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Verizon Testing the Shared Data Waters? #DATA Texts Make It Appear That Way


Verizon has been extra-quiet lately on the family shared data plans that were first mentioned back in May by their CFO. A date, month or year wasn’t given at that time, but the peculiar text message that one of our readers saw over the weekend after dialing #DATA has us wondering if we are closer than we had imagined. As you can see in the screenshot above, the message he received attempts to break down some sort of sharing plan for his data. We all know that such a thing doesn’t exist though. And to show you that this message is most definitely new and odd, I attached a screenshot from my phone after dialing #DATA today, that doesn’t mention the word “shared” anywhere (yes, my account is a shared family plan).

We most definitely know that Big Red has made changes to the way accounts are built and handled so that family shared plans can be a thing of the future. So there is a chance that they could just be testing the waters on some of their automated systems as they move in on a family shared launch. Could we see family data plans by the end of this year? It’s a possibility. No insider info can confirm that at this time.

Has anyone else seen this text message mentioned “SHARED” after dialing #DATA?

Cheers Andrew!

  • FunkMeisterFlash

    Yes, I am also seeing entries for SHARED: and INDIVIDUAL: and of course, there is a number only after the INDIVIDUAL entry. Been seeing this for about three weeks now. I sure hope a shared data plan is on the near horizon. 2GB shared amongst out three lines would be ideal.

  • Mine says shared as well…..

  • Hondachriscr250r

    says shared haha

  • Anonymous

    I really hope this is the case. I would like to go to Verizon, but the data cost is prohibitive. If my wife and I can split 5GB for under $50, it might be doable.

  • Kwick

    mine comes up as shared crazy sit

  • markt

    “SHARED” here also.

  • Khampman

    I have unlimited family data plan when they offered it through e-mail back in November last year. instead of paying $10 for additional line I paid $20 for additional line. So instead of $10 + 30 for each line, I got in that deal before they even made it public. I have four phones ALL with unlimited data.

    • Anonymous

      Never heard of that option – any proof that you actually have unlimited data for multiple lines without paying the $30 smartphone data price for each?  Sorry, but I find it hard to believe that nobody else knew about this plan last year.

      • Xroid

        Everyone that viewed f any of the android forums, did know about this deal. but not everyone qulified for it.
        It was an email sent out to qualified existing customers.

        • Anonymous

          I remember talk of this, and this summer about family shared data, but it seems like everything always fizzled out and nothing came of it.  I call and ask Verizon about every two months about family data plans, and always get the same answers – rumors, not at this time, or no plans exist to share or reduce the price of data packages.

  • shane

    just checked and mine also says shared, for texts and data, including the total usage for pix and texts but only the individual for data, it looks like the shared is blank and thats why the individual just follows it

  • Anonymous

    I think since Verizon decided to go with capping data plans, that we should have roll over data. I think that would be better than 2gig and your done imo. I have unlimited, but sometimes I won’t use much data one month but the next I use more. We should be able to tap into the unused from previous months. 

  • Nick Espi

    Every other day Verizon is changing something as far as Them providing service, and it seems it get more skimpy every time. ITs BEGGING to be BS. they control a huge market in not only Mobile but cable and net providers and so much more. SOME PEPS are literally in debt to these DIP S&^& 5 – 600 a month SERIOUSLY it makes me sick in how they try to limit everything then drive the prices up NOT JUST WITH THEIR MOBILE NETWORK* Their needs to be some sort of regulations. They find ways to really limit their customers in every way possible.

  • what phone does kellex have??? what phone uses this messaging app on the right?

    • Anonymous

      motorola stock text message app

  • Willthakid

    Verizon is switching the way they bill family account called account level pricing.. Basically there won’t be a primary lane anymore.. So normally a family plan 1400 Unlimited Text is $119.99 1st line being $110 second line $9.99 making the $119.99 now with new account Level it is $100 Account then all lines feed off of it 1st line $9.99 2nd line $9.99 making = $119.99.. So with the new pricing it seems that it wil make it easier to add family data to the account level then all of the lines will feed off of

    • I noticed the same thing on my last bill. I was surprised to see the new Family Plan pricing. I would jump at the chance to go to Family Shared Data Plan as long as they don’t make us share the data at $29.99 per line.

  • Billy Jenkins

    If Verizon ever sends me a text message and wastes space in my inbox I’ll have to open up a can of whoop ass on them.

    • Guy

      cool your jets moron on there free text. and if your cheap phone does not hold many messages get a better one cheap guy

      • Sgkk

        Fo shizzle

  • KeithG

    Maybe this is the what the “New messaging bundles” and “Prepaid 3G/4G Tablet pricing” and whatever is below the cutoff refer to on this image http://www.droid-life.com/2011/10/18/galaxy-nexus-droid-razr-and-htc-rezound-all-launching-november-10/ … Note dates are 11/13 and 11/17, so that is definitely soon.

  • Someone tipped us a few months back. You can sign up for a Verizon Shared Data Family Plan. Thought it was old news. I had the link somewhere..

