Video: Motorola Shows Off Splash Guard Coating on the XYBOARD


In other non-Galaxy Nexus related news, how about that splash coating that Motorola is putting on all of their products these days? If you were looking for a device that has been released when it was supposed to and not delayed 10 times can withstand a beer spill or a quick splash of your child’s juice, you may want to think about the DROID XYBOARD or RAZR. In the video above, Moto demos their water resistant coating, while reminding you that just one droplet can ruin it all.

Wednesday Poll: Is an Android Tablet Still a Part of Your Future?

It has been about a year since we saw the first major player in the Android game, the original Samsung Galaxy Tab. That particular slate kicked off the release of the Froyo tablet era followed by the barrage of Honeycomb entries in mid-2011. The world was supposed to gobble up Android tablets by the millions, overtaking the iPad on the way. Well, we all know now that that did not happen. After reading sad story after sad story of Honeycomb tablet disappointments, we are wondering now what the future of the Android tablet game looks like. Ice Cream Sandwich could breathe new life into a platform that struggled throughout much of 2011, but we won’t know until it finally arrives.

Are you still interested in them? Did you go with an iPad instead? Have you ruled out the purchase of one altogether? Will the next batch powered by quad-core processors entice you? Be sure to weigh in through the poll and with your thoughts in the comments.

Is an Android Tablet Still a Part of Your Future?

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New Verizon MAP Shows XOOM 2 On-Contract Pricing, Galaxy Nexus Release Date Mention (Updated)

In the latest MAP (minimum advertised price) list from Verizon, we get a first look at official on-contract pricing for the new XOOM 2 models that could be in stores during the second week of December. Both the 8″ and 10″ models ranging from 16GB to 64GB are featured at prices starting at $429. The biggest of them all is the 64GB XOOM 2 10″ that will drop in at a whoppin’ $729. Pricing matches up to the current scheme for the 4G LTE Galaxy Tab 10.1, in case you were wondering how we came to the conclusion that these weren’t off-contract.

You will notice that the tablet is being referred to as the “Motorola Tablet” which is a pretty good sign that some last minute changes to the name have occurred and they won’t be going with XOOM 2 here in the states. We are now officially worried that DROID XYBOARD has made the final cut.

And below is the mention we just received concerning the release of the Galaxy Nexus. It looks like 11/28 was indeed one of the original targets, but regions are no longer expecting it to land that day. Over the last few days we have seen evidence that December 8 is the new target, so are we assuming that the 28th is completely out of the picture too?   (more…)

Motorola DROID XYBOARD 8.2 Pictured For Verizon – “XYBOARD” Name Confirmed?

Say hello to Verizon’s newest tablet-family member’s backside.  PocketNow has uncovered the back of the soon-to-be announced Droid Xyboard 8.2.  We can see a nice aluminum looking back, coupled with Verizon’s 4G LTE logo and of course a Motorola logo.  Seeing those easily accessible screws makes me curious and gives me the urge to open it up too. Anyone else? (more…)

MotoPrint Receives Update, Now Supports Upcoming XOOM 2

Motorola’s MotoPrint received an update in the Market to make it compatible with the XOOM 2 (aka DROID XYBOARD).  Everyone is still waiting to get their hands on the newest version of the first Honeycomb tablet here in the U.S., so knowing that their MotoPrint app will continue to work on their device is always good to know.  MotoPrint allows for users to connect to their Wi-Fi enabled printers and print documents wirelessly with ease.  Perfect for the office.  The device itself is still unannounced here in the states and could carry one of the more ridiculous names of our time. The most recent timeline we have for a release shows that it could hit store shelves on November 30.

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XOOM 2 on Verizon to be Named the DROID XYBOARD? Please Tell Me It Isn’t True

If you thought the name “Rezound” that has been attached to HTC’s latest Beast audio device was a little odd, wait until you get a load of the rumor for Motorola’s upcoming next-gen XOOM tablet here in the states. According to the folks at PocketNow, they have seen some “compelling evidence” that when the XOOM 2 lands here in the states, that Verizon is going to brand it as the DROID XYBOARD. Seriously. We’ll assume that’s pronounced ZI-BOARD (yes folks, like Cyborg) and will also recommend that if you buy one, that you never use that name in public or you might be laughed out of the building.

It sounds like a wannabe Android tablet that you can scoop up on Woot each day for $69 plus shipping. It sounds like the name of Van Damme’s newest straight-to-DVD flick. It sounds like the name a high level exec dreamed up on a late night red-eye, passed it off to his 8-year old to see if it was “cool”, got the thumbs up of “Yeah daddy, that name will rock my 3rd grade English class!”, and pushed it forward. Like, really? XYBOARD? XOOM was sort of silly, but at least it was quick, reminded you of speed, and simply worked. XYBOARD? Eh. I think we can attach a promotional quote of “XYBOARD – We’d call it the end of waiting (again), but really we just want it to be the end of the butt of your jokes.”


Via:  PocketNow

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Verizon Roadmap Shows Galaxy Nexus Available Online Only 11/21, New XOOM 2 on 11/30?

Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus launching via “web only” on November 21? According to the roadmap we just received and word from a source, that appears to be the case. Dates in the past have suggested that it may launch as earlier as November 17 to match the global release, but if you ask us, it’s pretty obvious that not even Big Red can decide when to put this phone out. And is there a chance they only allow you to order this online? The original Nexus One went live in a similar way, however, the Nexus S was at least available through Best Buy. I’d say that may still be up in the air as well.

Launching on November 21 does sort of make sense though. That’s the week of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, so at least the phone would be available to those wishing to pick one up during the biggest shopping time of the year.

Oh, and what about the ‘Moto 8″ Tablet’ and ‘Moto 10″ Tablet’ listed there? Those would be the two variations of the new Motorola XOOM 2 that were announced to the UK just last week. The 30th is a Wednesday and seems odd, but Verizon may be ditching that standard Thursday launch schedule that they have been on for the last few years. The Rezound is launching on a Monday after all.

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SwiftKey Tablet X To Come Pre-Loaded On Motorola XOOM 2

Reports out of Pocket Lint  suggest that the Motorola XOOM 2 will come fully loaded with SwiftKey Tablet X. As a tablet keyboard that was first introduced at CES, it was only a matter of time before an OEM picked it up to help differentiate themselves from the rest. One of the running issues with Android tablets has been the fact that there are very little differences between them. We know that HTC and Samsung have taken to skins to set themselves apart and this could be the next step towards Moto doing that with their bigger slates.

We know we have some big SwiftKey fans around here, thanks to a recent poll we ran, but will the presence of the tablet SwiftKey on the newest XOOMs be reason enough for you to go out and buy one? When I get a new device and see that Swype has come pre-loaded I always find myself a little more happy – can’t necessarily say it was one of the deciding factors for purchasing it though.

Via: Pocket Lint