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Wednesday Poll: Is an Android Tablet Still a Part of Your Future?

It has been about a year since we saw the first major player in the Android game, the original Samsung Galaxy Tab. That particular slate kicked off the release of the Froyo tablet era followed by the barrage of Honeycomb entries in mid-2011. The world was supposed to gobble up Android tablets by the millions, overtaking the iPad on the way. Well, we all know now that that did not happen. After reading sad story after sad story of Honeycomb tablet disappointments, we are wondering now what the future of the Android tablet game looks like. Ice Cream Sandwich could breathe new life into a platform that struggled throughout much of 2011, but we won’t know until it finally arrives.

Are you still interested in them? Did you go with an iPad instead? Have you ruled out the purchase of one altogether? Will the next batch powered by quad-core processors entice you? Be sure to weigh in through the poll and with your thoughts in the comments.

Is an Android Tablet Still a Part of Your Future?

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  • Since purchasing my laptop for grad school, I’ve barely touched my tablet.

  • tickle

    i have the xoom wifi, and i use it just as much as i use my laptop.
    its especially convenient for school (since i am in college), for i can use google docs.

  • Anonymous


  • I had the original Galaxy Tab when it came out. Gave it away when I bought an Acer A500 right after it came out. The Acer died so I returned it for a Galaxy Tab 10.1. I also have an HP Touchpad I got for 150. If I get another tablet, it will be a Windows 8 one.

  • Seeing as how my next phone will have a 4.65″ screen I don’t really see the point of having a tablet right now.

  • I would urge most people to get a netbook rather than a tablet if you want to get work done. Making spreadsheets, documents, and powerpoints is not the same without openoffice or microsoft office. I love my tablet for ebooks, surfing the web, casual gaming, email, music, and other casual things

    • And I have the Transformer with the keyboard dock. The battery life is incredible!

    • Libre Office is coming to Android, you know.

  • I am actually on my way to return my Gtab 7+, I still want a tablet but the + didn’t quite cut it for me.

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    I already own an Android tablet. A freaking’ great one that kicks the crap out of the iPad (which I have also owned). Android tablets are a part of my now and my future. 

  • Rooted Kindle Fire here I come!

  • Just got a Kindle Fire and its awesome.  The best thing about a tablet is using it on an airplane.  It’s smaller and easier to handle in the confined space on a plane, and I don’t have to worry about running my phone battery down and not having any when I arrive.  6 1/2 plane flight from Boston to LA, Kindle Fire all the way.

  • Syraz

    Nook Color rooted with CM7..with devs working on ICS for it like crazy..its all the tablet I need..

  • I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and my wife has the Asus Transformer and my son uses the Noon Color Running CM7 all in all rather pleased.

  • I think Android tablets are about to take off. They finally can compete with iPad on various measures:
     – prices are down now, seriously down. Basically most of Tegra 2 tablets are priced between $300-$400. So, they can compete wiht iPad on price.
     – number of tablet apps is finally reaching usable state. While it still a lot less than iPad apps, but all important apps are there.
     – ICS and quad-core tablets are just around the corner and they’ll give iPad a serious run for it’s money, while dual-core tablets will server the budget niche

  • Andrond

    Asus Transformer for the win! Much prefer it over the iPad

  • Trophynuts

    I’m still trying to justify a tablet period. Other than playing games, watching movies and collecting fingerprints what am i suppose to do with it? 

    • Anonymous

      ….You forgot read books and magazines while giving one a headache and dizziness 

  • FortitudineVincimus

    5 words – Asus eee pad transformer prime

    or better yet, 2 words – transformer prime

  • 10yck

    Don’t have a tablet yet.  Almost purchased the Transformer two weeks ago but holding out for the Prime.  Let’s hope it is as awesome as it sounds.  Will use it primarily for business/sales.  Can’t wait.

  • I already have an iPad that I was issued from work.  However, I still would love to get hold of an Android tablet to use instead because I simply don’t care to be locked into the iTunes world, and don’t particularly care for iOS that much.

    • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

      Amen! iOS just isn’t near as good as Android.

  • I have my Touchpad WITH Android CM 7.1 Alpha 3!   Can’t wait for ICS!

  • Sarge51rvb

    sold my original transformer for the prime. thank goodness for asus’ app backup in the latest update

  • Anonymous

    Ask the general US population “Is an Android Tablet Still a Part of Your Future?” the outcome will most likely be No, a tablet is not something I am considering

    – Too expensive for what they can do compared to laptops
    – Games suck on them
    – Can’t use real programs like Indesign, photoshop, cool edit, etc. on them
    – Still very much a mobile platform on a bigger screen

    • Check this. MOST people dont do serious photo editing on their laptops.MOST people dont do serious gaming on their laptops (a good gaming laptop is over a grand, thats only for us techies). They mostly use it for basic word prepossessing and web use. 
      A tablet has the potential to do those well, plus it has a cool factor, which is why they have grown in popularity. 
      They are expensive, but many people see them as a bit of a social status symbol, so there for they are willing to spend on it.

      • Anonymous

        Tablets are just media toys right now. If people want to just web surf, email, etc. the kindle is really the only Android they should look at because it is priced right. Anything more than that and you might as well buy a $300-$400 laptop (keyboard included unlike most tabs)

        • You are missing the point of portability. A tablet is much more portable than a laptop or even a netbook (not to mention that the tegra 3 blows away AMD Fusion chips in terms of processing and Atom chips). a $400 laptop is going going to weigh about 5-6 pounds while a $300 netbook will weigh 2.5-4 pounds (not to mention that quadcore chips will blow away the weak CPU’s and APU’s in netbooks) A tablet that is 10.1 inches is better for viewing the web and watching movies than a tablet that is 7.7 inches. If you attach a keyboard you can do serious word processing on a tablet that is 10.1 inches as opposed to 7.7 inches.
          For 640 you can have something that is as portable as a zenbook, that is more powerful than a netbook.

          • Anonymous

            Yes but the software on android tablets suck compared to the software on a windows laptop.

          • Hmm I would kinda agree on that one. Thats why im excited about possibly dual booting Windows 8 on my Prime

    • Too, expensive is true, but the rest is coming around. 

      -With Tegra 3 and other faster processors Games are improving drastically
      -photoshop is available for android tablets now and I feel a lot of other apps of the such are on the way.
      -with ICS it should have the ability to become more of a work operating system when you have a bigger screen assuming the app developers follow what adobe did with photoshop.

      • Anonymous

        The photoshop that is available now is not good. One can’t even use layers, create mask etc. Android tablets are definitely not for power users. The hardware is not the problem its the software. Android is tops for a mobile platform but is so far behind osx and w7

        • While I agree its not for power users, it does actually have layers

    • I worked the last Adobe MAX show, and true photoshop is coming to Android tablets. 

      • Anonymous

        Hopefully. If I can work in layers and masks in photoshop on a tablet than I may change my mind. A page layout program would be nice too.

      • Yep, I don’t see why a true photoshop can’t be on Android. Tegra 3 tablets has the power of 2003-4 laptops what can run all modern Windows apps.
        But real apps will cost real money. Not $10.

    •  – true, but it’s getting better. Prices are going down to around $300 (and below), which is putting tablets against netbooks, and tablets can compete there.
       – not really, games may not as powerful or detailed, but they support touch and accelerometer. They different.
       – most of the people don’t need these. Plus, photoshop in it’s basic form is already on Android. Yes, it’s not for pros, but it will do just fine for causal needs
       – yes, but it’s changing

    • Anonymous

      Just 10 years ago, those arguments were being made for laptops versus desktop PCs. Still, people pushed it, and now, they are more common than desktops. While I do not think tablets will replace laptops, there is a natural world where these things belong and they will fall into order quickly. Home automation, sporting event viewers (they actually allready have devices for this), shopping carts will have them playing ads with store maps and specials, rental cars will provide them with GPS to help you drive but also on foot in the big cities. Hotels will have one in the room to order services, read brochures, and check out.  $700 ipads won’t make this happen, $99 androids will.

