Rumor: Verizon is Working on a “DROID Loyalty” Program

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We just caught wind of a new initiative that Verizon is spearheading that they are internally referring to as the “DROID Loyalty Program.”  While details are scarce, we understand that it has to do with the retention of current Android customers.  That could mean a variety of things, but one would assume that with the onslaught of top-tier Android devices on the way, that Verizon will be looking to keep customers happy so that they will continue to upgrade and also not get discouraged when a newer and better equipped phone comes out just weeks after the one just purchased.

It has become more and more difficult for Android and tech enthusiasts to decide on a phone, knowing that something better is always around the corner.  Hopefully Verizon has cooked up a way to help curb buyer’s remorse in the near future, especially knowing that devices like the HTC Vigor, Galaxy Nexus, DROID RAZR, and DROID4 are all lined up.  Maybe something similar to Best Buy’s Buy Back program?

Hoping to know more in the near future as this is just in the “pilot” stage at this point.

Thoughts on a way to continue to upgrade or trade-in current phones more regularly?



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