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How is Your 4G LTE Connection Doing Today?

While my 4G and 3G connection seem to be operating normally today in Portland, we have had enough emails and mentions on Twitter from readers that are not having such a fun time to toss up another potential LTE outage post. We are getting reports out of Detroit, Indiana, Florida, Wisconsin, and more that have had issues for a number of hours today. Issues vary from readers have no connection at all to seeing their connection cut in and out sporadically.

So we’ll ask just as we always do – running into 4G or 3G connection issues? If you are, feel free to drop your city and state in the comments. With Verizon claiming to have (or in the near future) implemented a geographic segmentation fix, we could potentially narrow this down by region that is affected.

Also, it’s safe to assume that VZW is currently (as in this very minute) testing, tweaking and working on a number of fixes to prevent major outages from happening again. These issues that some of you are running into today, could just be from Big Red working to stabilize everything. At this time, we do not have enough reports to consider this a full nationwide outage.

  • Firebus

     My 4g and 3g seem to connect fine. I have found that my WIFI also connects just fine; BUT my browser, market, and any other feature that SHOULD use WIFI will not. In fact as I am typing this note through my active network my phone tells me “no connection retry”.  I have set my wireless settings to static per a blog a I read, but that has not resolved the issue.  Any thoughts . . .and yes, my network is fine, my wireless connection on the phone is fine, password correct, etc.

  • pepipeman

    Working well in Northern NJ

  • Toyosup88

    im in rochester NY and my bionic keeps switching between 4G and 3G sitting in the same spot at work…both are 3-4 bars…

  • tm3

    4g lte coverage out in los angeles (at least on my gnex).  3G is fine however.

  • Sarah

    I live in Richmond, VA. Bought a GNex last week (12/30). Richmond city has full 4G coverage. I was only able to pick up 4G a couple times….between work and home (which is a 3 mile trip). The phone would not pick up 4G in my apt or at work. One of my coworkers has the Thunderbolt and it picks up 4G fine in my work building. Also, had my wifi on and when I turned it off I completely lost phone signal and it took an hour to get the data signal back. Switching to airplane mode and back also causes a significant delay in gaining a data signal. Called Verizon and they said if I was in a building made of concrete or steel I would have problems picking up 4G or if there were tall buidings around.  Really? Wow. Aren’t most buildings made of those materials and don’t most major metropolitan areas have tall buildings?! Crappy answer from Verizon. So I returned my phone yesterday and am going to stick with my DInc until this issue gets resolved.

  • Round Mound of Rezound!

    In Cleveland, on the HTC Rezound and 4g hasn’t failed once!

  • Jhall

    Im located in Richmond,Va. But my issues are not Verizon…they are this crap Droid Bionic 4g phone…
    Drops data about every 30 seconds from 4 to 3 to no data…times out…have to air mode or wifi and sometimes that doesnt work. I’ll be lucky to finish this message before losing my data connection.

    Is there an update in the near future? Otherwise im going Apple!

  • Anonymous
  • Columbus, OH. Galaxy Nexus problems. 4G connection drops even with full signal strength. When I leave 4G area, it will not switch to 3G unless I reboot or make a phone call!? How wierd is that!?

  • this is getting insane, 3 weeks with intermittent data, being given the runaround

  • please call verizon if you’re having an issue

  • Anjama

    Hate to say it but here on Long Island, NY I’ve been having problems for the past couple of days. I called verizon, & they told me the best thing to do right now is to do a battery pull. Well guess what, it worked!!! I guess it will be a good new year!!

  • Rustedfenders

    Doing good so far in Baltimore.

  • Wolcc

    college station, texas  has been on and off for a couple weeks

  • GimmeData

    It would be one thing if 4G was put and my GNex connected to 3G, i get no service and lucky for me i’ve been off work all week so i have been able to use my wifi. Verizon needs to get their act together… they are already the highest charging carrier and if i am paying to be on a “premium carrier” i want stable data connection 3G or 4G

  • GimmeData

    I’ve had data issues with my Nexus since purchasing it on launch day im on my second Nexus and still experiencing data issues. I will be in the same spot in my house and go from 2 bars on 4G to no data at all while my wife’s iphone has full bars. Now customer service is saying it might be my sim card. I must say i am pretty disappointed in the performance of the phone so far and im not sure if it is growing pains on VZW or if ICS is all this phone has going for it

  • Jamesmarcelino

    I had data issues yesterday in the Tacoma, WA area. Coming from a 3G area I was excited to be in a 4G area. Unfortunately, I had no data connectivity with my Thunderbolt. Pretty embarrasing when my brother with a 3G Windows Phone (on VZW too) was able to get the scores and I couldn’t.

  • Alex

    Anyone in Minnesota having 3g connection problems again

  • Guest

    No 4g or 3g on in the Bay Area on my bionic since about 2 am this morning.  On my Xoom I can pick up 3g in CDMA only mode but in CDMA/LTE I get nothing.  

  • phonepeasant

    Today, right now at 2:05 I’m going to VZ and returning my Nexus I love the shape and ICS but the phone simply doesn’t pick up 4g very well, there can be test, Kellex can talk about dbm, abc, defg. Point is I live with my cousin and he has a razr I have a nexus. I have 2 bars of 3g and he has 3 bars of 4g sitting side by side, same place, this whole week (I live outside of dc). His screen also looks just as good as mine. And i still cant get my apps from my droid x to the nexus because there isn’t removable storage. So it is what it is.I’m paying for a slight upgrade of the droid charge but 150 dollars more. To be honest the nexus right now is faster than the razr, but my guess is like all things about the nexus that advantage comes from ICS not the phone itself.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    For a bit I had 4G turned off because I rarely saw more than 2 bars. I was happy with the situation but decided to run 4G for a bit just to see the difference.

