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HTC Rezound Goes Back to the FCC, This Time With a Wireless Charging Back

The HTC Rezound (formerly the Vigor) made its way through the FCC back in September, so when it stopped by again today, we couldn’t help but wonder why. According to the “Change Letter” that was submitted, it needed another look as HTC has added a wireless charging back cover to it.

We will have to assume that this just means they will sell a wireless charging back separately (as has been done in the past), but would be nice if these phone manufacturers would start building this technology in from the start. Of course, that would limit their potential to make money off of accessories, so I doubt we will see that move coming any time soon.

This phone should be announced next Thursday with a potential launch coming the follow week on November 10.

Has wireless charging become a part of your life? Not something you are interested in at all?

Via:  FCC, Wireless Goodness

  • 1loudls

    am i the only one that that thinks its crazy that they dont just build the inductive charging right in to the battery itself* which is mounted right under the thinnest part of the phone anyway?

    *Patent pending

  • a.k.a.nasty

    wouldnt discount the whole lte draining battery thought, my buddy, who has the bionic, has complained that when he is picking up 4g his battery only last till about noon at best.

  • Anonymous

    I think wireless charging will be great, they just need to be able to do it from the start and give us a quality wireless charger to buy.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly could deal with the way it looks if it comes with the leaked specs. 1.5Ghz dual-core, 720p Screen, 1GB ram, 8MP HD camera, SD card slot, LTE and inductive charging.  Could be a beast.

    As long as it’s not a locked boot loader.

  • Keith Sumner

    I find HTC’s overall build and aesthetics to be VERY unattractive, same for the UI….

    • Mack

      The build quality isn’t that bad, especially their unibody designs. I agree with you about the UI though, I hate Sense. Stock ICS is beautiful and honestly there is no longer any reason to skin Android like OEMs do but they’re not going to stop unfortunately. I can’t wait for stock 4.0, motoblur got a bit better but I see it going way downhill again and I’m tired of it as it is. 

    • Anonymous

      I was about to post that until I read your post. Thank you!!!

    • Anonymous

      I was gonna disagree but I saw that your name is Keith and well……

  • Anonymous

    Uhhh..the screen looks pretty sharp…

  • Franzie3

    meh….honestly this phone should of came out a month ago.  it now has to compete wiht the Razr and Galaxy nexus.  While it is a very nice phone, the battery woes of my last 2 devices (DINC and TBolt) have turned me off of HTC.  The only nice thing about the last 2 devices wqas such a great development community since we could unlocked the bootloader on them.

    But knowing and reading everything on the Galaxy Nexus, i will have that as my next device next month.

  • Bryan Williams

    For those of you who think this is what the back will look like with an induction charging back on it…..it’s not.

    These are just the stock pics from when it was leaked over a month ago.

  • joel rizo

    Hey HTC…. How about changing the design a little… Looks just like every other HTC phone.

    • Keith Sumner

      yeah seriously, I feel like I’m looking at a bicycle tire…

  • Dominick DeVito

    HTC needs fresh design changes – they all look the same. But will still be a bad ass phone.

  • hatethanet

    The clunkiest looking of the new LTE superphones, imo.

    • ReAp

      I’m with you on this.  Hopefully it looks better than this on Nov 3rd.  It’s still a toss up between (Razr/Nexus/Rezound) right now for me.

  • can i use a case with this backing or will it make the whole thing useless?  I mean, it’s not like its made out of kevlar or something so i probably will get a case

  • Raskell

    I think if they threw that in there with the phone, it might just swing my decision away from the Nexus back to this. They are both kind of neck and neck right now. 

  • me

    They need to add a solar strip like a calculator has to give it a battery boast

    • Dominick DeVito

      you can sit on the sun and it won’t matter charging an LTE phone   🙂

  • Anyone else notice the massive-ness of the camera circle?

  • Turbine Tech

    I dunno. If for some reason the cargo ship carrying all of the G-Nex’s sinks in the Pacific I will definitely be using my upgrade for this phone…

  • Anonymous

    you will need that wireless charging for the 15 minute battery life

    • Anonymous


  • Superior1

    YAWN!!!!!!!! They all look the same

  • Kierra

    That display aint looking so crisp. 

    • compchick813

      The pic quality could have been better.

  • Bryan Williams

    To answer the question, not interested at all.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, that picture of the Rezound actually makes it look like a halfway decent device.  All of the other pictures that Droid Life has posted has made the Rezound look like a brick.  I’m still going with the Galaxy Nexus, but if I had to, I think I would actually get this over the Razr.

  • Anonymous

    One of the original leaks if i recall said it would have a wireless battery back, but the FCC documents (until now) said otherwise.  Maybe thats why the Rezound didn’t launch Oct 6 like it was going to, so they could make the wireless charging back cover one of the highlight features of the Rezound instead of having to get a bulkier cover to include it.  a nice change off.

  • Booboolala2000

    In my opinion, htc needs to add as many bad and whistles to this as possible. It’s not only going up against the Nexus, but the RAZR and all its neat peripherals. These battery covers cost next to nothing to make. And the phones are already equipped to take them. I like not having to plug my phone in at work. I I use a charging dock at home. At work it’s nice to just set it down and not have to fuss with plugging in.

  • Snack Wako Flaco

    is it me or is this phone wack lookng? I am MAD BRO!