  • kellex, your images make me orgasm! 5 tablets!

  • EC8CH

    Waiting to see what Samsung does this year with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 before pulling trigger on the Prime.

  • just not sure which one yet!!! Iconia, Streak or Galaxy & Plus

  • Hightop

    Pre ordered the Transformer Prime on Sunday!

  • I’m waiting for a good tablet/phone solution, similar to the Padfone.

  • Anonymous

    Giving my laptop (I pretty much only use it for web browsing, music, and video) to my fiance so that I can eventually get a Transformer Prime…

  • Anonymous

    I have an android tablet and plan on getting another. Check

  • John

    I have a smartphone and an 11.6″ notebook. No need for an Android or other mobile OS based tablet.

    • Mark

      I agree. Even for just web browsing and word processing, a notebook would be much better. Despite the advances in browsers for mobile OS’s, a desktop browser will provide a more robust internet experience by supporting a wider variety of internet standards. Simple mouse hover elements are cumbersome on Android even with the new but limited mouse support. There are still too many incompatiblities to make an Android tablet be a replacement for a PC.

      • ThomasM

        Ya, the people planning on replacing their laptops with a tablet are going to be disappointed. If anything, these tablets are just very expensive supplamental devices for people who already have a smartphone and laptop.

        • Anonymous

          I agree, I bought a Acer Iconia Tab a500 (which I’m trying to sell). It’s a cool toy but when my laptop broke I realized how important it is!

        • I think the good comparison to tablet would be a game console, not a laptop. You don’t really need a game console if you have a laptop and game console can’t replace laptop. But people still buying consoles. Tablet is definitely a niche device now but it works very well for a few things.  So as long as it priced right (around $300 or below) it’s going to sell well.

          • Anonymous

            Couldn’t have said it better. My asus will never replace my notebook but it is really at home on an airplane, back seat of a car, on the kitchen counter, and any other multiple times I just don’t need my laptop.

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        • Anonymous

          Yeah I was pretty disappointed with the Wifi Xoom. I was looking to replace my touchscreen laptop, only to discover that there isn’t one app that could replicate Microsoft OneNote, it’s an expensive lesson to learn. My next Android tablet will at least need to let me hand write notes for my college classes. 

          • Evernote may not be there yet, but it definitely is gearing towards OneNote. I think it has a potential.

          • Anonymous

            Dude back in school I took notes for class on a palm VII with a folding keyboard.

            A lot of people who think that a tablet cannot replace a laptop haven’t gone and picked up a Bluetooth keyboard for it yet. I sold my thinkpad after I bought the keyboard for tthe xoom. Never looked back.

        • Kirker

          Thats very true unless the decive is used for its larger display and reading.

  • Merchant

    We need to be honest with ourselves. The growth of Android phones was (at least in this country) spurred on by two factors. Lack of i*hone on Big Red and phone subsidies. A large chuck of the Android users don’t even know they have Android or don’t really care. They have a nice smartphone that they got for free or very cheap due to carrier subsidies. Every sheep who has an i*hone knows what they have and wanted to have it. Now the tablet market has neither of those factors. There are really no tablet subsidies to speak of and most tablets are bought wifi only so the carrier aspect is irrelevant. The chance of us ever taking over the tablet market are slim to known. We’ve had tablets for about a year now and we have about 5-7% of the market and a nice chuck of those are e-readers which aren’t really Android in the traditional sense with Google Apps and Google market. Now 5-10 years from now who knows what the landscape will look like but as for now the tablet market is really just the iFad market. 

    • I strongly disagree.

      • Anonymous

        He is right. The difference though, Apple makes the more money from apps because they are the sole provider on their platform and they take a cut of every single one. Revenue generated through ads in apps isn’t completely handed over to Google for them to share with their shareholders like Apple. It is more money though, just not Google’s money. make sense? 

    • Android tablets can compete with iPad on price and features, just like Windows computers can compete with Macs. Just fine. All what Android tablet need is a lively ecosystem (i.e. apps support) and I see it’s getting there.

