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Newest Batch of Verizon Release Dates: Galaxy Nexus December 9 – DROID 4, White RAZR and XYBoards After

We have been shying away from “rumored” release dates over the last couple of weeks unless we have photo evidence, but today, we are making an exception. The newest targeted release date list has been made available to our friends at Verizon and we couldn’t help but share. To my knowledge, these could be final.

The 9th for the G-Nex sounds odd I know, but the date came up today from two sources that have been spot on in the past. If it’s here on the 8th though, so be it.

We should also point out that stores are picking their SME (subject matter expert) for the Galaxy Nexus. This is essentially the designated rep in the store that will get the device a few days prior to launch to become the expert on it. It usually takes about a week for this to happen, which would put us right about the 9th.

Ahhh, hypebeast.

Cheers ___ and ___!

  • Gnex_fizzle

    how do I become this.. Subject Matter Expert? coz you can put me in the store right now without me even gotten my hands on the device.. and I am pretty sure I already know more about the device than these bozos in stores who pretend to be experts.

  • Anonymous

    December 9th: The day my last paper for the semester is due…. I guess it’s better that way… Leave it to Verizon to know what’s best for me.

  • Mkemvp32

    So the title of this article mentions TWO DROID phones release date, this is DROID life, why the hell is the only picture is that of the damn gnex?! Isn’t that why ANDROID life was created? Unbiased journalism? I think not

    • Actually Android Life focuses on other than Verizon.  When this community was formed we really only had Droid as an option.  Droid or Droid Eris.

    • Anonymous

      What makes you think this is unbiased journalism? Have you ever seen an iPhone review on here?

  • I’d like a Droid 4 with a removable battery and 720P screen please! The way Motorola is going, they’ll release it in a couple of months.  : D

    • The D4 has a removable battery. It also has the best keyboard you will ever used in your lifetime. Personal experience. Take it from somebody who has used it. It is quite spectacular.

      • Might have the best keyboard but not the greatest screen

        • Anonymous

          Come off it.

  • CrunchySmooth

    I’m expecting to pick one of these up at the Verizon store, take it home, open it, and find a bar of soap in there with a trollface printed on it and a $5-off coupon for a bootlocked Motorola phone.

    • VERY well played, sir.  I would uber-like this if I could.

  • Rangu68606

    So if the phone comes out on the 9th when can I pre-order the phone, or is the the pre-order date?

  • Anonymous

    I’m filing for an injunction against all of these bullshit stories. That said, I want a Razr and a Droid4 both in white.

  • Splicer78

    Device expert? @ a VZW retail store hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah……..funniest thing I heard all day

    • Anonymous

      lol, too true . . .  a VZW device expert is to an Apple genius (and I’m not an iPhone guy), what Inspector Clousea is to Sherlock Holmes.  In fairness, I truly believe their are some really great, helpful, and uber competent VZW device experts out there, but then i still leave milk, cookies and reindeer treats by my fire place on Christmas Eve (hey, maybe Santa knows the release date for the VZW GN)

    • Patient

      You can say THAT again.  While I too believe in Santa, there is absolutely no evidence to even suggest that any device expert has ever punched a clock at a VZW retail store.  Its hard to prove a negative, but I challenge anyone to actually find one (device expert) there wearing a red shirt.

  • Anonymous

    My original Droids battery has been bulging and I couldn’t get over a hour of use from it. I finally went to Verizon today to get a RAZR (since I’m available for a upgrade) and return it when the gnex drops. I told the Rep excatley what my plan was and he’s reply was you have 14 days to return it. I mentioned the promo to him about Jan 15, the look on his face was good. He knew he got caught in a lie and told me “I wont let u cheat Verizon that.” He gave me a new battery and left. I do believe the 9 to be a legit release date because of he’s action and response. If not its at least confirmed before January 15.

    • Anonymous

      I bought my Razr on 11/21. On the receipt it mentions the extended return policy to 1/15/2012.

  • Skeptic

    “Spot on sources” and “Galaxy Nexus Release Dates”….the ultimate oxymoron!

    • Anonymous

      agree’d +1

  • Anonymous

    Subject matter my Android!!! If they’re not reading Droid Life then they’re behind the power curve.

    I’ve talked to a lot of Verizon SME who claim to know about the device, and as soon as i start to go over the specs and in detail about Verizon improvements or not. They end asking if i work for the manufacture or ask how do I know so much.

    I simply say Droid life and check it out.  i know more about whats coming down the pike then most Verizon reps.

    Read a mind is a terrible thing to waste 😛 

    • Aww man

      It’s important to know about what is coming down the pike.

