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Download: Google+ 2.0 Pulled from Ice Cream Sandwich


Thought that the Google Music app from Ice Cream Sandwich was the last of ’em?  Prepare yourself for the future of Google+ as well.  Version 2.0 has been pulled from the Galaxy Nexus and brings with some new features including a renamed Messenger section called “Chord.”  I have no idea what that is supposed to mean, but am willing to just roll with it.  The rest simply makes the app feel more well-rounded and polished, much like with what we saw on the new music app.  

Download:  PlusOne.apk

*Note – You will have to uninstall your current G+ before this will work.

G+ addicts, feel free to let us know about each of the new goodies or tweaks that the Android team has included.

Via:  Android Police

  • Dude, please tell me that youre going to publish extra. I notice you
    havent written an additional weblog for a while (Im just catching up

  • there seems to be a bug while trying to postwith the new apk..?

  • BFD

    Hopefully they’ll launch an ICS device or upgrade to ICS within 3 months max. Otherwise, there’s no point in putting too much hype in a device with OS that will not be the latest version after a few hours from being announced.

  • Anonymous

    It just gets stuck in the signing in part every time. Older version works.

  • it wouldnt let me download it from the link.

  • Anonymous

    Was unable to update google+ using the app. downgraded back and it stock and worked fine. Using rooted BAMF 1.07 Thunderbolt.

  • SFC Airborne51

    I couldn’t get it to log in to my account. I uninstalled and even cleared data and cache and it still would not let me log into the account. It kept saying that it could not contact the server. I uninstalled and re installed the market Google + app and it works fine. I guess that for now no ICS Google + for my Droid 2.

  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      Go f*ck yourself with finesse.

  • 81deaths

    It’s annoying that the new google+ won’t allow me to create any posts

  • BiX

    Kills the ability to view or add contacts on CM7

  • Anonymous

    Running CM7 on my Droid X caused my Contact app to crash as well

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Link down!

  • Anonymous

    Causes force close in Contacts on my Defy running the official Defy+ ROM. Other than that, it looks very promising.

  • Anonymous

    still need an invite, someone anyone help me out please

    • babadush

      It’s been open to the public for a while now

  • posting to public doesn’t work & going into your contacts that’s linked to g+ force closes. that’s the only issues i’ve seen.

  • Missing link

  • Anonymous

    This app kept making my ‘People’ app force close. couldnt add contact or anything. anyone else have this issue?
    Thunderbolt w/OTA 2.3.4

    • Missthetrain

      Yep, had to uninstalled.
      Bamf Soab

    • Mathew Collins

      Same here. Uninstalled.

    • Anonymous

      That’s why you need to ditch senseless and flash cyanogen

      • some of us like the sense, i know crazy!!!l lol

    • same thing happened to me, though I don’t see what the fuss is all about for the new google plus, nothing in it blew me away.  

  • Android Police has 7 mirrors. http://goo.gl/rp0Fd.

  • Link isn’t working…any solution?

  • Genie Us

    Can someone give me the apk for Samsung Chaton?

  • Skreemer311

    Unavailable…have a mirror?

  • Anonymous

    “Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available.”

    It looks like the link has been pulled.

  • Nice but caused force closes in contacts with my Droid Bionic

    • Rick

      Also causing fc when trying to modify contacts on the Thunderbolt too

  • Alvinm 77

    A big improvement on the Gtab 10.1… Scrollable widget is nice.

  • Jeremy Scott

    Joining Hangouts doesn’t work on this version, back to the market version for now.

  • Peter

    Heres to hoping we see the ICS version of Google Voice sooner than later.

    • babadush

      Here here!

  • I assume “Chord” is a conversation within a circle, or between 2 people in a circle. This would make perfect sense because a chord, in geometry, is a line between two points on a circle.

    • Obvious Sarcasm

      Lol. If that’s the logic behind it, then why didn’t they call it “Radius”. Since in geometry a radius a line connecting the center of a circle to a point on a circle. Technically since you would be the center of your own circle it would make more sense….

