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Download: Google Wallet Apk for Galaxy Nexus LTE, All Users – No Root or Zip Flashing Required

On Friday, a flashable zip file was made available that would put Google Wallet on your LTE Galaxy Nexus. The process was not all that fun, and even after completing it, some were still running into issues. Well, guess what? An .apk has been released that apparently works flawlessly on any Galaxy Nexus device running Android 4.0.2. There is one thing to note though – if you previously flashed the .zip file from Friday, you may have to return to a backup pre-Wallet or this .apk will not work. For those that were waiting and have not messed with any of the Wallet builds, feel free to give it a go. 

Download:  com.google.android.apps.walletnfcrel-2.apk

Install just as you would any other 3rd party app.

Via:  XDA

Cheers Seth!

  • Matt Becker

    This guy is eating his free Mcd’s.   Worked 100%, took a few min to get the free $10, but had no problems in Mcds.

    • Lunaticmo87

      How you get a free $10 card from google?!

      • Davros

        When I just installed this I clicked on the Google prepaid card and it just automatically gave me the card and put $10 on it.

        • Anonymous

          This is correct. Install, sign in and click on google prepaid and a 10 card will appear. 

  • pete

    Hw can i control that after free $10 hw much money goes into my account?

  • Cant add a prepaid card.  Tried over wifi.  Over 4G. Over 3G.  Nothin.

    • Anonymous

      Try uninstalling the app and reinstalling. Same thing happened to me and second time it worked.

      • Same here as well. Hung when adding prepaid card the first time. Uninstall, reboot, and reinstalled. Now i have $10.

  • Anonymous


  • This is exactly why I love Android!!!

  • Anonymous

    BTW – went to a store and played with it, and a friend’s new GNex. Both appeared to have the radio issue. I was holding my wife’s Charge in one hand and the GNex in the other. Wile my wife got full LTE the GNex barely had one bar. Sad considering it sat next to s stratosphere which was fine. I hope it’s a software bug. Zep mentioned it was and will be fixed within the 4.0.3 release. I sure hope he’s right.

  • Droid4Lyfe

    Installed the app fine, but getting an error of “Error adding card. Try again later”. I’ve used my Citi Mastercard on Wallet fine for the market for awhile. I even tried deleting it online, and letting the mobile app set it up. Card shows up online again fine, but still the error within the app. Any ideas?

    • playboyzay

      Make sure you are using wifi. One theory is cellular providers may be blocking the traffic.

      • Droid4Lyfe

        Good thought, I tried it on wifi and not. No luck. 🙁

        • Droid4Lyfe

          FYI, I followed someone else’s suggestion of uninstalling and reinstalling. Worked then! BOOOYAAAAAAAA

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! Droid-life you’ve done it again! Thanks’

  • TC Infantino

    now everyone take a screenshot with Google Wallet up and running on your GNex and send the pics to Verizon with some caption along the lines of “You idiots think you can really keep us from putting what we want on our android phones?” 
    It won’t make a difference, but it would be humorous to think that VZW might be flooded with emails as a result of their corporate dictatorship attitude.

    • You should send a screenshot of it running on your Tmo or AT*T Nexus S too… since yaknow they blocked Wallet from those nexus devices too.

      Verizon didn’t do anything new or special here.

      • Anonymous

         Like I replied to the other guy T-Mobile and AT&T don’t even offer the Galaxy Nexus so how could they be blocking wallet. It may be true that they would/will do it  if/when they get it but right now bashing Verizon for it is a good way to go. Maybe the other two realize blocking it isn’t worth the hate.

        • Brennan Hall

          Nexus S, not Galaxy Nexus.

  • Installed it ealier off xda and it works like a charm… Plus free $10.

  • Who will be the kind soul to tell me where in my SGN’s storage I should put the apk. It’s my first time trying to install a third party app and the SGN has many folders D:

    • mission success

    • It should be fine if you just download it the standard download folder and install from there. It’s equivalent to an MSI file on Windows. It’ll create the necessary/appropriate directory.

  • Dustin

    Thank god for this. I successfully installed the one from Friday but I was getting sim card errors every time I tried to set up a new card, then I lost all service from Verizon. No 4G, 3G, I couldn’t make calls, nothing.