    Calls were the same but I discovered a GIGANTIC different in app loading speed. OMFG! The load time is cut down to about a quarter of the time with 3G. 

    Even when 4G went down, I was still making calls and doing my thing via 3G. What’s all the bellyaching about?

  • Nkmett15

    I’m seeing some people say that they traded in their Nexus for a Razr. I sold my DROID X2 for $200 bucks and was planning on buying the Nexus. Should I get the Razr instead?

    • Eric

      Depends on what you’re looking for in your phone. I chose the Nexus because I wanted updates sooner and be able to unlock and root at will.  I struggled for the first week with ‘supposed’ signal issues and battery life. Battery life is much improved after a few charge cycles and my signal is fine. Never a call quality issue or data issues (except for the 3 times Verizon’s data went down). I love the Nexus- no regrets here.

      • Nkmett15

        I’ve heard of some random reboots while using the Nexus. Have you had any issues?

        • Anonymous

          Random reboots? Nope! 

  • Willfake84

    Now that I traded in my Galaxy Nexus for a Droid Razr my reception is great! I’m getting between 63dbm and 75dbm at one spot where i was getting 110 on the Galaxy Nexus!  I must say even though I waiting so long for the Nexus I now wish I went straight for the RAZR. I’m very happy now that I have reception and the call quality is better, the speaker is better, and it feels much smoother when i have home screens loaded with live wallpapers. Yes it’s not as developer friendly or dosn’t have a hd screen but other than that it’s loads better than the Nexus.

  • took my 4G off for now. helps to keep battery in good range. only turn it on when necessary. so it’s been ok for me.

  • My Droid Bionic 4GLTE is doing fine.

  • Bennotae

    In south florida for vacation. No 4G st all since Wednesday.

  • 4g doesn’t exist lol

  • Neutron

    4g lte out burlington / woburn massachusetts

  • Thunder13356

    My 4G connection has not worked all of December here in Kansas City. Glad I am not paying extra for this. It is bad though that we are paying for a data connection that is nonexistent. Feeling a little foolish. Wonder why they don’t offer is some kind of rate cut because of the outage?

  • 4G isn’t even available in my area yet. It’s off and on where i work though.

  • Joshua

    G-Nexus Appleton, WI. 3G’s been working fine all day. 4G is pulling in a good signal also. 

    3G = -93 dBm 2 asu
    4G = -104 dBm 36 asu

  • Anonymous

    This is almost getting comical.  Here AT&T’s network is doing great, and Verizon’s is going nuts, the world has gone nuts 😀

  • Bstraz

    CT 1 bar ?????????????????

  • Josephcostain

    4 G is great in mass

  • Anonymous

    I am in the middle of the Valdosta, GA with a SOLID 3G connection. Oh, and did I mention in the middle of the WOODS! I don’t see what everyone is complaining about! Especially those that are complaining about not having 4G I mean SERIOUSLY!!! I have a HTC Thunderbolt and I NEVER have 4G where I live. So everyone complaining about not having 4G because you can come live where I live and NEVER have 4G.

  • Anonymous

    The Verizon wireless support lady just had the audacity to tell me that “there are no problems right now” when neither of my 4G devices could hold a signal for more than a minute.

    I about chucked the phone across the terminal.

    • Anonymous

      Phone wouldnt get a 4g signal when i landed in orlando either. This is ridiculous. Had to pull the sim card and reboot to get it to work…

  • Sprout

    Ive been having problems with my 3g for the last couple of days. in a 4g lte area. WichitaFalls Texas. my 3g is nonexistant. havent been able to use my phone for anything except calls and texting for the last few days. No data connection whatsoever.

  • I havent had any issues at all these past two weeks… Northern California

  • Anonymous

    In BWI airport 4g is spotty. My zoom has 4g but the galaxy nexus doesn’t. Both are going in and out of data service. This is totally stupid. Verizon needs to fix this network and fix it last week.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    3 and 4G working in San Diego, CA

  • Anonymous

    4G is alive and kicking strongly in the D. (Detroit, Michigan, US of A)

  • Frow86

    Hour west of Omaha, We don’t have 4g here but 3g was off and on all day yesterday on my nexus a buddies nexus and another friends samsung stratosphere, but my girls droid 3 had working 3g the whole time so i don’t get why it can only affect 4g phones

  • everbody calm down. Switch to 3g for the rest of the year. Those of us in 3g only areas say chill.

  • Marcoaquezada

    Rivrside-Corona and San Bernardino, 4G sucks. Razr struggles with 3G.

  • Italia1918

    Fu***g sucks sick of all the hype with these phones. My og droid loaded web pages faster than the gn… The iphone never has issues like this.. How about u credit us money verizon? We are paying for 4g but not even getting 3g …freakin scam artists

    • My gnex rocks. You not on unlimited lte? I am. I love it when i have it. Same price for me.

    • Anonymous

      Your OG droid loaded web pages faster than the GNEX?!? Let me say you are full of it. 

      Either you don’t have a GNEX and are a provocateur fanboy. Or nothing pleases you.

      My DX was rooted, overclocked, with a ROM flashed. It still did not perform like my stock GNEX.

      Why come in here and BS? People see right through it…

  • Thussong

    4g and 3g connections spotty at best.  I can see the tower for goodness sakes!

  • 4G going strong in Charleston, SC. Thank goodness!

  • Anonymous

    Working pretty nice today 🙂

    5.7mbps Down, 5.7mbps Up in Lakewood/Denver, CO.

