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Google and Samsung Reschedule Ice Cream Sandwich Event for October 19 in Hong Kong

Well, it’s actually on October 19 in Hong Kong, but 10:00AM there time is actually 7PM Pacific on October 18 here in the states (10PM to all you crazy east coasters). Disappointing that it won’t be a U.S. unveiling, right? It’s not surprising though, we first reported this news on Tuesday night and were fully expecting it to happen.

Don’t worry though, we can all watch it together at youtube.com/android. Would have been nice to see it all unfold in San Diego in person this week though, but at least some of the mystery is gone. Cancel all plans, this should be good.

And if there was any question as to the topic at hand (not that there was), I think the logo up top says it all.


  • Anonymous


  • This isn’t good guys, I just have the absolute worst feeling about Verizon not getting this phone. I’m hoping I’m wrong since this is all I’ve ever wanted and I’m sure everybody else can relate to that.

  • Anonymous

    I’m skipping PE class for this, yeaaahhhh!!!

  • Anonymous

    King Kong ain’t got nothing on Prime!

  • joel rizo

    Guy Samsung wouldn’t be their if they weren’t announcing the Nexus, stop saying it will just be ICS.

  • andrew

    Ugh this scares me alot. I have a gut feeling this phone is not coming to verizon. If im right im done with verizon. It has not even gone through the fcc

    • Mike Majewski

      You never see Apple devices go through the FCC either.  There’s a reason for that.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else worried about the idea of this NOT being a Verizon phone?  Why would they announce an American “exclusive” in Hong Kong.   My guess is this is the world edition and hopefully the Verizon edition.

    • We (Verizon customers) are all worried.  Read through the comments of this post, many of us have the same concerns.

  • Flip74k

    Cant wait to ditch my pos x2 for the nexus 🙂

  • John

    so stealing my wife’s upgrade for this phone 😀

  • Vaporware

    Now the Verizon/Motorola D-Raze announcement makes more sense. Verizon wanted to be in on the ICS announcement but Google/Samsung doesn’t need Verizon if its launched at an international event. Verizon, like a scorned, child wants to piss in their Cheerios. Here is betting that the D-Raze doesn’t launch for at least 2 Months.

    P.S. Holy mother of pearl is my Xoom fast using 4G LTE!!!!

  • LiterofCola

    Well F me in the A, it’s about time

  • Grasshopper239

    When is the Verizon announcement?

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the sources were right. Here’s hoping to a great announcement and some surprises. My upgrade is waiting! Please don’t disappoint me like the Vigor has started to

  • Matt Galyon

    Kellex, how about running a live chat on the site during the event so that we can all geek out together?

    Give me a bite of that Ice Cream Samsung Google Sandwich Already!!

  • Anonymous

    Kellex, are you worried about a supposed Verizon exclusive phone being revealed in Hong Kong?  Do you feel like you’ve heard enough inside info that we can feel comfortable knowing it will be on Verizon after all?

    No agenda behind this, just curious myself, seems like an odd place to reveal a phone that will not be used by their public.  Why would their news media want spend money to cover a phone that their readers won’t get to use.

  • Jason Purp

    They better tell me the full retail price of that Galaxy Nexus.

  • claydos66

    Anyone look at the video of andy flying around on the youtube channel?  What does STS-150 mean on the rocket pack?

    • Claydos66


      • Anonymous

        STS-### is the code set-up that NASA uses for the Space Shuttle launches. That being said, there has never been a STS-510 mission.

  • Anonymous

    I will be all over this. Hopefully ICS doesn’t melt on the plane ride to Hong Kong 😉

  • EC8CH

    Next years Nexus launch is going to take place on the Moon.

  • UrbanEggman

    Aside from the release date is there anything we don’t know about this phone by now….   And yes I will still be waiting like a little kid on Christmas eve.

  • Anonymous

    Time to stock up on some Klondike ice cream bars. This gives me a good excuse to try the mint-chocolate chip ones. 

