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Nova Launcher Update Introduces Custom Icons for Folders, Infinite Scrolling


It’s no secret that we are huge fans of Nova Launcher. As an all-ICS home replacement, it gets better and better with each new update – something that happens quite often by the way. And when the newest update popped up on my handset last night showing that custom icons could now be added over folders, you could find me grinning for a solid 5 minutes. This may seem like such a minimal update, but to be honest, the folder icon that is used in Android 4.0 is not the prettiest thing on the planet. A round circle with a batch of apps laying all over each other? Eh, no thanks. Custom icon that I choose instead? Yes, please.

The update also includes infinite scrolling, optimizations and other bug fixes.

Download links here (not in the market yet). Folder icon here.

  • vbads

    Does anyone know where you can get those text icons?

  • Bob

    What’s with the redraw on this launcher?

  • Bennotae

    I tried nova but it was laggy compared launcher so thats what I’m sticking with for now

  • Anonymous

    Folders in the app drawer would be the next thing I’d like to see. Or maybe the option to hide apps

  • Heisenberg82

             Thanks for your folder icon, I edited it in Painsthop and removed the fldr name, now it’s hidden 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Can you put more than 16 icons in a folder? I’m still waiting for a launcher replacement that’ll allow me to do that so I don’t have to use a separate folder app.

  • JonnyRock

    Anyone know of a program that will scroll apps vertically and the horizontal scroll goes to widgets?
    I miss the vertical app scrolling!

    • Heisenberg82

      I think there is an app for that. check rootzwiki

  • I use the folders for everything just wish Nova Launcher had the feature to hide icons from the app drawer with the folders it would be great to clear out all the apps that I have on the home screen from the app drawer.

  • vbads

    When can we grab the text icons like phone photo and so on?

  • I think it’s a credit to ICS that I’m very “meh” about alternative launchers, where before they were essentially required.  

    I also think the new icon folder design is beautiful, functional, and unifies the launcher’s look and feel to something more thoughtfully designed and as a bonus helps to creates a brand identity.     

  • Anonymous

    I’m excited for this update. The stock folder look is the exact reason I haven’t utilized them yet.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet. Works on non rooted Gnex and widgets works too. Not like stock, but they are in the app drawer and work from there without missing the usual scrolling to them. Very nice. Woohoo, scrolling dock. It’s like Christmas.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I know I may get flack for this, but I thought we all wanted a PGE phone so that we wouldn’t have to have skins or launchers.

    Personally, I love my G-Nex as is w/o having to put launchers.  Certainly beats proprietary skins.

    • I think partly it’s that we’ve gotten addicted to tweaking our phones. We have to try out the latest greatest everything. 

      But personally, I wanted a Nexus because I knew the developer community would be amazing on it, and I’d have nearly countless options compared to my Droid X. 
      The stock launcher on ICS is great, but I can’t imagine what made them decide to stick that search bar permanently to every screen and take away our search button at the bottom.

    • James

      A lot of people wanted one for the updates and dev support. A Nexus phone allows near total customization. That being said, Im glad you are happy with your phone the way it is.

  • I want my vertical scrolling in the app drawer back! Seriously, it would work well, have the apps be in one vertical scrolling dock, and then swipe them left to get to the widgets, ALSO in a vertical scrolling dock. Am I the only one?

  • Anonymous

    I look forward to checking this out whenever I can get a stable CM9 ROM for my TouchPad.

  • Jedi54

    how did Kellex turn his touch buttons blue?

  • Force1stiptopped

    Anyone else having an issue pushing the home button while inside the fokder ? When i do.it makes these black boxes appear when I scroll from page to page

  • Where did you get those text icons in the dock?

    • Mlarson6

      Use the app Simple Text

  • Droiiiid

    wondering if it’s just me or anyone else.  if you’re on the homescreen of nova, and rotate 2 fingers clockwise, a message comes up saying “Got roate! false”  Counter clockwise does the opposite.  Is it a bug that is just printing out some boolean variable or does it mean anything?  Also why does it change to true when you go counterclockwise?  

    • I think you meant to say “Got rotate! false” but yes, it does it on mine too, now that I went looking for it.

    • Anonymous

      yup, same here… weird! i wonder what that is

    • Wheeeeeee! I think maybe it’s a planned update in the future. Or just making sure it works. Who knows?

  • Anonymous

    Disregard, I suck cocks.

    • Anonymous

      Okay…thanks for the outting on Droid Life…. Brave Guy.

  • Besniknov

    There is a problem parsing the package?

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. I like this launcher. Wish it had the widgets in the drawer though (non-root) :/
    Is there any way to delete weather on Beautiful Widgets?

    • Mlarson6

      Yeah to delete weather click on your widget to open up BW settings, then click on General Settings and scroll over to a choice with no weather!

      Also yeah this launcher is so much better with root and the widgets in the app drawer 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I don’t see it. More specific please?

        • Mlarson6

          What part aren’t u seeing? I could never do this until last night when I bought the newest version of BW. Before I had an older version I got for free from some other app store. Maybe this is your problem too?

    • Anonymous

      I’m not rooted either but when I dl’d the apk the “install” soft key won’t press. Did you have any issues? I’m already allowing non market apps and have installed other apk’s, but this one just won’t budge. 

      • Anonymous

        I restarted the phone then grabbed it from the downloads app.

        • Anonymous

          You’d think as many times as I’ve told people to “turn if off and on again” I would have done that already. Thanks. It worked. I’m going to the corner now.

          • Anonymous


    • Heisenberg82

      Could you please post that background image please?

