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Day 3 Of Google’s 10 Days of 10 Cent Apps: ADWLauncher EX, Tetris, And More

Day three.  We’re not even half way there yet and Google keeps spreading on the app love.  Today has some very well known apps available so you can probably kiss another dollar goodbye.  ADW Launcher EX (yes, it is the new version), the classic among classics Tetris, and the Talking Tom Cat 2 which kids absolutely love.  Heck, even I love it.

Update: If you are not seeing the new apps, head into application settings on your device and delete cache under the Market app.  You should then be able to load the page for all the new apps.  Hope that helps.

Head on into the Market to get your dose of 10 cent apps.

  • TheCleaner

    Just FYI, for those of us caught up in the whole “cancelled” issues.  Sent a request to the folks at Paper Camera to inquire, especially since the price went back up to $1.99 and got this back:

    “We’d like to clarify what happened yesterday:Google started a HUGE promotion of 10 apps at $0.10 each. Their servers were overloaded so many orders got stuck 🙁

    we want to honour every single order that got stuck in this madness,
    there are some technical issues, here the scenario that we see:

    If you decided to cancel your order we cannot (apparently) re-instate
    it, we’ll have to speak with google on how to do it, their default tools
    don’t allow for this to happen, so it might take a while to coordinate
    this with them.
    2) If your order is still pending, and it’s
    “chargable” we’d like to complete the order and give your money back, so
    effectively you won’t be charged anything, again, we’ll need to see how
    to do this within the google’s system.
    3) If your order got
    caught in that timeframe in which it went from $0.10 to $1.99 it’s even
    trickier, cos it took the caches few hours to update all the prices, but
    if you haven’t cancelled your order, we can apply point 1) or 2)
    We might think that Paper Camera we’ll be part again of the $0.10
    campaign so if your order was cancelled you could try again in few days,
    but we know this is not optimal :/

    So in a
    nutshell we’d like to give everyone caught into this a free copy, it
    will just take some time, maybe a couple of days, to coordinate this
    technical change with Google.
    Please bear with us, we have
    allocated all our resources to fix this problem as soon as we can, and
    we 100% understand that is not your fault, so we are on your side 100%
    on this!”Now, that’s just from that app..YMMV.

  • TIP: Dont uninstall anything you just bought within the refund time, it automatically refunds it even if you didnt ask it to.

    I just lost ADW because of this crap and now it wont let me rebuy it…how stupid.

    • oh just called their “support” about it and its a “feature” if you uninstall something within 15 minutes it automatically refunds it, and if it doesnt actually show CANCELLED on the purchase before the day is over then i cant repurchase it at $0.10…what a load of crock since i didnt even want the refund. and then the guy says “sorry for the inconvenience.”

      • Gunther

        Relax man. Check the market later today, and try to re-purchase the app. This happened to me yesterday, and a few hours later, I was able to re-purchased the app I accidentally refunded.

    • Anonymous

      i don’t understand why you uninstalled it (maybe you wanted the purchase associated with your account but didn’t actually need the app, as i do with free apps on amazon) but that is generally how it works (the uninstalling being a trigger for a refund, for why would you give it back/throw it away if you wanted it; the not being able to re-buy is a different thing entirely)

  • Wolfedude88

    Also reckless racing is only 10 cents as well, just wanted to let you guys know.

  • Ravnos CC

    Wait, did I really just pay 1 cent tax on an app?   That’s gotta be a first.

    • It’s a bit interesting how the taxes vary between apps. Some have none (devs from some non-EU foreign countries?), some have Swedish taxes (such as an app I know is from a swedish dev), some varies a bit (apps from EU countries?).

      I’ve bought a few apps for the first time now considering the low prices. Seriously, ~10 cents (to be precise, 1 SEK here, up to 1,25 with taxes) is hard to say no to.

  • Lmrojas

    I bought Lp+ almost a year ago and I refused to switch to adw ex because I already had paid for launcher pro, wow what was I thinking…

    • Aj522

      Same thing here.  Lp+ started to force close and make my phone slow when exiting an app, so I started looking for other home replacements.

  • Edube24

    Is there an app that can make my Bionic keep it’s data from going out all the time…SMDH

    • I am so tired of that! The worst is when I am using my GPS and have to get somewhere

    • Dana S.

      Ugh tell me about it. Had to disable 4G cause I live on the fringe of 4G and it plays havok with my data. UGH!!

  • Anonymous
  • Thanks again Google, but definitely the worst list yet. 

  • Anonymous

    Wow…this is bloody brilliant!

    This is one of many reasons why it’s good to be an Android addict, versus being an iOS user.

    Android, you’re the greatest!

  • The Amazon appstore has Fruit Ninja for 10 cents today.  This was one of yesterdays 10 cent apps from the androis market.  Are they trying to match the prices?

    Can knockdown 2 is 10 cents also on amazon.  Tetris is still full price as I write this on Amazon.

