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How is Your 4G LTE Connection Doing Today?

While my 4G and 3G connection seem to be operating normally today in Portland, we have had enough emails and mentions on Twitter from readers that are not having such a fun time to toss up another potential LTE outage post. We are getting reports out of Detroit, Indiana, Florida, Wisconsin, and more that have had issues for a number of hours today. Issues vary from readers have no connection at all to seeing their connection cut in and out sporadically.

So we’ll ask just as we always do – running into 4G or 3G connection issues? If you are, feel free to drop your city and state in the comments. With Verizon claiming to have (or in the near future) implemented a geographic segmentation fix, we could potentially narrow this down by region that is affected.

Also, it’s safe to assume that VZW is currently (as in this very minute) testing, tweaking and working on a number of fixes to prevent major outages from happening again. These issues that some of you are running into today, could just be from Big Red working to stabilize everything. At this time, we do not have enough reports to consider this a full nationwide outage.

  • Firebus

     My 4g and 3g seem to connect fine. I have found that my WIFI also connects just fine; BUT my browser, market, and any other feature that SHOULD use WIFI will not. In fact as I am typing this note through my active network my phone tells me “no connection retry”.  I have set my wireless settings to static per a blog a I read, but that has not resolved the issue.  Any thoughts . . .and yes, my network is fine, my wireless connection on the phone is fine, password correct, etc.

  • pepipeman

    Working well in Northern NJ

  • Toyosup88

    im in rochester NY and my bionic keeps switching between 4G and 3G sitting in the same spot at work…both are 3-4 bars…

  • tm3

    4g lte coverage out in los angeles (at least on my gnex).  3G is fine however.

  • Sarah

    I live in Richmond, VA. Bought a GNex last week (12/30). Richmond city has full 4G coverage. I was only able to pick up 4G a couple times….between work and home (which is a 3 mile trip). The phone would not pick up 4G in my apt or at work. One of my coworkers has the Thunderbolt and it picks up 4G fine in my work building. Also, had my wifi on and when I turned it off I completely lost phone signal and it took an hour to get the data signal back. Switching to airplane mode and back also causes a significant delay in gaining a data signal. Called Verizon and they said if I was in a building made of concrete or steel I would have problems picking up 4G or if there were tall buidings around.  Really? Wow. Aren’t most buildings made of those materials and don’t most major metropolitan areas have tall buildings?! Crappy answer from Verizon. So I returned my phone yesterday and am going to stick with my DInc until this issue gets resolved.

  • Round Mound of Rezound!

    In Cleveland, on the HTC Rezound and 4g hasn’t failed once!

  • Jhall

    Im located in Richmond,Va. But my issues are not Verizon…they are this crap Droid Bionic 4g phone…
    Drops data about every 30 seconds from 4 to 3 to no data…times out…have to air mode or wifi and sometimes that doesnt work. I’ll be lucky to finish this message before losing my data connection.

    Is there an update in the near future? Otherwise im going Apple!