  • babadush

    Until I can have my phone charged in any room with out a charging pad I find this useless. By the time I put the phone on the charging pad I could have already plugged it in

  • Angryunibrow

    I like my phone in a dock because I use it as an alarm.
    The wireless charging back means you need to lay the phone down to charge and you can’t see the screen like if it was in a dock.

    • Staticx57

      Maybe just maybe they will sell a dock too…

  • Josh

    I have an HP Touchpad with a wireless charging dock and i love it. So i would love if manufacturers would start putting this technology inside there handsets.

  • Kierra


  • Anonymous

    How about making a phone (HTC) that doesn’t need the be charged 24/7

    • Mctypething

      u exaggerate bro?

    • Andrew Akker

      Yes it’s HTC’s fault. Don’t blame LTE which is the obvious problem. NIce troll though.

      • Kierra

        HTC has always had battery woes…

        • shdowman

          My Inc 2 seems to do just fine.

          • Anonymous

            thats the only one for some reason. You know how bad it wanted that phone just because of that?

            why can they with the 2 but nothing else???    and it has a bigger screen than the 1

            it doesn’t make sense.

          • shdowman

            You are more than welcome to buy mine 😉

      • Anonymous

        no htc always sucked with battery. INC ring a bell? EVO?  Do a little research first dumbass, smh

        • Anonymous

          thanks Chris, I owe you.

          And Andrew i have the t-bolt donkey and before that the Dinc and before that the Touch pro. I am a HTC man!!!!   their batteries/phone combo’s suck, PERIOD.     you are the “troll” sir and an idiot

          P.S. even though i am a HTC man my next phone will be the Gnex. So what an idiot i am. I didn’t realize it was just the LTE. you know? the LTE in the Dinc and TP           Jackass !!!!!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            Agree don’t worry he is the idiot and troll. Nexus for me as long as battery life is good.

          • Anonymous

            LOL @ You guys….you are calling other’s idiots, dumbass’s, and trolls when you just made that statement that the Nexus will be your next device as long as battery life is good?? You think a phone that has a 720P resolution and already reports that the LTE device is no better than any other lineup from Verizon is going to be that much better than this device? 

          • Anonymous

            that was a reply to something. We know it won’t be great but i’ll bet you a million $$ is better than the Rezound. I hope i’m wrong. but i won’t be

          • Andrew Akker

            If you had bad battery on the Inc, then you were doing something very wrong. I had an inc since launch day and had little problems with it. Take the same exact phone as the Inc 2 which has phenomenal battery life and add LTE and it goes to shit. Why don’t you try comparing similar things and not stuff from previous generations and try to do a little research before you start calling people jackasses.

        • ReAp

          Umm, I have the Incredible and get a full days use of it.

          • Anonymous

            me too kid. NEVER got a full day use out of it.

            You make calls????   or is it pocket jewelry

          • ReAp

            No son, it’s not pocket jewelry and I don’t use it as a tampon like you.  But I do make plenty of calls, texts, and web surfing.

          • Anonymous

            you must have the special one then.

          • Anonymous

            Wow, ignoring all the insults… anyway, I have an Incredible, and I barely make it through the day to bedtime using the factory EXTENDED battery that makes my phone a fat cow.  I ran it for two days last week just to see how long I’d make it, and I had to charge by 4PM.

            This was with it on standby all day (only a couple of short calls) and with the screen brightness set to 30%.

            I kinda agree that HTC has always had battery problems.

          • Sirx

            No, you don’t.  The HTC Incredible’s battery does not normally support a full day’s worth of usage.  The ONLY way that it can is by leaving the data network off, thus disabling about 50 – 70% of your phone’s advertised capabilities.  I don’t know about HTC’s other phones, but the Incredible’s battery is, indeed, worthless.

          • Anonymous

            I always think it’s funny when someone says something and then someone else says “NO YOU DON’T”.  It’s funny because you can speak for your experience but others may have different experiences. 

            For instance many say that the Thunderbolt battery only lasts a few hours and the phone sucks. For some I’m sure this is the case, but it is not for me. I get pretty good battery life and the phone has been awesome. And I never shut off anything.

            The situation can vary… some certainly have bad experiences, some have good experiences, and then there are many who are just clueless.

          • Tyler

            Alot of the battery problems on the thunderbolt are due to small battery size and LTE radio. People with a strong LTE connection will get better battery life than someone who either doesnt have a signal or has a poor signal strength.

        • Andrew Akker

          Try reading my post before you hurt your brain coming up with insults.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t defend HTC, everyone who has an HTC device knows it has shitty battery life. and LTE has nothing to do with it. I have an HSPA+ device and it has some shitty ass battery life. Sense is the main problem.

        • 1loudls

          I have a hard time trying to argue with this statement, i have had a HTC device and it sure had a craptaculur battery life. and since it wasn’t a LTE device, i think its safe to say that wasn”t the problem

      • 1loudls

        thats funny, i can make it through the day better with a Bionic that has LTE than i ever could with a Dinc.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else thinking this might not have a 720p screen but rather a qHD?  

    • DJstinkDIK

      I agree. I think its gonna be a rebranded evo 3d. Minus the 3d of course. Luckily the evolution 3d is a nice phone.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t even know that was what Evo standed for. Nice.

      • Anonymous

        No, more similar to the sensation.