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Video: DROID RAZR MAXX Hands-on at CES

After taking a tour of the DROID 4 while stopping by the Motorola booth here at CES today, we had to get our hands-on time with their newest creation, the DROID RAZR MAXX. You won’t see too many differences between the MAXX and the previous DROID RAZR, but you will see a decent change in thickness of the device and battery life. The MAXX contains a huge 3300 mAh battery which is capable of 21 hours of talk time and two days of music streaming.

The video action is down below – you can see our quick photo gallery from last night right here.

  • Justin Ellis

    One thing you have to know. Moto fanboys have bullet points they all read off for their arguments. 
    * First, mention how GREAT Motorolas radios are in their phones. Nobody even compares. 
    * Second, remind everyone that Moto has THE BEST build quality and everybody else just makes crappy plastic phones. Your next retort is this question: does your phone have a kevlar back plate? Then respond with: thats what i thought. 

    Moto fanboys have these straw men built up that nobody cares about than them. It doesnt matter if the GNex actually does have good feel and build quality, they cant allow for that.Because they cant allow something to be better than what they worship.  

  • Dcohio

    I have a Droid Razr and I am quite happy with it. I get the battery life I expected, which is pretty close to what the specs are. I also like the slim style of the phone. The important thing now is that Motorola moves forward with compatible software updates for both of these pieces of hardware. If MAXX gets ICS first, that will be wrong.

  • Hamshahri_jan

    Does the MAXX like D4 comes with a GSM radio in it, but not turned on by Verizon? 

  • reyalP

    Phone is not near as thick as it looked in earlier phots that I saw. Very nice!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t help but laugh bottomline folks the Galaxy Nexus is the best smartphone on the market. This is 2012 no longer should the smartphone market be more saturated with gingerbread device. Apparently based on these device you dam well know updates will be EXTREMELY DELAYED TO ICS. Say JUNE FOR UPDATES on all current gingerbread devices. Nothing beats the Galaxy Nexus plain and simple…

    • Anonymous

      Can’t help but laugh at how extremely stupid and ignorant you are.
      1. Contrary to eat you would like to believe, what you think is “best” is not what everyone else thinks is “best” Some people may actually like the Droid Razr Maxx over the Galaxy Nexus. You’re just a little child throwing a temper tantrum and trying to justify your utterly absurd viewpoints.
      2. If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: ICS source code was released only 2 months ago. If you really expect all manufacturers/carriers to drop all development on Gingerbread for ICS, even at this point, you have absolutely no clue how the manufacturing/development cycle works. It takes many many months for a phone that you can hold in your hands and use to come to fruition. The fact that you can’t see that, especially after my telling you multiple times, only shows your stupidity.

    • Anonymous

      Like others have said, most people dont give a crap about ICS. We want a solid phone, not a plastic phone. We want decent battery life and a phone that WORKS. The GN may be a great phone on paper, but the reality is not quite so.

      • Justin Ellis

        Here come the Moto fanboys getting all butt hurt by a troll!! You guys take the bait every time!

  • LionStone

    Too many options can sometimes seem too excessive…sometimes less is more. I believe that the impact of the RAZR release would have been better if they would’ve just saved it for the RAZR Maxx. 

    As an aside, I persuaded my dad to get the RAZR and he loves it for his first smart phone! He gets better reception in the country so he’s happy about that, especially after the update. He said he dropped it the other day right on its face on concrete and with case and screen protector, it didn’t skip a beat. 

  • J Dub

    Still locked bootloaders? Pass.

    • Justin Ellis

      J Dub, you should be careful being critical of Moto in these parts. Youll be swarmed by pouty fanboys as they try to drown you with their tears!

  • Anonymous

    Really. So the 1st Razr was just a marketing ploy to suck folks in? My Razr’s battery life is ok since I turned off the frickin 4g.

  • Really looking forward to this one.  Finally an LTE device with adequate
    battery life out the box.  No need to add some battery that looks like a
    big camel hump!

