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Samsung Galaxy Nexus with 4G LTE – Official Specs

With the Galaxy Nexus getting a full video tour this morning, it’s only fitting that we get confirmation on the specs of the 4G LTE version here in the states. Yep, that means we now know all there is to know about Verizon’s version of the phone, aside from an official release date of course. Confirmed is the bigger 1850mAh battery that we first reported earlier in the week, a welcomed addition to a phone that will likely struggle as the rest of them at getting anyone through a full day on a single charge. We also get to see the thickness which measures in at 9.47mm. Other than that though, nothing much else has changed. We are seeing two size variants of 16GB and 32GB – still tough to tell if Verizon will sell both or not. 

Official 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus Specs:


  • 4.65″ HD(1280 x 720) Super AMOLED
  • Contour Display (curved glass)

Size (mm)

  • 67.94 X 135.5 X 9.47 (LTE)


  • 150g (LTE)


  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth


  • Storage 16GB/32GB
  • Memory: 1GB RAM


  • 5MP continuous auto focus
  • 1.3MP Front
  • LED Flash
  • Zero shutter lag
  • Video recording in 1080p


  • Micro USB


  • Battery: 1850mAh
  • OS: Ice Cream Sandwich (newest Android)
  • CPU: 1.2 GHZ dual core processor
  • Notification: 3 color LED
  • Mics: 2 Mics
  • Buttonless
  • NFC
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyro
  • Compass
  • Proximity Light
  • Barometer

Via:  Google

Cheers Jake, Timothy, and everyone else who sent this in!

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  • Usually rumors of a battery size are over exaggerated, and well launch time comes, I’m usually underwhelmed. The rumors were around 1750mAh.  Finally we get more then we expected!   And with a 4.65 inch screen, well I guess I won’t be shopping for a tablet now.

  • Anonymous


  • KELLEX, you might want to update the specs. it looks like the website has UPDATED and has CHANGED the storage size from 16/32gb to just 16gb.

  • I’ll like get the G-Nex, but I’m gonna wait until Late January. Big V usually cuts the price after 6-8 weeks.

  • Jnevels89

    Does anyone know if there is an alternative to an HDMI port on your phone for streaming media?(Netflix, Music, Hulu+) I have a Bionic and was extremely disappointed that the Nexus Prime didn’t come with that feature. I love the mirroring feature since I dont have a actual laptop or computer. Any suggestions?

  • Mari

    My sister is a manager at my local verizon, theyve already had online training for the GNex but no release date has been given. Im thinking a week at the most for a release date, not even that

  • Maggs1043

    Why don’t u all talk about the phone instead of each other

    • Granted

      And best comment on this website EVER! Goes to Maggs1043!!! What is it like having the smartest intellect here? I think this comment should be branded into everyone’s melon.

  • obsessor

    thank god I have big hands. think about it on the positive side, youll have a fully capable mini entertainment system in the palm of your hand. 720p ftw!

  • wildabeast84

    Really interesting how many imature and negative comments are on here. I Love the phone and think it will do really well based on the polls I hope it outsells the razr and the rezound and also the 4s but that may be a stretch with all the apple heads out there. but hello apple heads your itunes switch over to google music now! look out!

  • My pocket holds 20 cm, I’m sure the length would seem like a complete afterthought once anybody gets their hands on it.

  • MotoDroid82

    ok so the specs are official so when will the official date of release be???  Keep waiting for reserving mine on Verizon.com?

  • still loving this phone. please come out soon. 😛

  • Whats with all the bitching about this phone being too big? Any guy whos around average in size will fit this phone in his pocket, no problem, unless you dress like an idiot. The ladies carry these things called a purse, no problem there. As for the rest of you who don’t fit into one of these catergories why are you on here bitching about this phone when you know it wasn’t built for you? Does every phone on the market have to fit your needs? Go buy a phone that meets your needs and then shut the f**k up!

  • Jason Pitts

    Wasn’t there a video posted on this site with the 9 different colors for the notification LED? 🙁 I’m a bit OCD and i’m hoping that this spec sheet is wrong. 

  • Anonymous


  • vincent scala

    i read that the 16gb version is only available in the UK so that’s good for the US users

  • Anonymous

    This thing is almost as thick as the Rezound.

    • Anonymous

      It is definitely not anywhere near the resound…

  • Anonymous

    150g? WTF!

  • i heard there is a real tree camo version coming out in may i’m waiting on it

  • David Hayden

    “Storage 16GB/32GB”

    This is still what I am most curious about. When are we going to see the pricing of these two versions?

    • vincent scala

      i read that the 16gb version is only available in the UK so that’s good for the US users

  • Anonymous
  • Rob

    Dude it comes with a gyro?

    Extra tzatziki sauce, please!

  • The release date should be a required spec

  • Tneel317

    I’m undecided. I am up for an upgrade in December. Not sure if I want to go with the Nexus or the iPhone 4s. Any suggestions or comments to hel a girl out? Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      the answer to this is obvious….

      • Tneel317

        What is the obvious answer johnc7995?

        • Anonymous

          I speak on behalf of johnc7995. GALAXY NEXUS.