  • Oviemad

    Can someone tell me how to transfer music from the droid x to the galaxy nexus without using a computer?

    • geno villafano

      Upload to google music then re-download by activating google music on your new phone. That’s what I did. I just put it on wifi and let it sync overnight. 

  • Anonymous

    Can i use the Google Pre-Paid Card in the android market?

  • fleshgod

    Just installed but not seeing the free $10 balance, where does the balance appear?

    • fleshgod

      Whoops figured it out, never mind I’m good to go 🙂

  • MO MONEY !

    Is there a logo we need to look for at certian places that accept NFC payments ? How do we know where is works ?

  • MO MONEY !

    Where can you use this ? Mc donalds or 7 11 Can someone give me some ideas of places that use NFC ?

  • Anonymous

    the galaxy nexus is here! Droid life has been really churning out some quality content lately… i think i won a theme the other day (yet have no idea how to redeem? Lol)
    Life is good my friends…

    • Sucks

      To bad the Nexus is not quality. Horrible 4G battery life use, reboots, pentile, bleh.

      • Derp

        Haters be Hatin.

        He must own an iPhone. Sry bro, maybe the iPhone 5 will be equipped with an NFC chip and google wallet…

        …oh wait.

  • geno villafano

    Yusss. Done.

  • Lopezb1331

    This is why i love droid life always keeping me updated

  • mrpotatohead99


    Just thought I would point out that the APK you have here on DroidLife hosted on MediaFire does not have the same MD5 sum as the one hosted by MegaUpload over on XDA. Might want to reupload the APK or use the same link over on XDA (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GQ6YS0KM).


  • I already have a wallet eligible card in the Wallet system (the web app). Would this card automatically be available in the app, or would I have to re-enter it in?

  • Anthony Vella

    I think its funny that when I went to the store to buy my Gnex, the store manager told me the Nexus didn’t have Hardware Encryption (IDIOT). He also said people could hack your phone if they were close by through NFC (IDIOT). NFC requires an authentication. I swear, these managers get dumber and dumber.

    • Not to start a conspiracy or anything, but I think Verizon has an agenda against this phone. Clearly and logically, they needed to get this phone, but I think they want it to fail. I have had several sales people try to convince me not to get it… even the guy ringing me up asked me several times if I don’t want to consider another phone.

      • Thelegendofdavid

        did you slap that mofo and tell him “no thanks”?

      • Guest

        did you ask if their screen name at droidlife was angelfaggit77 or j_mcclane??  the 2 biggest nexus haters on DL!

      • They really tried to convince you not to get it?  I got the opposite feeling at the store i went to actually.  I got it on launch day and i returned my RAZR to get it.  They didn’t try to convince me to keep the RAZR and not get the Nexus.  They were actually really happy to give me the Nexus.  The only time they asked me why i was returned the RAZR was a different rep was curious and asked what i didn’t like about it.  Maybe the people in the store you went to just don’t like stock android?  And verizon keeps advertising the Nexus on twitter so they do care even though it isn’t some massive ad campaign.  

        • BryanP

          Ha, The funny thing is my Verizon store was very confused during the launch of this phone. 
          I went in on Monday and tried to get the store manager to sell me a Nexi early but he said that he loves his job and that if anyone found out about it that he would get fired. When I herd that I told him that he was F-ing me to tears and he asked why do you care so much, THE AVERAGE PERSON DOSN’T EVEN WANT THIS PHONE ANYWAY! . I thought holy smokes its true Verizon does not want to sell this phone at all, so I left the store.

          When I went back on Thursday to get my Nexi and the first sales person I met on the floor did not even know what a Nexus Phone was so I asked to talk to the Manager. 
          The Manager came out and I told him that I was here to upgrade to a Nexus. He then told me that he still was not allowed to sell then and that there still was no official release date. I was floored and had to show him VERIZON’s WEBSITE on my OGDroid before he would believe me. He then went back in the stock room and brought out a big brown box filled with Nexus phones and said take your pick. When he was activating the phone numerous Verizon employees came over to see what the conversation was about and asked what it was……. Anyway have one now and I love it.  

          • I’m glad to know it’snot just me seeing this. Someone with connections really needs to investigate this… (we are all looking at you Kellen).

