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Live – LG CES 2012 Press Event

So CES 2012 technically kicked off yesterday, but today is official press day, where companies like LG, Intel, Samsung and NVIDIA are going to show off some of the new innovations that they have coming to your home throughout the next year.

The first of the day is LG, who we can probably expect to announce new TV sets, some appliances, and then hopefully a phone or two. Maybe the LG Spectrum? Any other guesses?

They did give us 3D glasses to wear during some portion of the event, so that’s exciting enough. Live blog after the jump!  

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  • Guest

    They should go enterprize, as no one else wants their phones.

  • Csd

    When does motorola start talking at CES?

    • Sob157

      +1 I dont see it on the exhibitor schedule.

    • Anonymous

      just a booth…not speaking

    • SpectrumGSM

      They only have a booth and will not be making a formal presentation.

      • EC8CH

        will they have a locked boothloader?

        • Sirx

          I see what you did there X-D

  • SpectrumGSM

    Ask if the VZW LG Spectrum will come with working GSM radio, which would make it VZW’s first LTE+GSM phone.

  • EC8CH

    Wonder if all the recent *pple TV rumors are helping to push current TV manufactures to embrace Google TV?

  • Sirx

    Holy cow!  Resolution FOUR TIMES “normal” HD?  Have we already skipped ahead to HD HD?

    • kw

      its called ud ultra definition

      • EC8CH

        It’s called overkill.  TV manufactures need to stop already, I think it’s a little soon to start over again with another format standard.  People are not going to be running to the stores to replace their 3 year old 1080p sets.

  • DroidzFX

    LG = Low Grade

    • Anonymous

      You’d be surprised how much LG has improved their screens.  They’re really making some of the nicest screens in the last few years.  I’ve always used their computer monitors because they were the first to use IPS panels on 24”+ monitors, which have the best viewing angles. 

  • Someone should ask them when their device the LG Thrill 4g will get gingerbread