  • Anonymous

     Ya you just have to go to the links ..  guess they are a little slow on the update of the page … 
    side Note .. is every game EA   from  junk ? people seems to have a ton of people with them ..  i haven’t but from reading a lot of there reviews  they are not good to deal with ..

  • Anonymous

    with ICS coming, I am wondering if we will really need to use custom homescreens apps in the future…

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same thing, but I’m sure the homescreen makers will adapt. It’s not like Google employs the only talented people out there (but, unlike some mamby-pamby fruit company, Google allows talented people outside of their employ to make money off of improving Android).

      • Gunther

        Look at Anderweb, dev for ADW Launcher EX. He’s already made an ICS update that makes my phone feel snappier. Glad I never jumped on the Launcher Pro bandwagon of abandonment.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Kill the cookie “androidmarket” and refresh your browser and you will get the newest list

    • Anonymous

      I deleted all the cookies associated with market.android to no avail…

      (Google Chrome)
      My search for “androidmarket” didn’t return any results

    • Sp4rxx

      no dice …. same stuff

      • FortitudineVincimus

        hmm… worked for me, unless it was perfect timing I deleted the cookie AND the list refreshed for me as 5 refreshes o the page got no joy but killing that cookie and viola… refresh gave me the new listings.

        • Anonymous

          does CTRL-F5 work?

          • I think it’s CTRL+R on some browsers, but that’s just for the cache and not cookies.

  • Gunther

    ADW EX was just updated with ICS features. Much better than LauncherPro, which hasn’t been updated in a year.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve always preferred ADW to LP; beauty of choice!

      • Anonymous

        Go Launcher all dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

        • Anonymous

          Launcher War, begin!!!
          GoLauncher, LP, ADW, Zeam, Regina, Blur/Sense/Touchwiz, Stock . . . 

          Man, it’s good to be on Android!

          • Raven

            I would still really like to see Droid Life do a good comparison article of the big 3:
            Launcher Pro Plus, Go Launcher, and ADW EX

          • I want a comparison of all the NON-standard NOT-icon-based launchers. Like SlideScreen and the WP7 imitations, but I want others too. What launchers are there that aren’t just icons with a twist?

  • Sp4rxx

    How you got those, we are unaware because we are still seeing previous days’ sales…..

    • Yeah, I’m seeing previous days as well but you can go through the paid apps in the market and see which ones, not from yesterday, are listed as $.10

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Did anyone else have the Sketchbook app from the first day get cancelled and refunded on you? I did. Google was stumped when I called and the dev said it has happened to many. So, Google sold it to me for .10 and then 24 hours later, cancelled the sale on me out of the blue. 

    • A lot of us where having an issue with that there is a discussion over on http://www.reddit.com/r/android .  I think the issue is that if you use the web market and don’t install the app to your device within a few hours it will get canceled.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        That was my theory as well. BUT, how does that work? Just because I buy I have to be forced to use right then? Even Amazon does not pulls that BS as I have downloaded like 15 free apps from them and not installed any one and they are all still open for me to download free.

        I wonder if this tactic of theirs is even in their TOS? And, the Google rep never mentioned that as an reason.

        • I think its a bug in the refund system.  So you have 15 minutes to refund an app once it is installed.  If you never install the app then that 15 minute window never starts, and they’re still holding the transaction as pending with the credit card companies.  At some point (24 hours I believe) they either have to confirm the transaction or release it back to your credit card.  

      • Raven

        Hmm, I think that happened to me too then.  Everything I bought from the web that I sent to my tablet and had already gotten from Amazon FAOTD (but wanted to replace from the real market) got canceled and refunded.

  • Crazydog

    Is this time zone specific? I too am still seeing yesterday’s apps.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      likely a local cookie that has not yet expired.

      I am in the same TZ as Droid-Life and I see old links, but it will change soon.

  • Regrub

    I’m only seeing yesterday’s selection using of Droid…. is it only me?

    • Anonymous

      Same here :[

  • TheAndroid1

    This is how the Amazon app store should work.  Don’t do free, do 0.10 so it’s not a loss for the developers.

    • Sp4rxx

      Wow … it’s only once a day apps are free – not like days on end …. I think the devs can handle one day

    • DroidzFX

      The devs still get a % of money on Free day. Amazon pays them.

      • Gunther

        No they do not. Amazon does not pay devs anything when they place their app as the free app of the day. The dev is supposed to make money thanks to being placed in the top 10 apps for a couple of days after the free promotion but they do not get paid for the free app promotion.

  • My market is showing some, but not all of those apps.  

  • Boblank84

    hmmm… my market is still showing yesterdays apps.

    • click each link, or search each name in the market

    • Anonymous

      Mine, too. I’ll use the manual search method, but this is not a good thing for those who aren’t willing to dig to get their $0.10 swag.

  • Anonymous

    I love android

  • Anonymous