          • That’s funny. Was it a corporate Verizon store? I ask this because at the store I went to, all 4 associates there were all sporting new Nexi. A young couple were upgrading both of their phones to it, I was activating mine and a guy who was upgrading from a blackberry was deciding between the Nexus and an iPhone.  This particular store had all sorts of accessories as well. I decided not to get any of the cases that night, but the next day had changed my mind. When I went to one of the non-corporate stores the next day, they had no accessories or even the phone on display. I ended up going back to the store where I purchased mine and saw another person activating one. The clerk said they were selling well, but had no idea how many units they had actually sold. 

        • when I returned my Razr the salesman REALLY wanted me to get the Rezound. he told me several times how it was better as he was getting the return going in the computer. it was strange.

          • Anonymous

            When I went to verizon Nobody was near the galaxy nexus Nobody was talking about it And everybody was looking at the motorola phones and the rezound .. what is the phone never existed!?

          • Clifford Gadd

            Almost the same thing happened to me, I went into a local Verizon Retail store and asked about the Nexus and he went on a rant on how the Rezound was far superior in every way. Before I left I asked about the bootloader on the Rezound and the sales rep just got a “deer in the headlights” look and said I’ll have to get back with you on that. lol

        • They sure did, very actively and very artificially (it really seemed like they had to, rather than that they truly believed what they were saying). Maybe the store you went to didn’t know they had to discourage it, or the salesman was a nerd like us, or they were just excited about the commission they are getting and didn’t care what phone it was for.

          • Anonymous

             I am cool with the rep at my local retailer and he says that Verizon is not giving them the word to sell the Razr but Moto reps have been coming in and offering rewards if they sold a certain amount of them.

      • I agree man..The day I walked in to get my Nexus the store was full of DROID branding everywhere..I felt like I was walking through a Japanese  martial arts movie..I swear I saw a ninja throwing a Razr like a shuriken ..Needless to say I was in shock..luckily I saw the Nexus basically hidden in the corner with all the other phones like it was just some run of the mill device..

      • Jovan Givens

        I’m sure it’s just as simple as how many they have in the back vs. their district manager breathing down their necks…they sell what they need to get rid of. They may have personal preferences, but I don’t think Verizon is actively trying to butcher their own sales. Perhaps they just want to delay them until RAZR stock gets low. In any case, I’d imagine they will push this phone after Christmas.

        End speculation.

        • Well, one of the stores (this happened in two different stores) was a small booth in the mall (where they can’t even have all 5 sales people stand inside the booth at the same time), and a salesman and the manager both were trying to convince me to get a different phone. In a booth that small, you’d think they would be happy to finally get rid of that giant box that they had to hold for two weeks and not touch.

      • Matt Ryan

        The guys at my store only knew the basics about the nexus, when they handed mine to me I took a few minutes to “teach” them the features of the phone and they were in awe.  They never tried to sell me another phone though.  If anything, they’ll be better advocates for the Nexus now because of the features they now know it has.  Way to train your employees VZW!!

      • Bryant

        That’s strange I went in a couple weeks before the gNex release to ask about my upgrade eligability and ask about the nexus. the sales guy then proceeded to tell me how the razr had better specs, with his tone coming off like im an idiot to pick the nexus over the razr. The funny thing is i went in on thursday morning at the downtown SF store about 30min after they opened and there was a line of like 10-12 people, and the manager was surprised there was this big a turnout because they usually bring extra staff on hand for big releases. I also over-heard that they had 35 phones in the morning and they were running out and had to go to another store to get more. But in my situation it seemed like everyone in the store that morning was getting the nexus, most upgrading from the droid1 like myself, lol.

      • The store I went to 5 days before the Nexus was released wouldn’t tell me anything about the nexus and proceeded to tell me that they wouldn’t wait on it because the Razr was so much better and that the nexus wasn’t going to be that good of a phone. So knowing I could bring it back I got the Razr cause my OG droid was showing its age. I then took the razr back and got the nexus when i did the manager was pushing me to keep the razr because of NFL mobile and some other lame reason (don’t get me wrong the razr was a good phone and I actually thought about keeping it….I came to my senses lol) and then the rep was fine with me trading and in and told me that he couldn’t help me with anything about the phone other than network service but if I was someone that knew what they were doing this was the phone to have. lol. Got the nexus now and very happy.

