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DROID RAZR MAXX on the Way? Is This the HD Version of the RAZR?

At this point, if a week has gone by and a new Motorola phone hasn’t been outed, then there is something wrong. As an Android OEM, no one seems to pump out devices faster than these guys. So when a new device was found in EXIF data over at Picasa, that could be their follow-up to the recently released DROID RAZR, dubbed the RAZRMAX, we are not surprised at all.

Little is known about the phone, but when you see “DROID” mixed into the name, you know it’s headed to Verizon. Since we saw two new HD screened RAZR-esque phones announced for China just last week, one could assume that one of them may end up as the RAZRMAX here in the states. “MAX” as a word in general, gives off an impression of “bonus” or “upgraded” which would fit in perfectly with an HD screen. Or could it be a bigger battery? Tough to tell from EXIF data. 

Oh, and to add to this theory, look no further than the software it’s running:  Spyder. Name sound familiar? It’s the code name we outed back in August that ended up being the DROID RAZR. I’d say we may be looking at the first HD Motorola device on Big Red.

Since July, we have seen the DROID 3, Bionic, RAZR, DROID 4, two XOOM 2s, and now a RAZRMAX all on Verizon. Can you say “flooded?” How do you feel about all of this, Motorola phone owners?

Via:  PocketNow

  • hillbilly

    Motorola still makes the best phones. No matter what is said Motoo quality still can’t be equaled let alone surpassed. The hardware and overall quality is head and shoulders above the rest. Nothing is worse than a device that feels like it’s straight out of Toys R Us. Motorola, at least produces a product that looks and feels like an adult device. Most of the rest make them as cheap as possible as far as build quality and hardware then put new software on them and push them out the door.

    I think Moto is and always has been . Google, having their hands in it now, may seriously hurt Motorola ‘s quality. I hope Google stays out of the phone engineering. Some of us need a phone that will stand up to a little abuse and has a radio that can work outside of a city limit.

  • Joe

    This is the reason why I decided to WAIT before upgrading my DROID 2 Global to the Droid BIONIC and then decided to WAIT before upgrading to the Droid RAZR.  LOL.  I know I can’t wait forever and technology will always be superseded by the next iteration… I may pick up the RAZR MAXX after following the blogs on it for a while.  We’ll see.

  • Ksdentalast

    I like it, i was going for the razr but i am going to hold out for the razrmax
    I can not wait

  • N417

    um guys ive seen the Verizon phone thing and ive dont alot of research about it before the fone came out they always were planing another one to come out its just going to be white this razrmax is a rues i think its going to be like iphone black and white models from what i understand but maybe they will do a battery upgrade for the whole model but who knows unlike ppl angry at all the fones i like selection to choice from instead of one fone…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


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  • T7

    Probably doesn’t ship with ICS. But then again a phone with inoperative hardware buttons and dealing with a much smaller screen now that the buttons are on screen is just now wasted space as well.

  • This is getting ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone needs to calm down a little.  Everyone is waiting on the Nexus so they are just bashing any and every phone out there. This phone may not show up for another 6 months anyways

  • Dominick DeVito

    2010 Quote, Sanjay Jha.  “(Droid) sales are going extremely well. If I could build more I’d sell more,…”


    • T7

      Build more defective ones Sanjay. And have them return more as well.

  • Dpry3580

    Got my Razr last night at Costco. 289. Came with a MASSIVE free bonus accessory bundle: HD dock with wall charger, micro HDMI cable, leather case, car charger, screen protectors, and portable charger (external battery that plugs into the charge port). 90 day return policy at Costco. No restock fee. In case the super duper Razr max2 replaces it in a week.

    • Dominick DeVito

      Nice. All that included? All you’re missing is…

      an HD screen.


      • Anonymous

        You think an HD screen is necessary on a phone, how sad.

        • Dominick DeVito

          As a matter of fact, yeah I do – at this point, with phones releasing every 8 minutes you need to find specs that make some stand out.

          720p resolutions will be the norm for half of 2012, then I’m sure we’ll see better resolutions afterwards. Besides, it’s the one thing you stare at every time you pick up your phone. I personally prefer having a nice screen over camera quality or benchmarks. I find all new Samsung phones to have brilliant displays, unlike the dreaded mess they call qHD screens on the Razr, Bionic, Atrix, X2.

