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Within 2 Hours of Activation, Your Galaxy Nexus Will Receive an Update – Here are the Details

Once you have your Galaxy Nexus up and running for a couple of hours, an update will become available that brings you to Android 4.0.2 and build ICL53F. This is the update we showed you yesterday that doesn’t include anything extremely noticeable up front, but it will improve your 3G/4G and WiFi connections, tweak the lockscreen somehow, and improve visual effects while using the front camera.

Updates, something we will see quite frequently.

More info. The update is 10.7MB.

  • This is going to be a silly question, but what about Canadians with a Gnex?  I’m still on 4.0.1, is there any way I could get some info on upgrading to 4.0.2 or even .3?  I used to think of myself as pretty tech savvy, but when it comes to phones, I’m a full on n00b.

    Any help would be wonderfully helpful, thanks!

  • Klynn2232

    disappointed they didnt make the nexus a global phone.

  • Anybody having trouble linking their Facebook Acounts to sync?

    • Anonymous

      You can’t do it on the Galaxy nexus, as frustrating as it is. 

  • QtDL

    SUPER NOOB QUESTION: Does unlocking the bootloader void the warranty on this phone? I thought it was unlocked to begin with (I though all Nexus phones were right?) Isn’t that why everyone bitches about the Moto phones – locked bootloader? I thought that was the whole philosophy of open source – to mod as you like.

  • I don’t know if I like the wi-fi auto turn on as if the battery isn’t big enough already. Think we’ll be able to turn this feature off?

  • That software update animation is pretty sweet… i could get used to seeing that on a regular basis. 🙂

  • On my way to Verizon now! 🙂 finally

  • Alexander Garcia

    Thank F’ing Gawd! We’re finally seeing some happy G-Nex owners around here!

    • Alexander Garcia

      ***sees G-Nex issues below*** Oh wait…

  • Awesomenexus

    from a galaxy nexus in a newport news, va verizon store. This thing is flippin awesome. Insanely fast camera

  • Granticimo

    Made 1 call after having it activated, did the update and now the phone has not been working for 4 hours…  Called tech support for an hour-nothing, went back to the store and they tried to fix it for an hour… no luck.  they said this happened when the bionic came out.  Phone still says no service.  WTH VZW? 

  • Anonymous

    I got it about 10 minutes after the phone was activated.

  • Vaglvr

    just drove by my local corp. vzw store. there’s a line outside waiting, lol. maybe like 6 people. i already bought mine online. 

  • I love my new phone! So much better than my og droid 🙂

  • Rational Man

    ok, now let’s hear how the battery life is. Put this thing to the test so that people like me who waited for the price to drop by $100 can know exactly what we’re getting into. How’s the quality on the camera compared to something like the DInc which has an 8mp camera? 

    Give us the lowdown!

  • Mine wouldn’t grab a 3G/4G signal without it.  I had to activate it and receive the update through the WiFi at the store.  BTW, this thing is sweeeeeet and the battery life already looks as though it will be pretty impressive.

  • Paul

    How long does the return process take? Need to return this Rezound first and I would love to do this on my lunch break.

  • Larrysteinburg

    anyone having trouble with unlock?
    fastboot oem unlock just says “waiting for device” and nothing happens…..

    • KevinC

      the update prevents it.  you need to unlocked before accepting the update.

      • Larrysteinburg

        so what if the vzw clerk accepted the update in the store? no way to unlock?

        • Mine unlocked just fine after the update. I had a lot of trouble with the drivers on my Windows Vista PC which I would guess a lot of people are having issues with. Just keep following the DL instructions until your cpu recognizes the phone as a “Galaxy” instead of just an Android device.

          • Larrysteinburg

            my computer recognized galaxy and galaxy nexus, SDK is fine. your superboot method doesnt work either. Both methods leave “waiting for device” in the cmd window and nothing ever happens.

          • Anonymous

            Same issue.  I updated my phone, then tried both methods and neither worked.  Just stuck  on

      • No

        The update didn’t prevent this from working. http://www.droidforums.net/forum/galaxy-nexus-development/186129-how-unlock-bootloader-root-galaxy-nexus.html

  • No

    Is anyone having a problem finding it in stock?

  • thefullritz

    Got mine!!! There were only 40 available at the local VZ store, got # 30…

  • Got my update! Posting this from my new Galaxy Nexus!

  • I got lucky, walked into Best Buy and walked out 20 minutes later with my new GNex.  I received the update within about 20 minutes of activating the phone, as well.

    Loving it!

  • RaptorOO7

    I got to my Verizon store at 9am, there were 8 people in line, finally got my GNex and as I was leaving there were another 10+ waiting.  My phone updated right away, but everyone else was waiting for their updates to start.

    So now that we have the GNex what do we talk about now (other than how great the GNex is).

    • nexus on the brain

      Rooting…lots and lots of rooting

  • Anonymous

    Divx support was removed with this new update.

    • nexus on the brain

      what will that effect/why is that bad, not being a smart a$$ just wondering

  • Bought the Nexus first thing this morning, my local Verizon retailer only had 3 in stock! I bough the first one! Loving the phone already, glad to finally dump my OG Incredible. Get the Nexus, you won’t be disappointed! Update showed up immediately, no issues.

    • Anonymous

      Did they have any of the accessories in stock, such as the landscape dock?

  • VerizonHater

    Already updated my Gnex within 1 hour getting it. This is the modt aweskme phone ever.

    • tjmonkey15

      Except for typing 🙂

  • Mikesevenfold

    Anyone else having an issue trying to sync Facebook to their contacts?

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I love my phone!

  • still very Verizon branded!

  • I am convinced now that VZW is not big on this phone.  Just got back from the local store.  They had the GNex tucked away in a corner that I never go to in order to check out the newest phones.  They had only one phone on display.  There are at least 3 Razr’s and at least 2 Droid X2’s and at least 2 Rezounds.  Wasnt set up to where we could actually look at many apps though.  Nice phone.  Have to wait til next friday for my upgrade.

    • EC8CH

      Definitely… Verizon hates the G-Nex.

      One more reason you should want it.

  • Drumanchu

    Did Danny Devito get his?? Gosh I hope so. I just wont be able to sleep right tonight knowing our boy Danny hasn’t raised his compete level to Nexus. Let me pray.

  • Is anyone else getting crappy service with theirs.. In my office right now I have like no service, where with my Charge id have a few bars of 3G

    • No

      I’ve always had spotty coverage in my basement, but my galaxy is struggling… :/

  • Fillyo

    I got mine, didn’t have them activate cuz I was going to be late for daughters preschool recital.  Activated myself in car, within 10 minutes I received the update.  Phone is awesome.

  • Azilla

    me want…screw giving away a tablet today get us one of these…well more so me, and hand deliver since you are not that far from me…………….   🙂