      • Jam120992

        i dont, most apps look and feel way better on ios, simply because thats where the money is. more people buy apps on ios, and more people download the free version on android. hopefully with the roll out of ics and higher end phones, this will change. 

        • I mean there are just a few “must have” key 3rd party apps (for me that would be Netflix, Skype and Pulse) and they are working just fine on Honeycomb. Nobody needs all these 10000+ apps, most people just need to browse the web, watch movies and read books. That’s all covered. I don’t know much about the state of Android gaming though, iOS is probably ahead there.

          • Jam120992

            that and even the look and feel of the apps. most ios app counterparts feel like more time was spent on them. maybe thats just me. just for example the facebook and netflix apps look better on ios, although fb is catching up and there was the new version of netflix released to honeycomb, but still =/ 

          • They was exactly the same thing for Android phones initially (and some people say it’s still the issue, I don’t agree). But that didn’t stop Android from accelerating ahead.

          • Anonymous

            I agree. As a lover of tech in general, I switched to an iPhone 4s to see what it’s all about and the same apps are much better developed on iOS than android. You can argue all you want but ask anyone who has had both and they will tell you the same.

          • Anonymous

             I would agree to an extent. I use an iPod touch quite a bit but also run a droid as my daily device. Apps like Angry birds don’t look any different from one to the other. Other apps do. The other thing that I think people do not consider is the device the android is running on. Angry Birds on my Droid X looks better than on my iTouch and runs like a champ. Angry birds on my wifes old Droid Eris, however, looks like dog poo and runs choppy. It is like comparing Apples to…. well, fish I suppose.

          • My wife has iPhone 4 and I have enough experience with it. Frankly, I found the same app less usable on iPhone, mostly because of the dated UI look and feel (which didn’t change since 2007). The absence of dedicated settings and back buttons is driving me bollocks. Some UI elements are counter-intuitive and illogical. That tiny italic “i” button, for instance… Rounded corners on every UI element is boring too.

        • Anonymous

          Just for the record, more money is made off the free apps (through ads) than selling the same app priced at $1 app in iOS

    • Were you around when the HP touchpads were being sold? People went crazy for tablets. Price is the major major factor that goes into tablet sales right now. And Android is WAY more usable than WebOS

      • rezound

        Your evidence is a tablet that cost HP over $100million, forced them to abandon the tablet market and  consider dropping WebOS? The HP touchpad is one of the biggest disasters in tech history. Anyone who bought one is borderline retarded. 

        • What’s retarded about buying a usable tablet for $100?
          HP Touchpad is disaster for HP, not for consumers.

        • I bought the HP Touchpad during the firesale and have CyanogenMod7 on it and I love it. I’m excited for CM9 on my Touchpad. WebOS isnt bad. It’s snappy and web browsing is fast and smooth. Yeah there is a lack of apps n such but still not a bad OS. I would take webOS over iOS for what I do with it.

    • Jon

      Well, the Kindle fire and Nook are certainly subsidized tablets. Also, Android continues to sell over 500,000 phones a day, even though the iPhone is now on Sprint, AT&T and Verizon. So I think the theory that Android sold well only because iPhone wasn’t there is just wrong. Yes Android filled in the vaccum for smart phones when the iPhone was absent, but it did so because people actually enjoyed the experience it offered. 

      People do know they have Android as opposed to an iPhone. Consumers aren’t that uneducated. Even old people know when they have an iProduct or not. 

      And the hottest, best selling Android phones, have never been cheap! They go for anywhere from $199 – $299. That’s more expensive in some cases than the iPhone. 

      Remember that iPhones have been selling for $49.99 for some time now as well. So all of these theory’s your putting out there are contradicted by facts. 

      I think we all need to accept the fact, that people are buying Android phones, because they simply like them. 

