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Samsung Announces New 1.5GHz Exynos Processor – Highly Doubt it will be in the Galaxy Nexus [from AL]

Some of you may have seen this story over at Android Life, but we wanted to quickly point it out here as well to address a rumor or suggestion that many people are making.  This new Exynos 1.5GHz processor that Samsung announced is not going to be in the Galaxy Nexus or Nexus Prime or whatever you want to call it.  We are almost 100% certain at this point that Texas Instruments’ OMAP4 was chosen to be the lead platform for developing Ice Cream Sandwich which also means it should be in one of, if not the first device running the newest version of Android.

There are rumors of the 1.5GHz OMAP 4460 being delayed (the chip expected to be in it), so if we do end up seeing an OMAP, it could be the 4430 overclocked as a “Turbo” to 1.2GHz instead. (Yes, the OMAP 4430 is the same chip in the Bionic and DROID3.)  Or who knows, maybe they scrapped OMAP and went with Qualcomm’s S3?  No one is certain just yet, but this new Exynos is probably out of the question.

And let’s also not forget that this new chip from Samsung doesn’t start “sampling” until the end of this year, so there is almost zero chance that it would come loaded in a device that could be here within the next month.  Talk about record processor testing.

There have been surprises in the past, and we would certainly welcome in the 1.5GHz Exynos and the fact that it is 30% more efficient, but this move seems highly unlikely.  I guess we will find out for sure on October 11.

  • Tmoos48

    If Samsung fails to use the Exynos chip on the Nexus Prime, I probably won’t buy it until it does.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    The TI OMAP 4430 is also in the LG Thrill 4G (aka Optimus 3D).

  • Anonymous

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  • J Dub

    This chip will be in Samsungs GS2 LTE that they just announced. It will be in some Samsung sets before the end of the year. Near the end of the year they will start sampling these to other OEMs.

  • eq

    The OMAP is more than a match for the Exynos at the same clock speed.  The OMAP4470 is the SoC king for Android when it come out on phones in the 1st half of ’12.  By that time Krait and Tegra 3 should be in full force.

  • sushiglobster

    I’ve gotta ask….

    Would you guys prefer there be a OMAP chip in there or this new Sammy chip instead? I figure the Nexus Prime (or whatever it is) is considered a next-gen device and thus I feel its hardware should reflect that. It should have nextgen hardware inside. I’d like to see a OMAP(6) in there or this new sammy 1.5ghz chip.

    Your thoughts?

    • Anonymous

      The Mali400MP4 in the Exynos is a faster GPU than the SGX540 in the OMAP 4430 through 4460 but they are both very fast SOCs that won’t show any slow performance in usage.  My Bionic’s 4430 at 1 GHz is fast as hell.  I would have liked to have seen an OMAP 4470 with the SGX544 but that doesn’t sample until Q1 2012.

      • Anonymous

        This new Exynos 4212 is said to have 50% better graphics performance than the current Exynos 4210 with the Mali-400. So it may actually have a multi-core PowerVR SGX543+ GPU rather than the Mali-400.

        But yeah, the main difference is the graphics and how the CPU uses the GPU. I would be much happier with this Samsung Exynos rather than a 4430 or 4460 which has an outdated GPU.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, the 4212 still uses the Mali400 just clocked higher, same with the 4460. Samsung likes to overemphasize the performance increase. The SGX540 is still a very powerful GPU, it was in the Hummingbird and it’s even more so now considering it’s clocked significantly faster and has far more memory bandwidth.

          A smaller die doesn’t mean it can do more instructions per clock, just that it has reduced power consumption and can thus be clocked higher. Unlike the Exynos however, the OMAP4 uses two Cortex M3s for much greater power efficiency while idling or during less demanding tasks. Have you seen the reports of the GS2 overheating? I would say the Exynos needs the die shrink more than the OMAP4. My Bionic’s 4430 barely gets warm.

          Honestly, you won’t notice the difference in performance between the two except in some GPU heavy benchmarks, I haven’t come across anything that doesn’t run smooth on my Bionic (except for some badly coded programs that have no reason to run slow yet do). Live wallpaper, games and the general responsiveness of Android are all extremely fast.

    • Anonymous

      there is OMAP5 before OMAP6.
      OMAP 4460 is next gen in a way. Its similar to how OMAP3430 and OMAP3630 were different. Droid was on 3430 and Droid2 and DroidX were on 3630.

  • p3droid got ahold of ICS files. Guess whats missing 🙂


    • Where’s My Taco?

      A taco!
      Damn it I knew it, those Bastard!!!

    • Anonymous

      I’ll admit my ignorance, what am I looking for, or in this case, what am I not looking for?

      • Anonymous

        try bloat

        • Anonymous

          Good grief!  I heard Exynos does not play well with LTE….

