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Samsung: We are “Still Reviewing Several Options” When It Comes to the Galaxy SIII Launch


During Samsung’s Q4 earnings call last night, the company reported all sorts of good news on the profit and earnings front. However, the real question that we were all hoping would receive an answer to, sort of did. When asked what the plans were for the Galaxy SIII, Samsung not only gave an answer, but did not even deny that it was on the way.

Matching a report from Wednesday, Sammie claimed that they are still “reviewing” several launch options and will let us all know when they have decided. I know it’s not much, but you sort of get the feeling that MWC will not be the unveiling of what may be the device to have in 2012.  Audio after the break.  

Via: SammyHub

  • I know this is a Rumor but how much u guys think its gonna cost? :s coz im willing to buy a note 

  • No bezel is pretty hot but hard to use

  • Anonymous

    I have a Nexus, but this phone looks freakin awesome, if this comes to Verizon, my upgrade is awaiting, bye bye GN.

  • The Dude

    1. Release it by summer in the US
    2. Make sure the carriers don’t mess with it, or give it crappy names
    3. Don’t mess with ICS too much. Don’t lock the phone
    4. Make $$$$$$

    Unfortunately I fear it’s going to be the same debacle as the SII, competing with the carriers, next Nexus and iPhone 5.

    • Anonymous

      5. Release it on Verizon please

  • Andy-roid

    Notice the S-memo widget.  Does this mean the GS3 will have an S-pen like the Galaxy Note?

    • Tim242

      that is just a fan rendering.

  • Butters619

    At least this is a Galaxy phone, but there can be no post on DL without someone bringing up how awesome their Nexus is.

    • angermeans

      and also there is not a post with you saying how un awesome the Galaxy Nexus is 🙂

  • Anonymous

    For the umpteenth time…is this clock widget real?  Or is it just a render?

    • QtDL

      An ugly render (hopefully)….it is 4:00 and 10:10 at the same time, and the two Junes on the calendar.

    • Anonymous

      The whole thing is just an ugly render. Dear God I hope Samsung has better designers than whoever the hell put this wretched render together.

  • Safd

    So is it 4:00 or 10:10?

  • EC8CH

    needz moar clock

  • Zachary Manville

    Please dont show that picture without a disclaimer. You make it seem like this phone will truly have negligible side bezel. I doubt anyone believes that is going to happen. But it would make things interesting.

    • EC8CH

      I think the complete lack of side bezel actually looks a little weird.  Like a chick who goes too far trimming her eyebrows until there’s nothing left.

  • Anonymous

    Delayed out of respect for Steve Jobs’ passing

  • Anonymous

    Any chance that they have one version of the phone come out everywhere? Maybe that is the reason for a possible no go at MWC

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else realize the typo (I guess you can call it) with the month part of the clock widget in the picture above? 

    • Anonymous

      that’s hilarious hahahaha

    • Zachary Manville

      Where they mixed up June and July? yeah. Something wasnt thinking when they draw that render up. A

    • Whoops! Guess someone can’t count their months right.

    • Anonymous

      Also On The Navigation Buttons There Is No Home Button 😛

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, they need to release this phone asap. The sooner they release this in other countries, the sooner US will eventually have it. It took about 5 months for it to reach US after it was first released, so if they release it in April or earlier (probably a slim chance, but one can hope), it might release in the US as early as September (exactly two years after I got my current phone, the Samsung Fascinate).

  • ChrisI

    Dude, if/when this thing comes to Verizon, it’ll be tits. I love my SGSIIE4GT, and I get killer corporate discount with VZN, but just haven’t seen a phone from them that I really love. The GS3 is going to be awesome, hopefully SOME of the rumors are true. 

  • If this thing launches in the US anywhere near the next Nexus launch, there is no reason to even consider it.  I don’t care what the specs are, Nexus >> anything else.  If I were in the market for a phone when the SGSIII comes out, I would have a hard time deciding between it and the Galaxy Nexus and would probably end up with the Nexus even though it will be 6 months old.

    • ddevito

      no way, the S series phones are Sammy’s babies. They’re going to try to expand on the SII’s success with this one. We’ll see if Big Red wants it, I sure hope they do. 

      I might give the GNex to the wife.  

      • Sammy’s babies = Touchwiz and slow updates.  Though I guess there’s always CM9.

      • Anonymous

        I’m putting off any purchases until I get word on whether or not vzw will get it. I held on to a stinking Tbolt in hopes the gs2 would drop on big red, I guess Ill do it again.

      • angermeans

        Why wouldn’t they get it? They got the first Gal S and the only reason they didnt get the SGSII was that the GNex is better in everyway except the camera (480×800 on a 4.5+ screen, no thanks). I will guarentee we will see a SGSIII on Verizon and every carrier unless another Samsung Nexus comes out that is. I dont see why people even question this. It is completely obvious why Verizon passed on it. Its not like Verizon has anything against Samsung they just know a superior product between the two. 

    • Butters619

      You could always put a custom ROM on it.  The S series has better cameras and removable storage.

      • angermeans

        If they are supported. I made a purchase of the GS1 in hopes of that and it was only as of a couple months ago that we got CM on em. Not to mention the fact that it will take a few months until CM is done for a new phone and that is if it attracts the right devs. I really think most of the high end devs will pass on the GSIII unless it totally blows the doors off the GNexus and I just dont see it doing that. The Galaxy Nexus is about as close to we have seen in somewhat of a future proof phone in the Android world since the OG Nexus One. The only thing Samsung could improve on is the processor making it quad and I really dont see that getting much of a real world advantage over the OMAP that is in the GNexus now, not to mention ICS is coded to take advantage of two cores (I may be wrong but that is what I have read). Everything else is going to be really similar to what the Galaxy Nexus already has and Ill happily trade a quad core processor for vanilla GED and all the advantages that come with it. The Nexus S still has much more support from great devs than any of the SGSII phones here in the states. People dont ever take that into consideration when getting a skinned phone. The developer support will always be better on a Nexus phone. Its great to see the top devs like Paul OBrian back on my device of choice and there are many others. I dont know about you but Im not willing to put up with TouchWiz for even a couple months in anticipation of CM 

  • Aoholmes95

    Should be:-/

  • EC8CH

    whatever… I’m busy rooting my g-nex 😛

    • Barnaby


      • EC8CH

        cereal…. aaaaaand I’m done.

        commencing backup…

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I am still lov’in the stock experience but will commence rooting procedures in the near future. 🙂

          • EC8CH

            those black google apps pushed me over the edge… I neeeeeed those

          • Anonymous

            lol Yeah I like those tow and the kang Mod is super cool 🙂

    • SprintSteve

      “whatever… I’m busy rooting my g-nex”

      I agree, gotta do what you can to compensate for that slow crappy processor and 3 year old GPU.