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New Logitech Revues Shipping With Honeycomb And Android Market – Where’s The OTA? (Updated)

Looks like the newest shipments of Logitech Revues are coming with Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) and the long awaited Android Market. Us who already own the device have been waiting patiently for the OTA, but still have not heard anything. Is this a sign that all we are waiting for is the green light from Logitech? If they are shipping with all the new goodies, then let us get the ball rolling. We are hungry for Honeycomb and the Market on our TVs.  

Update:  Logitech support offers up some clarification on the situation. These units do not actually have 3.1 pre-installed and are also not supposed to be sold until the update is ready. They did not give an actual time as to when we should expect that to happen, but it sounds like we are close.

Via: Engadget, Logitech

Cheers Jerry!

  • KZ

    Well ,, I may have jumped the gun.
    The box says ,, Coming Fall 2011 .
    So ,, there is still time .
    Sorry Logitech ….

  • KZ

    The boxes I have bought don’t have stickers ,, the information IS PART of the box .
    That’s a big difference.  I got them at Best Buy.  How can a company put out an item ,
    says it has something , and it doesn’t  ? .  Is this considered false advertisement  ?
    Do we , as consumers , have any right in this situation ?  Or is it our fault for not checking
    and reading ALL the small print ?  …… Like ,, I have a Ferrari for sale ,, engine coming soon ..  

  • Anonymous


  • Jake

    I love my $99 Logitech Revue for the free access it gives me to cable programs like Dexter, The Walking Dead, Monday Night Football via the web browser and Adobe Flash. I love the convenience of being able to wirelessly share a web page or YouTube video from my phone to the TV in full HD quality. I like having access to my movie library burned from DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. It could use some polish, sure, but I’ve definitely gotten my $99 worth.

    • jimmy

      How to you get access to your library of burned movies? I just got one of these and will hook it up this weekend. Can it access hard drives on your network? Thanks

      • matthew

        You can access DNLA shared media. A few of my files will not play and I think they are all divx files. My h.264 files play fine.

  • Keith Sumner

    SCREW MOTOROLA I’M WAITING FOR TH-oh…wait…yeah that’s a cool tablet.

  • shookie

    I just bought a revue yesterday at BB.  It has 2.1 on it.  I called logitech b/c I thought it was supposed to be honeycomb.  He told me that the honeycomb update would be mid-nov.

  • Is it just me or is the browser on the Revue hidiously slow??  I hope the 3.x update fixes that….

  • Sorry the haters are out in full force, but I’ve had plenty of use out of my Revue for the last year so – $299 was worth it. I even bought another one for $99 for the bedroom. I hardly use the Appletv any more. It’s been weeks if not months since I’ve changed inputs to see if it still works. 

    Any updates/new functions will be a bonus, it just means that I will have less time watching Netfilx and tvfull let alone watching regular directv content. Wait for the best box out there and you’ll save a lot of money because you’ll never buy anything.

  • I have a PS3 that I use as my entertainment system.  Other than  the ability to surf the internet with a browser that doesn’t completely suck (like the PS3’s browser), is there any reason to buy one of these?  I am always looking for a way to blow some money!

    • John

      My favorite feature is it integrates with your cable box to make channel surfing a thing of the past, i love it. 

      • Negativerxn

        What if you refuse to pay for cable?

  • From Logitech support–

    These boxes are just the regular boxes you have now and DO NOT have the 3.1 android update on them. These boxes are not suppose to be released onto store floors until the update is officially released for everyone. If a store is selling these boxes (it is just an added sticker on the box. Nothing else is different) they have released these boxes prematurally.

  • Anonymous

    I read that GB should be rolling out early November….Hopefully!

  • Google has done such a piss poor job with this Google TV its pretty pathetic. Can’t believe we are STILL waiting for this update that was supposed to be first quarter of this year, and its not ICS.

    • Keith Sumner

      It’s not Google that decides what/when/how these devices get updated, it’s the manufacturer. In this case, blame Logitech, NOT Google.

  • Anonymous

    this is a sticker added to logitech boxes, the units are apparently the same:

  • Billy Jenkins

    Hopefully theres a way to install the official update over the honeycomb leak. even though the second leak works good enough

  • Anonymous

    Is that a burrito??

    • JDub

      No, I’m just happy to see you!

    • Jarred Sutherland

      I thought the same thing. They better push out 3.1 soon for my poor little GTV box, I will be a very happy camper if they do.

      I hope they give a free burrito to those who bought it @ 250 as well.

      • Billy Jenkins

        I did the smart thing and waited until they lowered the price like they do with every type of technology. So instead of buying the GTV for $250 I bought it for $99

        • Anonymous

           No burrito for you!

          • Billy Jenkins

            I dont eat burritos. they give me gas

          • bigrob60

            Beans, Beans the magical fruit……

        • Jarred Sutherland

          But I bought it long before you. 

          • Billy Jenkins

            thats why u wait. lol. theres no reason to be the first to own an overpriced piece of technology. Since a few months later or even a year later that same overpriced technology will only be better and half the price. You bought GTV  for $250 with version 2.1 or 2.2. Well I bought GTV for only $99 and a week later installed the Honeycomb update which works perfectly. Same goes for Xoom owners. People bought the Xoom 3g for like $700 without sd card support and without 4g. Now they are a few hundred dollars cheaper and with sd card support and 4g

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Yeah, I had it for quite some time before you and used it for quite some time before you. Had I not bought it, I would not have been able to use it. So, you see here…….