    • Jovan Givens

      Wrong reply 😀

  • Tim Buchanan

    Ok, this might sound like a really dumb question, but…Because the NFC component is on the battery of the LTE GNex, is there any danger of this information getting lost/stolen via someone taking my battery, or switching batteries?

    • Anonymous

      The NFC is in the phone. The just has an antenna for the NFC.

    • The battery acts as a liason between your phone and the NFC input. The NFC hardware isn’t actually stored in the battery. 

  • Counsel Dew

    My guess is an official app will appear as verizon agreed to terms when buying spectrum… how long it takes is the question…

  • Christopher LaPointe

    Anyone else waiting a LONG time at the “Adding card…” screen after clicking the Google prepaid card? :/

  • Anonymous

    A bit tipsy right now, but I’ll try 10 dollars of premium out at the local chevron station tomorrow. Thanks 😉


    does this work with visa?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, you just fill up the google prepaid card with your Visa

      • GNEX(MOTOX)

        oh, k. Tnx.

  • MiNexus

    LOL was just settling in to unlock and root just to install this app.  I had just unlocked and came back to droid life to figure out the root when this popped up!  Heh so now unlocked but not rooted!  Will I still get updates from google being unlocked but not rooted?


      not sure? probably…

    • Yes, you will. That same DL article will tell you that.

    • Dan

      Even if you were to root your device you will still receive over-the-air updates, no worries my friend. 

  • TrojanFan

    This thing only currently works with a Citi Mastercard?  Lame.  I know the others are coming, but in it’s current form this is of no use to me.  I don’t even currently own a MasterCard and probably have over 15 credit cards. 


      no, it should work with visa also…

      • TrojanFan

        Not according to google.  Still limited to Citi Mastercards: http://tinyurl.com/3rfuwcc

        • TheRealBeesley

          Nah.. u can load the google pre paid card up with almost any card.  I just did it with my Visa. 

          • TrojanFan

            Well that is absolutely pointless to me since I want to be able to use specific cards for specific stores. If i have a 5% restaurant reward card why would i want to use the google prepaid card which will earn me squat.



  • So glad I logged onto Droid-Life, installed and I just went up to the gas station up the street, the lady who rang me up was so confused, love it.

    • For no other reason then their reaction people should install this app. Only place near me is McDonald’s and I’ve been there twice. Both times they had to call a manager over. It was like showing magic to a toddler. 

      • Anonymous

        See, this is exactly what I’ve been imagining. People are going to freak when I do this. I think I might try it at a self-checkout at the grocery store first. 😛

        • People are really amazed, I feel like putting my credit card that has the chip in it, in my shoe and when I checkout just taking off my shoe and putting it on there to pay, just to be a dick.

          • Anonymous

            Comment of the thread!!!!! Take a bow sir

    • Mike Klade

      i couldn’t get mine to work. Tried a BP and grocery store self checkout. Held it there for 30 secs like a moron. Is that lock icon supposed to be unlocked? I press it & enter PIN & it stays locked?? And yes NFC is turned on

      • Kenton Roberts

        You can supposedly get it started by unlocking the phone and then touching it with the contact surface. However, I like to get a head start and open wallet, then type the pin. I also go to the payment cards and just make sure that the one I want is enabled as the “Default Card”

        Once you’re that far, it should just totally work when you touch the phone against the surface. It should be obvious that something is going on…

  • is anyone else having problems saying that it has to exit?

  • Installed just fine. Only thing nearby is McDonalds and 7-11. Cheeseburgers and Big Gulps it is then.



    • Anonymous

      You say that like it’s a bad thing! I’m torn between supplies at Meijer for our Christmas party today, or McChickens and holiday pies. #firstworldproblems

    • Nate Myers

      Ooh big gulps, huh?  Alright!

      Welp, see ya later

      • Anonymous

        Forget big gulps. Its all about the double gulp.

        • hell nah! Slurpee is where its at.

          • Anonymous

            Slurpees can’t help me recover from massive hangovers. Double gulps are life savers.

      • Adrianr1189

        Haha, nice Dumb & Dumber reference.

    • Better than what happened by me, the only gas station in town that had pay pass changed cc processors so now i can’t use my nexus s 4G at all.  Also, I don’t eat McDs.  Going on 8 years, 1 bad case of food poisoning and I vowed never to eat there again.  But i sit in the burger king parking lot next door and leech McDs free wifi.