      Just sayin’ :-b

      • Because that would sound incredibly dumb.

        • Obvious Sarcasm

          That’s the point!

          • vernon

            it was obviously sarcastic… oh wait.

      • Anonymous

        Because those two people may not have originated from the center of said circle.

      • John Riley

        Radius is taken in the IT world, think lawsuit.

        • Obvious Sarcasm

          Ah. Lol. Forgot about the network protocol.

  • Andi Mazur

    definitely more honeycomb optimization. though Chord force closes, and Instant upload isn’t even an option. It’s greyed out. Wish it were more flawless because this version is so much better for tablets.

  • Knalis703

    your public circle isn’t checked by default you have to check it in order to leave a status update in it  other then that its great

  • Mr. English

    Tbolt it all works except the stream posting, which I’m reading below might have a solution. Checking and then updating. Would not send with “Public” checked as a circle to send to, no matter what. After unchecking “Public” and the checking any other circle, it sent to the stream fine. Snappier than the original version too. At least on mine. Love me some new sw that works.

  • Levi Wilcox

    Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug when trying to post publicly using the new apk. can anyone confirm?

    • droid x’er

      same here “Can’t create post. Please try again later”

  • droid x’er

    no widget!!!!!!

  • Blood

    This kind of reminds me about two years ago when this site first started. You were giving us the clock apk, launchers, gallery apk etc. I wonder where will be in another 2 years.

  • Anonymous

    had trouble posting to public, changed sharing to my circles and it worked fine. (from Bionic)

    • Levi Wilcox

      Seems to be a bug, I couldn’t post publicly either.

  • Alan Paone

    The widget is missing on my phone, I’m guessing this means a sexy scrolly widget, anyone with a honeycomb care to verify that?

    • Slagg3r

      i would also like to know about this too?

    • Brien Gerber

      Same, miss the widget

  • Anonymous

    using on my Xoom. there is a notification on the Chord icon, but when I press it, I get force close

  • Is it really blue? Blue on Android just looks awful (or maybe I just hate the color blue, which I do). I have a feeling I will hate the UI of ICS.

    • RedOne

      I feel you I dont like the blue touches they are using they should have stayed with green.

    • Anonymous

      just me or do I see no ‘touches’ of blue beyond the standard, links, text box

    • Anonymous

      It’s Android.  You can change it.  People will theme it.  You’ll be fine. Look at the user experience, not necessarily the colors.

    • wow .. someone complained. and yet no “you made bro?” comment in reply.. 
      … i’m just inviting them at this point … arnt i?

  • Works good on xoom…the only problem is it force closes in chord section but it is fully optimized for honeycomb

  • Keith Sumner

    Every time I try to post something on G+ using this I get an error “cannot create the post please try again later” Stock Bionic

    • Daniel Hurley

      same here

      • Keith Sumner

        Sounds like it doesn’t work right now, oh well, looks great though, back to market version for now.

        • Dom Alegria

          works for me
          stock bionic

        • Levi Wilcox

          It works, but not for public posts…

          • Dude

            and no widget

  • Beware: The Market is saying I have an update available for this app after upgrading, but it looks like an old version. Don’t hit update.

  • Bunie

    why doesnt someone just fckn pull Ice Cream Sandwich and hand it to the Cyanogen Mod team >> Just sayin lolol

    • Because the code on actual phones is compiled. CM can’t do much with compiled code, they need the source. They can pull apk files and the media off the phone, but not the OS itself.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet.  For the next post can you pull ICS from ICS?  Kthx… 😀

    • Anonymous

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  • Wow sorry to comment again but the Circles and People screens have been vastly improved!

  • Wyveryx

    Just FYI, according to Android Police the widget for phones isn’t available with this build. Other than that, it looks like some nice changes.

  • I’ve only been using it for a minute but I already like some of the little UI tweaks. Seems snappier too.

  • nice job getting all of these! cant wait for that prime boot animation to pop out as well