  • Dickhandler

    good signal but crap phone keep dropping.  Razr

  • Me08053

    No 4G in Philly, have 3G

  • Erkleehoo

    It’s all good in eastern Tennessee, getting best signal ever since the last outage.

  • Rcolt1911

    Very spotty 4G, on and off all day. Sometimes 3G is out too. NW of Detroit.

  • If you lost signal try pulling out the battery and micro sim card. Have had to do this at least twice to get my data back.

  • Davros

    was fine from launch day until I woke up this morning :'(

  • Jbrekke11

    Rochester mn 4g off and on for ladt few hours

  • Alternatenine

    Two dollars is ridiculous! My 4g service is “working” so far. We shall see if it continues.

  • Anonymous

    I am in Central Florida (Orlando). When running 4G I get from 1 to 3 bars. But 3 bars tops on rare occasions. 

    My question is: Does the signal indicator mean anything? As I still get the same call quality. My email and SMS traffic runs the same with no issue. Internet is fine. Apps run fine. I have yet to have a dropped call. My sister who is on TMO in Texas still drops our calls occasionally. Mine has run absolutely fine.

    So what does this 4G issue mean in the grand scheme? I say this not to be antagonistic but nothing has really changed for me in terms of functionality; other than having a new kicka$$ cell phone.

  • Jameson_sailor

    razr in appleton wi, no go on da 4g

  • tcpip

    I’m in East Central Illinois. My phone which had been connecting 4G is showing steady 3G lately. Have not see 4G in days.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon has a funny definition of “fixed it overnight.”  Yesterday I was stuck 3G until the afternoon, then 1x until late in the evening.  Woke up this morning with 4G, which almost immediately became 1x.  I’m still at 1x as of 11:30am EST (the 31st).

    I know it’s not my location, either. Prior to Verizon’s issues earlier this week, I’ve had reliable 4G in every room in my home, near Pittsburgh PA.

  • Brittany

    My 4g still isnt working so im just cruising on 3g until it comes back

  • skidish.  like Charlie Sheen on the wagon .. Champaign, Il

  • bigguy424

    Have noticed issues with 4g and even losing all signal strength. Northeastern Indiana. Sure hope they get this fixed not what i expected when i upgraded to the nexus. 

  • Anonymous

    Mine isn’t doing anything… I turned it off on my Nexus so I could just have some type of signal! 

  • Anonymous

    Springfield, MA – RAZR.  Been getting consistent data drops during radio switching after phone calls since I got it, sometimes lasting more than 10-15 minutes.  Powercycling/Airplane cycling doesn’t help.  Turning on CDMA only mode does.  Had lots of problems with the outages(until I went CDMA only).  The RAZR update that supposedly fixed data drops after phone calls did not in fact fix data drops after phone calls.

  • Anonymous

    I am in Hoffman Estates, next to Chicago, the 4G is very unreliable here. The connection is dropping like crazy. I am now using the WiFi. Very disappointing. Come on vzw for only $2…. and I am on autopay….. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    1X in Gulfport, MS….

  • Imanjja

    I knw sounds like a noob question but how do I switch from4g to 3g

    • LionStone

      Goto Setting>Wireless & Networks>Mobile Networks>CDMA only

      • Imanjja


      • Sporttster

        Did not work doing this yesterday during the on/off/on/off outage…..

    • Anonymous

      Lol….not really. Your phone should switch between 3g and 4g on its own. Most newer phones allow you to select cdma which will allow you to force it into 3g. This is done in the settings menu. Hope it helps!

      • Imanjja


  • Jules Jonas

    I was having sporadic problems yesterday in Northeast Illinois. No problems this morning.

  • Sporttster

    Last night, was having all SORTS of problems with my connection on my Razr. Northern Indiana. Would go from no 3g or data at all to 4g,then off, then on, then nothing for awhile. It was sporadic and very very annoying.

    • LionStone

      I’m curious if you are able to drop it down to 1X only? On my TB, when I’m in a bad signal area where I don’t even get 3G, I drop it manually into 1X (LTE on/off app) and it remains stable so I can still use data even if it is a lot slower and saves battery.

      • Sporttster

        Was not in a bad signal area. It’s Verizons spotty network issue….

  • Sam

    Have noticed sporadic outages in central Florida since last night.  I’m in a very good LTE coverage area and have been bouncing back and forth between 3G and LTE for quite a while.

    • SRN

      Same here.  Sporadic at times and was completely out for a few hours Thursday evening. (the 28’th)  Razr.

  • James2118

    Data has been bad since last update on Thunderbolt. North of jackson, Ms.

  • Gmaynee

    Data been sucking lately!!! Driving me nuts..Most times I cant even get 4G or 3G and my battery would just drain to sh!t

  • 3g always fine, dont have 4g phone til I decide between the Gnex and Razr..but how is the 4g normally  here in Portland?

  • Brodie Krause

    East Central Illinois here, had no 3G service for about an hour and a half this evening.

  • freeskier077

    Super spotty 3G AND 4G happening in the Green Bay, WI area.  My brother and I both have GNex phones and its been in and out for both of us…today was the worst yet.  GRRRRR

  • Davros

    Not in a 4g area and I live in Northern Indiana boonies but decent signal.

  • Curtadamwill

    In saint joseph mo i have the nexus and it was without 3g i could still make calls and text my wife has the droid 2 and she had 3 g so i dont have any idea what the problem was there

  • Earleepa

    Non existent. They have 4G 40 miles to the east and west of me but nothing here.


    I heard the Bionic and Galaxy have the most issues.


    Just got off the phone with VZW. Trading my Bionic w/ garbage Moto updates for a HTC Rezound. Ridiculous…

    • Anonymous

      Garbage moto updates? Are you nuts? Most of their phones are updated before everyone else! I have a gnex but still, try having a Samsung you will never get updates!

