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Google+ Now Open to Google Apps Users!

Hooray! One of the most asked about thingies features when it came to Google+ was for users of Google Apps (Gapps) to be able to sign up. As someone that uses it to power Droid Life, this is exactly what our team has been waiting for. You will have to enable it through your admin panel or ask your admin too, but after that it’s all smooth sailing. Same set of features as the rest of the G+ world.

Oh yeah, this also means that DL will finally be all up in G+. My page is here.

Via:  Google Enterprise

Cheers to everyone who sent this!

  • Trevor

    Very excited about finaly being able to use google plus. But Any other gapps users having problems using the Google plus app on android? I keep getting an error when I try to login.

    • Chris Conley

      Cannot login through Android app either.  

  • Anonymous

    Haha no homo, but I legit just went to Kellex’s page hoping to see a pic. I’ve been browsing this site for over a year and when I think “Kellex” I envision a talking DL logo. 

  • Nathan Hosford

    Google + needs to have a Facebook friends invite now to get this thing popping.

  • Anonymous

    That sure fills in a Gapp in your life huh Kellex?
    C What I did there?

  • Google+ is still around?

    • Ricky

      Dude you’re missingout.

  • i thought you already had a G+ account? now i have you twice in the same circle

  • Anonymous

    Facebook Pages could soon be a thing of the past… not.

  • Anonymous

    I still don’t quite understand G+, it doesn’t do anything FB doesn’t.  I know people said that about myspace(never used it) prior to FB, but I’m sure Google will keep putting money into it, so it’ll probably hash out one day.  The only thing I worry about is since I’ll be using the Nexus soon, will I be funneled into the G+ bubble?  Hopefully they give us our own options and maybe G+ will turn out to be a great additional to the social community.

    • Facebooksucks

      what are you talking about?  You can’t group video chat with facebook  let alone group video chat and posts links(hangout), you can’t follow people’s posts, but not have them follow you (a la twitter) on facebook, you can’t see individual streams of posts of groups or post things to certain groups of people (circles), you can’t search for what people are currently talking about on facebook (sparks).  Plus, your chat is google talk so it syncs between your phone and email so it’s easier to chat with people and works a million times better than facebook’s shitty chat.  You sir obviously have never used google+ it is so much better at what it does than facebook and combines the best of facebook and twitter to make it the best social network IMO, I hope it continues to grow and take off in the future.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, you seem very excited about G+, it’s not like I slammed it, I said I personally felt it didn’t do anything that FB doesn’t do and I stand by that.  If you’re on G+ a lot, which I imagine you are, I think I’m glad to not be on it anymore. 

  • Anonymous

    i deleted my facebook sometime ago. i would switch to google plus if their wasnt an age limit. im 17 years old, why cant i sign up? no wonder google+ isnt even that popular.

    • Turd_Ferguson

      This just means we don’t have our feeds filled with you young’ns crying about your so called love of your Life that only lasts a week everyday! I for one am all about social networking being 18+ and older.  Facebook was so much better when it was .edu email only and even then only selected colleges. It was all down hill when they opened it to the public and dropped the age limit. 

      • Joseph Moreno

        why was it downhill, its only downhill if u add us kids so u actually see us in ur feeds. Btw Turd, your name doesnt make you seem much more mature and more likely to post those things than i, a teenager, who wants Google+

  • Anonymous

    Google+ is really neat for me to sit and look at all by myself.

  • Malcalevak

    What I need is a way to link all my Google accounts to the same Google+ account, if I want to. Don’t think they’ve got that yet (do they?)

    • Turd_Ferguson

      Yes, they sure do. All of my google accounts are linked to my original gmail account.  Old youtube account was on a different email, just linked that one to my google account a few days ago. 

      • Malcalevak

         How do you do it? I try to link them and it yells at me that it’s already a Google account.

  • Kris Brandt

    Added to my circle.  I expect timely updates, good, Sir.

  • Anonymous

    Still waiting for Google+ to be popular 

  • planetes42

    This is much needed.  Hopefully the service grows more now.

  • Dominick DeVito