      • Dan Letsch

        While I am waiting for the GN (which will be my first smartphone since the original BB Storm), and do not really care for my wife’s i*hone, I definately think that android would never have taken off in the first place (at at least not at the pace it has) had all carriers had the Icrap phone.  Now that there are so many out there and apps are building up, Android is gaining steam and cannot be stopped, no matter how many lawsuits the big fruit tries to do. 

  • Taylor Hunt

    Just ordered my first tablet. Asus Transformer Prime. I really hope it proves to be worth it.

  • I enjoy my Nook Color but I plan on getting an Ipad 2 in the future. I just haven’t seen any apps worth buying a high end Android Tablet for.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree

    • Tenley

      Yeah and the rumor is Office is coming to iPad. When that happens it will only spur more iPad sales. 

      • E A butler

        Why would MS do something like that??? If they release Office for iPad they can just kiss their Windows 8 for tablets goodbye… lol…. MS Office and Adobe CS are the only 2 reasons Mac Computers are even worth buying. Apple is truly pimp!!!

      • LibreOffice is coming to Android though, and there’s already a host of tablet office apps available.

        • Jon

          Android has several Office apps. I got them free on Amazon appstore just two weeks ago. $15 apps completely free. I use them for school all the time. But I do think there is room for a more fully featured word processor. 

  • Negativerxn

    I want one, but it would just be another toy at this point.  My productivity needs are best met with a personal computer.

  • I said I own one, becuase I technically own a Prime, it just hasn’t got here yet. It will be beast.

  • Cody

    I have a modded HP Touchpad right now, and the Transformer Prime on pre-order.

  • Ram0889

    I’m looking at and planning on purchasing a Asus Transformer Prime in January 🙂

  • Assuming we consider the Kindle Fire an Android device… Then yes, mine is on the way.

    • Definitely considered Android. 😛

  • Love my Asus Transformer.  And I’m telling everyone to get the Prime!

  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping I can get a transformer prime for reading and school. I think it would be pretty amazing.

    • Luis

      Get an ultraportable notebook instead. Much more useful.

      • Jon

        I have to disagree. My Acer Iconia, used with an Apple Bluetooth keyboard and a wireless mouse have served me well in nursing school. I can open all of the powerpoint documents and class docs. I don’t have to ever worry about battery life, and it’s nice to leave the keyboard and mouse behind when I just want to use it as a tablet. 

  • It will be my laptop replacement when this vaio dies for finally irritates me to the point where I smash it.  Laptops need more batter life and less weight, thus the tablets are a perfect fit… But I’m not buying one just to have one.

  • Need an option for other Tablet.  I have a HP TouchPad, and it rocks:)

  • Dude

    Won an iPad2, sold it, planned on getting the Prime, but then I tried an original Transformer and realized how crappy the trackpad is compared to a good trackpad on a laptop. Do people get used to that tiny thing that doesn’t respond all that well?

    • Jon

      I love my USB host port on my Acer Iconia. I just plug in my logitech wireless mouse and it works like a charm. Screw those chincy track pads. I touch the screen, or use the mouse. 

  • LOL. I love this community. Only 7/120 have an iPad. 

    Good for you all!

    • Ne

      And those 7 are feeling like idiots right now..

      • I have never met anyone with an iPad who wished they had gotten an android tablet. I think they appeal to different markets

        • Anonymous

          Ironically I’m one of them. I’ve had the Tab 10.1 and the iPad2, gave away the Tab and use the iPad. Maybe it’s because I wanted something different since I stare at Android all day long, maybe it’s because ereading is way better on 4:3 instead of 16:9, not really sure. :shrug: You wouldn’t catch me dead with an iPhone though, lulz

        • Anonymous

          I think you are right. When shopping for a tablet, I was really close to dropping the money on an iPad. I love my Asus, but the iPad is a very nice piece of hardware. I thought I would be able to take the easy user tablet for my wife and daughter to share with me, but then I would have my tricked out DX in my pocket anyway. Well, as you might expect, my phone gets less playtime now and my Asus is the tricked out toy I play with. My wife and daughter still get to play with it though. My 4 year old was showing my 76yr old dad how to navigate and play games and netflix on it.

