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This Week In The Life Of DROID: 11/4/2011

It has been a great week here at Droid Life. The new site design was launched, Motorola RAZR’s wallpapers released, more Galaxy Nexus hypebeastin’, and HTC officially launched the Rezound. If you missed any of that action, be sure to catch up through the list of top stories below.

Have a great weekend everyone. Maybe next week we should start making #hypebeast trend on Twitter. We always brag that we have the best community around, so a big thank you to everyone. Cheers!

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  • Anonymous

    According to Android Central.. Galaxy Nexus is gonna be available in Costco.


    • Mike Hawk

      no thats not true. I heard the G-Nex wont be available in the U.S. until 2015. and it won’t be on Verizon. I just found out from a reliable source that the G-Nex will be on Virgin Mobile.

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  • Daniel Archibald33

    I called verizon because i was having some issues with my htc thunderbolt. the gps keeps telling me that my locations is 75 miles south of my actual location. and some other issues also. they asked me to do a factory reset and some other procedures. Still not working. They are replacing it for me. I just got the email that a brand new Droid Bionic has been shipped out in its place. I will get it on monday. just thought I would share

    • Mike Hawk

      They legally can’t and won’t do that. maybe upload an image of the email as proof.

      • Daniel Archibald33

        well they just…..did!!

  • Anonymous

    Love the new site design.  Still nice and clean.  Good to know there are still people around who believe in less is more.

  • Anonymous

    Because this post feels boring….

    You are just saying that cause you feel stupid for buying the Bionic.
    G-Nex is the best phone coming out fool go have fun with your RAZR Motofanboy.
    Who cares about the G-Nex it doesn’t have Gorilla Glass it’s trash.
    u got community bro?
    Hi guys, I just saw a post about a new ROM for the Thunderbolt and really liked it so I tried loading it on my Galaxy Tab and now it just comes up with a weird screen what should I do?  I think I bricked it.

    • Hah +1

    • Anonymous

      Haha,, pretty good

    • dkbetts

      I do feel like Kellex and the DL crew have exhausted themselves over the past three weeks.  We have have all found out almost everything we wanted to know about the phones that are almost out.  Except for full retail on the G-Nex…  Now we all have nothing to be excited about till the PHONES ARE HERE!

  • A great week for android, a better one will be when all these devices launch.
    Also I love that when I highlight text on the site it is pink, it is a very welcome addition.

    • Anonymous

      ur moms first

      • ouch, also why are there only two comments on this?

      • Mike Hawk

        your moms first. and I’m second if you know what I mean ;D