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New ASUS Transformer 2 Available November 7th?

An overseas site had the follow up to the popular ASUS Transformer listed as a NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core device, with 1GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Word spread quickly and NVIDIA has since asked that the information be pulled from the site, but those actions have almost confirmed the aforementioned info. The site also listed the device to be available on November 7, which works in the same time frame that ASUS’ CEO, Jerry Shen placed on it just a couple weeks ago.

Chairman of ASUS, Jonney Shih will be speaking at the AsiaD conference next week along with NVIDIA CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang. We could easily say that we’ll be hearing something about the newest Transformer shortly.

Via: BGRTabletowo

  • william

    cool that the new asus transformer is coming out  the 7th  of noverber  but my question on that is how much will it coast when it hits the market so please let me no thank you 

  • Drew McEachern

    I agree with Steve Hawk. I bought my Transformer November 9 and it does everything I want. I’m very pleased with it and would definitely recommend it.

  • Finire

    With this on the board, it makes the Xoom 2 release look even less promising. Thanks Moto for letting us down.

  • Qbrisco

    Yay does this mean the original will go down to $199?  Maybe $99?

  • jbonics

    When it drops I will have a new asus tf for sale $250

  • Question for all that own the Transformer with the dock. Are the horror stories I’ve read regarding the battery in the laptop dock true? Or is it a minimal amount of people who have experienced this?

    • Raven

      From what I have read there are 2 versions of the internal hardware that cannot be told apart from the outside by serial number or anything.  The older innards had the problem of not letting it go into deep sleep mode, the newer ones don’t.

      There is supposedly a very easy test that you can do which is to dock it and turn off the screen, then press a single key.  If that turns the screen on you have the problem.  Mine does not and I have not noticed any problems with it.  If you have the problem, supposedly you can send it in and they will fix it for free (not sure about shipping).

      • Cucabueno

        ok so mine came on. What do I do now?

  • Anonymous

    What can a quad core do for me? I am pretty sure that Android needs to work on the software side of things when it comes to tablets. A laptop still has software light years ahead of any tablet. They need to stop worrying about specs so much and concentrate on getting things like advanced image/sound/web/video editing on these tablets so they can be useful tools and not just toys.Not to mention they need some better games. The games for these tablets pretty much suck compared to a psp,3ds, or laptop.

    • Raven

      For one thing it is more than just the quad core, Kal-El supposedly also has much better power efficiency than the current generation of chips.  So, not only would have twice the processing power, you could also have twice the battery life, and that means a lot more to me than the higher number of cores.

      The other thing is you have to realize, unlike Apple, there is not one big “They”.  ASUS/Samsung/Motorola/Texas Instruments whoever producing faster more power efficient hardware has nothing to do with Google/Android/thousands of independent developers producing better software.

      There is no argument that big title games from Sony and Nintendo are better than most Android games, but that has more to do with monopolies and politics than anything.  Imagine if Sony developed an Android tablet and started making its big name franchises for Android tablets, then we would see some games.

      Until then, if you actually have a Tegra based tablet like the Transformer check out the TegraZone market.  There are some pretty decent games in there.  I would hate to admit how many hours I have already put into Galaxy on Fire II HD and would put it up against any similar genre games on other hardware.

  • MissJ84

    Check your source http://www.tabletowo.pl/2011/10/11/exclusive-asus-eee-pad-transformer-2-za-537-juz-7-listopada/
    Information cancelled at the request of Nvidia Poland. Stay tuned for more information about Nvidia Tegra 3 unit and Asus Eee Pad Transformer 2 tablet.

    This story is BS

    • Anonymous

       Or it could be they don’t want the information leaked.

  • SeanMaloney

    Don’t forget about the ICS ASUS “Padfone”, supposed to release at the same time?

  • Anonymous

    This Christmas is looking to be the perfect storm for Android. First you have Ice Cream Sandwich coming in which will take the Verizon exclusive Galaxy Nexus and make it the most ground breaking phone since the OG Droid. Then you have the Transformer 2 coming in as a predecessor to arguably one of the most innovative tablets, the Transformer 1.

    Ahh I can’t wait till Christmas. I can only hope I end the year with a Galaxy nexus and Transformer 2, both on ICS.

  • Less than $400 and they’ve got themselves a deal!

  • cucabueno

    i would think that more RAM would be necessary… am i the only one here? 

    • yes, more then 1 gig is just being silly, I have gone nowhere near using up my full 1gig on my bionic and I have a stupid amount of apps. This isnt a pc just adding more ram to it isn’t going to make it any faster.

      • Anonymous

        More than 1gig Ram will not be necessary until the software reaches the need for better multitasking. The same thing goes for a quad core, not necessary at this moment. Quad cores aren’t even really needed in laptops.

        • The quad core processor takes care of issues concerning full hi def media files, which tegra 2 could not handle (full 1080p). Additionally, the quad core (actually 5 cores) uses less power and increases battery life. To me, the tegra 3 is the perfect jump for me to get a tablet, since I don’t have to bother converting video files, etc.

    • Vincent

      I agree with you! I think 2GB of RAM would be very good. I run heavy business apps and I run into RAM issues all the time. I guess most people don’t use big application like I do. Here are the apps that I run, try it and see if your Bionic doesn’t start freezing up with all these running simultaneously. .

      Executive Assistant Pro, Juice Defender, Swiftkey, Titanium Backup, Dropbox, Evernote, lookout security are just my basic business apps. I have alot more.

