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My Verizon and Backup Assistant Can Be “Disabled” Just Like Any Other System App in Ice Cream Sandwich

When Verizon decides that the Galaxy Nexus is fit enough to launch, the first thing many of you will attempt to do is remove the two pieces of bloatware that have been pre-loaded. Thanks to the “disable” feature built into Ice Cream Sandwich, you can essentially complete this task without rooting. It may not remove the item for good, but it will shut the app down from using up any resources other than internal storage space.

To complete the task, head into Settings>Apps, tap on the app you want to disable, and then click “Disable.” The app will then be removed from your app drawer and blocked from doing anything that you wouldn’t want it to do. 

And not that we didn’t expect it to have this feature, but ICS also has the ability to monitor data usage for you. Here is a picture of it in action on the 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus:

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  • F your source and him flashing this phone in front of us. Probably works for Verizon and likes a be a jack off. o please take down those pics, then why did he send them to you, jack offf

  • Haproot

    Why pull the pictures?  Is it because the VZW release version will have a locked bootloader.. (since the pictures was of a nexus about to get unlocked) 

  • Earleepa

    Is the galaxy nexus going to be released with a self destruct feature like the iphone?

    • forgot about the GSII

  • I think you should do a poll after the phone gets released of how many readers now have/use the G-Nex? And who replaced their OG for the G-Nex.

  • Anonymous

    Really though, who is NOT going to be rooting their nexus anyway? Pretty simple to permanently delete these “bloat” apps with root explorer. Navigate to system/app > mount R/W > delete. Done. It’s great that ICS has the ability to disable apps but I have a feeling that manufacturer’s skins will cripple that feature, along with the built in tethering.

    • Keith Sumner

      Yes but remember ICS is a whole software version, maybe it won’t be as simple as root explorer/mount read/write and delete, or maybe it will be but just with another method.

  • Cam

    This is like watching Ghost Hunters. I just can’t believe any of it till I can see it for myself.

    • Jason

      “Whooaa did you see that???” No of coarse we didn’t! The camera just missed it when you swung around! lol My wife is in to that crap! Always just missing it! lol 

      • Granted

        Yeah, that show and any remotely similar to it are completely retarded. I like the one with douche bag who has the faux-hawk and the big scary muscles! “I’m gonna impress and reveal the ghosts with my half-commitment to a lifestyle haircut, and when they show up I’m gonna control them and if they get out of line I’ll bitch-slap them with my badass guns!! Unggghhh!!!”. What a damn tool that moron is.

        • Anonymous

          LOL! You bash the hell out if it, but know quite a bit!

          An riddle wrapped up in an enigma…

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  • livefreeordie

    I demand that the next nexus related post on this site will be “now available for ordering”, nothing other. Yes.

  • MSR

    Probably not the right thread for this, but just thinking about all the options out there and the Galaxy Nexus, which I’ve been planning to get,…I’m still on the OG Droid, and really like the size. I went to the Verizon store to check out the Razr, and the thing is just so big. I want to be able to use the phone with one hand. I dig big screens, but I need convenience too. Are there no longer great Droid-level options in the OG Droid size range? Iphone seems like only comparable…and I’d rather not go there.

    • droid4, droid3

      • MSR

        i think droid 4 is set to be a full 1/2 inch wider than OG droid

        • Cam

          Above reply should have been to MSR, not Randy. Oops.

          • MSR

            Incredible just seems lame now though compared to the newer stuff. and no lte.

          • htc is lame to fat for me

      • Cam

        Droid Incredible 2 is a bit bigger, but not as big as the Razr. Generally considered the  sweet spot as far as size for those that don’t want a ‘big’ phone.

        • MSR


          • EC8CH

            Agreed, Dinc2 is a good choice if you’re looking for a smaller screen.

            It’s not LTE though, but that also means better battery life though.

  • KellexIsADouche

    The stupidest part about any of these ICS blogs and videos is that I’m gonna have to come back and comb through them again because I don’t even have the freaking ICS device yet!!

