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Wireless Tether Updated, Now Works With Rooted Galaxy Nexus LTE

The title pretty much tells you all that you need to know with this one. Many of you were looking for a tethering option, and the folks behind the ever-famous Wireless Tether have released their latest experimental version that works flawlessly with a rooted Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. If you still haven’t rooted, you can find the instructions in our Guide to the Galaxy Nexus.

Download:  wifi_tether_v3_1-pre110.apk | More info

Install just like you do any other app that isn’t from the market. Download, tap to install, and install.

Cheers Steve!

  • Lovemynexus

    why root it for this when you can just get wifi hotspot and usb tether from svtp in the market, it works very well.

  • Jeremy White

    Just installed on my gnex and it works great!  I was getting speeds of 5.9mb download on my tablet tethered to my nexus. 

  • Spaniard14

    I wouldn’t call it flawless either… mine works fine but then when you turn the tethering off the phone won’t go back to using the current wifi spot I’m on (I’m not tethering because I need the wifi but just to test out the application) and sometimes it shuts down the phone and re-boots the phone, anyone know of a better tethering option?

  • Anonymous

    works but……Keeps running after force close and uninstall? Gotta boot to stop it.

  • I’d rather see the native app unlocked vs using 3rd party.

  • Zelph99

    Thank you DL. I love you.

  • QtDL

    Installed flawlessly. Back in the day people used to tether their XBoxes from their phone and have all night game playing session so you can imagine how much data that would use – I’m sure many of you have done that too. VZW will notice if you go from using 3 Gb/month of data to 50 Gb/month and you’ll be screwed. Tether carefully.

  • Anonymous

    I think everyone should just use common sense when using wifi tether….I have an unlimited plan, but im not gonna be d/l bittorrents or even doing tons of streaming.I just use it when travelling, so at an airport, at the hotel, occasionally when at a coffee shop without wifi….but bottom line, Im rooting because Im already paying Verizon for data and they shouldnt be able to tell me how I distribute my data once its accessed by my phone.  But i do understand they want to deter people from using 4G as their main data connection.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anyone tried this on the GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus? 

    I’d tried WTfRU v3 on my Nexus One a few months ago and it was buggy as hell. Granted, there’s probably been a good bit of development since then.

    • Servel20

      Trying it out on GSM hspa version now but T-Mobile my account app still doesn’t support nexus so nexus so I can’t tell if its draining my 5gb/mo. Plan 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Works for me. Configured it to the right profile (Galaxy Nexus LTE), no encryption, and made sure DNS was correct. My tablet was able to connect to it and go to the interwebs.

  • Anonymous

    Question has anyone here actually been slapped with the tierdtiered data plan for using a tethering app and lost their unlimited? I am saying people here not some guy you may know orfrom some story you read but actual first hand accounts? Seems like there are a few comments that lean that way but I tethered with my OG Droid and never had a problem but I do not want to lose my unlimited 4g over a few MB.

  • brian

    If youre still on firmware 4.0.1 usb tether thats built into settings works. Once you update to 4.0.2 it checks if you have service and gives you a number to call if you dont

  • The $9.99 version on the market doesn’t require root and works just fine with 4G LTE.

    I’ll take that one please.

    • What’s the feature set difference?

    • Good luck tethering an ipad

  • I tried downloading 2-3 of the apk’s from the list last night from my phone and noticed that I was unable to download them using 4G, but when I switched it to only CDMA/3G I was able to get them… any one else have this issue?  Has Vz locked this google.code page from their mobile data already???

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with ‘3G Mobile Hotspot’
    that  have to use this app?

  • works flawlessly on my RAZR

  • Oh man does this bring me back.

  • Anonymous

    Works great, but I do get the reboot bug. I hope this isn’t harming my phone in any way.