  • Anonymous

    No 4G only at JFK Airport in NYC.  Everywhere else was perfect.

  • Xypher

    Lincoln Nebraska….1 am on 12/31/11 I am now back to 3G at this hour!!!! GRRR

  • Anonymous

    Lte just went out again in LA, Ca

  • My 4G in Washington DC is still nonexistent

  • llwang

    In Urbana, IL, dropped to 3G for a short time in the evening, but has been back on 4G.

  • 3g was down in Northern Iowa, but when in Des Moines, 4g kicked right in.  Getting some nice speed.  I will be depressed when I go back home after the new years. 🙁

  • Nexusplz

    Having just made a trip to San Diego I see now that LTE in the Phoenix market just sucks

  • Josh Neal

    Colorado Springs – HTC Rezound

  • Bjork

    My 4G and 3G connection was out most of the day here in Minneapolis/St Paul area.  I could make calls, but that was it.  Pissed!

  • Joe Fischer

    Erie, PA. I have noticed this issue from day one of 4G launching here. They have even expanded the network here once already and still not much better. My 4G in my house is sporadic, as I get one or two bars of 4G in my room, but only get one or two bars of 3G in my family room. I think Verizon needs to beef up the network somehow. Clearly having major network problems this month. But what you guys are experiencing, I have been experiencing since this summer when they flipped the switch here in good ol’ Erie.

  • Josh Neal

    Mine is back. Though I had to do the trick where you take out the battery, pop out the 4G sim card for a couple minutes, then back together. Works fine now.

  • Jlebouton

    Bionic near Green Bay, WI.   4G was good, but once out of 4G range, 3G very spotty. Coming and going. Not cool.

  • Anonymous


  • Jino

    Good here. S. Cal LA

  • Anonymous

    My receptionn seems to have gotten better! Pulled down 34 mbps download on lte today!

  • weapon x

    No 4g weak 3g. Signal comes and goes. Verizon better get with the freaking program

  • Crackedbose

    San diego. No lte here.

  • weapon x

    No 4g weak 3g. Signal comes and goes. Verizon better get with the freaking program

  • Mtarazr

    I was without 3 and 4g most of Wednesday in chicago

  • Jowens174

    Washington DC with new radios running 4g just fine. 3g is even better.

  • Franco

    Had 4G all day. Thunderbolt.

  • It says I have 3G now but it’s just there without data connection….  Verizon better comp me something I’m really considering leaving.  I have data for about 5 days the past two weeks…. always down when I really need it.

  • I wish I had 4g where I live. Its 3 miles north of me and 8 miles south of me. Verizon probably only has to turn on 1 to 3 towers and I would have it.

  • I’ve got my data free for two months now.  Pays to be a salesman 🙂

  • C.J. Novotny

    I’m in Arkansas where they just launched lte this last summer and I’ve never lost my 4g coverage after the very first outage, and I’ve had great coverage with all of my phones (bionic, razr, galaxy nexus).

  • Mamanda10

    Galaxy nexus in toledo, ohio has had on and off 3g and 4g throughout the day.
    Also don’t know if its the outages or just my gnex but seems my wifi seems to magically keep turning its connection off, its happened twice today and phone just rebooted on its own. Dont know whats going on. Anyone else with similar gnex issues?

  • Jaime

    I’m in the western suburbs of Chicago,IL…
    I had trouble with 3G. I use only CDMA to save battery and today I had no connection all afternoon- and I still don’t. Only until I switch to LTE do I get a connection. So 4G is fine.

  • Zip, a bag of kush, double cup full of drink, I get so damn trippy in my mind I go blank, the topic is hot rappers #1 is my rank, say no to drugs? Juicy J can’t

  • Mine has been out all week, rebooted by Droid Bionic today, and it came right back up. Been in Christmas break, so haven’t been using my phone too much!

  • Central Indiana, back online

  • Blazing LTE in Elkhart, IN right now….in fact its a bit faster than normal!  Pwned.

  • Cereed09

    My galaxy nexus had full 4g earlier but wouldnt load a thing unless i switched to cdma only northern illinois

  • Robert Murdock

    I dont have any 4G in Waynesville NC

    • First time visitor

      None also in Fleetwood NC.

  • I was getting some 3g and 4g data issues with my razr in Naples & Fort Myers Florida

  • windexh8er

    For those who haven’t done so yet make sure that you call Big Red and ask for a concession based on all of the outages.  After 3 during business hours they really have no justification for not refunding part of your data service package.  In my case I called and kindly explained I was beginning to get fed up with the ‘during-the-day-outages’ and told the rep that I rely on the service for work (which is true).  She offered up $10 per data package (2 in total on my account) so I received $20 credit for next months bill.  Worth the outage time?  Heck no – but across hundreds of thousands of customers this may make enough of a dent to warrant more scrutiny going forward.  As a network engineer I understand their position (new technology in the process of rollout) but complete outages like this should be better engineered for containment or not reliant on specific points of failure.  It’s not the Verizon we’ve grown to expect in terms of network reliability the past years on 3G.  But, just my $0.02.

    • Lowelladams

      You are really lucky that you got $10 off.  You qualify for only $3 off since there were 3 outages which all 3 were less than 24 hours

  • Anonymous

    Dear Verizon CEO, here is reality for me (your Loyal Customer)…the signal (3G and 4G, voice and data) on my brand new Galaxy Nexus simply keeps disappearing even in a place like NYC (outside and Inside the bldg). I get 0 (yes Zero) bars and sometimes I see 1 bar with 4G and 2 bars with 3G, my speed is 1-4 mb download and barely 1mb upload on a sunny day! And even though I have unlimited data plan (as tech support confirmed) having no signal does not do any good for me. No 2 dollar bill for you Sir!

