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Live Blog: Galaxy Nexus / Ice Cream Sandwich Event

It’s time to see what is new in the world of Android. Samsung and Google are about to drop Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus on our laps – are you ready for them? Live blog is rolling after the break with the DL crew. Be sure to watch the event live with us though at Youtube.com/Android. ¬†

Comments are still open down below as always, but we also have this platform up so that we can easily share pics, instant thoughts, etc. as the show rolls on live. You can send comments through it as well, but we can only approve the really good stuff. ūüôā

  • IphoneFamily

    Really? Looks like the iPhone works to me. The Nexus didn’t work too
    well with ICS during the event. Kinda funny. So you choose a buggy OS
    phone over one that works? I’ve got a broken car you might be interested

  • david cunningham

    So wow! Thank you google for making one heck of an upgrade to Android. One feature that I am extremely happy to see is the ability to customize the dock, I always hated that the stock android launcher didn’t have this feature, and thats just the tip of the ice berg. Holy cow the camera is amazingly fast! I was blown away with all the sweet new features that have been added into Ice Cream Sandwich. I would love to get the Galaxy Nexus, but don’t know that I will have the funds. I just hope¬†Google¬†decides to release the source soon so cyanogenmod can get to work on cm9 immediately. ūüôā

  • Joshua

    My OG DROID had an unfortunate accident almost a month ago, and is barely¬†functional. I’ve been holding out my upgrade for this phone since then. This phone will make going without a phone for a month¬†DEFINITELY worth it!

  • Anonymous

    Seriously this looks like nothing that root doesn’t already have. This is a pile of crap to me.

    • Underwhelmed also. Big deal. Tap to share, not going to use. Live panaorama-ok, might use, Google +? Nope, Face recognition-takes too long. Big deal.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you. I am glad some people agree with me on this.

    • Anonymous

      Root makes your phone thinner? Root adds NFC? Wow! I gotta get me some of that root.

      • Anonymous

        The Verizon Nexus will not be thin. ICS doesn’t make the phone thin¬†either. The Razr will be thinner than Nex and has 4g. And why does everyone care¬†about¬†NFC really.

        • Anonymous

          I thought we were talking about hardware which is why I was puzzled as to how root changes that. The title is Galaxy Nexus – not ICS – my bad.

  • shdowman

    Very nice indeed.

    I am hugely disappointed in the camera (yes, I have seen sample shots and they are kinda crappy). I use the phone camera quite a bit and this does not look well. Perhaps a software update will adjust it…

    I have been searching, but can’t find confirmation on an SD card slot or not. Looks like the back will come off, but, no one has mentioned it. Assuming it won’t have one though as is standard with Nexus phones.

    First version, some slight lag here and there. Google needs to hire some better programmers to release a new version that is smooth and lag free. Lag should be unacceptable on a phone with these specs and the 4th major overhaul of Android.

    Just my 2 cents though.

    All in all, I still can’t wait for it and if the leaked date is true, Nov 10th can’t get here soon enough.