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No Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy Nexus, No Worries – Survives Key Scratch Test with Flying Colors


Your disappointment in the lack of Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy Nexus was pretty evident back at this post. Even with Samsung’s acknowledgement that they decided to use a different fortified glass with a less prominent name, there were still some skeptics. Maybe the video above will help ease your mind. The UK G-Nex is given a good key rubbing and comes out – unscathed. Not that we were worried that it wouldn’t.

Cheers Murali!

  • Rovingtrader13

    The screen still shattered in a four foot drop test done by Slip Gizmo or Gizmo slip on Youtube…  The Galaxy SII does fine though…?

  • Btc5472

    I just dropped my galaxy nexus on hard tile. From two feet up. (It fell out of my jacket pocket when i bent over) it survived. Perfect condition. Thst is the reason why i looked up what kind of glass the nexus has.

  • Brianmacarthur

    Mine is a scratch magnet after 2 weeks. My droid x never had a screen protector, and it’s screen now looks better than my GN.I regret not going with the RAZR. Screen protector en route and couldn’t arrive soon enough.

  • This glass can be as thin as 0.5 mm and can also be found in the thickness of 2 mm. However, its strength and resistance remains the same in all kinds of thickness. http://www.whatisall.com/

  • Anonymous

    Big freaking deal! Passes the key-test, but…

    …my Droid X supposedly has Gorilla glass and looks like absolute HELL from being pulled in-and-out of my back pocket for the past 9 months. On top of that, the thing has NEVER been touched by anything sharper than a fingernail. The display has got tiny tiny scuffs all over it. Must have some wild dust bunnies in my pocket?


  • guest

    Don’t usually bother with saying anything about the scratch test, but here goes.

    Keys are made of brass or soft stainless steel for the most part.  If you want to test something for scratch resistance, use some common dirt off the ground.  Sand, dust, pieces of silica (sand) and pretty much anything other than house keys would be a better test.

    Oh, and before anyone says something along the lines of “I don’t carry a beach in my pocket”…. yes you do, you just are not aware of it.

    Flame on ——–>

    p.s. having blurted that, it’s still a visually impressive test.

  • why buy a screen protector anymore?

  • Joshua Dudash

    Pretty awesome, great job sammy

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  • No Ka Oii

    Well since glass is harder than brass, keys shouldn’t scratch glass anway. Brass is about a 5 on the Mohs scale of hardness and glass is a 6 to 7.


  • Vicdan58

    get ur gorilla rocks off girls                  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_devices_with_Gorilla_Glass

  • I will not buy a phone without brand name glass, even if it is just as good.  😉

  • Vicdan58

    gorilla glass my #ss, wikipedia lists all phones with it

  • Whett Phartz

    Yes! Now I can put my phone in my tight jeans pocket with my 8 knives, a razor blade, and a handful of wet sand!

  • Take some sand and rub it on the glass with medium pressure, hello scratches.

    • Chrisriner84

      thats because most glass is made from sand.  Have you ever seen a beach that was struck by lightning?  turns it into glass.  like scratches like- take some diamonds and rub them on some diamonds with pressure, and they too can scratch. 

      • Yep, I know why it scratches. Lets see him try it.

  • Anonymous

    Keys are made from soft metal. This is a bullshit test.

    • Whett Phartz

      I agree. We should test with other things that may be in someone’s pocket besides keys…

      … like a condom.
      … or a hydrogen bomb.

      • I personally keep a banana in my pocket.  That’s why all the ladies say “Is that a banana in your pocket or…..”  😉

      • Anonymous

        Try three grains of sand. Gorilla glass or not.

    • It’s a legit test.  It’s the item people are most likely going to have in their pocket with their phone.

      Sure sand and knives might do more damage, but who keeps a handful of sand or an open knife in their pocket.  And if you do, I think you have bigger issues than what your phone looks like.

  • Anonymous

    who does this to there phone, especially one that is unreleased?

  • that pained me to watch

  • Anonymous

    That’s INSANE!!

  • Anonymous

    I hate the UK so much right now.


  • hatethanet

    British people have weaker arms, thus less force on that scratch test. jk

  • Keith Sumner
  • Anonymous

    That’s good to see because I noticed my girlfriends Nexus S has some micro scratches on it and she’s only had it for a few months.