    • Anonymous

      uh, did you just wake up? 😉

    • Tyler Cameron

      Does it behave like that? If it does, take it to the store for replacement. I got mines replaced and the difference is night and day.

  • Mark Wilk

    My 4G connection is doing the same as it was yesterday, which is the same as it was last week….non existent…..

    • Same here which is ironic since I live in one of their primary Fios markets (NJ).

    • Wenbenweb

      I’m having the same issues with connectivity as earlier-Lakeland Fl. If it werent for wifi, I’d be outta luck. 4g isnt locking in and when its out, my bionic doesnt even attempt to switch to 3g

      • Anonymous

        Im in lakeland to and havent had any issues with it on mt Gnex. I even had my laptop tethered off it and had you tube video streaming from between 9 and about 11am.

        • Anonymous

          I did have problems the other day like everyone else.

    • Dshudson

      Totally agree, lol My 4g is the same as the 3g.. non existent.. 

  • Rock solid in Iowa – all day.

  • Anonymous

    4G outage prediction ~23:00~08:00 12/31 to 1/1/12 in each timezone respectively.

  • not worried they will get it fixed, they built this 4g system in half the time they took to build their 3g,givem time

  • balls

    home – very weak 4g but its still much faster than 3g.. however i use my wifi when home
    work – 8 – 15 mbps

    phone, gnex

  • Lowelladams

    VZW does not guarantee service 24/7. Everyone needs to read the customer agreement and stop crying.  Use wifi when possible for more stable service.

  • Usty

    Home – Sayreville, NJ is a non-4g area – no issues with 3G after work today.

    Work – Princeton/Trenton, NJ area and had full 4g signal with no issues.

    Phone is Galaxy Nexus – activated yesterday.

  • Eric Markson

    No 3g or 4g connection on my Galaxy Nexus in Albany, New York. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    In and out all day in Phoenix. Killing my battery switching to and from. Sucks sticking it in 3g only. Brand new RAZR. Might send it back and fire up my Droid X again. If I am going to be chilling on 3G, might as well use the device I prefer.

  • rocketdaddy

    4G has been fine here all day. Central Utah.

  • momofboys4

    Weve been in and out near iowa city, iowa. Also been getting strange notifications saying we need to allow or deny roaming while we are traveling out of the United States even though we are home. Anyone else getting this??

  • Anthony Crum

    up and down all day in houston on razr

  • Hep

    In Tacoma, my 4G has gone out a couple times but 3G would be working.  Each time was only for about 5 minutes and it would come back up

  • Lists

    South Florida (Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Miami area): Saw from 3-4 bars of 4G to 4 bars of service to none at all on my Galaxy Nexus today.

  • Anonymous

    Earlier today (mid-afternoon), no service. No 3G, 4G, 1x. Nothing. About 30 minutes later service was restored. Upstate NY.

  • Kniceguy

    No problems on the Galaxy Nexus here in Atl

  • Travisgary

    Northern mn. 3g just showed up on my phone. I dont think 3g was down just down on 4g phones..

  • Anonymous

    They are bound to have a few growing pains.  The roll-out of 3g wasn’t flawless either as I remember.  That and they are expanding 4g at a much greater rate than any expansion before that I can remember.  Sure it is inconvenient, but if they start getting things stabilized in the next few months I am fine with that.  If it turns into daily outages, then that would bother me, but Verizon won’t let it get there.

    • Anonymous

      They charge enough for the service. I don’t want to hear any BS about growing pains. Fix the damn thing. 

  • Sk102704

    Anyone notice that these issues started arising not long after the big 3 of 4g phones (Razr, Rezound, GNex) came out? Sounds like verizon’s 4g network has a capacity issue.

    • Djenks24

      How bout the micro Sim cards? Wifes thunder bolt didn’t miss a beat for a change. Usually its dropping calls and only has one bar and no 3g while the razr has 4 or 5 bars

  • 2ceedz

    Fine here all day in Greensboro, NC

    • wow with 4 bars on 4g that is the best speed test you get?  better here in concord

      • 2ceedz

        Yeah, 26-28 during non-peak hours.. 18 or so during peak….

        My Time Warner ISP only gets 32.5Mbs..and 1.5 upload HAHAHA… that’s just sad wireless is as fast on down and 20x faster on upload….

  • Antinorm

    Charlottesville, VA here.  This is a 3G-only area, and even though I get around -80 to -90 dBm at my apartment (~3 bars), my data connection has been going up and down all day.

  • Anonymous

    3G was turning on and off in the morning then it was fixed in Los Angeles,CA

  • Dawnadilts

    Just called VZ tonight 3 G and 4G out they are sending me a new sim card for my Stratosphere
    Birch Run Michigan 60 miles north of Detroit…3rd outage THIS WEEK SINCE CHRISTMAS

    • Anonymous

      Changing the sim isn’t going to help.  Their network is just failing, just have to wait for them to improve their system. 

  • Cliwat

    Worcester MA ..on and off today ..no service 3g or 4g yesterday all day..droid Bionic.

  • Shane

    In Northern IL and have no 3g data. 4g here is working fine, but when you switch to 3g, it doesn’t work.

  • Theraskell

    Anyone in the Denver area able to get more the 7mb/s download anywhere in town? I have 4 bars of 4g and still only get that much 🙁

  • Cjphil01

    if paying an extra 2 dollars a month will get their 4g network stabalized i’ll pay it.