  • Anonymous

    now everyone knows how I felt after I bought the droid 2 and the droid 2 global came out they love pissing us off and yea i fell in the bionic trap now i have the rezound im a wait forever dam u verizon

    • I really feel like part of the problem is the way they have us programmed as consumers. Why is the old RAZR suddenly crap because this one has a bigger battery?

    • Anonymous

      Rezound, buddy you would have been better off with the Bionic

      • Fred

        I returned the galaxy nexus and got the rezound. It is the best phone out right now. Gnex has poor 4g…poor speaker phone.

        • Anonymous

          Really…. I’ve heard the speaker sucked on the G-NEX. Well I’m glad you got a phone you can be happy with at least till the quad core phones come out and your upgrade is ready. 

  • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

    Hey Kellex, you’re at CES. See if they have microphones there. It’d be nice to hear your commentary with the videos.


  • This is retarded. Lets come out with an amazing phone and two months later release something slightly better.  This is really starting to piss customers off.  This is how it works these days: Go to your local carrier and pick up the newest, latest and greatest device and walk out with and out dated piece of crap!

    • I really feel like part of the problem is the way they have us programmed as consumers. Why is the old RAZR suddenly crap because this one has a bigger battery?

      • Anonymous

        It’s not, it’s for the traveling business man that uses the phone allot and is never near a charger.

  • Moto kill it’s own devices and piss customers… honestly no point of this device or Razr 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah none at all other than being the slimmest and lightest LTE device in the universe at time of writing.  

  • At this point I’m glad I didn’t shoot directly for the Gnex when it first came out (which was my plan).  The Gnex screen and software is a beast/This razr has an amazing battery and tough build (which I need)  Combine the 2 and add an i*hone 4S camera and I’ll be happy =).  I think that’s what I’m going to be waiting for at this point.  I know I can keep driving myself crazy waiting for that next best phone to come out or just decide what I want and buy it as soon as it comes out.  No looking back!

  • Anonymous

    It seems as if Motorolla is just taking the same two phone designs (OG Droid and DX) and re-releasing them with slightly different specs over and over and over.

  • Jlampkin0

    The galaxy nexus isn’t that great the call quality isn’t that good the speaker on the back is terrible and the battery life isn’t good. The camera is okay but its made of plastic So its not all that all these phones are old Samsung is on to the next latest and greatest just like Motorola is the Samsung galaxy 3 will be better than the nexus Aaron at phone dog as the nexus loosing a dogfight so its all pointless

  • Edelafue

    sad that motorola has taken up the same belief as apple…sell them slightly modified “upgrades” and they will buy it

    • Anonymous

      I agree with the shot at apple, but doubling battery life is a pretty significant improvement, especially when it’s the one feature that NOONE has been able to get a handle on.  That said, besides motorola’s build quality, I wish it were a samsung or “nexus” device.

      • Eazy

        Again my point was that Motorola’s new strategy is only doing incremental upgrades like a battery increase …that’s it just like the 4s get it people

    • Armorthane

      Years ago the computer chip manufacturers would do the same thing. You’d have a 250MHz chip, then next month or so the 300MHz chip came out, then the 333MHz chip, then the 350 then the 400. You don’t think that they could have jumped from the 250MHz to a 500MHz chip? But if they did they missed out on a ton of revenue. Just like with these phones. People walk in and their contract is up and they buy what’s available. MOST people don’t look over their shoulder (Like the DL fan base does) and have buyers remorse about the slightest little upgrade. Sure we all want the perfect phone, let the manufacturers get there however they can, baby steps if necessary. I’m sure this bigger battery will do wonders for sales. I know I can’t wait to see this phone, because the RAZR with the non-removeable 1780mah battery wouldn’t be enough for me, but one like this with a 3300mah battery is what I need!

      • Eazy

        I don’t have buyers remorse cause I can think for myself and don’t buy crap on basis of brand name …good for you just as long as u r satisfied

  • Darn you, Motorola. Why do you keep making such great hardware and having such poor policies and PR??

