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Transformer Prime Root/Unroot Tool Released

Ready to root your Transformer Prime? The latest in 1-click tools has been released by @_viperboy_, all built off of the NachoRoot root method created by @TeamAndIRC that we showed on video yesterday. As with any 1-click tool, this will get you rooted or unrooted within a couple of easy clicks on a Windows machine.

Grab the tool from this RootzWiki thread and get to rooting.

  • bob

    Any chance we will see the same for other android tabs?

  • Anonymous

    Now lets hope they can unlock bootloader eventually…

  • Guest

    I’m all for posts about anything to do with Android, however; this tablet has gotten too much attention on this website.  This tablet isn’t on Verizon (or any network for that matter) so why is it getting so much attention.  I understand its a fantastic tablet and Kellex obviously has one but I feel like it’s taking away from this website.

    Just my two cents

    • EC8CH

      It’s a high end Android tablet… probably the highest end tablet available for at least a couple more months.  Don’t get hung up on the “Droid” name of the site.

      • Anonymous

        Is he a whiner also?

        • Lmrojas


          • EC8CH

            just not in the same league

    • Anonymous

      It’s high end Android. I think it’s pretty obvious that DL.com isn’t specifically about Droids on Verizon anymore.

    • Balanced

      Where were u when the site was/is full of GNex stuff?   This is not GNex-Life.com either.

  • Anonymous

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  • Awesome. Done simple sealed and delivered…:)

  • Anonymous

    See haters – this ISN’T a GNex post.

    • Anonymous

      thanks – I hadn’t caught that.

      • Highwire

        We didn’t expect you to