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My Verizon and Backup Assistant Can Be “Disabled” Just Like Any Other System App in Ice Cream Sandwich

When Verizon decides that the Galaxy Nexus is fit enough to launch, the first thing many of you will attempt to do is remove the two pieces of bloatware that have been pre-loaded. Thanks to the “disable” feature built into Ice Cream Sandwich, you can essentially complete this task without rooting. It may not remove the item for good, but it will shut the app down from using up any resources other than internal storage space.

To complete the task, head into Settings>Apps, tap on the app you want to disable, and then click “Disable.” The app will then be removed from your app drawer and blocked from doing anything that you wouldn’t want it to do. 

And not that we didn’t expect it to have this feature, but ICS also has the ability to monitor data usage for you. Here is a picture of it in action on the 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus:

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    IMO this delay is a business problem, not a technical one.  It’s delayed for sales of RAZR, possibly the Rezound and even more the budget phones ($50-$150).  It has nothing to do with the Nexus being a better phone and all to do with ICS being a major upgrade that is instantly recognizable just from the home screen.

    Once Android 4 is seen by the average Verizon customer (who chooses Android for their smartphone) they won’t likely want to buy a phone with “old Android” with the promise of an upgrade.  Then even if they will bite on a promise they want confirmation it will get ICS.  Those that aren’t confirmed for a future upgrade will become untouchable by anyone other than those looking for free phones.

    Are there bugs and issues?  Of course, even with 4.1 being released already I bet there are still bugs that will ship with the phone.  DL continues to say there are problems but none of the sources can pass on a specific example (unless I missed them)?  Doesn’t sound too reliable.

    So Verizon’s mission IMO it to clear inventory as much as possible of all non-upgradable phones and see a return on their DROID branded phones during the holiday season.  Then when what they deem the critical sales period is over for the holidays we’ll likely see the Nexus.

    I’m no insider, but this seems a much more logical explainable than bugs alone being the problem.  Every LTE to date has shipped with bugs. 

    • Creed74

      No offense as your logic is expressed very well. I think the only way I disagree is that were it a purely business decision, VZW wouldn’t have laid out all the marketing $$$ for the failed Black Friday and other promos. Sure inventory CAN be a factor but as most know, the carriers make their money on the backend.

      What value is it then to delay rolling out an item unless it has a significant issue or two. I don’t mean a bug – I mean show stopper type deal exclusive to the LTE version. Like the LTE radio not switching between 3g/4g or the like. That is baseless but just an example of a show stopper.

      At this point, with AT&T running their version through the FCC, the window to keep the thousands (not millions) of Android users from jumping ship is closing. So is their limited “exclusivity” if it still exists at all. It’s a juggling act I suppose as to whether the VZW bean counters say “okay, if we open GN now, we will be stuck with X million dollars worth of inventory” and on the other hand saying “we are losing X number of contracts per day for the next 2 years”.

      We both agree it’s all about the money but I can’t see even a well-heeled company like VZW whizzing away the type of money they exist on just to move stock of a phone they’d prefer to sell for whatever reason

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  • What is the difference between having a google contact or backup assistant contact. I plan on getting the nexus, which to me suggests I should have google contacts.  I do have a  gmail account presently. I assume the google contacts is the way to go. If this is true how would I switching all my contacts that are now backup assistant to google contacts?

  • Wonderful. I like the ICS more and more. Can’t wait to have it in my hands! 
    A dessert for developers: Some Ice Cream Sandwich, please! http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/2011/10/dessert-for-developers-some-ice-cream.html

  • Mike

    My Tbolt has neither of these and all the visual stock looks you people are waiting for. Plus my stock battery lasts all day. I’m laying back on the GNEX.

    • NachoBro

      cool story bro

  • Creed74

    Is P3Droid a reliable “source”? Supposedly, there is a new update to ICS, version 4.1.0 which addresses tweaks to the LTE radio. If this is true, there may be a very legit reason why VZW hasn’t given a release date yet.

    At the end of the day it is a phone and if the radios have been underperforming on LTE, that could easily explain why this has gotten so protracted.

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  • This isn’t news

  • Anonymous

    If having these two apps interferes in any way with me getting updates straight from Google and on time, then I’m not getting this phone.  Period.  Getting updates from Google and ICS with hardware acceleration are the main reasons for me wanting this phone. 
    Verizon has already delayed this phone in order to pedal two turds to the masses. I’m through with Verizon if they screw this up…

  • STiK

    GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And yes… The Nexus is still being released in Jan!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    You guys are the reason why we don’t have this phone yet…u talk about Verizon’s bloatware all day so forth and so on. Why don’t you just keep quiet , wait and then when it comes out then u can talk all u want curse all day.

    • Anonymous

      so what you think is there is someone at verizon, looking through all these comments saying “oh look, no one is happy with our bloatware, lets delay the Galaxy Nexus again, maybe that will boost sales.” now i must ask you user named “Guest”, are you dumb, or are you dumb?

  • Found the first Nexus related post I could to put this in…

    Just got off the phone with Verizon Customer Srvc. for something related to my wifes phone.  Before I got off, I figured I would ask him if he knew when the Nexus was coming out.  His response…Nexus?  N-E-X-U-S?  I said yes…the Galaxy Nexus.  He said…Oh!  Galaxy…I sure can tell you.  He starts fumbling around and finally after about 20 seconds he says…”By the end of this year” and then starts reading off this line he is supposed to say…”If you would like up to date information on the Galaxy Nexus please visit…blah blah blah.”  I told him they have been saying that for quite a while now and that the rumor is that it is the 8th or somewhere thereabouts.  I said that he must be in the dark as much as everyone else.  But man…didn’t even recognize the name Nexus.  Com’on man Verizon!

    • he was to busy reading the press release about his new bosses

  • Tyler

    When i reloaded the website i saw the new picture for the article and thought that there was a new article about the Galaxy Nexus, but was sadly let down. 🙁

  • fock.. this is a nexus overload fam.. chill out not every little thing is worthy of a post.. i’ve honestly stopped F5’n.. once or twice a day now.. we get it, this phone is hella dope and we all bout to grab it, but stop this madness now.. 

    PS- this my site tho, you the man kellex..