  • Suushiaddict

    dayyyummm it worked. 🙂  no problems at all

  • Anonymous

    I know I’m a noob, but do you have to unlock bootloader before rooting? I was an idiot and didn’t unlock my bootloader when I got the phone, and I really don’t feel like everything getting completely factory reset…

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if this is legal? I’ve tried to read up on the digital millenium copyright act exemption, but i am still unsure.

    • Anonymous

      Really…really? Tell me you aren’t serious…

    • TC Infantino

      Legal?…as in against the law?  You’re kidding right?  The only thing it is against is VZW policy because they want to make you pay an extra $20/month to tether.  And I am pretty sure none of us here care to give VZW more money just on the basis that they want it.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not kidding. I think it’s reasonable to assume there could be legal issues being under a contract with a company and using their resources without paying for them (or at least paying extra). Thanks for the info though. That’s helpful. 

    • You are just violating your terms of service so they can cancel your account or charge you more etc.. if they want

    • Anonymous

      Its legal. But Verizon CAN CANCEL ur unlimited data and FORCE you into a tiered plan. I had a friend contact me a couple months ago asking me for advice(cuz im apperently a “phone wizard” to them because I know how to root) cuz he got slapped with a $900 bill from Verizon. 

      I told him “you want my advice? dont tether anymore. as you can see it hurts ur wallet” 

  • Tim Lance

    is fhisa wifi or adhoc?

    • Aarhed263

      it does both

  • Anonymous

    Can someone help me w/ the sdk?

    I just can’t get the sdk installed. I tried on 2 different computers.
    One was w/ Vista, and oneis w/ Win XP and am following the instructions
    from here:

    Howto: Install the Android SDK – CyanogenMod Wiki

    I have a problem w/ this step. I unzip the file to the root of my C drive and then :

    4. When you launch the SDK Manager for the first time it will ask for
    which packages to install. The only package we are concerned with at
    this time is “Android SDK Tools, revision 15”, “Android SDK
    Platform-tools, revision 9” & “Google USB Driver package, revision
    4”. You can reject all the others if you are not interested in them.

    It just opens a black DOS window and then closes. I have no chance to select anything. Is it installed? Can I move on?

    • Anonymous

      You need to make sure you are signed on as administrator. The restart your computer and it should open when you click the file inside the folder. Then just update everything.

      • Anonymous

        thanks…On the one w/ XP I did right click, run as admin and it asked for my password. I entered every password I’ve ever used and no luck. I don’t remember ever setting anything as admin w/ a password so I’m not sure what it could be…on the computer w/ Vista I right clicked and ran as admin, but the same thing happened. I just got a black screen that popped up and quickly went away. Very very frustrating to get the same problem w/ 2 different computers, operating systems

      • Anonymous

        Ah what the hell?! I rebooted in safe mode on the XP computer and logged on as admin. Sadly the same thing happened.

    • Jason

      I installed on my desktop, I don’t know if that will help, I am running win7. Worth a try though.

    • Ma4life03

      you might have to download and install java jdk from oracle that work for me when i had the same problem

  • Anonymous

    Odd.  It doesn’t work for me.  Mind you, my tablet bind to the device just fine.  It just whenever this happened, the networking completely shuts down.  Also, whenever this application is installed, network ceased to work for me.  Perhaps Verizon is blocking?

    • Kevdogg4

      Same for me… My ipad connects….but then nothing works on the ipad. No internet…no appa that need wifi.

      • Anonymous

        Ok, just do this in my office, up on the 8th floor, and I’m now getting the positive result from my netbook.  I’ll probably get my tablet into the office to try it out later.

        Mind you, when I was doing this last night, with Wifi itself turn off, I was not getting any internet connection via 3g/4g. that seemed to have been cleared in the office.

  • Nckkent

    Would this work on Droid 2 Gingerbread?

  • Anonymous

    Droid Life Rocks it again… Thank You very much…The Galaxy Nexus is all Unlocked, Rooted,and  tethering! On day 3. Man this is a great site.
    Thank you. Great Job everyone.

  • Anonymous

    The war for the Interwebz has been won.