  • Anonymous

    Good things come to those who wait.   =)

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes it pays to just wait a few days. I’m glad I waited for the easy solution. On a separate note, just installed Android Revolution HD 2.1.1 and loving it! Seriously, if you thought stock was fast, try seeing it on an EXT4 partition. It is a little scary to do it, but seriously worth it! And yes, this is for LTE Verizon version.

    • Anonymous

      I also have loaded the latest version of Android Revolution and it is great!  I am noticing more and more roms showing up for the Nexus every day! The developers are really starting to get behind this device….

      Exactly what I have been waiting for!

  • Anonymous

    Having seen both the “legit version” and this one. They appear to be the same, and untampered with. Connect with Google servers send emails for verifications, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Free 10 DOLLARS? Oh thank you gods I can feed my whole village for weeks now!

    • Tysoncrosby21

      Im excited thats like 2 cans of chew….lol

      • Anonymous

        Three cans of Grizzly..

    • Anonymous

      Missed u lately Rumba, good to see your still around. Hows the village?

      • Anonymous

        We had a drought and crop failure which lead to famine last month. This Google $10 will help me buy yams for the whole village

    • Genius

      Sarcasm aside, info like this is why I visit Droid Life daily.

  • Anonymous

    kellex how safe is this in ur opinio??

    • safe enough to post on Droid-Life. 🙂

      • Tyler

        He posted the original one on droid-life too. Just saying.

  • JG

    mine wont even open when i installed it and i just flashed back to factory.

    I had it working ONCE and when i installed a new rom it gave me a “Secure Element is not responding”

    • Anonymous

      Apparently there is no secure element on gnex LTE. So you’d need yo reinstall..

  • KAE0003

    10$ free for signing up FYI…

  • Spoken Word™

    why does everyone keep bitching about verizon where google wallet is concerned? It isn’t on any nexus device except the sprint nexus s. Google doesn’t even make it available for other phones. People are doing nothing but dogpiling for no reason.

    • Because Verizon is the reason it’s not on the device THAT’s why. Ask google or better yet, USE google and look it up. 🙂 Cheers

      • John Pisano

        Then what’s the reasoning for it not being on the ATT or T-Mobile Nexus S? Could it be perhaps that Sprint and Google have an exclusivity agreement at the moment? I think so.

        • It has more to do with the fact that AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon have an agreement on ISIS.

          • Dan

            ^ This, plus Google and Sprint are not part of ISIS, hence the Nexus S 4G has Google Wallet. 

      • Spoken Word™

        It’s also not on the GSM version, is Verizon responsible for that too? Get your facts right!

        • Anonymous

           We don’t have a GSM version, so we aren’t sticking it to T-Mobile or AT&T we are sticking it to Verizon. Although they are just as bad in all of this.

          • Spoken Word™

            Again, what phone besides the Galaxy S on Sprint can you use Google Wallet? None! Nada! It has never been in the market for any other phone! If Google wanted it to be otherwise, it would be available to all in the Android Market. Verizon has become a scapegoat for you “Mr. Me Too” people who didn’t give a damn about Google Wallet before the rumor surfaced that Verizon was blocking it.

          • Herp

            Dude you are missing the point. It isn’t on any other phone because A) Only the nexus S and Galaxy Nexus (thats right, the galaxy nexus does support it as you can see from the hundreds of “IT WORKS” posts on here) can use it, and B) The only cell phone company that is allowing the download over the app store is Sprint.

            Verizon isnt the only one to blame, AT&T and T&mobile are just as much to blame as verizon. WHY can’t you download it through any of these providers? Because they are working on a multi-million dollar project of their own that is identical to Google wallet, and they do not want users downloading an application that will rival it.

            Yes, the people that are blaming Verizon and ONLY Verizon are wrong, but you are just as wrong in assuming you know what you are talking about.

  • Anonymous

    Wooooo! Excited about this. I really dont feel like rooting my baby yet.