      So I agree that we should have more RAM for future tablets, haven’t they learned a lesson from the netbooks?

  • Anonymous

    Finally I will be getting a tablet !!!

  • Steve Hawk

    I just bought the OG Transformer a bit more than a month ago… and for some reason I’m not upset that the successor will be out in less than a month. Maybe it’s because I’m 100% sure that they nailed it right the first time. I have no doubt that the extra power of the Tegra 3 will become useful, but as of right now I have no apps that would require a more powerful cpu/gpu combo than the Tegra 2. I love this tablet as it is, and for once I’m not drooling over the next device around the corner. I do, however, drool over the sex appeal of some other (Galaxy Tab 10.1) tablets compared to the Transformer. She is not a sexy device. 🙁

    • Anonymous

      My main gripe with mine is the semi sharp edges all the way around, which when combined with the size of it, make my hands uncomfortable when laying down holding it up. Other than htat, its the best thing ive bought in a long long time.

      • Steve Hawk

        Agreed on the sharp edges. I bought the Blurex portfolio case for mine from Amazon… Best $29 spent so far. Acts as a kickstand, a nice sturdy protector for the screen. Also, it combats the sharp edges… it lets you hold the tablet a slightly different way, keeping the corners off your fingers. It’s a little awkard to hold in portrait, but landscape is the tits.

    • Raven

      I disagree.  I think this tablet is a very sexy looking device (as tablets go).  The unique metallic copper like edges and textured back really set it apart from the crowd, not to mention the gentle taper that makes it seem much thinner than it’s technical maximum thickness.  And, then there is how sweet it looks when docked in the keyboard, even when it’s closed.  I was just thinking to myself how this looks like such an elegant refined device and makes an iFad look like a child’s play thing next to it.

      My only complaint with the design is the complete lack of any lights.  Would charging and notification LEDs have been too much to ask?

      • Anonymous

        Shut up and stop making me want to buy a Transformer before T2 comes out!

        • Steve Hawk

          😀 It really is a great device though. Like I said I picked it up just over a month ago. My step-dad always rants and raves about how great iDevices are, and my fiance was pressuring me towards an iPad 2. So, to get everyone to shut up, I purchased an iPad 2 on a Monday night. I returned it 24 hours later on Tuesday night, and picked up the Transformer. Don’t get me wrong, the iPad was nice, felt good in the hands, and as they say, everything just worked. Unfortunately for Apple, that wasn’t enough for me. To me, iOS feels VERY dated, like I’m using something from earlier on in the century. I missed the ability to customize. Looked into jailbreaking, pluses, minuses, and procedure. It wasn’t worth it to me to go thru the hassle to get access to things that Honeycomb and Android in general have baked in from the factory. On top of that, once you get all those options up and running, it seemed to me like it would all just feel hacked together. Aside from all that, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the form factor. To me, a widescreen device has the ability to run many more apps in a more user friendly and better organized way. So, I did a factory reset, boxed her back up, and brought her back to Best Buy.

          I do miss the smart screen cover thing… it was nice.

      • Steve Hawk

        I’m half and half on the point of the lights. For me, my notification lights on my phone are much more needed (although useless… HTC Thunderbolt). First, my tablet case is always closed, so I would never see a light anyway. Second, my tablet is not my primary device. All notifications that come to my Transformer, also come to my Thunderbolt. I actually find it very annoying to have both devices alert me (by sound) within seconds of each other. There’s never really a time that I have my tablet in front of me, and don’t have my phone in my pocket.

  • ML

    The T2 has real promise: Kal-el T3 quad core, promised slimmer form factor, along with the keyboard attachment and ports.  I’m curious about a Galaxy Tab refresh as well, but this tablet looks to be the lead dog in the next generation of quad core tablets.

    • Anonymous

      Slimmer form factor would get me looking. I wonder how they would make that work with the existing dock like they have promised…

  • Anonymous

    Not sure why you’d bump up to 32 gigs of on-board storage if it makes it more expensive. Between Picasa and Google Music Beta, I’m never going to get close to filling up my xoom.

    • Raven

      I already have 16.1 GB in my 32GB Transformer and I just got it a month ago.  Of course, a big part of that is 6 full length movies as well as a lot of pictures and music.  It is nice to have everything on the tablet and not have to worry about connecting to “the cloud” when traveling.

  • If it’s $399, I’m in… now to find buyer for me Transformer 1 !

  • Anonymous

    The real question is will it still be $399 and will the Transformer 1 drop in price?

    • Anonymous

      I read somewhere that itd be 500 and they wont immeditaely drop the price of the original as its still selling well. Anyone want to buy a gently used OG Transformer??

      • Anonymous

        hmmm, $500 for a 32GB? I’m not into 32GB but for an upgraded version of the Transformer it would be definitely worth it.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, that’s a good deal for 32GB, so you would think they would come out with a 16GB for $400.  That’s what I want.  I would definitely be more likely to spend $400 then, not for a dual-core though.

      • Anonymous

        …maybe lol

  • EC8CH

    The Transformer and Galaxy Tab are the only tablets that really interest me.

    Maybe the Kindle Fire too, more so out of curiosity.

    • Mctypething

      u curious bro?

      • Derp

        Hes bro-curious

        • Anonymous

          no, he’s BI-Curious!

          • Funke


    • Jelement111

      He’s bike-curious