  • Oem

    So Samsung found another OEM manufaturer who can produce a similar product at lower price.

  • All these little videos are like a night of “let down sex”……sooooo close to climax……….then nothing.  :/

    • Djlowproz

      also known as blue balls from a guys point of view

    • Chrisriner84

      yeah, thats because your a girl.  guys don’t have let down sex.  not even with themselves.

  • Conspiracy Theory: What if British keys are softer than American keys?

    • Dom Armstrong

      British keys are made from sponge.

  • Dane Butters

    Looks like @p3droid has had a different experience…

    • Nico

      Good for him.  Let’s see a video rebuttal or he doesn’t matter.

    • Link or it didn’t happen

  • RECK

    This is bullcrap p3droid put his phone with his keys in his pocket and it scratched. I trust his opinion over murali. I didnt even watch the vid but on reg use if i just so happen to mix my keys w. My nexus i wouldnt want it to scratch at all. Just .my opinion

    • Whett Phartz

      Then p3droid is a moron. Why would anyone put their phone in their pocket with their keys unless they were dumb as a sack of hammers?

      • RECK

        He called it his test. We all have our days where we accidentally put in in a pocket with our keys. I dont i trained my hands not to lol. This test is stupid and u should aee his scratch
        Small as hell. U cana barely see it lmao

  • Anonymous

    I was going to buy the RAZR because of  G-Glass gate, but after seeing this video…..scratch that.

    • Anonymous

      I see what you did there.

      • Another ‘you mad bro?’ douche I see.

        • Jack Hoffman

          u mad bro?

        • Lighten up Francis

    • Anonymous

      *Slow Clap*

  • Tyler

    Never worried about this but it makes me happier i guess 🙂
    My Motorola Droid doesn’t have any major scratches and and few minor ones and I doubt it has Gorrila glass so i could care less as long as it was better then my droid’s screen is.

    • Monty Waggoner

      I always thought that the OG Droid did have gorilla glass.

    • Anonymous

      OG Droid has Gorilla Glass.

  • Mr. English

    These key tests mean nothing to the daily wear down the phone will/may be subjected to. It also means nothing to your phone. I’ve seen plenty of phones take a beating that should have demolished them and come out unscarred, and then I’ve seen phones get destroyed by something simple that should have had no effect. Key tests on videos are useless to me (imo) as they do not provide empirical evidence of the hardiness of the device. 

    • But now you know that it is completely ok to keep it in your pocket with your keys. That’s what really matters here. 

  • i yelled at the screen for them to stop when they started the “test”.  if i had one, i wouldn’t be doing THAT to it.  

  • Duck Dodgers

    You could just keep your keys and phone in separate pockets. Been working for me all this time with my OG Droid.

    • Jason

      That’s just crazy enough to work!!! You might be on to something good sir

  • Jack Hoffman

    @P3Droid disagrees:

    @P3Droid Pro tip: don’t put keys and nexus in same pocket damn it if I don’t have a scratch.

    • Anonymous

      I guess we oughtta get clarification if the scratch was on the screen or the rest of the phone.

      • Jack Hoffman

        I’ll post pic for you to see..it failed my scratch test..

        • Jamdev12

          Please post pic.

        • James Friedman


        • Jack Hoffman


          This is my lovely scratch yfrog.com/j2o8vhyj

  • Anonymous

    Verizon probably wanted Samsung/Google to put Regular glass or plastic on their version to cripple it.

  • Anh

    Ouch that hurt just to watch!!

  • Anonymous

    Piss on gorilla glass in my opinion. My og never scratched and I attacked it with my keys. The Dow company just wanted a piece of the smart phone action.

    • Anonymous

      “My og never scratched and I attacked it with my keys”

      Did the OG droid not have a power button?  Only key start?

      • Anonymous

        I used it to prove scratch protectors are pointless. I like my phones like my women. NAKED!

  • Anonymous

    Gorilla glass or not..I would never do that

    • Anonymous

      He really trusts Samsung

      • Jason

        It was probably his buddies phone! He did it when his friend got up to go to the bathroom lol

  • Anonymous

    You have to have balls to be the first person to subject an unknown smartphone screen to the scratch test

    • Nex


    • Jason

      Would have been a bad day if it didn’t work out lol trying explaining that to the return desk!