          • Billy Jenkins

            That doesn’t even make sense. lol. There is no way you can possibly justify yourself as being smart when you bought an old version of GTV for $250 and I bought the same GTV for only $99 like a week after the honeycomb leak was released. which works perfectly.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Bill Jenkins I think your brain has gone full on crazy. I bought the mine at $250 because that’s what it was priced at when I wanted the thing. Heck, had I known that a year down the road the price would drop I still would have bought it ….. BECAUSE, I had a use for it then and it was that price, THEN. 

            If you can’t understand the logic to that (aka, buying things when you need/want them) then I’m not sure you can understand my though process (or the majority of consumers).

            Bought when needed/wanted, at that time (and for quite some time after that) it was $250.

        • Mctypething

          u smart bro?

          • Billy Jenkins

            yes I am. ty for the compliment. I am very thankful.

    • EC8CH

      At Logitech we just don’t give you a Google TV Box

      We give it to you with a burrito, and It’s not just an ordinary burrito, a burrito with magic shooting out of it.

      Because at Logitech Good isn’t Good enough.

      So Good it’s reDQlous.

    • Bill Mitchell

      Maybe it’s just because I’m tired, but I really can’t figure out what that is…

  • Anonymous

    I was hoping to skip right to ICS!

  • Lmrojas

    this is why I own a Mac book air and an ipad. This wouldn’t fly with apple

    • Ray

      I had no idea a mac book air or a ipad were tv set top boxes…thanks for the news

      • Lmrojas

        My ipad or MacBook or beast rig provided more functionality than this when connected to my 42 inch. I’m sick of Google providing beta software. Google TV was fail. Honeycomb UI was brilliant app support was fail.

        • Billy Jenkins

          The difference between Google releasing beta software and other companies releasing beta software is that they usually are filled with bugs. When Google releases beta software they are usually always perfect and sometimes with only like 1 or 2 minor bugs. The Google music beta is still beta software and it works perfectly. Its even fast. Even Google+ (which I think is still beta software) is better then facebook which has been out for like 5 years. Only thing google+ is lacking is high population of people which will only increase over time.I would rather Google release beta software then release the official version that is filled with bugs.

          • Lmrojas

            Gooogle TV wasn’t worth the 300 they originally wanted! I want to see how it functions with ICS, but lets be honest. It’s no where near as functional as apple TV or better yet as connecting your laptop or desktop to your computer.

          • Billy Jenkins

            idc about the original price. lol. the original price was only set for those idiots who will rush out the day of release to buy anything that they believe to be good without reading about it and just to be the first to own it. the $99 price that they have now is alot better. and I would much rather have them update it to honeycomb first. Updating GTV is alot different then updating a phone. when updating a phone its not a big deal to have a few bugs that slow down the phone. its annoying but nothing too bad. and thats why u install custom roms. but updating a tv like GTV is different. there cant be any bugs. It must be perfect and tested many times to make sure there is no problems. because when watching your favorite tv show the most annoying thing would be if the tv freezes at the best part. so if they update it to honeycomb with the market for now that will keep everyone happy while they release a perfect ICS update

          • Lmrojas

            I fail to see the purpose of gtv. This is a Google fail. At least apple TV has functionality unlike gtv

          • EC8CH

            Blind Troll fails to see… so sad 🙁

          • Lmrojas

            Oh yeah I’m the troll. You are a Google apologists. Google the best phone os and that’s it. Honeycomb had a great UI with horrible dev support ( which equaled horrible user experience) Google TV, Google + , Google music all had horrible reviews because they weren’t up to par with the competition. Stop being a blind fan boi

          • Billy Jenkins

            Google music was and still is the best way to store and listen to your music. what could be better then having up to 20,000 instantly stream to your phone, computer, and tv with very little to no buffering. and all u need is your gmail account which u r required to set up before u purchase your first android phone. and I’m sure tons of people would agree with me. Google+ is still new and its still much better then facebook and Im sure tons of people would agree with me on that since everyone who uses it says that. so im curious what those bad reviews are. Probably from Apple. lol

  • Googlygamer

    Will the Sony Google TVs ever get the update? All I hear about is news for the Logitech Revue

  • WhooHoo!  I hope the update is soon!

  • Dominick DeVito

    I was one of the idiots who bought this last November. First we were told January for the Android Market, then scrapped for the Honeycomb update. Then we were told ‘end of summer’.

    Umm, I think Summer ended Logitech.

    • Mctypething

      u an idiot bro?

      • Billy Jenkins

        no. thats why he just said it. I think you are an idiot bro for actually asking an obvious question and basically repeating what he said. And no im not mad bro. Just find it funny how stupid you are

    • Anonymous

       Me too.  Will this make it any faster you think?

  • Why are they pushing Honeycomb for Google TV? Shouldn’t it be ICS instead?

    • Keith Sumner

      Sure, if you want it to be ICS it will just be at least another year before you get it 😉

    • i remember waiting for my first android update….

    • Anonymous

      Honeycomb and ICS have the same back end (like windows xp, vista, and 7 all being the same branch). Its just a new GUI. Whether it is running ICS or Honeycomb, the google tv ui would be the same either way and be running the same backend. 

  • Daniel Archibald33