  • i just want the damn phone. and im already getting sick of gnexus…

  • Who has this phone?  How do you know all this stuff?!  Gah!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait till the upgrade 4.0 ICS comes out for the Bionic…..

  • booyah.

  • Zer071

    So I guess 32 GB is confirmed? says 28GB free in the pic.

    • Anonymous

      I noticed that to. That made my day. 😀

    • John

      Was already confirmed. But ya..

  • Chris Badalucco

    i dont care… vz give me this G D phone now.

  • Teabling

    Sweet Blessed Mary! Those two were the one problem I had with this phone. Problem Solved!

  • Arodroid

    Google 1 Verizon 0

  • Anonymous

    Can’t it be removed permanently by using Root Explorer and removing the .apk from system/apps or is it all completely different on ICS?

    • Tim242

      Yes. He was pointing out the way to freeze apps, without rooting.

  • Anonymous

    Thats good news, Dom Devito is jerking it somewhere now

    • Dominick DeVito

      If ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest person alive

  • The only thing that worries me about all of this is timely future updates. I have this feeling that we wont be getting the same update schedule as the rest of the nexus world so verizon can “ready” its bloat and update us two months later

    • Tim242

      Oh yeah, two measely apps will do all that. STFU. It will be the first phone to get updated.

      • Anonymous

        The first one after the GSM Galaxy Nexus. Probably after the GSM Nexus S as well. 8(

        • Tim242

          Ummm no. That’s just silly.

      • I just looked up STFU. A bit overboard, don’t you think?

  • galactor

    With these 2 pre-installed Verizon apps, I’m beginning to wonder if future updates are still coming directly from Google or if they will be managed by Verizon.

  • MFG

    Good news!

  • Anonymous


    Sorry, had to get that out!! 

  • shdowman

    Can’t disable anything without the phone in my hand… 😉

  • fu vzw

    pictures are nice….phone is better

  • Anonymous

    How ‘about we get a button upon setup to disable and remove all bloatware upon initial power-up!  At least give us a chance to send it away!

  • Mike

    Any idea how off the ICS data usage meter is to what Verizon measures?

  • Anonymous

    F backup assistant.  It needs to be disabled permanently.

  • Anonymous

    Seeing 28gb free makes me smile.  Not knowing price, release date makes me sad.

  • My Verizon is actually sort of useful.  I tend to look at my account stats every once in a while and it’s nice to have an app to do that.  However, who the hell uses Backup Assistant?

    • Jason

      With google backing up your important stuff why the hell would you need it anymore? Does verizon charge to use it? I know I got my son a new metro pcs phone (that’s what him and his mom use) (diff households) and they charge peeps a monthly fee to use there backup app. I told the guy to plug in his old phone and move everything over and he was like it’s hard and takes alot time, just get our backup app. lol I told him to forget and we left. made my son just type everything back in lol 

      • Anonymous

        it is free on vzw.

        • Google is free everywhere

          • Anonymous

            Wasn’t talking about google clearly was talking about backup assistant. great reading comprehension.smh

          • “With google backing up your important stuff why the hell would you need it anymore? Does verizon charge to use it?”

            Yeah no google mentions here, do not get so defensive. I am just saying Google and Verizon are very similar, the question is which do you trust more?

            Also I was referring to Google’s Backup being free everywhere

          • Anonymous

            Clearly if you read his whole comment you saw that he was talking about metropcs charging to use their backup app and if verizon charges for their backup app.

      • Just sayin’

        I prefer the less info I give google about myself. I use backup assistant as I also use Verizon Email over gmail (although, gmail is good for anything I know I’ll be getting spam for). The less google knows about me, the better.

        • Why is verizon exempt from the same statement?

    • r8rs

      Who the hell uses backup assistant, not me, better question who the he’ll uses my Verizon? Not me. I’m on unlimited data and everything else so I know exactly what my bill will cost each month. Call me old school but I rely on the usps to send my bill each month, then I mail them a check. For these reasons the my Verizon app has never been useful for my needs.