    •  That’s how they’ll market it next. “LTE Stabilization fee”

  • No 4G or 3G here in Eastern South Dakota on my Nexus and the wife’s Incredible 2 has no 3G either

    • ssjnimma

      in Webster SD and no 3G at all… 

  • DWM

    I lost all my data for about 20 minutes today. It just so happened that was the one 20 minute span where I really needed to look something up. My Nexus was showing 2 bars no “3G” or “4G” symbol beside it. And when I tried to open the browser it gave me a “can’t find the address for google.com” error message. I sure hope they get this ironed out soon.

    • DWM

      Ooops, forgot to add, I’m in Colorado Springs, CO



  • Sk102704

    I couldnt get 3g or 4g for hours today. I called verizon and they said there werent any outages and to do a factory reset. Thats verizon’s fix for everything!

    • Sk102704

      Oh yeah, New Haven, CT Droid Bionic

      • Superangelo13

        I had 3g today on my droid x. New haven, ct

        • Sk102704

          It sounds like 3g phones aren’t effected.

      • balls

        unh dchi

  • Klan07

    So bad in kenosha wi …..
    really bad

  • Johnfriend33

    Galaxy nexus
    No 3G in galesburg,IL a non 4g town

    Been affecting my phone intermittantly since last saturday. If i activate my working 3g device ill have to go onto simcard number 3. Poor planning on verizons behalf that sim cards retire…

  • John Smith

    also 3g/4g fine in fort myers fl on gnex

  • Gtater33

    have had 4G & 3G connection issues all week in Dayton, OH.  I know they were working on towers this week …

  • John Smith

    Kellex your everyday phone should be the galaxy nexus… not the droid razr lol

  • Rizheno

    I’m getting 4G in Council Bluffs, IA / Omaha, NE but can’t lock 3G. Gnex.

  • Weskokemor

    I have never had 4g on my phone and im in a covered area. I am extremely disappointed. Verizon needs to step it up.

  • Anonymous

    My 4g was actually the best it’s ever been today signal wise, down to -74dBm.  In NC.

  • no 3g on my GNex here in the twin cities

  • Bdrsvt

    No 3g on my Gnex in southern Indiana. My wife’s incredible has it though. 4g working fine, but I usually only use it when I need it since it’s such a battery hog.I will say I’m running Axi0m 2.1 and the battery seemed too do much better than stock rom on 4g.

  • Travisjshepherd

    It only seems to be affecting my gnex. My buddy has the tbolt with 3g still working.

  • Anonymous

    4g in new orleans

  • Bhill1976

    4G and 3G down in St Louis on my GNEX.  I had the same issue the other day when Verizon’s 4G was down – I lose both 4G and 3G.  I’ve tried toggling network preferences beteen LTE and CDMA and restarting my phones in hopes that would kickstart a connection, but no luck.  My wife’s OG could still connect to 3G while i could connect to nothing.   

  • I had 4G at work, but now at home I lost 3G on the Stratosphere, GNex, and Thunderbolt. I’m in Northern Kentucky just south of Cincinnati.

  • Put 2 dollars in da air for these 2 dollar jiggas

  • Mark Slomski

    Wilkes-Barre, P.A no 4g and my bionic will not toggle to 3g verizon says they are working on that issue for 2 days now. Others at my work have 3g but no 4g. and they wanted an extra 2 dollars so I can loose my 4g and all data every other week. they’ll be lucky if i pay my bill at all till they get my phone working again.

  • niuguy

    I have 4g on my G-Nex here in Chicago.

  • Guest

    Went from 4G to 3G to No “G” near Chicago most of the day.

  • George

    4G LTE is not working in San Diego as of right now. Using a Galaxy Nexus…

  • Tyler Cameron

    I JUST lost data at around 8:40PM. 3G just popped back up but it usually says 4G…. Here comes another outage!

  • I want my two dollars

  • Jamez Baker

    No data what so ever on my thunderbolt in dekalb Illinois and I have been waiting 20 mins on hold with czar

    • niuguy

      Go Huskies!

  • Anonymous

    18mb 4G LTE all day.

  • No 3G or 4G on my GNex in Bloomington, IL.  I’ve tried all the tricks.  My wife’s Bionic currently has a 4G connection.  So if you have a data connection….don’t tinker with it right now. 😉

    • Yeah, g/f had 3G, I did a SIM swap and now both won’t work. Oops!

    • B J Books

      3G is back online now following a black screen of death and battery pull.  Still no 4G though.

  • xix19

    central illinois. i went into a verizon store today to activate my razr and they were unable to get it activated due to the 4g issues so i have no phone now cause its trying to activate over and over. there were about 5 other people in the same store with 4g issues.

  • Johnzenobia

    Verizon needs to fix this and fix it right. The excuse that it’s such a new service doesn’t cut it anymore. I want to know if I will get a three day credit on my data charges for the month when the service was so poor.

  • Kmac940

    all good here in north texas texoma area. i was affected by all 3 other outages but good to go today!

  • Mjm1996

    Im in LA and I have a thunderbolt.
    All day I have been stuck on 1x and I got so frustrated that I pulled out the battery, sim card, then put the battery back in and booted it up. After I got the no sum warning, I pulled the battery back out popped the sim back in, booted up and now everything is working normally!! It may not work for all of you but you might want to give it a try.

  • Anonymous

    Probly has something to do with the solar hiccup that happened.  Possible power outages could be in the next wave

  • Alex

    Anyone in southern Minnesota having 3g connection issues

  • Lumpysherman

    No 3G in NW Illinois and Eastern Iowa since about 4m today.