      You know, a pike is a fish.

      Your knowledge is inspiring.

      • Mark Wilk

        A pike is also a medieval weapon and a road.

        The phrase “coming down the pike” is correct and referring to a road (turnpike).

      • Anonymous

        The thing inspiring is buying that G Nex, Plus, thy’re differnt types of Pike in the engllish dictionary like “Turn Pike” 🙂

      • Jim Davis

        You should google that phrase (coming down the pike) and then seat yourself for a helping of humble pie.


        • I just read all of that. mind blowing

  • STiK

    First thing I’m gonna do with my brand new NEXUS is plug in my usb cable, copy my movies over to the sdcard, then watch them via HDMI on the big screen 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Anonymous

      oh the SD card that it doesn’t support or accept?

      wah wahhh

      • STiK

        But Google says we don’t need one so it must be true!!

      • Evan Knofsky

        He has internal memory, no worries.

        • And with the LTE and if you still have unlimited data, then just stream your videos on the go from a home computer or server!

  • shdowman

    I believe Kel wouldn’t share sans photo unless he was being fed from EXTREMELY reliable sources.

    That being said, VZW did say before end of year so that is the release date I am counting on. 🙂

  • I know that’s it’s getting down to the wire here as it’s approaching the end of the year, but the thought of having just one week left before this phone is mine is too surreal. I’ll believe it when VZW announces it. 

  • Ruffled

    I just confirmed January 15 with my plumber’s neice’s boyfreind’s cousin who cleans windows at a Muncie Indiana Verizon Store and its TOTALLY credible. My source is [almost] never wrong[ish]

    • John

      Hey I know him!

    • Krayzee

      hey i live near there.

  • Jimbosi

    oh, FFS! That and moving the Droid 4 back? My wife and I were gonna buy both at the same time (8 Dec). Good times.

  • Cam

    My sources are still saying the 8th.

    • WHY CAN’T I LIKE SOMETHING 100,000 TIMES?!?!?!?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    G-Nex next week?  YES PLEASE!

  • The 9th.  Same day as On the Verge.  Mwahahahahaha

  • Arodroid

    After following this phone for months…I think we all deserve to be “Subject matter experts”  Give me my damn NEXUS!!!

  • T-t-t-t-oday junior!!!

  • Pardes33

    who let the nexus out ! whoof whoof !

    • Anonymous

      lol, this nexus will not be as good as a motorola nexus beast 🙂 2013 here i come 🙂

      • Guest


      • Dominick DeVito

        With the way Verizon is handling this launch I think it’s a safe assumption Google will never ask Verizon to launch a Nexus ever again

        • Anonymous

          Verizon want to get it right and not rushed it. They rushed the thunderbolt and bionic.

      • Well a better motorolla Nexus device in 2013 will be great after I’ve had my samsung galaxy nexus for two years….
        I hope that happens

        • Anonymous

          Keeping my finger cross 🙂

          Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Phone

          —–Original message—–


    Here’s the upcoming commerical from Verizon with the releasee DATE!!!! YAY!!!


    • Anonymous


      -its trololololo

      • Anonymous

        ^ saved my ass from clicking that lol

    • Anonymous

      That was a good one….sad part is that exactly how it is….

    • Bob Johnson


  • f vzw

    more effing with us? or is this real????

    • John

      Liked for your name

      • [email protected]

        lol. thx. tis true.

  • Anonymous


  • Bewara2009

    I am excited bro!

  • Murphy

    Since when is Mid-December a release ‘date’?

    • Anonymous

      Everyone’s a critic…Jeez!

    • Sdg7

      Verizon seems to think ballparking the release windows is sufficient in that regard hahahahaah

  • Anonymous

    I still remember the day way back when some kid on here called Kellex a hypebeast, and the rest is history…

  • Closer and closer

  • Still can’t get over the XYBoard name.  Just awful, the nerdiest sounding name of an Android device yet

  • Pardes33

    where are the isheep trolls?

    • Anonymous

      Having Siri talk dirty to them…

  • So, this SME person, can I apply for that job?

    • Anonymous

      You’d really work for big red?

      • I would, have you any idea how much money those salesman make for selling people the shit they already want??? its ridiculous…

  • Anonymous

    Soooooo hot, want to touch the nexus!

  • droidrev71

    Effin sweet!!!!

  • Lmrojas

    Where the hell is my Prime?

    • Anonymous

      At Bestbuy

  • I just want the phone PERIOD!

  • planetes42

    Oh PLEASE let this be true.  

  • better be.

  • Awesome.

