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No Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy Nexus, No Worries – Survives Key Scratch Test with Flying Colors

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Your disappointment in the lack of Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy Nexus was pretty evident back at this post. Even with Samsung’s acknowledgement that they decided to use a different fortified glass with a less prominent name, there were still some skeptics. Maybe the video above will help ease your mind. The UK G-Nex is given a good key rubbing and comes out – unscathed. Not that we were worried that it wouldn’t.

Cheers Murali!

  • Rovingtrader13

    The screen still shattered in a four foot drop test done by Slip Gizmo or Gizmo slip on Youtube…  The Galaxy SII does fine though…?

  • Btc5472

    I just dropped my galaxy nexus on hard tile. From two feet up. (It fell out of my jacket pocket when i bent over) it survived. Perfect condition. Thst is the reason why i looked up what kind of glass the nexus has.

  • Brianmacarthur

    Mine is a scratch magnet after 2 weeks. My droid x never had a screen protector, and it’s screen now looks better than my GN.I regret not going with the RAZR. Screen protector en route and couldn’t arrive soon enough.

  • This glass can be as thin as 0.5 mm and can also be found in the thickness of 2 mm. However, its strength and resistance remains the same in all kinds of thickness. http://www.whatisall.com/

  • Anonymous

    Big freaking deal! Passes the key-test, but…

    …my Droid X supposedly has Gorilla glass and looks like absolute HELL from being pulled in-and-out of my back pocket for the past 9 months. On top of that, the thing has NEVER been touched by anything sharper than a fingernail. The display has got tiny tiny scuffs all over it. Must have some wild dust bunnies in my pocket?


  • guest

    Don’t usually bother with saying anything about the scratch test, but here goes.

    Keys are made of brass or soft stainless steel for the most part.  If you want to test something for scratch resistance, use some common dirt off the ground.  Sand, dust, pieces of silica (sand) and pretty much anything other than house keys would be a better test.

    Oh, and before anyone says something along the lines of “I don’t carry a beach in my pocket”…. yes you do, you just are not aware of it.

    Flame on ——–>

    p.s. having blurted that, it’s still a visually impressive test.

  • why buy a screen protector anymore?

  • Joshua Dudash

    Pretty awesome, great job sammy

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  • No Ka Oii

    Well since glass is harder than brass, keys shouldn’t scratch glass anway. Brass is about a 5 on the Mohs scale of hardness and glass is a 6 to 7.


  • Vicdan58

    get ur gorilla rocks off girls                  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_devices_with_Gorilla_Glass

  • I will not buy a phone without brand name glass, even if it is just as good.  😉

  • Vicdan58

    gorilla glass my #ss, wikipedia lists all phones with it

  • Whett Phartz

    Yes! Now I can put my phone in my tight jeans pocket with my 8 knives, a razor blade, and a handful of wet sand!

  • Take some sand and rub it on the glass with medium pressure, hello scratches.

    • Chrisriner84

      thats because most glass is made from sand.  Have you ever seen a beach that was struck by lightning?  turns it into glass.  like scratches like- take some diamonds and rub them on some diamonds with pressure, and they too can scratch. 

      • Yep, I know why it scratches. Lets see him try it.

  • Anonymous

    Keys are made from soft metal. This is a bullshit test.

    • Whett Phartz

      I agree. We should test with other things that may be in someone’s pocket besides keys…

      … like a condom.
      … or a hydrogen bomb.

      • I personally keep a banana in my pocket.  That’s why all the ladies say “Is that a banana in your pocket or…..”  😉

      • Anonymous

        Try three grains of sand. Gorilla glass or not.

    • It’s a legit test.  It’s the item people are most likely going to have in their pocket with their phone.

      Sure sand and knives might do more damage, but who keeps a handful of sand or an open knife in their pocket.  And if you do, I think you have bigger issues than what your phone looks like.

  • Anonymous

    who does this to there phone, especially one that is unreleased?

  • that pained me to watch

  • Anonymous

    That’s INSANE!!

  • Anonymous

    I hate the UK so much right now.


  • hatethanet

    British people have weaker arms, thus less force on that scratch test. jk

  • Keith Sumner
  • Anonymous

    That’s good to see because I noticed my girlfriends Nexus S has some micro scratches on it and she’s only had it for a few months.