  • OG Droid

    Hells Yeah. The only way I like my ice cream is Vanilla!!!!!

    • J Dub

      Lets be honest here. Plain vanilla is my least favorite. Give me some chocolate or something.

  • J Dub

    You mean I have to stay up till 10 freaking PM????

    • if you live on the east coast it will start at 8:30 PM on tuesday

      • Voltron

        It’s 10 PM for east coast.

      • J Dub

        Hong Kong is +12 compared to EST…which makes it 10PM the 18th.

    • Jake

      I’ll probably just wait until the following morning to catch up on the news.

  • Anonymous

    next 3 weeks will be painfully slow…  It will be superduper if next week we get a ton of pics and maybe even a few “surprises” that have not leaked yet about this beast!

  • Stachemoney

    This phone is literally coming to use from the future. 

  • Billy Gardiner

    Please change “there” to “their” before my brain explodes…

  • ricky siebold

    why do i get the feeling that we’re all going to be very disappointed?

  • Anonymous

    The only thing that could possibly die between now and then is RIM….and I don’t think Google/Samsung would postpone their event for that. Huzzah!

  • Anonymous

    Calender entry – DONE

  • Kyrumo

    Something’s telling me that the Prime is not coming to Verizon, why whould a Verizon phone be announced in Hong Kong 🙁

    • I’m just as concerned as you. Though they could easily announce the generic hardware and tell us it has support for all the various carriers’ radios/networks. Then let each carrier announce the phone themselves. Though if I know Verizon, they’ll figure out a way to screw us.

    • Anonymous

      I have to say, this would be hilarious after following it so much.  Impossible though, why else would they pass up the SGSII.

    • @Kyrumo 100% Agree!

    • Jake

      Why would the fact that it’s being announced in Hong Kong mean that it won’t be available on Verizon? Does that mean it won’t be available on Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile? Does the fact that it was originally scheduled to be announced at CTIA in San Diego mean anything? This is the first big mobile-tech related event to come along since CTIA, and they didn’t want to wait even longer for an event in the US before announcing. They still want to meet their release schedule.

  • Anonymous


  • So what does this mean for Verizon?  Are they unveiling just ICS, or the GSM version of the Nexus or what?  Verizon is a purely American company, will they have no part in this event?

    • J Dub

      Are you discounting the 45% interest that Vodafone has in VZW?

  • chris

    I can’t wait!  It’s like primetime tv streaming in Philly!

  • eleazar

    Woot! I’ll finally be able to watch one of these streaming live.  Although I wish it was 7pm EST. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers.

  • Mr_Snrub

    I’d feel much better if Verizon was there too.  I don’t think it’s absurdly paranoid to think that Samsung and Google could announce a quick release date only to have Verizon go, “Oh really?  We weren’t aware of that.  No.  We think this phone will do well with a release date just before New Year’s Eve.”

    • Matthew Snider

      Agreed… maybe they’ll have a small rep or something, or their own press release immediately after.

  • jose cardona

    I swear to GOD if somebody else important dies….

    • EC8CH

      …I’LL KILL THEM!

    • John


    • OG Droid

      I heard Steve died choking on an ice-cream sandwich.

    • Apitide123

      Actually, someone important DID die recently, Bob Galvin, former CEO of son of the founder of Motorola. It was with his leadership that led Motorola to become an American icon. While he was running the company, they didn’t sell cell phones, but if it wasn’t for him and Motorola, the world of cell phones wouldn’t be what it is today. If Motorola was still under his wing, they would probably be at #1 since his leadership outclasses Jha’s. People give way too much credit to Steve Jobs, yet they never take the time to give credit to those who have truly pioneered the whole mobile industry; Motorola.

  • Anonymous

    Very cool.  Especially since Google has bent the space/time continuum to allow us here in the states find out about ICS the day before those in the rest of the world even though it’s being announced at the same time.