    • Beautiful.

    • You are not alone. All I read is the title and the Nexus date. I don’t care about the rest.

      • Christopher Riner

        amen, sustuh!

    • Anonymous

      Haha yeah, as far as I’m concerned nothing else exists right now!

  • Anonymous

    1 week away from secluding myself from the world and playing with this phone all weekend

    • Anonymous

      That’s what she said. 🙁

      • Anonymous


    • John

      Weekend? Hell, I’m not doing shit at work all weekend/work week. Vzw fault

    • Krayzee

      I read that as Seducing myself.. which actually works better .. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    spot on in the past with what? Throwing a dart at a calendar and wherever it lands is the next rumored date?

    • Anonymous

      My “spot on in the past,” I think they mean that these sources have leaked the true release dates of other phones before.

      • bigrob60

        And, that the source has been correct about the G-Nex official dates before the delays happened.  

        • Anonymous

          You can’t really say they were right before the delays happened because noone other than vzw knows when they originally intended to launch it.

          • bigrob60

            And we can’t say they were wrong b/c some of his sources could be in VZW. Who knew official launch dates(not internal Best Buy screen shots)before the delays were put in effect. Either way none of us can be sure so I say we just re-hash the excitement for the phone. :p

  • Chuck223


  • Sbredflag

    Can’t complain, I guess. To think that I thought I would have a Galaxy Nexus in hand on November 3rd… 

  • Anonymous

    Any pre-order date rumors?

  • bigrob60

    Finally!! So the next G-Nex story is titled-Verizon gets their act together and announces the Galaxy Nexus!

    • Anonymous

      They are always afraid to let us know the release date of any device.

  • Anonymous

    You would think by Now Verizon would say next week is the release date, if that information above holds water. 

    • Anonymous

      Most likely won’t say anything until next week. Verizon rarely announces anything more than a few days ahead of time.

      • dieringer scott

        does 7 days not count as a few

        • Anonymous

          no a few would most likely be 2-3

          • John

            A few should be 3 or more…couple is 2.


          • Anonymous

            Yeah but this is verizon we are talking about……

          • few  adjective, -er, -est, noun, pronoun
            adjective 1. not many but more than one: Few artists live luxuriously.
            not necessarily 3 or more

            -smarter ass

  • “Shying away from ‘rumored’ release dates…” lulz

    • I had the exact same thought… NO ONE has shied away from rumored release dates on this one.

  • TikMik

    Nooooo. I was going to take my new Droid 4 to Canada during Christmas since it has global GSM.

    • Philip

      I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer to replace my OG.

      • Me too, man, me too.

        • Barbarrino

          The G-nex is overrated. Droid 4 is what was designed to replaced OG Droid, they should have never made the Bionic. The keyboard andriod phone started everything. My OG droid still has better reception and build quality than any of my friends samsung phones.

          • Anonymous

            Your saying you would want to the Droid 4 knowings it has less storage space, 480p craptastic motorola QHD screen vs. a 720p super amoled screen?

          • Anonymous

            Its not 480. It’s 540 and its not that had either

          • Anonymous

            A lot of us moto fan boys love the radios and call quality than  a nicer display. QHD still very nice.

          • guest

            Too bad it’s locked down, unlike the OG.

          • dieringer scott

            Have fun with blur and waiting for updates

          • Anonymous

            Motorola is known to be good with their updates, try harder troll.

          • Too bad their updates never do squat, and their software sucks.  I went from the D3 to the Sammy Stratosphere – the “year old” hardware in the Stratosphere actually performs as well if not better than the D3 in daily usage, simply due to all of the MotoBloat.  Bluetooth actually works correctly with my car on the Samsung, unlike the past two Moto phones I’ve had (D2 and D3).  The radio actually works correctly on the Samsung – it can connect to a network extender without issue and isn’t constantly signal hunting.  I actually had WORSE battery life with the D3 than with the LTE-equipped Stratosphere.

            Motorola can’t do software, they need to recognize this and go back to releasing vanilla Android phones like the “OG” Droid.  If the D4 had an unlocked bootloader (and hence would get Cyanogen quickly), I would probably go there, but instead I’m considering a Nexus, even though not having the keyboard will make me cry.

          • Brandon

            Sure the keyboard android started it cause that’s what was available.  People used to use horses for transportation, then planes, trains and automobiles came along and a lot of people prefer them over horses. Some people still like horses.

          • Anonymous

            That is what i have been saying all along. Radios, build quality and call quality are the best features in a smartphone. Display are nice and cameras, but moto keep improving on that department. We have to remember that the droid has one of the best display ever made.