          I bought an X2 and found the display to be the worst I’ve ever seen on any piece of equipment I ever witnessed. Returned in later that same day.

          • Anonymous

            Hilarious, I challenge you to explain why you need a 720p screen on your phone. You like staring at your screen with bifocals to look at the pixels? No one gave a crap until Apple made a huge f*cking deal about their stupid high resolution screen and now surprise surprise, everyone just has to have a screen with a ridiculous resolution that serves no purpose other than to brag about. Yeah, the Droid’s screen was such a piece of shit because it wasn’t HD. *rolleyes

            I bet you haven’t even looked at the Razr’s screen, it’s better than the Super AMOLED screens on Samsung’s Galaxy S phones that everyone raved about, now that HD screens are available ZOMG anything less is trash!!1!11 Herp derp.

  • Feetballz

    This would seriously piss me off as I JUST purchased a Razr. Besides the camera, it needs a better screen.

  • Alexander Garcia

    RAZR owners will now feel the Bionic owners’ pain!  SMH

  • Manuel Olague

    At first I thought that the speed at which Motorola puts out new devices was impressing, but when I found out the Droid 4 was coming out just months after the Droid 3 was released and those pictures of the RAZR HD leaked in less then a week after the RAZR launch day I realized that it’s not impressive, it’s f*cking ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      The Droid 3 came out 6 months ago which has been Motorola’s release schedule until recently.

      • Dominick DeVito

        Yeah and it worked so well for them. They sold how many D3s?

        • Anonymous

          A decent amount from what I hear, actually.  Just because something may not be hyped as the latest and greatest doesn’t mean it sucks or even that it didn’t sell well.  Fact of the matter is the D3 was the best phone with a keyboard on Verizon for those 6 months.

  • Anonymous

    You guys just got Bionic’d!

  • I am upset because The Bionic which was supposed to be the Ruler of all Machines and 2 weeks later its being out done by its own Company. If i had money for a new phone i would take my Bionic and throw it at Motos Headquarters with a note that says “Kinda the Ruler of all Machines”

  • Nightcrawler6791

    I’m switching to an iPhone when my contract ends. I have had a droid x and has functioned well until the last update, now it freezes and have to do a battery pull once a week. Going to wait until all these companies stop making crap and selling them like it the best thing out there. Please slow down and make a few phones that work flawlessly.

  • angelface77

    Moto is releasing a lot of devices now. I would love to see them release 3 or 4 devices a year.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, to fu ck people over who are locked on a 2 year contract by releasing a better phone only a couple of months after, kinda of like what they already are doing.

      • Justin Kos

        you dont need a new device every 6 months btw

        • Anonymous

          you misunderstood. i meant when people buy a phone they are stuck with it on a 2 year contract, and then moto goes ahead and releases something better a couple of months later, obviously people are going to be pissed at that. other companies don’t do this, they wait longer before releasing devices like these.

  • Anonymous

    of course, typical moto. releasing something better then the razr to piss people off who actually bought it. to think this time i thought they would atleast wait this time.

  • Dbarden31

    Wow…makes me pissed I bought the Razr. Good way to make your customers feel appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    If the mobile industry were a red light area.. motorola would be the top w h o r e.

  • richard melcher

    Every time a new phone gets announced I weigh the odds that it will be released before the Galaxy Nexus. Right now I might win my bet with the Droid 4. I think Verizon really hates the nexus because it has an unlocked boot loader and they don’t get to make any extra profit by loading it up with bloatware.

    • Stewie

      Adn I love to point out that the fact that the G-Nex is unlocked places moto in the large eared lying spotlight. VZ made them do it …. Then why not for the G-Nex? Liars, and they screw their own customer base over and over, moving on to the G-Nex

  • Anonymous

    What’s the rush on putting on phones damn each supplier should 4-6 quality phones( meaning bug free) a year. All this does is create buyers remorse.

    • angelface77

      I agree with you.

  • Ecrunion

    I’d imagine if this is legit and it makes it through testing, we’ll see this debut at CES in a little over a month.  But then again, who knows how long it’ll take to release to the public.  Maybe Moto will hold it back and release it with ICS installed. 

    Anyway, as a Bionic owner, the Razr release didn’t bother me at all, as I planned on my next phone to have an HD screen.  This however, if it really has an HD screen, could be very tempting.  I just can’t stand having to pay full retail (600-700+) for a dang phone.