  • Maybe I misread Samsung Hub’s article, but it says: “Samsung will sample the new processor to select companies in Q4 2011 but is showcased the chip at Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum in Taiwan.” 

    To me, that means that they are producing the chip for themselves now, and will begin allowing other manufacturers to get sample chips from them in Q4. Not that the chip will start sampling itself in Q4 for Samsung. You really think they keep their own company from sampling products?

    • sushiglobster

      This is interesting. There always could be the surprise that this 1.5ghz chip could show up in the new Nexus. It’s possible. Still…Google did state they wanted OMAP to push ICS and if this indeed a Google experience phone (which it is looking after the recent app list) then OMAP will probably be in there rather than a sammy chip. 

  • Guest

    Isn’t this what the 4Chan leak said would be in the Galaxy phone?

  • maxican16

    On Samsung’s Exynos website, it lists the 4410 in the SGS2.  Mysteriously absent are the new LTE and LTE HD Samsung phones and their respective processors.  What we do know is that they are 1.5GHz.. 

    Not saying they’re stocked with the 4412, but it certainly leaves the door open for speculation..

    Here’s to hoping!!!


  • Anonymous

    aw, too bad. you could always hold out for the nexus prime and wait for the next high end samsung phone for verizon.

  • Rashad Gattis

    I just need a phone that is great pure google experience and I’m all in

  • Anonymous

    Dang Kellex!  Can’t you just let us dream!?!

  • Anonymous

    the nexus floating around now is OMAP 4460. It would seem odd for a different one (4430) to be in the production model.

    • Jordan

      youre my hero

    • I dont know who you are, but you always seem to come in with news that is fairly accurate upon the final device. Everytime i see your icon i get excited to know that im about to hear a fairly true comment 🙂

      • Jordan

        lol all i look for in the comments is his blue icon and kellex’s

      • Anonymous

        Well the dev/test models have been wondering for about a month now, there is certainly a percentage chance it could change but it seems very unlikely for 2 main reasons. TI and Google have been working on this together in step for several months now. If there is a delay (which I don’t really buy) it would affect other production runs for the 4460 as the Nexus I’m sure is priority A. You wouldn’t do all this testing as a package only to change it last minute. Any while the 4430 is basically the same as a 4460 except for clock speed and a few very minor camera details making it easy to swap it would change the game for Google. The Nexus is supposed to set the dev bar for the next year of Android. Lowering it to a 4430 would lower the bar to 1.2Ghz and I just don’t see that happening now. Also I have heard (but can’t confirm) the Exynos still does not work with CDMA/LTE radios yet, making it even further unlikely.

        • sushiglobster

          This is great to hear! 

        • Anonymous

          This new Exynos 4212 will work with LTE. http://samsung.co.kr/article.do?cmd=view&numb=2&curPage=1&searchCategory=1&contentId=126771&sortWord=regdate&searchColumn=all&searchWord=&searchCompany=-1&startDate=&endDate=
          Near the bottom of that page, it says “LTE, Long Term Evolution.” Also this is supposed to be the 1.5 GHz processor that is going to be used in the LTE versions of the Galaxy S II – previously thought to be a Qualcomm processor.

          • Anonymous

            I already am very aware of that…reread what I said..CDMA/LTE which is a special chipset Verizon uses to combine it’s CDMA 2 and 3G networks with a 4G GSM network, not straight GSM LTE which is now supported in the newer line. This will likely change soon, but it’s not there yet.

          • Anonymous

            Gotchya. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it will have a TI 4460 but won’t they need a Qualcomm LTE modem anyway? Only Qualcomm has integrated CDMA/LTE on their SoC’s at the moment as far as I know…

          • Anonymous

            Yes they will. NEXUS uses the same one that’s in the Charge, but i didn’t say that out loud. 🙂 anyway Moto built one for the Bionic but that’s about it. I I’m no microprocessor engineer but it has to do with the communication between them. Exynos is currently in the situation trgra 2 was with cdma/lte, it’s not that it won’t work, just needs more work to make it work, which certainly won’t happen in time for launch.

  • Big Chris

    Damn it all I cant wait!

  • Nice but those will probably end up just being the Apple A6 chip. Samsung knows where their bread is buttered. 

    oh i just remembered Apple kicked Sammy to the curb for the A6.

    • Lmrojas

      Firstly we done know the specs of the A6. Secondly the iphone will have a dual core while quad core android devices will start to be released in the late winter early spring

      • Lmrojas


      • Anonymous

        And its dual core will run smoother than quad core androids lol.

    • Mctypething

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      • EC8CH

        for once I like this reply.

    • Anonymous

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  • Lmrojas

    So Nvida is preparing a quadcore processor and TI can’t get a dual core out on time?

    • Anonymous

      Nvidia’s quad core has been delayed repeatedly and you won’t be seeing it in phones until after the first quarter of next year.  Btw, you shouldn’t take rumor as fact.

  • First One

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