      • Jason

        who the hell uses checks??? Not me! 

        • Anonymous

          Still on my first checkbook from an account I opened nearly a decade ago.

      • i pay my bill on the my verizon app every month. seriously who uses checks now days. maybe you should get one of the rotary dial phones.

        • r8rs

          I feel much more secure paying by check, I don’t trust them with my credit card number. If there’s ever a dispute about payment they can’t charge the difference with a credit card, so they don’t have me by the balls so to speak.

          • Anonymous

            I’m with you. I still prefer mailing my payment. 

          • Checks are significantly less secure than encrypted credit card payments.  Someone can intercept your check, get you routing/account numbers off it and withdraw funds from your account.

          • r8rs

            I completely disagree. I have never encountered any security issues from checks, however I have been victim of credit card fraud before and so have many others I know and I am very careful with who I choose to do business with. Check the statistics of credit card fraud as opposed to check fraud and you will see where my paranoia comes from. I am not saying that if I choose to make my phone payment through my Verizon that I or you will be scammed, this is just the way I feel more secure in doing business.

          • Anonymous

            Clearly when you use shady sites that aren’t encrypted and secured you are going to have problems with fraud. Much easier to pay online rather than use a check and have to worry about it getting lost or stolen through the mail.

      • Anonymous

        I use backup assistant. It is useful as a secondary option especially when your gmail gets hacked and you lose all the contacts there..

        • r8rs

          Clearly you are using shady sites that aren’t encrypted and secured, otherwise your gmail wouldn’t get hacked. You just proved you’re a hypocrite, lol.

          • Anonymous

            First off it is my email I’m not paying with anything through there. Not really shady sites it was more on google’s part but it’s ok old timer I am sure you still walk to work and it is up hill both ways.. Plus aren’t you anti tech anyway because mailing letters is better for communication and that’s what you used your whole life?

          • r8rs

            I don’t use my phone for any kind of payment options, never have and never will. This is not anti-tech, that’s what I use my secure home pc for. I use my phone primarily for making calls, browsing the web and email on the go, how unusual I know.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t use my phone to make payments either never said i did? Maybe you are confusing me with someone else but I never said I pay through my phone.

          • Statistically speaking your home PC is more likely to be infected with a virus than your smartphone.  You’re better off using your phone than your PC per your checks vs. credit card statistics.

    • Noyfb

      So with the NFC chip I can just go into Verizon, tap their register to pay my bill and pick up and pay for some nexus swag for my phone, like some ear buds and a case?

  • TinFoilHats

    I prefer uninstalled.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon, quit being little bitches. Release the phone!

  • FWIW, My Verizon’s not exactly useless. It’s nice to be able to see (Verizon’s internal record of) your airtime and data usage on the go.

    • Anonymous

      ICS estimates are close enough. Verizon apps look like they were coded by a fired BB employee.

      • Yeah, but VZW charges you based on what their systems say, not what ICS logs indicate. That’s why knowing the former is important.

        • With ICS though you could show a discrepancy in their data counter, something Verizon has known to have had done before. I can deal with two apps on my nexus phone, especially if the two are ones that have a straightforward purpose (even if I never use them)

  • I’m sure someone will find a way to remove these two unwanted apps. 

    • Anonymous

      Root -> Remove. Done. 

      • Jason

        exactly! I don’t see what peeps are fired up about?

        • People are fired up because these two apps mean that the system image does not come directly from Google and has been modified by Verizon. This means that future updates can also not come directly from Google and will have to pass through whatever process Verizon has for approving updates.

          • babadush

            Thank you for saying this. I got attacked yesterday because I tried to explain this. You did a better job of it.

          • Anonymous

            Man, you got hammered for that yesterday. I’m definitely on your side. It’s sad that Verizon doesn’t leave well enough alone. Just have your damn reps highly recommend it. Hell, for all I care have them sneak it on the first time they activate it at the store.

