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Wednesday Poll: Is an Android Tablet Still a Part of Your Future?

It has been about a year since we saw the first major player in the Android game, the original Samsung Galaxy Tab. That particular slate kicked off the release of the Froyo tablet era followed by the barrage of Honeycomb entries in mid-2011. The world was supposed to gobble up Android tablets by the millions, overtaking the iPad on the way. Well, we all know now that that did not happen. After reading sad story after sad story of Honeycomb tablet disappointments, we are wondering now what the future of the Android tablet game looks like. Ice Cream Sandwich could breathe new life into a platform that struggled throughout much of 2011, but we won’t know until it finally arrives.

Are you still interested in them? Did you go with an iPad instead? Have you ruled out the purchase of one altogether? Will the next batch powered by quad-core processors entice you? Be sure to weigh in through the poll and with your thoughts in the comments.

Is an Android Tablet Still a Part of Your Future?

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Soon tablet availability will be just as much as phones, i don’t know if i could shell out 600+ on a tablet and gawk at all the upcoming better ones…

  • Anonymous

    Initially I would have said no – even a month ago I would have said no. But then I was able to purchase (legally, I might add) a Colby 7″ tablet running 2.3 for $50. Sure, it’s a very low-end tablet, but still fun to mess around with. If you’re interested in buying one, you’ll have to visit the Stoneberry Outlet section of Mason Shoe Store in downtown Chippewa Falls, WI.

  • Anonymous

    Where’s the option for “Waiting for a Windows 8 tablet next year”?

    • Sp4rxx

      Nowhere – though it’s been announced, it doesn’t mean it will be out then.  I think the Poll was for existing products

  • Anonymous


  • I am going to wait for the windows 8 tablets to come out and see how they are received.  If they suck, or are too expensive, then I probably wont get any tablet.

  • Jon

    My Acer Iconia kicks ass. Can’t wait to get Ice Cream Sandwich on it. 

  • 8% of people on this website suck

  • Anonymous

    I have both an iPad 1 and a TF+Dock.  The latter definitely gets most of my attention.  I don’t think android tablets will get more than 30-40% market for a few years, but I wouldn’t worry too much about their future.  A few manufacturers may drop off, but not the whole lot of them.

  • Cuzzin

    My sister has an iPad2 and its annoying to use… Espeiclly without a micro sd slot. Copying stuff is super annoying and converting videos makes me crazy!!! I had the xoom Fe for a bit and it was awesome. Reading comic books and just lounging around reading stuff was way better. App wise tho…. Android needs to categorize phone and tablet apps better.

  • Anonymous

    Picked up a tf on black friday and am loving it. Can’t wait for it to get ICS. I use it mostly on long trips for games and movies.

  • Justin Kos

    Not really waiting for (insert quad core / better battery life ect here) i just dont think the functionality of a tablet is really there yet

  • Anonymous

    My family’s getting into tablets.

    I bought a Nook Color and put CM7 on it for my son.  I have a Transformer Prime pre-ordered.

    Dad uses a Xoom at work and uses a Lenovo Thinkpad at home (got it as a freeby from a vendor).  My mom’s looking at getting one for herself and also one for my nephew.

    None of us have even considered the iPad. 😀

  • I bought a Xoom on day 1 (it was my birthday). I made a huge mistake.

  • Anonymous

    $99 TouchPad satisfied my tablet desires.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with the majority here in thinking, “I don’t need a tablet. Its too big to make calls, and too stupid to do any real work. Just another disposable device to have to keep charged.”

    However, as a professional photographer, I’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing a used 1st gen iPad for carrying around as a dynamic, ever-changing portfolio. Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather buy an android tablet, because Steve Jobs is the devil and all that good stuff, but I’ve played with every “high-end” Android tablet on the market, and NONE of them can smoothly scroll through photos in the stock gallery app like the 1st Gen iPad. That’s generally my biggest gripe with android phones as well (besides BLUR).

    SO, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, whoever: Make a tablet that can out-smooth the 1st gen iPad and you have a customer. Period.

  • Tom Robinson

    I would consider an Android tablet, but I use Quicken for m checkbook and so far it has not come to Android, even though the other tablet already has it. Other than that, I would love to have an android based tablet. 

  • J Dub

    Bought the Transformer on BB special. Now I recommend it to others. The battery life is amazing compared to laptops. It does everything most people use their laptops for. Lay it next to the TV for commercial break browsing.

    • Anonymous

      Check out the Griffin Remote control, then you can really use your tab in front of the TV.

  • I want the Note or even better the Padfone.

  • Sean

    Where is my Windows 8 tablet option?

    • Justin Kos

      as big a android fan i am, i feel this will be a better option

    • Sp4rxx

      It doesn’t exist – nor will it be relevant as late as MS is to the tablet game….