  • why didnt they use the hd screen and 13 mp shooter like we seen leaked beforw motoeola wtf are you doing

    • Ulnek75

      that will be on the droid razr maxxx 2 coming in 2 months….

      • Justin Ellis

        hahhaha. Prepare for defensive comment from butt hurt Moto fanboy in 3…2…….

  • With ICS out, why are manufacturers still making phones with dedicated soft-buttons?

    • Domikinzu


      • Anonymous

        as well. 

    • Anonymous

      I think we’ll see buttons for a little while longer even when they come preloaded with ICS. OEM’s are avoiding no buttons for a reason, but we just don’t know what that is yet

    • Anonymous

      seriously, there really isn’t a big difference between the two. I own a Galaxy Nexus, and ICS still has soft buttons at the bottom, they are just part of the display instead of lower down on the capacitive glass.  I actually would prefer to still have a menu button available at the bottom.  I really don’t care for how some apps are starting to include a separate menu button at the top at the nav bar.  I think it’s a step backwards.

      I don’t really care if the soft keys are part of the display or just built into the glass as they are in these phones.  I just don’t want them moving menus all over the place.  When a menu button is needed, I much prefer having it in one place consistently.  I don’t like having a seperate ‘app’ that is a settings button.  Just makes for a more clunky navigation.  Too Apple for me.

      • Also, I love that when playing a video, it can push out the soft keys and use up the full area. Good engineering, if you ask me!

    • cantcurecancer

      Well they’d need a working version of blur-ICS if they wanted to incorporate on-screen buttons. We all know how long it will take them to get on ICS (just look at all the froyo phones that were still shipping when gingerbread was out for months). They could’ve either waited for “their” ICS build to be completed, or they could release the phone now with hardware buttons. It sucks, but it makes sense from a business standpoint.

      But I personally think it’s insane to even consider buying an Android phone that doesn’t have ICS. The Gnex + ICS taught me how useless hardware buttons are.

  • kretz7

    I can’t believe it took kellex over a minute to show the “about phone” screen. 

  • fartbubbler

    I like my GNex.  Slim and sexy, and easy to REPLACE the battery if I need to  🙂

    • Anonymous

      And if you run out of memory simply add a… oh, never mind.

      • Alvinm 77

        If you run out of 32GB then a person has issues lol. Plus there’s a lot of cloud services. A lot better having built in storage then a built in battery IMO.

  • Anonymous

    ROFL! Now all the Razr buyers know how the Bionic buyers felt! 😛

    • I would agree except theres nothing different otger than battery if it had an hd screen then they should be pissed

    • Anonymous

      How is that? That a new device came out after I bought my Bionic? Who cares? Im happy with what I got. 

    • Anonymous

      Not really.  I bought my RAZR on 12/3 and still have until 1/14 to return my phone and get back my upgrade.  Then buy this phone when it drops in a couple of weeks.  Bionic owners only had 2 weeks if they bought it when it 1st dropped.

      • Dbarden31

        You can seriously do that? Even if the phone isn’t out or even have a launch date?

        • Anonymous

          I returned my Droid RAZR yesterday and went back to the OG Droid.  I got my update back and will be using it on the the RAZR MAXX.

    • Anonymous

      I get plenty of battery life out of my RAZR ( >20 hours) so no regrets here.

    • Dbarden31

      Yeah before I bought my Razr I was like whats all the fuss about Moto not pleasing their fan base. Now I see why. Yeah its just a battery upgrade but that’s the reason I got so upset. This should’ve came out at the same time or instead of the Razr because I definitely would’ve chosen this over the Razr I bought.

    • reyalP

      True! If I owned a Razr and could I would return it for the maxx! A lot of people probably still fall in that category.  I really feel sorry for Bionic owners. So many new models so soon after the release of it.  Razr, Razr Maxx, Gnex, Note, Rezound…  Glad I sold my Bionic when I did.

  • xj333t

    I would definitely consider this phone, except for the fact that my droid x has a much better screen.

  • Anonymous

    This is how it is done (from a hardware perspective). 

    Instead of just making phones slimmer and slimmer, keep them the same thickness and up the battery size!