          • babadush

            Haha I know nobody understood it. What people don’t understand is if google let’s Verizon mess with the nexus everyone else will say “well if Verizon can do it so can we” then there goes the innocence of the nexus.

          • Tyrian

            Im sure that will be cleared up by Google once the phone is released. Good point to mention though.

          • that may not be entirely true.  Verizon could of passed those apps on to google, and then google added them like they do with maps, nav, music, and so forth.  If google has the hard copy, then they can still provide their own updates.  

          • Anonymous

            If Google added them, I would have thought that they would have added them to the data folder rather than the system folder where they can’t be uninstalled without root.

          • Anonymous

            updates come from google. Some testers on twitter with the vzw version get the updates from google.

  • Must be nice to have the phone and be able to disable bloatware.

    • palomosan

      Well that solves the issue and complaining that mostly everyone had regarding this two apps…now Verizon can you please give us a freaking release date.

  • first

    • Christphor

      it would be nice for droidlife to allow me to disable comments like these

      • harsh, well you could flag it but thats just wasting time….  :)))

  • Anonymous

    Bloatware will no longer be a factor in which device I get if all of it can be disabled.

    Now deal with OEM skins and update schedules, and I might consider non-nexus phones.

  • removing would be better, but disabling is better than just “hiding” it.  I’m good with that.

  • Me


  • AWESOME! i dislike backup assistant. now it will no longer tell me it failed to sync every morning

    • Anonymous

      I always skip past backup assistant setup when I get a new phone or perform a factory reset. Never have to deal with any of that.

      • Keith Sumner

        Yep! when you do that, it never pops up again!

  • i cant wait until i can take a month or two off from reading these blogs everyday, all day after i get my nexus.

    • Jrm5021

      I do the exact same thing.

    • Christephor

      you wont be able to take a month off because then kellex will then be posting things you can do with your nexus witch will drive you back to droid-life to see what the kool kids are doing with their nexus’s

      • i believe i am smart enough to figure those things out myself. and yes i will take a minimum of a month of from all these sites. Plus ive seen enough videos of this phone over the past month i think i could use it blindfolded, see how i threw in the accessibility feature. haha

        • John

          lol. well said randy. agree 100%.

        • yea same here, seems like I’m constantly looking to see when the damn release date will show up…god I hope it’s the 8th, that would be an awesome 21st birthday gift.

      • SugaShane

        This sentence* gave me a headache, witch I can’t get rid of. 

      • Mctypething

        No he won’t. He’ll be hyping the next phone. That’s the cycle of how this site works now.

  • A w e s o m e 🙂

  • Rick

    That is awesome news!

  • Sahil Mehrotra

    These new screenshots are coming at a breakneck pace. For the first time, I actually believe a release date is probable (the 8th)

    • New rumors say the 8th is pre-order with the actual release being a week or 2 after that.  Guess we’ll see next week.

      • 8th pre order ship date 15

        • Tim242

          How many phones have Verizon done preorders for? 3? I don’t think there will be a preorder. There wasn’t one for the Rezound.

          • Anonymous

            True, and VZW seems intent on making money back on RAZR and Rezound. They probably won’t make a big deal out of the Nexus. Preorders from VZW would negate most online sells of the RAZR and Rezound

      • Christephor

        where did you hear this?

      • dieringer scott


  • Anonymous

    Whoa. The comments look a little bit different. 

  • Anonymous

    Boom! Are you watching Motorola?

    Ah, who am I kidding? I only hope Google’s acquisition kicks some Moto Mobility tail.

  • Booboolala2000

    silver ling

  • T Hall

    Maybe this is why it is delayed…  Verizon wants VZ Nav on there soooo bad!!!

    • That’s my guess.   I wonder what process they use to install.  Couldn’t be manual, could it?

      • My guess is that they are trying to pay google a shitload of money to get bloatware on this thing… too damn bad VZW 2 apps are enough

  • Doug Edwards

    phone please?