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Download: Google Wallet Apk for Galaxy Nexus LTE, All Users – No Root or Zip Flashing Required

On Friday, a flashable zip file was made available that would put Google Wallet on your LTE Galaxy Nexus. The process was not all that fun, and even after completing it, some were still running into issues. Well, guess what? An .apk has been released that apparently works flawlessly on any Galaxy Nexus device running Android 4.0.2. There is one thing to note though – if you previously flashed the .zip file from Friday, you may have to return to a backup pre-Wallet or this .apk will not work. For those that were waiting and have not messed with any of the Wallet builds, feel free to give it a go. 

Download:  com.google.android.apps.walletnfcrel-2.apk

Install just as you would any other 3rd party app.

Via:  XDA

Cheers Seth!

  • Boris Valusek

    any solution for 4.1+ ?

  • will this work on the galaxy s3?

  • droidworld

    It doesnt work on my nexus s gsm Tmobile. I diwnload it and wh en I try to open it it forcecloses: help?

  • brentandbutter

    Can someone tell me why when i click the link, nothing happens

  • Tom

    I downloaded the file and now It wont let me open it… has anyone else had this problem? what should I do? 

  • So, I originally had some issues getting the prepaid card to show up. Eventually, it decided to work. Then, I went to CVS. Worked like a charm the first time. Eventually, the charge showed on the phone itself.

    Then, since I planned to use it more, I added more funds onto the prepaid card. It took a couple tries (my CCs use my PO Box which it didn’t like), but I was eventually able to load more funds onto it.That was a few days ago. So, I decided to try it again at CVS. It just didn’t get detected. (Yes, I unlocked the screen.) So, I used a regular credit card and went on my merry way. I ran the Wallet app to see if it reported any issues and it seemed fine. Hours later, I tried again at CVS at a different register. It just didn’t get detected. So, I used a regular credit card and went on my merry way again.I’m hoping that it just needed a hard reset. I plan on trying again soon. I will do a hard reset of the phone shortly before entering the store and will run the app first, just to make sure it is functioning.

    If that doesn’t work, I might try uninstalling the app and re-installing it. My concerns are:

    If you uninstall the app, will it lose the settings (such as transactions) or are these re-synced from the cloud?

    Should charges using the phone show up in Google Wallet (Google Checkout) online? I’m not seeing the charges anywhere else but on my phone.

    My larger concern is that if this ends up not working anymore, does this mean I will have to forfeit the extra money I have preloaded onto the device?

    Has anyone else had these types of issues? If it just turns out that I needed a hard reset of the phone, I can live with that… but it makes me wonder… is this because this is an unofficial version, or does this also happen with the official app? It would be annoying if half the time I have to keep holding my phone at the reader in vain until I finally have to just pull out a credit card and swipe.

  • dRio

    My phone was totally stock, unrooted. I set the settings to allow side-loaded apps not from Market. I installed this APK. Now on the first boot screen with the “Google” logo, the lock icon which was previously locked is now showing as unlocked. What gives?

  • Jim McClain

    works like a charm

  • JP

    I get a parse error when I go to install, what’s up with that?

  • Marco

    Has anyone got it working on a Nexus S (T-Mobile, USA)?
    It installed fine, but after I start it, it goes “GW has not yet been certified in your country blah blah blah”
    (I have a Google Wallet account active on my gmail acct) 

  • Graham Wilson

    Couldn’t get it to work for me! tried it at champs and it said something but it didnt work. used the prepaid card!

  • i put it on my gnex today, got my 10 bucks, have not tried it out yet

  • not sure if this is posted but it also works with the GSM version running 4.0.1 

  • s0uth

    free 10 dollars!!!! 

  • Will this app receive updates like this?

  • Cphilano

    Well…I’ve tried it twice. Failed at BP and at CVS. Both kept asking for me to insert card.

  • QtDL

    Worked perfectly this morning at CVS!

  • Just used it a 711 worked flawlessly thanks google for buying me my cigarettes <3

  • jason

    My prepaid google card won’t validate… I’m slightly sketched out to put my credit card info in, is it fine?

  • QtDL

    Installed perfectly. Thanks Google! Must be nice to give Verizon a slap in the face! Will be testing this app tomorrow….

  • Austin

    Now if they only accepted Visa.


  • Guest

    Dou you have to unlock the bootloader to add google wallet usign this APK?

  • Anonymous

    just bought lunch at Wendy’s. App worked like a charm. Thanks for lunch Google! 😛

    • Dshudson

      Fatty 😉

  • gadgetryan

    I have my phone rooted / unlocked and i installed the apk as usual. When I open up wallet and initialize the app it says that NFC is disabled. Anyone know how to get past this? NFC is on by default.

  • Ben

    Working great for me, pretty cool that my phone came with a free Big Mac meal 🙂

  • Anonymous


  • Anyone else getting “Not supported- Unfortunately, Google Wallet has not yet been certified in your country or on your device/carrier.”?

    • Edal72

      I was also receiving this message. I have a GSM unlocked honk kong version (yakjuzs) but after I changed it to stock google yakju google wallet worked fine.  Apparently it was samsung messing around with the software.  If you search for build.prop in the astro file or any file manager you will see what version you have.  Also as soon as i changed it to yakju I received my OTA update b/c now everthing comes directly from google and not samsung. Here is the link to how i changed to yakju…http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1391881

  • Anonymous

    I just signed up for and was approved for the Citi Mastercard ThankYou Card. I should be able to add it to the wallet app and use it. Bonus, is that i get 50,000 points ($500) if i spend $2500 in three months (which i’ll get easily if i charge gas, groceries, dining, cable, and cell) …

  • Professandobey

    The question is whether this violates Google’s terms of service. I don’t want to disobey the great Google.