  • Johnzenobia

    Altoona,pa. 4g working for a few minutes then nothing , not even 3g. Wife has droid x and has 3g while my droid razr has nothing. She is saying 4g is a joke. I am starting to belive her. Lol

  • Bauce

    In MD right outside of DC i had drop outs ealier in the day

    • James Friedman

      Yeah I’m around the same area, Montgomery County. I get drops a lot. It seems stronger and more consistent as you go closer to DC. A lot of times I just get gray bars. I’m guessing that  means just 3G, or just voice and no data. Either way I haven’t been over the moon excited about my first 4G LTE connection.

  • Rarussell74

    Central Indiana no connection

  • Version_3

    SE Wisconsin. No 3G, but 4G is fine on my Galaxy Nexus. 

  • HA i was looking for that as a notification for txts today!! awsome.

  • Anonymous

    While driving across town earlier, I did check my phone at one point only to find I had absolutely no data signal at all. My initial reaction was to scream obscenities in my car and expect any moment to get a mocking text from a friend on Sprint. Then I checked it again a few minutes later and had 2 bars of LTE. Dunno what happened. East Lansing, MI.

  • Michael Forte

    I’ve had 4G all day but it has been dropping out every once in a while. Sarasota/Bradenton, FL.

    • Anonymous

      Same area….mine has been solid. Hmmm strange.

      • Michael Forte

        It was dropping earlier today but has been fine for the past few hours.

  • Had an issue around 3:30 today but that could be the signal switching on the gnex, current speed 17.25Mbps down and 11.04Mbps up on 3 bars signal is 87dBm.

  • Anonymous

    San Diego…. No data at all on my dad and brothers G-Nex, went to the verizon store and those phones didnt have data either.

  • NBerry

    No 3g or 4g in iowa city ia for me .. galaxy nexus

  • Anonymous

    CRAP – San Jose, CA

  • Altkorn2005

    San Antonio – 4G  24M Down, 10M Up

  • I swear verizon did it on purpose on account of the backlash on the fee

  • see what happens when verizon doesnt get your 2 dollars

    • Anonymous

      I lol’ed

    • I WANT MY TWO DOLLLLLAAAARSSSS.  There’s a joke the kids won’t get.

      • Jcassell11

        Two dolllllllllaaaarrrrssss….as he falls down the mountain…CLASSIC

      • Anonymous

        Didn’t ask for a dime…

      • Anonymous

        Haha classic movie….I wanted to ride my bike down a snow covered mountain with skis after seeing that.

      • Curtadamwill

        Better off dead right

      • LionStone

        lol…I was waiting for someone to mention that quote!

    • BetterOffDead

      Come on dude, I’m a teenager and love that movie. A little credit please.

  • Anonymous

    worcester, ma my 4g was surprising strong for a few hours today on my G’Nex. i had full bars and let me tell you, the speed was awesome. i never experienced full bars before. but now its back to the same old low signal on my phone until an update to help with connection.

  • EPSea

    In Seattle – just saw my 3G switch back to 4G….

  • Southwestpayday

    Dallas, Texas…had NO 4G, 3G or any G at all for 3 full days. Jusy got it back today. And I have a Droid Bionic, so 90% of the time I don’t have 4G anyways. 🙁

  • Nakouro28

    Keeps saying 3g in a normally 4G area. But then sometimes I get 4G with full bars on my G-nex. Haven’t seen that before. Hopefully they are pumping out some better coverage. Rochester, NY

  • Hank

    Great 4G/3G in queen city, NC

    • Hank

      …running on a GNEX

  • 4G and 3G running fine on the Nexus. Escondido, CA. (San Diego County)

  • Aaa

    Phx AZ, Tbolt, rough 4g all day. Even when I “had” 4g, I couldn’t get webpages to load.

  • Alpine2g

    3G is down SW Minnesota! 

    • Alex

      What phone do you have cause i have same issue

  • Francislovato

    Effingham, IL no 3g/4G again…. It’s been out for about two hours now galaxy nexus

  • Rgb2448

    Northern Missouri. No 3g on galaxy nexus or bionic. but wifes droid pro works just fine. This is getting really old.

    • edit to say n/m looks like this effects 4g lte phones and messes up their 3g data but leaves 3g phones on.

  • JoJoOnTheRadio

    4G LTE just fine and dandy in Sacramento (Elk Grove, Folsom)

  • Olgarcu7

    Cincinnati Oh Full 4g bars

  • Anonymous

    Have a friend experiencing 3G problems in Indiana on a Gnex

  • 3G Region in NE KS.  All of a sudden my Nexus decides it is going to develop a signal issue while my OG and my wife’s DX work dandy.  /shrug  Was there actually a signal fix in pipe for the nexus?

  • Galaxy Nexus, Central Indiana, no 3g on my Galaxy Nexus for about 7 hours now

    Here’s a screenshot of what it’s been like connectivity wise for the 7 hour span


    • Srcrowl

      Same here in Central Illinois.

    • Same in NE Kansas.  In fact that’s exactly my signal strength.

    • Emilio Figueroa

      I’ve been on 1X for quite some time today. This is getting ridiculous. I really don’t know how my 3G is affected when the only growing pain is due to the 4G. Come on Verizon, you’re costing me bragging rights. 

  • Anonymous

    I have had 4G all day here in St Pete/Tampa Florida.

  • Vega3y

    no 4g here bakersfield, ca

  • Jroth2158

    4G works fine here in Indiana but 3G does not. Droid Bionic

  • good in athens/atlanta ga

  • Anonymous

    in Newport Coast, CA my 4G LTE is still knocked out cold on my Galaxy Nexus.. just 3G….

    • Anonymous

      darn, now my 3G is turning off and on 🙁

  • sporadic 4g, galaxy nexus, elk grove village, illinois, 3g seems to be fine unless I’m work, where I barely get any signal of any kind.

  • Anonymous

    Seems fine in Jersey City, NJ.