  • cooter

    I just installed this on my g-nex and my laptop connects but internet is unavailable for some reason. Also the phone would random reboot for some reason.  I have tried it w/ and w/o encryption and access-control.
    Has anyone able to get it to work on their g-nex

    • cooter

      Got it working.  For some reason the dns for my wireless adapter was set to and  just changed it to Google DNS

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  • mhynek

    This worked on my Bionic

  • Anonymous

    dumb question – are there any paid (or free) apps i can use to tether and not have to root?  i do have unlimited data, but i wouldn’t tether that often, so not sure it’s worth rooting.  thanks.  (i did root my OG DROID)

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        i have heard of that but forgot about it – thanks!  ever heard of vzw catching on to its use and then charging you or blocking the app?

        • Anonymous

          Nope, PDAnet works a little differently. It’s also ‘as old as the hills’ That’s how you got around back in the ol Win Mobile 5/Blackberry days. 

          • Anonymous

            hey, thanks for answering all my questions.  i have another – i found the free app in the android market place, and the paid app on the dev’s website ($15.95, sounds very reasonable).  do you think it’s worth getting the paid?  aren’t a lot of websites “secure” these days, and therefore wouldn’t work w/ the free version?

            again, thanks a lot.  loving the gnex!

          • Anonymous

            I use Bluetooth tethering built in Android. I am on a rooted RAZR but am pretty sure root access is not needed. Used to do this on a Droid X as well. Tether to tablet and a laptop with a dongle.

          • Anonymous

            You’re right, the free version may feel limiting pretty quickly. You can purchase it (my brother uses it on the Dinc2 with no root) but it really comes down to how much you think you will use it. 

            You can also look at EasyTether which many people like too. Works similar to PDAnet except it’s 9.99 for the full version. However you’ll find it won’t let you download from the Market as Verizon is blocking them. 
            You’ll just have use their site: http://www.mobile-stream.com/easytether/android.html

            I would try both free/trial versions and see which like better. 

          • Anonymous

            great advice, thanks again.  are there any wi-fi hotspot apps like this that you recommend?  i’m actually planning on using the tethering with a transformer prime (whenever they are sold, and if i can find one!), and i’m not sure if it will have usb in (will look now).  might have to get a converter or just buy the keyboard (which i will probably do).

            seriously, thanks so much!  🙂

          • Anonymous

            All of the wifi tether options will require root.

            Bluetooth tethering is an option if you google around, but it is very slow and tends to be very temperamental.

            Personally if you’re primarily looking to tether a tablet, rooting your nexus and using Wifi tether is your best long term pain free solution. 

          • Anonymous

            got it – that’s what i’ll probably do.  thanks!

          • El Chupacabra

            Wifi Hotspot and USB tether by svtp in the market does not require root.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks, Good call. I’ll edit my prior comment. Forgot about that one as it doesn’t work with any of my prior phones and isn’t free.

            The 3 major ones all require root. 

          • Anonymous

             If you have the Galaxy Nexus it is almost your duty to root your phone anyway. You are holding an android Developer device. Once you root you’ll never want to go back.

          • Anonymous

            Well for me yes….but if you read any of the thread…I was helping someone else. Everyone’s requirementsor desires are different. I don’t judge that. Poster didn’t originally want to have to root, so I respected that, but I also recommended he should for this.

          • Anonymous

            Bought this and it works… but is ten bucks. No root required.

          • Anonymous

            i’m assuming you have the nexus (verizon)?  any problems yet?  are you able to use 4G? thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Im assuming VZW disabled the feature, but on my HSPA Gnex I down loaded WiFi hotspot settings app which really is just a shortcut to the hotspot feature on the phone. I couldnt find it on my so thats why I downloaded the app, anyways who knows if that will work but give it a shot. 

      • Anonymous

        yes, it’s on my phone but turned off by vzw (unless i want to pay extra) – thanks, though!

        • Anonymous

          damn that sucks.