      • Dom Armstrong

        Fear not… Samsung Mobilers get test devices!

    • Whett Phartz

      Why? I’d rather not use my balls to test a phone. That’s what keys are for.

    • or…insurance?

  • Told you so.

  • Jerry Wilcox

    Dang you for showing off…lol i want my phone..thanks for showing off your phone. I wish that Verizon would make that popping sound, and tell us when we can buy it here in the states. Thanks again.

  • Anonymous

    Simply put, there’s no Gorilla Glass because it’s a CURVED screen.

    • The Nokia Lumia has curved gorilla glass.

      • Anonymous

        ok, well, that was explanation I was given. Maybe it’s the size or angle..who knows.

        • Anonymous

          Mebe gorilla glass ain’t all its “cracked” up to be.

        • they just didnt buy gorilla glass, there are many other makers and durable glass products… gorilla i just the name of one of many

          • Anonymous

            while true, Gorilla glass is essentially the gold standard. The Droid Charge doesn’t have it either….this is supposed to be the same, but considering she couldn’t get why it didn’t have it right don’t know if I should believe that either.

        • Another failure by zepfloyd.

          • Anonymous

            lol, more like a failure by the woman Samsung decided to call their rep…

  • John

    “I might throw it down the stairs later. Stay tuned!!”

    i call bs on that 😉

    • Dom Armstrong

      Check my YouTube Channel.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Samsung precision Glass?

  • Roshan John


  • HypeBeasting!

  • Mps623


  • Richard Yoo

    wow, four Galaxy Nexus news in a row. May the fifth one be the release date.

    • Rick

      Boy, I hope so!

    • Jared Carter

      May the Fifth is my wedding day! seems like a long time to wait though

      • Richard Yoo

        Congrats on the wedding-

        Once you get the GNex in your hands those 5 months will fly by.

      • You married Isis?

  • Sure it can survive a key test…but will it blend?

    • Anonymous

      Cue cheesy grin

    • Josh Nichols

      Oh how I was waiting for this one..

  • Jduncan31990

    damn it why do people wanna try to scratch up a new phone like that!

    • Anonymous

      The sad thing is that that phone will be re-boxed and shipped to one (un)lucky customer.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Didn’t Samsung and Corning form a joint venture that makes glass displays very similar to Corning’s Gorilla Glass?

  • Anonymous

    How about lack of a release date. I am still disappoint. 

  • Kennie


  • droidrev71


  • Anonymous

    These videos are killing me. Launched overseas today. Still no official release date in the US. Last time I checked Google was a US company and they’re not releasing it in the US first. Google has got to be PISSED at Verizon for all the delays.

  • EC8CH

    but will it blend?

  • Nex

    Am I the only one thinking with all the video’s and info being released, Nexus could be dropped any day?

    • Anonymous

      no, abundance of new vids is primarily because of the european release.

      • John

        ya. those crazy foreigners are doing all the testing we would be doing

        • Shiggity

          Deh turk er jeeeeerbs!

      • Nex

        Even the ones with the Verizon logo and bloatware apps on it?

        • Anonymous

          no, hence my use of the word ‘primarily’. most, not all. this vid has nothing to do with the verizon g-nex

  • Anonymous

    (Cartman voice) sweeet

  • Anonymous

    As if Sammy wouldn’t showcase a work of art behind quality glass…please.

  • The people that were mad at no name brand “Gorilla Glass” are probably the same people that excited that the Rezound comes with “Beats by Dre” lol

    • Anonymous

      or the people who were upset that the Droid X/2 didn’t come with a “snapdragon” processor.

      • JD

        Who in their right mind  would be upset about that?

    • Dane Butters

      Kind of a false analogy I think…  branded earbuds are no different from normal earbuds, but high-strength, scratch-resistant ceramic screens are a big step up from plain glass.  

      • What he meant was Gorilla Glass is just a brand name. There are plenty of alternatives.

        • Anonymous

          Exactly. Corning isn’t the only company producing fortified glass. If the performance of the product is as good or better than Gorilla glass then I could care less what they call it.

          • Anonymous

            Well the thing that worried/wondered me was what the glass actually was. The glass SHOULD be made by Corning because they have a joint venture with Samsung so it would be uneconomical and unpractical to get it from someone else. So the question is, if it’s not Gorila Glass, then what the hell is it? A newer custom-spec glass?