          • Guest


          • Canon

            The display is the most important part of a smartphone. It is the thing you use to interact with your device. You’re right, the OG Droid has one of the best displays every made, but what I don’t understand is why you would want to buy the D4 and downgrade yourself to a very bad display. The resolution isn’t what makes the display bad, its the fact that is is PenTile, that makes it horrible. This is why I’m getting the Galaxy Nexus. Even though it does have PenTile, its resolution is so high you can’t see it. This will perhaps be first phone with an even better display than the OG Droid.

          • You apparently never used the D3, radio problems abound on that phone.

          • I hear the Galaxy Nexus is second to none with regard to reception.  Seen a few comparisons and was impressed.  Very un-samsung of them if true!

      • TikMik

        Ya, I’m still getting the Droid 4.

      • Philip

        To be clear the D4 is replacing my OG.

        • Anonymous

          I’m glad we’re clear on that.  We’ve all been debating which phone you will choose to replace your OG Droid =p.

          • Philip

            Hey, just didn’t want people hitting the like button for the wrong reason. You didn’t have to be mean and sarcastic about it.

          • Benjamin Landwehr

            I think he put “:p” to indicate he was joking around.

          • JMonkeYJ

            actually, it was “=p” ….


          • intelligentdonkey

            I’m glad were clear on that. We’ve all been – oh forget it!

        • Marc

           Be it the 8th, 22nd, etc., my OG is retiring whenever the D4 comes out.

          • Same here!  I love the thing, and have just been waiting for it’s successor with 4g.

        • jm2c

          The D4 is replacing my D2G. I just gotta have that keyboard, LTE and global GSM.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve owned keyboarded smartphones for 7 years. I decided the GNex was too good to pass up, and I’ll just have to subject myself to a learning curve. If for some reason I can’t do it, D4 is my backup.

          • jm2c

            Hopefully, the Nexus works out for you. Maybe the stock virtual keyboard, Swype or Swiftkey X will be good enough. Depending on what you do, they might end up better. For me though, in certain situations the virtual keyboard is better and in others the physical keyboard is better. So I want both on my phone.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, it’ll be an interesting transition. Guess we’ll see how it goes. I almost never use the virtual keyboard on my D2.

          • Anonymous

            I actually stopped using my OG’s side-out keyboard since August, to prep myself for the Nexus :3

            I use Swype now

          • Christopher Riner

             The nexus might not have swype– I could be totally wrong on this, but I saw a comparison sheet somewhere on this site either from verizon or best buy or something, and one of the boxes was text input; it showed swype for all the phones except the nexus. 

          • Swype can be installed on any modern Android device. It just won’t be installed by default, as many manufacturers do on their home-spun flavors of the OS. 

          • Anonymous

            I hate Swype. I really wish Google would have used their purchase of BlindType for more than just it’s prediction abilities and error correction. I think that would have been a HUGE leap in virtual keyboards, but apparently the keyboard in ICS is a big step forward.

          • Michaelkwade

            You can always use voice typing.  Just speak and it types for you…also much quicker!

          • Anonymous

            Actually use that quite a bit in the car, which is one of the reasons I even considered ditching the hardware keyboard in the first place.

          • Javis Sullivan

            I love this option but it is extremely awkward in public!

          • Becky Sibio

            I’m currently on a droid X, trying to live without a keyboard, I want my keyboard back.

      • Anonymous

        You will have a good device. You will take the droid 4 over the nexus? It seems that everybody in here is waiting for the nexus.

    • Anonymous

      The D4 has Global GSM? I thought no LTE phones could do this now?

      • Eh

        The leaked specs say the D4 has global GSM/HSPA. We’ll have to see when the D4 is officially announced to be sure it is a global phone.

        The people saying it’s impossible just didn’t know what they were talking about. While it’s certainly more difficult for the engineers to implement, there’s nothing stopping them from doing it. All of Verizon’s LTE phones use a dual chip solution right now. One CDMA and one LTE. A manufacturer needs to use a global CDMA/GSM chip and an LTE one. Then share the SIM card between both or use two SIMs.

        Those saying it was impossible were only right about there not being any single chip with CDMA, GSM and LTE built-in let alone CDMA and LTE. Their conclusions about it were wrong though. Hopefully, single chip designs come out soon. That should help with battery life and integration issues.

    • Becky Sibio

      oh nice, I didn’t know it had global GSM. makes me want it more..

      and now for the whine…. *WAAAAAAA! the 22nd! I Want this phone so bad!!*

  • Duke Nukem Forever!