      • El Chupacabra

        Wifi Hotspot and USB tether by svtp in the market

  • karl

    wouldn’t call it flawless.  Doesn’t seem to work for me with encryption and more than a few are reporting reboots when turning tethering off.  When I tried to get it to work with encryption, it would sometimes reboot when a client was trying to connect and if not, it reboots when turning tethering off.

    • emdubs

      try again… this works to tether anything other than ad hoc to another android device… and thats only because standard android doesnt support ad hoc (which is what you transmit as. I just verified encrypted to a deactivated iPhone.. flawless.

      • Karl

        got the encryption working, but it still reboots alot.

  • mhynek

    Will this work on a rooted Bionic?

  • Anonymous

    Will this disable the data collection files or are we doing it manually?

    I know on liberty 3.0 on the dx we had to freeze the 4 data collection files through titanium backup.

    • Thats a Motorola/Verizon/Blur thing 

  • nice one

  • Anonymous

    Haha, you’re quick. I was watching that thread and just grabbed and tested it. Works. I didn’t get the reboot either.

  • John

    Thx for heads up on this…thx!

  • Ryan


    Just pulled 20mbps download speed using this for wifi.

    Yea this is my first 4g phone (we just got 4g recently in my area) and i am loving 4g speeds

    I am seriously considering cancelling my internet service provider and using my gnex.

    do you guys think that this is risky? I have unlimited data with verizon.

    • Asdasd

      It’s people like you who causes companies to implement caps. 

      Now if you only do Web browsing, email checking, or occasional media streaming such as Netflix.  I don’t see it being a huge problem.  BUT if you are considering using it for huge downloads or torrenting and what not.  Don’t be surprised when you get charged extra or lose your service.

      Really depends on how heavy of a user you are…

      • Ryan

        I was only asking a question. I’m not actually gonna cancel my internet. I was just curious if vzw would do something. i would be too paranoid of getting charged extra or my internet not working if 4g messed up or the app stopped working

        and besides my internet gives me faster speeds than 4g

      • Christopher LaPointe

        I agree with all that, but I don’t get what makes the wifi tethering any different than the wired tethering that works on the phone without a tethering plan… :/

        • Marvin de Pano

          Wired tethering is where you only have 1 machine physically connected to your phone, as a portable wifi hotspot your phone may allow multiple machines to connect at 1 time.

    • If you torrent a lot, then I’d keep your current ISP, but otherwise, go for it bro.

      • It’s pretty much a given that someone that wants to replace their home internet with 4G torrents a lot. 🙂

    • I relied on tether for about two months and unlimited doesn’t mean much.  They’ll throttle you if you Youtube too much.

      • Tim242

        4G phones are exempt from throttling, even if you are on 3G.

        • wrong they changed their rules recently – look on verizons 4g coverage website – they say they will throttle top 5% of 4g users during peak hours now – please do some research before posting

          • Tim242

            No they did not.

          • yes they did idiot learn2read i just pasted the link lol

          • Gemtoolo

            lol this kid is a dumbass

          • Tim242

            That is incorrectly posted. They stated very clearly, that it only applies to 3G phones.

          • Gemtoolo

            ^ illiterate dingleberry

          • fleshgod

            Lol all he ever wants to do is argue. Kellex even did a post a while ago about a 4g user who incurred throttling from verizon.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it’s risky, and Verizon will likely catch on.  Plus you guys that do this also ruin it for the majority of us, who only use tethering for emergencies or when traveling — if all the tethering people used it that way, Verizon wouldn’t even be at all concerned about the issue.  

      You guys who cancel your home internet in favor of tethering, make it an issue that Verizon will pursue, due to the amount of data that you will be using.  Then we all suffer because of a few of you who got greedy.