    • There’s really no question. Galaxy Nexus for sure.

    • TC Infantino

      While risking being labeled an iphone collaborator I have to say that it depends on certain factors.  Do you have any other apple products, and is your music collection entirely in itunes?  If you don’t primarily have apple products, and if you are fairly techno-savy I would most definitely recommend the Galaxy Nexus.  It is by far the better of the two choices you list, bigger screen, newest Android OS, 4G LTE speeds…read insanely fast data speeds, NFC..Near Field Communications ie-pay or transfer information just by being next to a receiving device, all the Google goodies including the new music cloud service, not to mention the fully customizable user interface.  So yes, the G-Nex is the better phone, but it is all about what you feel comfortable with.

      • Tneel317

        Thanks a bunch, TC!

  • Tneel317

    I’m undecided. comments or suggestI am up for an upgrade in December. I’m undecided between this phone or the iPhone 4s. Any suggestions to help a girl out?

    • Anonymous

      I am scheduled to buy a Galaxy Nexus when it comes out on Verizon. Right now I am utilizing Apple Store’s 30-day return policy to try out the iphone 4s. Other than the 3G speeds.. really the iphone 4s is a great phone.
      I plan on getting  my hands on galaxy nexus as soon as it comes out.

    • Granted

      Depends on what you want out of a phone? If you want lots of customization then I’d go with an Android. If you just want all the normal functions and apps, I’d go with the iphone.

  • Will there not be a fracking micro SD card slot?

    • Anonymous

      No micro SD.  Nexus S and the GNex do not have them.  Google wants people to use the cloud.

      • Granted

        Yeah and I’m not fond of cloud only anything. A good example is like when I buy and download games from the Xbox Live Marketplace. It’s so awesome to buy and have access to a game that quickly, it’s convenient. But if I want to let a friend borrow the game or sell it, well not an option. Yeah developers lose money from used sales blah, blah, blah. I’m a developer and I could give two shits if someone legally bought my game and then sold it and someone else bought it used. If the initial product is good enough I don’t have to worry, all my new sales will suffice. Greed is the cause. Numbers are propaganda to spew. If they want cloud only they need to make a way I can one time burn my app, game, song to disc or something compatible. Yeah there are less scrupulous ways around this, I don’t give a damn. Not the point. If I buy something I want to own it. The shield of customer convenience is bullshit, cloud only anything without a right or way to maintain a physical copy to be free to do what I please with, only benefits one person. The person selling the product. Plus I don’t trust the security of cloud, yeah it’s their reputation, so what, the evil are cunning. Bullshit!

  • is this coming to Verizon or not!?

    • Anonymous

      yes, we have already figured this out months ago. calm yourself fat man.

      • Granted

        Another nerd hiding behind anonymity, protecting self-loathing, and thoughts of daddy touching him, by bring unfriendly to new people to the website. Our of course those that don’t live their life by a phone.

  • Anthony Vella

    You do know phones are priced from the manufacture and Verizon either accepts or deny’s them. Steve Jobs told AT&T that they would not control the iPhone’s price and thats why Apple had full control of the phone. Verizon has to approve the price given of the manufacturer and Verizon doesn’t budge unless its $299. These phones are actually priced at $199 but Verizon makes them budge the price to $299.

  • it says 3 color LED.  i thought there was a video the other day showing a “rainbow” of colors using the LED.  what am i missing?

    • Anonymous

      Probably primary colors (Red/Blue/Yellow) that can combine to make other colors.

      • but LEDs are on single light coming out of a single “bulb” right?  you would need to turn on multiple bulbs to then have them “blend” together?  maybe that happens right below the phone surface and the light you see has already been “blended”.  just thinking out loud.

        • yes you see the “blended” light of the RGB LED. Not sure exactly what LEDs they are using but you can have multi color in the same bulb. its the same way a screen works there isn’t purple pixels there are rbg subpixels that make different colors. has nothing to do with how close it is to the phone or anything.

        • Arlington Albertson

          It’s an RGB LED which allows it to change colors based on voltage inputs and outputs. It should just be a single LED that can perform that… However internally it has four leads and essentially is a 3-4 in one unit.

        • cool.  thanks for the info.

  • Anonymous

    I suspect Verizon will have a 32GB version only at $299. Remember, these are Google’s 4G LTE specs. Not Verizons.

  • Still thinner than the Droid X. 

  • Anonymous

    Any confirm on SD slot?  If there is, getting a 16B model and buying a micro sd will probably be cheaper than buying the 32GB model

    • JMac726

      No SD slot

  • Anonymous

    The battery is big on this device, but it will still not be enough since this garbage has the hd display. It is also lacking the ddr2 ram. Samsung still putting the first generation  ram in their devices shame on you sammy, even HTC is using the ddr2 ram 🙂

    • Guest


    • Anonymous

      Oh sh!t, I totally forgot that people look at ram ddr to determine what phone they want. Not how beautiful their screen is, not having all the cool features in ICS, not having a sleek design, but smartphone is all about ddr ram.

      Btw, Galaxy Nexus will have LOT better battery life than Rezound and probably par with Razr (reading from reviews, Razr didn’t have that great battery even with not HD screen.)