  • Anonymous


  • TimX

    Played around with a friend’s freshly purchased Xoom back in May of this year – thoroughly disappointed.  Screen was a little shabby and not many market apps seemed to be customized for tablets at that time.  Sadly, I recommended he get an iPad if buying a tablet then, which he did, returning the Xoom.
    Since, I’ve played on the Galaxy 10.1 at best buy more than a few times and have really enjoyed it, but was in a position to purchase.  I just pre-ordered the Transformer Prime and am pumped to receive it!!
    How close can these keep getting to netbooks/laptops (keyboards/docks, office coming to iPad, etc.).
    I would NEVER buy an iPad…every apple product I’ve ever owned has had numerous issues which I’ve always had to send them back in to correct – rubbish!!

  • Anonymous

    MacBook pro works just fine for me

  • Anonymous

    II bought a couple TouchPads during the fire sale. Now, with cm7, it’s a solid device. I’m anxious to see ics on it! The hardware is great! It’s webOS that killed the device 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Just bought one for my daughter for Christmas, and getting one AFTER Christmas for ME to replace my PDA at work

  • sparty569

    Would rather have a larger phone, like a Dell Streak or Samsung Note sized Nexus.

  • Pretty much have been waiting for the App Market to catch up, which it is pretty close… now to wait until I have the money again!

  • No undecided option in the poll?
    I’m still trying to debate whether a tablet is even worth considering as a purchase. I already carry around a laptop and phone with me where ever I go. Why carry a third device which the other two can already handle everything a tablet could do.

  • Anonymous

    happy owner of an ipad 2 and i’m an android fanboy.  got the og droid on release day, rooted and oc’ed, then upgraded to the tbolt and rooted and oc’ed.  i love android for mobile phones…but NOT for tablets.  the ipad 2 experience is lag free and has tons of apps available…and that makes a tablet…the number of quality apps.

    • I’ve messed with an iPad and Xoom. Both were about equal. I don’t like how iOS is both a tablet and phone OS but to each his own. Just make sure you hurry up and put your flame suit on for supporting Apple here! Haha.

      • Anonymous

        then i guess you won’t like ice cream sandwich =)

    • The problem with iOS is that it’s lacking the synergy between apps, every app is living in it’s own world and barely connected to other apps and to OS. So Android have an edge there. Plus, Android is developing a way faster than iOS so it has chances to become a laptop replacement earlier than iOS. And the quality apps will come.  Most important 3 rd party apps are there already. In it’s current state Honeycomb tablets are quite usable and can compete with iPad if priced right. I mean iPad is a great tablet and very competitive, but I think the future is Android or maybe Windows 8 if Microsoft will do it right.

  • Anonymous

    I had an HP laptop 15 inch with radeon 6770m core i7 beast. I needed something lighter for school and i was going to buy an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. But then i started looking at the MacBooks and I saw the air. The air looked and felt really nice but i thought it was a bit too expensive. So on the wednesday before black friday, headed down to best buy to return a case that didn’t fit right for my phone. I saw that they had the macbook air 13 on sale for 1099 ($200 off). Instantly bought it instead of waiting for friday. That was a good idea because the sale was wednesday only. On friday the airs were back to their regular prices at best buy and the pros then went on sale for 1050. I don’t need the pros cd drive or big hard drive. Have an external. My macbook air lasts me through a whole day of moderate usage with some mine craft mixed in as a distraction :). Lesson of the story is that if you really want portability, get an ultra book (a macbook air or one of the other 4 competing with it) and you get the power of a notebook and the portability of a tablet. I have a smartphone and my 13 inch notebook. I don’t need any tablet to fill some “gap” companies made to try to make money.

    • I agree. It isn’t so much feature vs feature for a lot of people. It’s about portability. Since most will more then likely just do some internet browsing maybe a game or two.

    • Anonymous

      The thing is, your notebook cost more than 2-3 tablets combined.  Often, the real competition is between the fat ugly low battery laptops vs tablets like the TF, which is even faster in some things than cheap laptops.

  • Reedme

    Waiting for the Tier 1 players to release a quad-core.

  • Anonymous

    Bought a hp touch pad during fire sale knowing android would be ported. I’m now dual booting android and web os. Android side is buggy but not nearly as bad as what I expected considering its in alpha stages. Webos is awesome after you work the hell out of it with preware patches, but the problem lies in lack of app development. Which who could blame developers, why would they develop on a platform that has such a short future. But to address the original question, yes I have an android tablet. No I can’t find a real place in my life for it. I occasionally readarticles on it and write an email here or there. But to be honest 95% of the time its sitting on my end table waiting for a friend to come over and play with it and say man this things awesome. Face it, we all have super phones, I have a top of the line ultra portable with 7hr battery life, and what can I do on my tablet I can’t do on my phone. And if I’m gonna grab a device besides my phone its going to be my laptop.