  • Anonymous

    Disappointing, but I will be watching! 

  • Droiiid

    *THEIR TIME* Come on Kellen!!! 😛

    • Anonymous


    • Arthur2142

      “Their time” is correct, but it is also the correct time “there” LOL

    • JDub

      He used there and here. Not their and our.

      • Yeah but it’s Kellex not Kellen…

        • Drewfus0929

          Real name is Kellen.

  • don’t care if it was unveiled in iran tomorrow, i want the damn phone

  • Anonymous

    I’ll watch it on my Google TV at home while posting comments from my Android phone.


  • Just Sayin’

    Their time, not there time.

  • Anonymous

    I might have to skip out on taking care of my yam gardens and making yam foo foo for my family to watch this instead

    • Ron


    • Voltron

      Its not funny anymore man…

  • Anonymous


  • Tuesday will be a late and exciting night for all us “East Coasters!” It will be well worth staying up late for and missing out on precious sleep for work the next day! Who am I kidding I will probably be to excited to fall asleep after this announcement.

  • Anonymous

    I am now very excited to wake up on Wednesday morning.

  • NoDoubt


  • Anonymous

    A US phone running an OS developed by a US company.. on a device made by South Korea.. being announced in China! go figure!

    • Anonymous

      Makes so much sense, right? Dammit Hong Kong! 😛

    • Little

      manufacture in china maybe?

  • Dominick DeVito

    10pm Tuesday night, great!

    I just hope my Google TV doesn’t try to update to Honeycomb during that time! LOL.

  • Anonymous

    They know this is prime-time material. On Wednesday night we’re all going to dim the lights, grab some popcorn, laugh, cry, yell at the screen to shut up and take our money already…

    • pezjono

      The 18th is a Tuesday night bro! Wouldn’t want you to miss it!

      • Anonymous

        Oops, good call. Better put it on my calendar.

  • Chris G

    My wife’s birthday and I get the present.  Awesome!

    • Slakker

      My wife’s also we are both getting presents though

  • Could honestly not care less where the event takes place, especially if I can watch live on youtube.

  • TJ Egan

    Sorry Sons of Anarchy, 10PM on 10/18 will be dedicated to ICS!

    • Jasonharris42

      As long as you have a DVR you’ll be good 🙂

  • Derp

    Nothing I hate more than annoucements of an announcement but goddamn am I excited for this

  • NexusDuh

    So pumped…don’t even care about what they name it. Just want it in my hands now.

  • Bmos

    Please come with a release date as well. I don’t want another Bionic release date debacle.

  • EC8CH

    Nexus Prime… time?

    • I had to click “like” for the cheesy factor

      • Anonymous

        Maybe he just ate at Denny’s

    • pezjono

      I see what you did there…

    • To the Galaxy and beyond…

    • palomosan

      It’s about time…

  • Toney

    so…  a US exclusive phone getting unveiled in Hong Kong…?

    • Dominick DeVito

      Is it US exclusive? Wow, if it is, imagine the poor local people salivating over a device they’ll never see. What a tease.

      • Hong Kong isn’t Japan…

        • Dominick DeVito

          LOL, HA. Sorry had Tokyo on the brain.

      • Anonymous

        They will finally get a taste of our medicine. They have so many ridiculous phones over there that we’ll never see. 

    • Anonymous

      Exclusive to VZW in the US, but that doesn’t exclude other international carriers..

  • Anonymous

    guess im going to have some ice cream sandwich as a midnight snack!

  • Well, that’s kinda ridiculous.

  • Finally we get to see what Google and Samsung have been working on and I can finally upgrade from my OG Droid on VZ.

    • Narbz

      same here, even tho recently i rooted my phone & its much faster than what it ever was =] 

  • Dominick DeVito

    Finally!!! We will FINALLY see the WHO and the WHAT.

    …one thing I find strange though, is, no mention of Verizon. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t announce the WHEN.