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Madden 2012 on Android is FREE this Weekend from Verizon

Madden 2012 on Android will normally run you about $7.50, but from October 1-3 (this weekend), Verizon customers can download it for free by simply calling **MADDEN (**623336).  It may not help the fact that 1,200 of us got whacked from the Droid Life Eliminator in weeks 1-3 of this NFL season, but it at least gives us another way to enjoy some football for free.  That’s right, there are only 396 people out of 1,500 that still have a chance to win after just 3 weeks.  Fun times.

Cheers Scott, John and Jubby!

  • tlspatt

    Anyone else having trouble getting this?  When I DLed and opened V-Cast Apps (which you have to do to DL the game) it opens and then says “Can’t connect to your account.  Please contact customer service.”  So I called customer service and they didn’t know anything about it.  If I try re-DLing the application and over-writing the apk files, then it leads to a page that says “wait 5 minutes for your account to reset” and, of course, it never ever resets so opening it manually just causes a force close.  Tech support didn’t even know about the promo and their only answer was “do a factory reset.”  Apparently my call started a trouble log and they’ll get back to me (we’ll see if that actually happens or not) but it certainly won’t happen by the end of the day when the promo expires.  WTF, Verizon?  Anyone else?  Heard anything, ed?

  • Jayrod718

    Ok so i tried yesterday on my bionic and wifes incredible 2. No go on either. I called verizon and told them it aint working and suggested they credit me and they did for $6.99. I downloaded on my bionic and payed for it with my debit card. It has a 220 mb update before it runs, after update the game errors and closes i have tried moving to sd and back still no go. Today I looked in the vcast app store on the incredible 2 and it’s there and works fully and plays for free. Also the link works now. If anyone figures out how to fix the bionic let me know.

  • nevermind scratch that dont workl on my phone either lammmmeee

  • reallly disliking verizon and this tbolt man wish i could upgrad… t(“t)  verizon… kirby lol

  • Smurfette8202

    it won’t let me download it on my d3…….says my fone is not compatible! and on my friends droid x it won’t install…..ggggggrrrrr

  • Ascubaboy

    Just tried on my bionic (yes, it is october 2nd, Brandon Shaw) . . . it was a no go, not a “supported device”…. total crap.

  • James

    It works on Thunderbolt with gingerbread now

  • Telephoneteck

    Works on my rooted thunderbolt thanks to the link in this thread and das bamf!

  • Jobslave72

    just for everyone’s information , you have to have Vcast in order to receive the download.

  • Steve Blais

    NO OG Droid love 😛


    no droid 2 support

  • Zxczcass

    Not available for the bionic WHAT IS THIS

  • I called Verizon about it saying the Droid Bionic wasn’t listed as a supported device and how it was listed as supported device under the Android market as compatible, they said as of now its listed on their end as an unsupported device. I gave my opinion on how that’s bad marketing and they end up giving me a 6.99 credit. 
    –Purchased from Android Market 

    • cardi

      i did the same thing just a min ago got a 6.99 credit on my account now time to buy it from the market

  • Cardi

    This is some bs all these new phones like the thunderbolt and bionic cant get it cause there not vcast apps supported. Its not that the phone is not supported by the game the phones are not supported by v cast apps which you need to get madden 12 free

  • Anonymous

    while i would like to play this and dl for free, vcast apps is a piece of crap and will not download the required update. it just force closes. hmm…no wonder i use the google market verizon

  • Aroldan284

    Says I’m not qualified on droid 3? Wth!?

  • Anonymous

    Won’t download on X2

  • T

    Have droid x2 with 2.3.3. Doesn’t work. Gotta be kidding me.
    Only phones supported are: 
    Incredible,Vortex 2.2 , Continum, thunderbolt 2.2, droid pro 2.2, fascinate 2.2
    Incredible 2.2.2, Commando, droid charge, revolution 2.2, droid x2 2.2, droid x 2.3

    • I have a thunderbolt running gingerbread and apparently it’s “not supported,” which is total bullshit

      • really dammmmmit i hate the thunderbolt lol its in my car so i havent got a chance to try it

    • Ken

      It works fine on my DX2  2.3.3.

  • So this only working on 2.2 (Froyo) systems… I think they are a year behind. You sure it didn’t say Madden ’11?

    .apk anyone? lol 

  • Mr. Joshua
  • Anonymous

    I got the link after calling and clicked on it and sure enough, it said my phone is not supported. I have an incredible. Tell me, why is my phone not supported? I’m on Verizon. It’s October 1st. After reading the comments, I am not surprised. Nice stunt Verizon. Pos.

  • sounds like this was mainly to get people to install vcast on their phone.

  • B2ryz426f

    The paid app at the market works so it looks like Verizon is giving us bionic owners the shaft! !

  • Jeremycase00

    total bullshit Droid bionic is not supported the newest freaking Android phone on Verizon and not supported. What the hell

    • it all comes in time … netflix didnt work on my htc thunderbolt…

      • JW

        Netflix worked on launch for the bionic. The thunderbolt came out at a time when netflix was still fairly new on android. This is a complete joke that the Droid Bionic a 4G Dual core phone, the most capable phone on Verizon network can run a simple game? BS! 

  • B2ryz426f

    I hear ya, i ran into the same bs ! going to the market to see if the paid version works

    • androidman

      Looks like it runs on the droid 3, but the reviews the game is getting are awful about it not running on some phones, and a update that made the game inoperable.  So maybe its not a lost after all.

  • John

    LOL game only supports 12 Android devices, and only one gingerbread device, the Droid X.  what a crock of horse sh!t.  I can’t even spoof my way into being compatible because no ROMs let you spoof the lame devices this game supports.  

  • androidman

    As I wasn’t mad enough at verizon they pull this stunt, my droid 3 is more then capable of playing this game this is BULLS%^$!!

  • MrToTo83

    No go on Droid 3…Damn you!

  • Anonymous

    Says that the BIONIC is not supported…. that’s what frustrates me about Android sometimes: The “newest” isn’t the most “up to date.”

    • Anonymous

      It’s Verizon not Android

  • Twoot505

    I hope everyone one is seeing this as a BIG FRIGGIN JOKE!!!!!   A new game comes out but it DOES NOT WORK on the new phones that can run the game?????  BIONIC???    Verizon is trying to pull a fast one over on it’s customers!!!!!!  I don’t understand? Igot the Bionic so I could do and play all the cool things and games but for some reason the Bionic is NOT supported on almost ALL of ANYTHING???? Like Gameloft, EAGames, etc…… WHY?????????

    • Blood

      You should of got the Xperia Play then.

    • Tk

      i can’t even watch my MLB games after i bought the MLB app…

  • Jvrcb17

    So I’m using an HTC droid incredible. and…… this does not seem to be supported for my phone…. could it be because i’m rooted??? hmmm. weird.

  • Bah, phone calls said i qualified, yet link says phone isnt supported. i installed the VCast Apps apk, it wont connect on my phone….sigh.

  • Dont bother if you are a Droid Incredible 2 owner who received the updated verizon software to ver 2.34 on 9/27 .   You must be on version 2.2.   What a crock of sh*t….thanks for nothing