    • palomosan

      Since last night I’ve had 4G on my Nexus, also in Jersey City NJ.

  • Hfd1113

    Except for the brief outage last week, II haven’t had a problem.

  • Eric

    I’ve had 4G all day today in Ann Arbor, MI.  Currently at -99dBm 41 asu, which is standard signal here at home.  Download speeds in the 12MB range.  

  • Mtnbikenc

    Earlier today I had no 4G but 3G was fine. Now 4G is fine. Raleigh NC

  • Outage for only about tan hour in suburban DC

  • No issues in Denver.

  • Gary Pasler

    3 & 4G both went down a few times earlier this afternoon (12-3pm ET).  Multiple 3/4G devices noted it.   SE Florida

  • On a razr here. After the recent OTA I have been experiencing some connection issues in TX/ark.

    • Anonymous

      Shocker that a RIM hating douche like you is some hillbilly f*ck from Texarkana….

      ps.   What?  You are having issues with your Razr?  I thought it was ‘perfect’?

  • Travisgary

    Nothern minnesota. No 3g on my gnex. But regular 3g phones work. Not happy.
    We dont have 4g yet.

    • OH! Exactly my issue in Kansas

    • Anonymous

      Ugh….trying to resist trolling on “G-Nex” users with signal issues….


      Is ur “G-Nex” in CDMA only mode? Or CMDA/LTE?

      • John Smith

        trolling g-nex users, try any verizon customer who is on a 4g device nub b/c of the sim card

        • Anonymous

          My xoom and gnex both are displaying the same behavior. So shove your reception quips in the garbage.

      • Johnfriend33

        Huh? Its made no difference with my issue.

        • Anonymous

          I’m actually trying to help believe it or not.

          3G phones are usually exempt from Verizon’s network woes at of late. Switching to CDMA only(meaning turning LTE off) has had some success for some…..

          I DO however find it slightly amusing that “G-Nex” users are having so many signal issues whereas Bionic users reporting from the same area still have strong signal.

          • rocketdaddy

            I have had a Bionic and a Nexus side by side most of the day. Their reception has been virtually identical on both 3G and 4G.

          • Robert

            I have my nexus next to bionic and nexus is 3g and bionic 4g

  • Johnbombo

    No 3g or 4g in Des Moines, IA for at least the past 3 hours. Could have been longer but ibwas on wifi befire that.

    Go Hawks!

  • Jomiye

    No data whatsoever in Terre Haute, IN as of 2 hours ago on my GNex

  • Michael Lozano

    Connection is fine over here in Los Angeles.

  • Henry_31016

    new york city, no 3g/4g connection since 11am today. I called Verizon and they told me they’ve being having problems today and for me to call tomorrow if my connection isnt up by noon.

  • Anonymous

    My connection cuts out every 30 minutes on all my lte devices in michigan. I am slowly going insane…

  • Adam

    No issues in Rochester, NY

    • Adam

      running on the g-nexus also

  • No issues here in New Orleans…

  • Anonymous

    been out of 4g range all week, but when i got back earlier this evening and switched my lte back on, i noticed it seemed to be up and down, couldn’t really decide which one it wanted to be on.  nyc area

  • jmk

    Out in southwest Michigan here.

  • TheGreatMCH

    No issue here in Southern CA. 

  • Tony Cooper

    Olympia – Both 3G and 4G are doing awesome.  4G DL speeds in the >20 Mbps range.

    • Anonymous

      I got 40 down 20 up today. Definitely a speed increase…

  • Ok

    My 4g signal seems ok, but i cant connect to 3g right now

  • Drudog

     East St.Louis no data since noon

  • Derekblaney304

    3g and 4g cutting out in  wv . even completely losing signal and roaming icons showing up.

  • Anonymous

    madison WI here, bot me and my partner have Droid Razr’s he has 3G i do not, i called and was told they have an outage, they put in a ticket for me anyway though

  • Nascpats

    actually had 4 bars for first time in new hampshire

  • It was up and down in baltimore, md. I was at work so my phone was basically in the same spot. Usually its 2 bars fairly steady, but today i was dropping to 1 or 3g throughout the day.

    • on a side note im not sure how i lived with 3g for so long. It was like going to dial up after having broadband. Just want to throw out there my last phone was an OG Droid, now running with a galaxy nexus. Its the natural state of things keep it pure google!

  • johnie

    data has been down for most of day in iowa city IA

  • Sendnospam

    Columbus OH 12-30-11  7:37p Eastern  1 bar

  • Anonymous

    No issues here in Eau Claire, WI (3G only – not a 4G area just yet) and not a single problem since the outage on Wednesday.

  • Function102

    I was without 3/4g data in Detroit about an hour ago but the connection seems to have been restored……for now.

  • Anonymous

    I’d say pretty fair. -87dBm right now on my Bionic.

  • Arcanexvi

    Mine in the Chicago suburbs has been down most of the day again today.

  • Anonymous

    Orange and Rockland Counties in NY were fine all day.

  • Anonymous

    was out for about an hour in souther california today around 12.

  • Jasonlburke1994

    My 4g is up on my new nexus that i bought for 400 like 40 min. Ago………its stull really low bars when compared to my tbolt

  • No problem in Syracuse, NY

  • Anonymous

    4G is working just fine in Northern California on my G-Nex.

  • Jcassell11

    No data on my RAZR in Sumter SC for the past 3-4 hours.

  • Anonymous

    DFW is good! Im maxed out on 4G haha

  • Abbie Rosario

    Vegas is good, but then again CES is here and I’m sure that Verizon wants to make sure all the devices work perfectly for the show. So I bet the network here is very strong and always top priority.