for the average user, I think this is a better device.  Has anyone figured out how they were able to make a 3300mah battery so thin?

    • Josh Groff


    • Anonymous

      The Matrix.

    • Anonymous

      It’s really not a mystery or any advancement in technology that allowed them to make the battery so thin. All they did was increase the dimensions of the battery in length and width so that it is almost as large as the case of the phone itself. That combined with the fact that it doesn’t need a hard plastic coating, like a standard removable battery has, allows for the device to be thinner.

  • I can live without ICS for now (but it’s supposed to be “coming soon”).  I would much rather keep my traditional bottom buttons and more solid construction (which is what drew me here other than galaxy nexus).  Don’t really care about locked bootloader.  Stock, running Go Launcher EX and very happy. 🙂

    On top of all that, the battery is ridiculous.  I can get well over a day with light use, and 6am-midnight with normal use.

    Down side on the camere (IMO) is that it seems to underexpose compared to my old Droid X. I find myself wanting to add some exposure compensation either before snapping or after, on my computer.


  • Azndan4

    It looks nice. Too bad the resolution is low.

    •  The resolution is now low, it is just not as high as the Galaxy Nexus and Rezound.  qHD should not be considered low.

  • Azholio

    I had the original until the G-Nex came out but this is a really solid phone and all it was missing (other than an unlocked bootloader) was a big ass battery.