      • Heisenberg82

        nm. found it 😀

        • Tensor967

          where did u find it

      • Anonymous

        Please understand that (a) I didn’t make this (b) I am posting it just for you (c) I don’t remember where it’s from. Enjoy 🙂 http://db.tt/cXUkfy67

  • Mlarson6

    Finally! I was waiting for this update. Now everything is ICS blue and beautiful…

    • darthkarki

      Nice. 🙂 Can you share that wallpaper? And what skin are you using for the Beautiful Widgets clock?

      • Mlarson6

        I’m honestly not sure what is a good way to share wallpapers lol but I fount it in Flikie Wallpapers HD and it was in the popular wallpapers folder somewhere

        The clock skin is Ice Cream Infusion.  Hope that helps!

        • The same way you add the picture to your original comment at it to your reply to his comment.

        • dblj

          How did you get rid of the blue border around that skin? Also, on mine, the city info and weather info all overlap each other. Did you resize it in the settings somehow?

    • Manatti06

      Awesome set up.. which weather app are you using if u don’t mind?

  • Anonymous

    Trebuchet seems to be smoother on my device. Is it just me?

  • I may be in the minority here, but I love the folders icon for ICS.

    • Same here..although this is an awesome alternative!

    • Tabe

      Ywp. I love the ICS folder icons as well. They’re perfect, to me. Kellex, you have bad taste! =P

    • Anonymous

      i agree.

    • CivilDroid

      totally agree. Ive been trying to find a png file of the ICS folder to use with circle launcher or something but have had zero luck. 

    • Totally agree. The icon layering provides a semantic reminder of what each folder contains too. IMO the stock launcher is just fine, or at least I haven’t seen any compelling alternatives.

    • +1 here. I use MetroStation icons and Desktop Visualizer to make color-coordinated app icons so they look better sitting in the folder.

      • Aroldan284

        what weather widget are you useing?

      • Bub

        Which battery app are u using that replaced the stock battery notification?

        • It’s part of the theme for my ROM. Thirdeye theme by tgwaste for AOKP.

          • Good gods, that battery thing is amazing!  Any chance you could give a little insight into setting it up for someone who’s not super confident in working with smartphones in this way?

          • Hmm. Well you have to be unlocked and rooted. If it’s just the battery icon you want, I’d suggest buying Rom Toolbox by Jrummy in the market. Once open, swipe sideways to interface, then choose icon changer, then battery. There should be directions for how to flash it.

          • Thanks a lot, I’ll have to try that!

    • Anonymous

       I thought the same thing when I read his comment. I love the circle, it pulls into the Google+ theme. And we can see whats in the folder.

  • Anonymous

    Will this work on the Bionic?

    • CivilDroid

      if youre running an ics rom

  • ddevito

    just downloaded Nova yesterday. I like the customizations but do not see a performance increase. In fact, I think the performance is worse than stock.

    • Mlarson6

      Really I think it runs great! Maybe no improvements but still just as smooth.

  • Mason Lammers

    Does this only work on a Nexus or can it be applied to any ROM?

    • Anonymous

      I would presume any ICS rom. Let us know.  😛

      • Mason Lammers


  • Ahare

    How do I change Icons?

    • Long press on the icon you want to change, choose Edit. Then when the menu pops up, tap on the current icon of the app, and then choose your new icon from your gallery or fav icon app.

  • Okay, I’ve been putting this question off because I feel stupid for asking it, but how the hell do I create a folder using Nova? I don’t have “folder” as an option on any of the menus.

    • Anonymous

      drag one icon on top of another… watch the magic ensue.

      • O.M.G. Niiiice. Thank you. I felt epically dumb not understanding how everyone was talking about having folders with this launcher. 🙂

        • Ryan Kortmann

          works like that on stock too

  • Chris Lind

    This was a great update. I use simple text like Kellex does and this update allowed me to put no icon as my folder that way it looks hidden and I just press on the screen to bring up my folders. It allows me to keep it simple.

    • Good thinking with the hidden icon.

  • Teddy

    That clock looks a lot like Minimalistic Text.

  • hawgpapa

    Nova beta 13 has been the greatest addition to the GN and all the ROM’s that are being developed for ICS.The two additions of infinite scroll and customized dock icons are awesome.

  • Patrick Da Silva

    would you be able to share the wallpaper?

    • Yep, here you go:  http://www.box.com/s/25toaxpylg1i993qtif8

      • Patrick Da Silva


  • Anonymous

    I hope the next Nexus is 4.3 or smaller with and HD screen. That thing is a monster.

    • It’s microscopically bigger than my (4.3) DX was. Not a significant difference. And I have pretty small hands.

    • Anonymous

       Just like @quiklives:disqus I am not having any problems with size. It feels comfortable,and that’s with the extended battery.

  • Retrokid223

    Kellex what clock widget is that your using? 

    • Minimalist Text and then I threw Roboto Bold over top. 🙂

  • John

    Awesome ICS launcher – obviously the best. Hope he decides to put it in the Market soon. I’d love to support this dev so he continues improving it (unlike a previous popular launcher we know(LP))

    • Anonymous

      I know, I was just thinking about LP a few days ago and since I haven’t had it on any devices for several months I thought maybe it may have been updated…checked the website and nope. Hasn’t been updated in forever still. Shame, I loved LP back in the day.

      On a related note, if anybody knows of a good scrollable Twitter widget that would be fantastic. It kills me not being able to just scroll through the widget anymore like I could with the LP Twitter widget.

      • Lmrojas

        Android Pro Widgets, thank me later.

        • Anonymous

          I’ll thank you now, this is exactly what I had in mind. And it even looks like the old LP widget.


          • Lmrojas

            If you donate , you can throw different skins on the widget. And you suppport the developer.