      • Anonymous

        Samsung use weak radios in their device.

        • Guest


          • Anonymous

            Let the steam out midget.

  • Verizon

    OCCUPY GALAXY NEXUS! (If verizon tries to screw us over with a 16 gb version)

    • Granted

      Yeah…because those hippie relativists are a good example to model your movement of lack of instant-gratification by. Occupy Smegma.

  • Interstellarmind

    i was totally holding out over the 5mp camera. but F it. i’m tired of skins slowing down andy. time for a pure google experience. I AM SOLD.

    can’t wait for this awesome device to come out and be in my hands (then be overclocked to ridiculous speeds!!)

    • Anonymous

      Samsung has good cameras in their devices. It is notjust the MP that matters, you need a good sensor and lenz to match the MP. If you are into cameras and display, the rezound has the upper hand.

      • Anonymous

        the rezound is not a bad camera but the nexus looks better.

        • Anonymous

          the rezound’s camera and front facing camera are awesome.

          • LionStone

            Have you tested the REZounds camera? I have and it does not have zero lag shutter. Nexus all the way!

  • James

    Why is it so long? I thought the screen is equivalent to a 4.3″ phone with buttons. It’s longer than my Thunderbrick.

    Why are bezels getting bigger and bigger in these phones?

    • Jesus

      Ya, others may be concerned about the thickness but to me, the length of the Nexus is more alarming.

    • Mark

      I don’t like how all 3 new phones have gotten bigger than previous ones and yet the screen sizes are essentially the same.

      • Jorge

        Ya, they’re sacrificing a lot in length and width for just a little bit in thiness. I don’t like those bezels on all the new phones.

        • ChrisK

          I’m really not liking this trend of “let’s make these phones bigger without increasing the screen size.”

      • Confused2much

        I bet you don’t mind them squeezing in that pesky LTE radio that takes up a little extra room though 😛

    • Ice

      Ugh, seriously. They really need to go back down to 4″ screens… I’m not buying a phone that doesn’t fit in my pocket.

      • ben

        completely agreed! who wants a 4.5″ screen if its not gonna fit in their pocket. 4″-4.3″ is the right sizing.

        • Anonymous

          I’m going to be rocking a 4.65″ screen soon and have no doubt the phone will easily fit in my pockets.

          What self-respecting male would wear pants with tiny girl-pockets?

          • Renold

            Not everyone is fat.

          • JDub

            Not everyone is gay either.

          • Anonymous

            Not everyone wears pants that show every detail of their bulge either. Just saying.

          • Sal

            I feel sorry for the guys who don’t have a bulge no matter how tight there pants are. Just saying.

          • Anonymous

            I feel sorry for those who wear nut huggers and still have no bulge.

          • JosephG

            fail, you just reworded sal’s comment.

        • Pmegna704

          I agree…..4.3 is my limit that why I am wait for Fed Ex to drop off my Rezound right now. The GN looks great but to big to carry around for me…..I’m starting to think 4 inches is the best screen size.

          • Hans

            given the rezound has physical buttons and is like 4mm thicker than this phone, i dont see how it would fit a pocket better.

      • Anonymous

        Stop wearing those tight hipster pants then. Unless you’re a lady (girl pants have tiny pockets), then just keep it in your purse.

        I don’t buy pants with tiny pockets and I have large hands, so I really like the size of my Bionic and I’m sure I won’t have an issue with the G-Nex either. Larger displays just make it so much easier to navigate using the touchscreen.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it’s way too long.  It’s almost an inch too long at this point.  If only they could have packaged this thing with a smaller screen or trimmed off a lot of the bezel. 

    • Gus

      all 3 phones have way too much bezel.

  • Ok, i cant take it…im jumping ship to verizon for this phone in january from Tmo.
    gawd knows they prolly wont even get this thing anyway

  • Anonymous

    9.47 or 7.1 hhhmmmmmmm…………..

    • J Dub

      We’ll let the ladies weigh in.

    • Anonymous

      The razor is about 9.40 with the verizon case lol 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Please do buy the Razr. So that I may have the chance of getting the GNex on its first day.

  • El El Kool J

    all my music and photos are on the cloud anyway.. (google music, google+) I only have a 16GB sd card on my Droid X and I still have about 8GB left only apps and ROM backups are on my SD card..  Do you really need that much memory any more… I sure don’t.. I love the cloud services..  😛

    • honestly, if the lower end was 8 gigs i’d be worried. but 16 is plenty. i have access to 50 gigs of mp3s through google music. all my photos are stored on picasa and videos on youtube. i have no reason to need more than 16 gigs. but i’ll take 32 🙂

    • J Dub

      I have had my OG Droid now for 2 years. It came with a 16 GB card installed. Not once have I gone below like 7GB. That’s 2 years of backups and who knows what else lingering on my card. Like you say, I am pretty sure 32 GB is more than enough you need on a phone. I mean that translates into easily 10 movies, 100 albums, over 1000 photos, and then you still have plenty of storage left. Who needs that much offline storage? I mean even going camping without a connection that’s a movie a night and endless music.