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Google and Samsung Reschedule Ice Cream Sandwich Event for October 19 in Hong Kong

Well, it’s actually on October 19 in Hong Kong, but 10:00AM there time is actually 7PM Pacific on October 18 here in the states (10PM to all you crazy east coasters). Disappointing that it won’t be a U.S. unveiling, right? It’s not surprising though, we first reported this news on Tuesday night and were fully expecting it to happen.

Don’t worry though, we can all watch it together at youtube.com/android. Would have been nice to see it all unfold in San Diego in person this week though, but at least some of the mystery is gone. Cancel all plans, this should be good.

And if there was any question as to the topic at hand (not that there was), I think the logo up top says it all.


  • Anonymous


  • This isn’t good guys, I just have the absolute worst feeling about Verizon not getting this phone. I’m hoping I’m wrong since this is all I’ve ever wanted and I’m sure everybody else can relate to that.

  • Anonymous

    I’m skipping PE class for this, yeaaahhhh!!!

  • Anonymous

    King Kong ain’t got nothing on Prime!

  • joel rizo

    Guy Samsung wouldn’t be their if they weren’t announcing the Nexus, stop saying it will just be ICS.

  • andrew

    Ugh this scares me alot. I have a gut feeling this phone is not coming to verizon. If im right im done with verizon. It has not even gone through the fcc

    • Mike Majewski

      You never see Apple devices go through the FCC either.  There’s a reason for that.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else worried about the idea of this NOT being a Verizon phone?  Why would they announce an American “exclusive” in Hong Kong.   My guess is this is the world edition and hopefully the Verizon edition.

    • We (Verizon customers) are all worried.  Read through the comments of this post, many of us have the same concerns.

  • Flip74k

    Cant wait to ditch my pos x2 for the nexus 🙂

  • John

    so stealing my wife’s upgrade for this phone 😀

  • Vaporware

    Now the Verizon/Motorola D-Raze announcement makes more sense. Verizon wanted to be in on the ICS announcement but Google/Samsung doesn’t need Verizon if its launched at an international event. Verizon, like a scorned, child wants to piss in their Cheerios. Here is betting that the D-Raze doesn’t launch for at least 2 Months.

    P.S. Holy mother of pearl is my Xoom fast using 4G LTE!!!!

  • LiterofCola

    Well F me in the A, it’s about time

  • Grasshopper239

    When is the Verizon announcement?

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the sources were right. Here’s hoping to a great announcement and some surprises. My upgrade is waiting! Please don’t disappoint me like the Vigor has started to