      • angermeans

        Why would you call someone else out for doing something when you are doing something wrong in the first place by not paying for something you should be paying for. Im not here to argue wether it is right or not, but you shouldn’t be calling this guy out for asking an honest question. You and I both know that we use it for more than “emergencies or when traveling” Just saying

        • Guest

          I definitely only use it for “emergencies or when traveling.” It’s like once every six months for a day or two. Webrunner and Asdasd said it perfectly. It’s only a matter of time before we all lose it without paying due to cheapskates.

        • I don’t think it’s something people “should have to pay for.”  That’s crap.  Unlimited data should mean unlimited, where and when I want it.  I rarely wifi tether and am definitely not someone that abuses it, but the carriers charge me over $400 a month for all of my lines.  They can go suck it.  🙂

      • Marvin de Pano

        I agree. There’s a huge difference between moderation and good ol’ plain abuse. People have to understand that while we all love to be able to tether for free, we have limited resources when it comes to bandwidth and if everyone did this it will basically “shut down” any kind of Intenet access you have.

      • Anonymous

        Too bad Verizon doesn’t give you a small free allowance of tether, like 20MB a month just to let you get hooked 😀  
        I wouldn’t be a good customer though, I’ve never even hit the 100mb a month that my cr48 is limited too. Wifi is just everywhere these days.

  • Anonymous

    Wow this works flawlessly.  Connects 10x faster than Barnacle and isn’t an Ad-Hoc network.   Just got 13Mbps down on my laptop tethering with 2 bars of 4G.   That’s insane.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! Time to root!

  • lqtm

    Aw, man. Payed 10 bucks for the WiFi hotspot by SVTP, which works. I need to stop being to quick to jump the gun !

    • El Chupacabra

      Me too 5 minutes b4 I saw this 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! My favorite root app! I rooted my first phone for it, screw Verizon and their crazy $15 a month plan to tell me how to use my own data!

    • $30 now. If it was still $15/m I’d probably pay for it. Lol

  • I think vzw would catch onto this.

    • they will – at&t has already caught onto this – verizon should they so choose can implement the exact same policies to force those tethering in violation of their tos to be forced onto a tether plan or remove ur unlimited data if you have it… much like ma bell has done

    • TheAndroid1

      They already know people are tethering.

      The reason they aren’t saying anything may be because the users they would lose by restricting tethering and the lost reputation would be worse than the money they would lose from the people not paying (most of whom would probably not be paying anyway).

  • El Chupacabra

    Wifi Hotspot and USB tether by svtp in the market also works on rooted and non-rooted GNex.

  • Rex

    Will VZW start charging me for tethering a few weeks down the line?

    • Historically, no. They have not done so yet. This is the sort of thing that tiers weeds out. However, if you rely solely on tethering your phone for internet access, then you never know. I use mine for emergencies or travel, and have never had any sign from Verizon that they know I am tethering my phone.

      • Anonymous

        Moderation is key!

      • JSK

        This is the only time I would use tethering.  If my home net is down and I need access on my desktop/laptop, or emergency use at someone else’s place.  But certainly not for massive downloads and such.  Too risky

  • RoLa

    ok second.. 🙁

  • This also enables larger Verizon bills. xD

    • Anonymous

      Only if your on a tiered data plan otherwise its the same price.

      • SeanPaytonisaBitch

        Negative. The correct answer is only if they catch you, in which they will and CAN charge you for tethering as per the contract you signed. And yeah, trust me , it’s in there….

      • DDiddy619

        Ha!!! I dont need this!! Im still rocking my mobile hotspot for free!!!!!!

        • How are you doing it this way. I used SQL Lite editor on my RAZR to achieve this.

  • RoLa

    First!!!!! AND…….SWEET!!!

    • William0809

      to the people who say that people who use wifi- tether for home internet are downloading huge files and ruining tethering for everybody else. i must say that i use wifi-tether for home internet not because im cheap and dont want to pay for cable or dsl it is because i have no other options. it is either wifi-tether or dial-up and i choose wifi-tethering

      • Bullseye

        If you can get 3G you can get a mobile broadband card.  So yes, you’re cheap.

  • Roman Volf