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Motorola XOOM Project Actually Is Ice Cream Sandwich, We Have A Flashable Zip For You (Updated)

We all knew that Motorola was cooking something up for XOOM users of their Feedback Network but we did not know it was going to be this big. The “project” that Motorola had in mind for the members of their network is an update to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. The update has already started rolling out to members of the group last night and the community has been all over it. It is good to see a “Google Experience Device” getting the update finally and depending on how well this rollout goes, Moto could be looking to push this out to a wider swath of XOOM users fairly soon.

Solnarz, one of the main minds behind Tiamat which is one of the best known XOOM ROMs, released a .zip soon after news broke that this update was out in the wild. The .zip contains the official OTA in it’s entirety but there is a catch; you must be stock and non-rooted to flash it. This means if you are rooted running a ROM, you will need to downgrade to Honeycomb¬†HTK75D before applying this update.zip. Keep in mind as well, this update is meant for US WiFi XOOMs, anything other than that is risking it. If you are already stock and un-rooted on Honeycomb than this should be an easy install for you; just drop it onto your SDcard and then install via recovery. Any XOOM users going to have a crack at this?


Many users have been reporting that flashing the update with a thumb drive and a connected USB cable works best. Links to how to do it through that way can be found HERE.

UPDATE: How to flash Clockwork Recovery to your stock XOOM

My apologies on this one, it has been so long since I dealt with the stock XOOM recovery I forgot that it had no update.zip flashing capability so here is a quick walkthrough on how to install Clockwork Recovery to your device to allow you to update to Ice Cream Sandwich. This requires no root and should have no bearing on the installation of today’s update.zip.


1. Download the recovery file image HERE.
2. Move the image file over to wherever your adb and fastboot files are set up in your computer.
3. Connect your XOOM via USB cable.
4. In your command prompt, type the following (fill in the XXXX’s with the name of the image)

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flash recovery recovery-solarnz-XXXXXX-XXXX.img
fastboot reboot

5. Let your XOOM reboot and your new recovery should be installed. To boot back into recovery you can type the following into your command prompt

adb reboot recovery

6. Now that you have your Clockwork Recovery installed just drop the ICS update.zip onto your SDcard, boot into recovery and select the “update.zip” function. Your XOOM should take care of the rest!

Via: XDA

  • Dpu328

    Forgive my ignorance, but when you say only works for wifi xoom. I am assuming the 4g lte xoom is not compatible? IF so why are the wifi and 4g lte so different? Is the carrier the issue?

  • Guest

    Just went live tonight! Loving ics on my xoom!

  • Anonymous

    =) can’t wait. hopefully us 3g/Lte users won’t have to wait much longer than wifi users.

  • Thanks, that finally worked. The only bit missing was that you need to hold the power button while pressing the up key to escape from the first screen after entering recovery.¬†

  • Alex

    When I type that into the command prompt, it says “” and nothing happens after that.. can someone help me?

  • Anonymous

    just wanted to say, thanks again. ICS makes the XOOM X00M times better. ūüėČ

  • This article is crap as far as the getting us to install ics. It will not work, i have not talked to anybody who has succesfully installed it via recovery using sd card.i know the only way is to have a ota cable but NO I CANT USE A OTA CABLE. I dont have one and cant make one. i ordered it but its not here yet. Remove it its completely helpless. U guys have really¬†disappointed¬†me.

  • Migespy

    Did everything in the post. Renamed the downloaded flash image to “recovery-solarnz-100611-1150′ Because the original file name of ” recovery-Tiamat-R4c-100611-1150-cwm” was causing errors and could not load. So after¬†renaming¬†the file it loaded¬†successfully; however, After step 5 I am getting NO update.zip function.¬†Did¬†renaming the image file affect that?

  • Jerreece

    2. Move the image file over to wherever your adb and fastboot files are set up in your computer.
    I wish you had any instructions on what this is all about. Is there a specific adb program I’m supposed to be using??

  • Autocrosser

    There is a lot of confusion over the easiest way to install this. For a wifi Xoom on the latest stock software, reboot, tap volume down. Choose android recovery . Press volume up to select. At the green android plug in your USB drive via host cable. Now press power and volume up only briefly. You will now get a full recovery menu. Choose update, update.zip and you are on your way.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone is making this much harder than it is. Your instructions worked for me. The problem is is that a lot of people here are rooted so maybe it’s hard for them to reframe. The only problem I had was the “power button and volume up” thing. I think I just pressed the power button. Other than that, this was super easy.

  • i have unlocked and can do the adb reboot bootloader fine, but when i try to do the fastboot flash recovery etc….. it says cannot load the file. What to do now?