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Google: 11 Billion App Downloads, Over 250 Million Total Android Devices Activated

During Google’s Q4 earnings call that is live right now, CEO Larry Page gave us some new Android numbers to twist our brains over. As you already know, over 700,000 devices are activated every day and that 3.7 million were activated during the X-mas holiday weekend. To add to those though, Page announced that over 250 million devices have been activated to date (up 50 million since a November announcement). And to top that off, 10 billion apps have been downloaded in the market.

On related note, Google+ now has over 90 million users. That’s over double what they announced in Q3.


  • mary

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  • wait, 11 billion or 10?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, fragmentation is killing Android. It barely has any apps or market penetration. I guess the WP7/iOS fanbois were right.

    • IOS

      You do know that iOS has closed the market share gap according to Neilsen right?

      • Anonymous

        I’m sure you’re not referring to the single quarter where they have a phone release, which always sees a slight closing of the gap, right? Because that would be silly and shortsighted.

  • Good to know, and great for Google!

  • I always wonder if that includes re-activations when you unroot, or install a new rom..

    • It doesn’t. It’s apparently a 1-time activation of Google services per device.

      • Anonymous

        select count(distinct IMEI)

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that app to device ratio seems low. I’ve purchased 242 apps. No idea how many free apps I’ve tried.

  • Angryunibrow

    700,000 x 365 = 255,500,000 – So Android has only been around for 1 year?

    • Muddy B00ts

      you have to take into account the acceleration of growth.  A year ago, they weren’t activating anywhere near 700,000/day.

    • gues

      really, you can’t figure out that android activation’s have not been going at a rate of 700,000 per day since day one. ridiculous.

    • Lucki

      Someone needs to learn common sense and calculus….

  • Anonymous

    It won’t be long before there are as many Android devices out there as there are humans in the US.