    • Tyler

      is this what you’re talking about from back in january.  This is the plan I’m on and it’s great

      • Bbrutcher

        we jumped on this offer also……love it!  saved us about 80 bucks a month and upgraded my yhoingest to a smartphone also!!  5 smartphones with unlimited data and texting for under 200 a month!!

        • rigg

          is this plan still avail?

          • Anonymous

            I just called because I would jump on that.  No, it was 2010.  All she could offer me was $10 off each line of 2g data ($30 – $10) for 1 year.

  • Anonymous

    How about they go back to unlimited data and watch how many customers they gain by doing that.

    • Dave

      How many customers did VZW lose when it moved to capped tiers?

      • it really doesnt matter how much they lose, but it matters on how much they would GAIN if they did. Why would i want to keep the status quo when I can sink your battleship? From a corporate standpoint they really let the data plan feature go. As a company you need to be different, not do what everyone else is doing, or if you do you have to go ABOVE the others on top of that. Verizon is not doing so.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        not as may as Netflix when it raised prices…. POW

  • Kuboo99

    Yep, my 150 mb of data is going to go a long way with five people 🙂

  • Bryan schultze

    mine says shared also. Not sure in order to get it if it would make me give up unlimited. Thats not going to happen!

  • john monsalve

    i also have the SHARED: INDIVIDUAL:   thing going on but im on a family plan with unlimited data for everyone. 4 lines.

    they arent gonna change this for us right? ive been on verizons unlimited everything for a couple years now.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing about shared on mine and I’m on a business account.

  • Bear0013

    I need to know about the nexus galaxy screen what’s itmade of is scratch resistant or what

    • Bear0013

      Just saying there’s bigger fish to fry that’s all lol

  • Finire

    I’ve got “INDIV. MSG Usage Est as of 10/24 7:49PM SENT…….” Then my next message is “SHARED MSG Use Est as of 10/24 7:49PM: SENT…..”

  • dr154

    this has to do with the new account level pricing.

  • Mine shows “DATA Usage Est as of 10/24 10:12 AM: SHARED:INDIVIDUAL: 465006.75 KB. Usage resets on 11/10.”

  • Videographer97

    This would be nice for some families, maybe.  But not if you have teenage kids on Pandora and YouTube all day and night.  I can’t imagine anything will be cheaper, either.  VZW wouldn’t do it if they thought it wouldn’t make them MORE money.

  • Nateme94

    Yes I am seeing “SHARED”: Then directly goes to “INDIVIDUAL”:
    I am on a family plan.

  • Anonymous

    I also get a blank SHARED data. 4 peeps in a family plan.

  • Rizzidy

    Mine shows “SHARED” under the DATA section.  I have a family plan.

    • Billy Jenkins

      Is that a trick question?

  • Anonymous

    7 GB!!!  You’re quite busy on that account, aren’t you?  🙂

    • Kixofmyg0t

      Its quite easy, I use about 5 GB a month on my phone *WITHOUT* tethering. Not so much on my xoom anymore since it stays mostly at home now…..but I always used to come within KB’s of my 5GB cap….oh yeah and I dont live in a 4G LTE area…..

  • Anonymous

    would be fine for me, the rest of my family hardly uses any data so I could hog it all.

  • Mrbroscious

    I already have it. We have 1400 min plan with shared data. I pay ten dollars a phone

    • I have this also, I pay $180 after tax with 5 lines 🙂

  • Anonymous

    It sounds great. But it most likely means two things too: 1. a price increase; 2. gonna lose that unlimited data.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, this is a cool idea for new customers, but I’ll stick with my $29 unlimited data plan.

    • Yeah, it won’t be any bargain. $25/2 GB, $49.95 for 3GB, $73.99 for 4GB, $99 for 4GB with a $1.50/MB overage fee.

  • BK

    I was on the phone with a Verizon customer service supervisor a few days ago. She asked if I wanted to add a line to my plan, and I replied that I had (unsuccessfully) been trying to convince my wife to switch over to Verizon for some time. To that comment, she responded that some “big changes” were coming in the near future to data options on shared plans, and that I should keep an eye out for these to help convince my wife. She wouldn’t specify further…take it for what you will.

  • Anonymous

    Please!.. we don’t need these “tweets” to be put on as articles… we need more info on galaxy nexus.. 

    • Pennywise

      Yes yes MORE – let’s turn this into a discussion on the GNEXBBQLOLAHHHHHHH RIGHT NOW!!

  • Anonymous

    Mine shows the SHARED, but is blank like the screen shot above.  Here’s hoping – I would gladly put the kids and inlaws on an android device, but not at an additional $30 like now!

  • Anonymous

    Do you think Kellex’s parents have an i*hone?

  • Anonymous

    Andrew here — Just wanted to mention that I just tested #DATA again, and I still get the SHARED/INDIVIDUAL message. Here’s hoping this a sign of things to come [soon]!

  • Occupy #shared data

    • Jason Purp

      I am using the 99% of data

    • Anonymous

      We are the 1% consuming 99%. Rawr.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


      • Leroybrute30

        How does this effect us on unlimited family plans?