          • Anonymous

            Maybe it is because of the curved screen?  Gorilla glass may not be suitable for that?  That would explain a custom solution.

          • Anonymous

            Well it would have but Gorilla Glass did announce a curved version of it last year and I’m pretty sure it’s in a couple of devices already. So I don’t think that’s the reason here.

          • Far as i remember Samsung runs everything as a bidding game. ( i could be wrong on the everything part though) That is why you have Samsung phones that don’t run Samsung parts, when they clearly make a viable part. If it is true they do that for everything. I could see Samsung going with a no-name brand that had a better bid ( assuming it passed certain requirements on scratch proofness i am sure).

        • Keith Sumner

          There are alternatives, but Gorilla Glass is proven, tried and true, tested and passed scratch resistant flexible glass, not only that, their formula is patented.

          • Jason

            ie more expensive to have on a phone.

        • i just wanted them to say hey this screen is tough. Other companies as of late have highlighted gorilla glass in addition to noting screen strength. Maybe less time talking up roboto and face recognition and more time with the talk talk on the screen strength.

      • Anonymous

        That’s not entirely true. The branding doesn’t really matter, but a decent pair of buds is likely to be better than the ones you can pick up in the aisle of the drugstore for $7. And the thing that is more “exciting,” and I use the term loosely, they’re in-line headphones with buttons that work in an Android phone. Granted, just HTC phones, which sucks. 

    • Yeah, like my iFriend who, when I show him how awesome super AMOLED+ displays are, says, “sure, but is it a retina display???”

      • Jason

        You should ask him what that means so you can laugh at him when he has no clue. “I don’t know but Steve says it’s awesome! Got you good f*cker!!!”

    • what kind of screen is that?  it’s sick.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet, you guys used my tip 🙂

  • TheAndroid1

    I’m more worried about the battery test.

  • DroidzFX

    hitting on Monday.

  • Wooooo

    • oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for finishing that, I wasn’t sure where you were going with it.  😉

  • Anonymous

    This is excellent news, now I can feel better about parking my phone closer to the building where it might get keyed.

    • Nexus_no_scratchy

      Maybe Zagg shield should make skins for cars.

      • Anonymous

        Zagg shields suck.

  • “Gorilla Glass” is just Corning’s brand name….

    there are plenty of devices that use other great durable glass products

  • Ray

    Seems like the phone will be announced really soon droid-life just doesn’t want to spill the beans…

    • Cam

      Pretty sure that, if they had the beans, they would spill them messily all over our collective faces.

      • Anonymous

        Personally I’d like to avoid having Droid-Life spill anything messily all over my face.  But that’s just me.  

        • James Friedman

          count me in for some nexus bukake o_O

    • Dan

      Contact me for various pay options regarding Galaxy Nexus news 😛

  • Karnaj

    Makes me want an announcement EVEN MORE!!!

  • Derp


  • Anonymous

    Oh no… Those buying the Razr said this was a big deal and was the only reason they were going to buy it.

    No way in heck would I do that with my new phone.

  • Trust me when I say it, mine will find a way to get a GIANT scratch right in the worst area in the screen for no reason at all…..

    • Anonymous

      Mine will as well and it will drive me CRAZY every time I look at it no matter how large or small it is.  I had to replace my OG Droid and Droid X for this exact reason.  

      • TheCraiggers

        My OG is now two years old and the screen is pristine.  If you are in a habit of scratching your pretty devices, maybe you should invest in a screen protector.

        • Anonymous

          I usually start with a screen protector but then they get scratched as well and they ruin the clarity of the screen so I take them off.  Then I scratch the screen and get pissed that I didn’t have a screen protector. Then I buy a new phone.  It’s a vicious cycle.  

          • The point of screen protectors are to get scratched. They take the beating so your phone doesn’t. Just get a bunch of ebay and replace them as needed. 

          • Anonymous

            So you’re saying they “protect” the screen?  Interesting…  And here I thought it was just a fancy name.  

  • If G-Nex news were foreplay, the girl would practically be begging for it by now.

    • Instead it’s just us doing the begging. 🙁

      • TheCraiggers

        Are you calling me a girl?

  • My worries have now subsided 🙂