  • Anonymous

    I do plan on using my transformer prime as a laptop. The only thing that separates tablets and laptops is a decent keyboard and the prime should bring that. Although as far as gaming goes, desktop all the way.

  • Pmagent2013

    I have a xoom and ipad, I’m covered either way. Lol

  • Mayze23

    Let’s see I own an Android smartphone. A tablet is just an oversized smartphone. Nope a galaxy nexus is plenty enough.

  • Anakin2solo

    How about an “I am waiting for Windows 8 quad tablets”.  My Androided Touchpad will hold me until then.

  • Dan

    Already own an HP Touchpad 🙂

  • They need to improve the stability of the software.  Too many force closes and hangups…

    • Wongjo

      Get a iPad, problem solved

  • Anonymous

    haha asking the DL community? how unbiased
    anyway i have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and I LOVE IT.. it goes wherever I go.. never leave the house without it.. i think its superior to the iPad from using both for a long time

  • right now I’m using a cr-48 with windows 8 installed.  Had a Droid OG, bought a Thunderbolt returned it for an Iphone. I can’t abide Android’s stutter-fest and really hope that Ice Cream Sandwich fixed that.  for me though, Android esp. on tablets is too jittery and unresponsive much of the time.  It doesn’t matter what specs you have if your os can’t do the basics really really well. some of the Nexus videos I have seen seem to be addressing this issue.

  • Pre-ordered the Asus Transformer Prime from Amazon. Just waiting for it now. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I voted Already Own an iPad.  I didn’t buy it, my wife got it for free for winning a sales competition at work.  Prior to getting it, I was dead set on getting an Android Tablet.  But now that I have an iPad, I realize that I really have no use for any tablet.  An Android tablet would sit and collect just as much dust as the iPad does. It really does nothing better than my laptop, especially since my main mobile laptop is a Lenovo x200t with a real pressure sensitive Wacom tablet and stylus.  

    I can do real work on it, easily and use apps that aren’t possible on the tablets.  Things like Onenote, Bluebeam PDF Revu, Solidworks/Solidedge, Sketchup… these things can’t be used on Android tablets or iPads.  I get 10 hours of battery use as well.  Sure, it’s a little heavier and bigger, but at 12.1″ screen, it’s about the size of a piece of paper and doesn’t weigh much more than a Tablet would with a bluetooth keyboard.

    My iPad is pretty much a toy for my daughter, and I can’t see myself buying another tablet (even if it runs my preferred OS Android) simply because I have no use for it.  They are a gimmick in my world.  Neat, but ultimately not as useful as a real laptop that weighs only a little more.  For small stuff, I have my OG Droid (and hopefully soon Galaxy Nexus).

  • Anonymous

    how about “already own an android tablet, want to buy a cheapo one”?  i want a cheap, maybe kindle fire or other craplet.. maybe wait til the playbook firesale happens.  just a tablet to have around and take everywhere and not care what happens to its physical condition etc.  i don’t like taking my xoom out much.

  • John

    Poor poll. Obvious choice is missing. Question is, is an ANDROID tablet part of your future. What about a non-Android tablet? ie iPad?

  • Good thing I have my HP Touchpad 32Gig running GB right now 😀 and before too long, running ICS

  • Doug

    I have been considering it for a while now just can’t see spending the money because I have my TB for my Android addiction and just got a brand new laptop recently. My biggest hurdle to over come is I can play games and chat on my TB and what ever my TB can’t do (which isn’t much these days anymore) I use my laptop. Also, I would not be buying a 3G/4G model because I have a phone for any on the move stuff. 

  • Still waiting for a 200 dollar one wi fi xoom. Or basically when i can afford one.

  • Padfone!

  • doc

    My fiance discussed this in depth since we were coming due to replacing our Windows XP laptop that she got back in college (damn thing barely turns on). And came to the conclusion when we want to use the laptop, the only thing we’re using it for is to surf the web, type some things up from time to time and check email. 

    Thus, the decision was made for her to get the Best Buy special of a Transformer on special at $250 and me the Prime, pre-ordered. I have a desktop and server that handles all of my bigger needs.

    Read some articles and see how a majority of Fortune 500 companies are switching their CEO’s, CIO’s and all the other big wigs to tablets because of their portability. Laptops will quickly become like cassette tapes. It’s just a matter of time. Especially with the advent of quad core processors. 

    Trust me, I’m a doctor.

  • Jer85008

    Picking up a Kindle Fire for my wife’s Christmas present, mostly to use as an e-reader for books and magazines. To be honest though, at $199 the ROI is just barely there, any more than that and I would not consider it a good option. No way I would spend $400-600 on an iPad or 10″ Android tablet.