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T-Mobile and Google Hosting Concert Just Hours After Their November 16 Android Event

It has been the talk of the day, that Google would be making the announcement for their Google Music Store on November 16.  Invitations just rolled into our inboxes and we are seeing that it is not just Google on the bill.  Looks as though T-Mobile is sharing the responsibilities of hosting the event and are having many top musical guests like Drake, Maroon 5, and even Busta Rhymes perform for a select crowd.  Is Google Music going to be an exclusive to T-Mobile devices in the early stages?  Queue frustration.

Google couldn’t do that to us, could they? They did it with Google Wallet and Sprint, so I guess it’s not completely out of the question. The odd thing here is that we have all been testing their Music Beta app, so why would they lock a music store down to one of the smaller networks in the land? As a service that will be built into the Google Market, it seems odd that they would attempt to fragment that out per carrier, doesn’t it? Of course, this could all be overanalyzing an event that has yet to happen. Maybe T-Mo customers are just going to get a sweet $5 credit to the market while the rest of us just get access? Or maybe they will have the option to buy albums and bill directly to their T-Mo accounts?

A lot of questions there that we probably won’t know the answers to until Wednesday afternoon. Have any thoughts?  Let us know.

  • Anglehannahlucy

    Really appreciate this wonderful post that you have provided for us.


  • Moitoi

    I’m like where @packruler is going with the Beatles thing . Maybe an Exclusive “Best Of…” limited release through TMo for, say, 3 months ????

  • anyone else notice the 4 bandanna wearing people in the bottom right corner of the building? They look a lot like the Beatles to me. Any one else?

  • Anonymous


  • I want to watch!))))

  • Anonymous


  • Google should buy T-mobile usa imo

  • My boy drizzy? I want to watch!

  • I’m fairly certain this will just be a google music launch and T-Mobile will be offering a number of “Frees” to go along w/ their handsets.  Nokia use to ship their phones w/ Free music, then a bunch of W7 phones, Apple was giving away iTunes cards w/ some Purchases and T-Mobile will be there w/ a promo for their phones, “Buy a new plan and get $50 to spend on the google music store”.  #callingit

  • Sorto7

    Jelous guys, here We T-Mobile getting the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    Bust Rhymes sucks? Yes he does. Drake is cool though…he drinks Sprite.

    Maroon 5 is a band of dudes pretending they are straight.

    T Mobile..Where do they have coverage again? Nowhere, thats right.

    • Actually I’ve always had great coverage with T-Mobile.  In fact, I believe that if they had coverage nowhere they’d have quite a few lawsuits on their hands from all those people they sold phones and contracts to on the premise of false advertisement.

  • I highly doubt Google is announcing a locked down to T-MO music store.  Obviously music is the focus of this event and I think what will happen is that they will unveil the music store and it’s details, followed by demoning the marketplace on the phone and how easy it is to purchase songs.  Finally, they’ll demo the ICS music app and how it integrates with the market, all on a….wait for it….T-MO (let’s just call it the i9250) galaxy nexus.  T-Mobile is there because I think they will announce that they plan on subsidizing it (Not sure about them selling it in stores, much like the N1 and NS) and give us a release date (hopefully the next day).

  • Derkk

    I’m on Tmo and will be shocked if this is a Nexus launch.  I’m not surprised that the Big Red is taking so long to come up with something. Still probably negotiating with Google/Sammy on trying to find a way to lock this puppy down and get a locked bootloader/etc.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they are going to announce they are going to buy T-Mobile, one can only hope…

  • Maybe tmo Galaxy Nexus?! Doubt it! But I’d be very happy if so!

    • Anonymous

      When they launch it in Europe you could just buy one and import it and activate it on your T-Mobile. I wish I could do that on Verizon but we cant.  We at Verizon will be the last to get the phone. 

      You are lucky you are not on Verizon.  I am stuck with 5 lines with anniversary dates all over the place.  It would not be very easy for me to leave without it costing a fortune. 

      • Yeah, but that appears to be pretty expensive to do. I’d rather pick it up discounted through tmobile. But, if its the right price to import and I can get enough out of my Nexus One I’d do it.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Busta Rhymes was collecting a pension by now….

    • Ron

      Have you not heard “look at me now”??

  • Anonymous

    Busta Rhymes, circa 2001 >> Drake, circa ever

  • Anonymous

    I’ll laugh if T-Mobile and Google announce the Galaxy Nexus together at this event.

    Then I will cry, for a very long time. I hate VZW.

    • Anonymous

      Guess what…. If the Nexus launches in Europe you could actually buy one and activate it on T-Mobile and At&T..  So in all seriousness T-Mobile can have the Galaxy Nexus before Verizon.

      This really does make me mad.  We on Verizon will be the last to get this phone.  Europe, AT&T and T-Mobile all can run the phone before us.  Unless of course we get in on the 17th which is very unlikely. 

      • I feel sorry for you Verizon users.  First the whole Nexus One fiasco and now this.  It’s true us TMO users (or ATT users) could import the 19250 from Europe and have it work, but that would be extremely costly.

        I just want everyone to experience some Nexus love

        • Anonymous

          Costly perhaps, but at least you will have the option. We Verizon schleps have no options but to wait and take it in the rear.

          If I was on T-Mobile I would have one shipped overnight and then go show off in a Verizon store… lol

      • Lieutenant

        the only thing is, for t-mobile, we’re not too sure if it’ll be compatible with t-mobiles 42mbps hspa+

      • Lieutenant

        the only thing is, for t-mobile, we’re not too sure if it’ll be compatible with t-mobiles 42mbps hspa+

      • LionStone

        Oh you didn’t hear? VZ changed their major launch dates to Fridays now 😉 It’s now due to launch on the 18th! See you there!

        mixes the rumor pot…

  • Anonymous