    • Anonymous

      this guy got one and I still cant get ahold of one? lol

      • Anonymous

        I rather enjoy the pure experince. The reason I got a Nexus. Tinkering will come at some point

        • Anonymous

          I’m just teasing. Enjoy the phone! I’m jealous

  • Anonymous

    Is this the official version? like a leaked version for the vzw nexus?


      pretty much official as far as it goes…highly doubt it’l be updated unless the actual app is updated by google in which they would have to make another apk…

      • Anonymous

        hah. name change ftw

  • Anonymous

    Take that verizon…thank you to everyone who is involved in making this available…id gladly pay for this

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, as a earlier poster also said…with the amount of fraud protection & ways to monitor your accounts im not worried

  • This is such an awesome slap in the face to Verizon. Awesome… This will be the first apk I install through adb when my GNex comes in Tuesday.

    • Tony Cooper

      No need for adb…just dl it and install it like any other side loaded apk.  I installed it and it works great.  No need to actually input your CC number…take the free $10 and use it when you can.

      • Of course. But I’m a dev. I like to use adb. 🙂

      • Hkyman14

        Yeah, use the $10 and, um.. hopefully they’ll make a way to reload that prepaid card with cash at local stores or something.

        • John Pisano

          u can reload it with any other credit card through the app, so just buy a prepaid visa and reload ur google prepaid with that

  • I want to use it… I really do, but I’m really reluctant to plug my CC info into a 3rd party modified version of Google Wallet.

    • seriously? From XDA? Where GOD AND EVERYBODY knows who modified the app? If someone WAS that idiotic, they would get RAPED by the FBI so fast… just saying…

      • I’ve used XDA for lots of stuff in the past – just wary of this sort of thing. Not wary of XDA, more so of some less than savory person getting into the file hosted there and doing some damage.

        • I can understand you unease. But I think you may be a bit too cautious. Not a BAD thing I guess. 🙂

          • Jarrett V

            Just load the Google prepaid card with your personal credit card – it will keep your personal information hidden from the voices. 

        • Anonymous

          Theres a free prepaid card with 10$ free. You can at least try it.

    • Ever notice how every credit card on the planet has fraud protection.  I am sure you hand your info to minimum wage employees at restaurants and coffee shops all the time.

    • It’s a pre-paid card AND you get $10 free. Not like they can take your info and rack up thousands of dollars (unless of course you put that much on your phone)

      • Anonymous

        I’ve got my free $10 to give it a try! We can always choose how much or how little we want on the prepaid card.  

        The money comes from a prepaid card that you decide how much money to put on.

        Now that Google Wallet gave me a free $10 spot, I may be able to go buy my wife a Christmas present… 🙂  Hope she likes McDonalds!

        • F-Word

          You don’t have money to buy your wife a present? did you spend all of your Christmas budget on the Galaxy Nexus?

          • Anonymous

            I was kidding.  As if the $10 from G Wallet would buy her a present…. LOL  

  • sweet, but i live in the country. there is no where to use this 🙁

    • Anonymous

      You should do it anyway for the free $10.

      • Anonymous

        to spend nowhere…

        • Kimirsdad

          Not true.  Your mom’s panties have NFC built in.

          • Anonymous


    • I live in the country too your telling me you never go to the store?? There is no way you don’t have access to a store that takes mastercard paypass?

  • Another reason Android is on top. Community support.

    • palomosan

      Exactly, no limits on Android, period.

    • Anonymous

      Though I own a Nexus, I say that so this comment doesn’t incite flames. The iOS community has the Cydia group as I’m sure there are others that provide the same service that we enjoy on Android. We are on top because we have multiple OEMs and more carriers and better pricing and the list goes on.

      • MuscleDouche

        Cydia sucks dong!

        • Ha

          it really does suck!  it sucks having to wait like 5 minutes for it to refresh

      • Anonymous

        The problem right now with jailbreaking is that Apple will make every attempt known to man to stop you. Be it a software update a week later or hardware such as the A5 which has only been jailbroken one time. Apple went as far as to hire the guy that originally jail broke the iphone. Google is supporting the dev community with the mere existance of the Nexus brand. Their not going to release updates to lock bootloaders or block rooting. Thats why the Nexus on Verizon is such a big deal. If apple could do it they would sue the pants off Cydia.

        • Tom

          They did, and the Supreme Court said that jailbreaking was not illegal, and was in fact the right of the owners of the device, but jailbreaking to get paid apps for free is bad. If Apple finds a way to track sideloading apps, a lot of phones will be deactivated.