        • Jon

          Funny cause I sold my original iPad because it kept force closing like crazy on any and every app. Never could figure out why or how to prevent it. I eventually opted for the far more stable experience on Android. Going from the iPad to my Acer iConia Tablet was like a breath of fresh air. Even my non techie girlfriend appreciates the Acer iConia over the iPad. 

    • Anonymous

      I have a ipad2 that I won in a drawing at a work staff meeting. My boss started laughing when he pulled my name because he knew I was the only one at the table that didn’t really want it.

      Honestly and objectively, I’m a huge fan of tablets now that I’ve had one for a few months. At the same time I really don’t like a lot of the things about the ipad and wish I had a nice Android tablet instead.

      Also, I was sitting on my floor last week, reading on it and set it down on my lap to take a drink of beer. It slid out of my lap, fell vertically maybe 3-4 inches onto the floor, then fell over and gently knocked/leaned over the beer I was reaching for. After cleaning up the floor I picked the ipad back up and the bottom 1/3 of the screen was shattered. From just gently tapping the glass and knocking it over. I was amazed at how poorly it had held up to such a minor incident.

      Also, I get force closes often on it. The only difference is, it doesn’t say it’s force closed it just returns you to the main screen as if you’d pressed the home button. It happens most often with the app store. Anyone saying ios is bug free is a liar. Sure, it doesn’t happen all the time, but the fact that they design it for such a limited number of hardware configurations should mean absolutely zero issues(or clsoe to it) IMO. The iOS 5 update also eats through the battery twice as fast and I don’t have iCloud set up and have email on manual refresh so it’s not a syncing issue.

      Applications in the app store are way overpriced, the web browsing is clunky and annoying. I don’t get where anyone can say the web browsing is smooth. You open a web page and it loads the top portion that fits on the screen, then you try to scroll down and all you get is the checkerboard while it takes forever to load the rest of the page. It’s even difficult to click through links, you have to hit them 3-4 times to get it to realize you want to click through.

      My opinion and experiences. Tablets, Hooray! iOS, not really. I clicked on the considering an android tablet vote.

      • Jon

        Holy Shnikes! So the force closes haven’t been fixed even on the iPad 2? I got force closes like crazy on the original iPad. I figured they would have fixed that by now. 

        iOS is beautiful in it’s own way, but I needed more than that, I needed functionality. 

        Oddly enough, It’s easier for me to sync iTunes to my Android devices using an app called iSyncr, than it was to sync iTunes and the iPad. 

  • FSFer

    Nook color cm7 count?

  • Anonymous

    I already own a smartphone, why do I NEED a tablet?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      no one said anything about NEED.. you dont NEED a smartphone. hell, you dont NEED a cellphone. and we dont even NEED 4g.

      • Anonymous

        Remember those days when you got a page and had to pull over somewhere to use a pay phone? I remember my first cellphone, could barely use it becase the bill would be higher than my car payment. And now… here we are… Like crippled kids with our electronic crutches.

    • I would compare a tablet to a Xbox before I compared it to a cell phone. They are the epitome of luxury item

      • Anonymous

        Exactly. It is more like surround sound, big TVs, blue rays, game consoles, toys, etc.. A PS3 and the Wii has a web browser in it but you will never here me compare it to a desktop. They are toys first, tools second. My phone is the opposite.   

  • I actually traded my iPad for a Xoom; never looked back. I think Android is the best on a tablet

  • As soon as Amazon ships my Transformer Prime I will have the glory of a tablet. They are totally great media tools to view the web, more portable than a laptop with a much bigger screen than a phone. Plus they great gaming potential, which is a plus. I totally found a way to justify blowing half a grand on a gadget that i will use everyday.

    • And people really need to stop hating on the iPad. it is a great tablet with a vast app market optimized for it. If I didnt know how much more potential android has over iOS for tablets I probably would of bought an iPad based on how many apps it has. 

  • Anonymous

    Shortest poll ever!

  • Anonymous

    I just wish VZW had better android-based tablet options available….

  • Ignitros

    First post and first vote! Nice!!!