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Full Specs for the Samsung Stratosphere, Comparisons to Other Devices as Well

When the Samsung Stratosphere first popped up on DL, most of us had fingers an toes crossed that it would be Verizon’s Galaxy SII variant.  We now know that not to be the case and will instead see a device more on-par with the Epic 4G on Sprint than anything.  That doesn’t mean it is a total flop though – remember that there is a pretty good sized group of people that cannot live without a physical keyboard and also want 4G LTE.  This will be their option, for now.

We just received the comparison specs sheets for the device from our friends at Verizon, so that those interested can get an idea as to what they might expect when the device launches on October 6.  What we have is a single-core 1GHz processor, Android 2.3, 1.3MP front camera, 5MP rear camera, 512MB of RAM, 4″ Super AMOLED display, and 4G LTE capabilities.

Verizon is calling it a “mid-tier” option, so we can hope that means it will come in around a $149.99 price point.  

How it compares to Verizon’s other 4G LTE phones (sans Bionic):

How it compares to the competition’s 4G sliders:

Keyboard lovers, still excited or are you now waiting for the DROID4?

Cheers ___!

  • RaiderDroid

    I hope a Droid 4 comes out by the end of the year.

  • Guttatae22

    So I’m hoping the HTC Vigor drops on the 20th this annual upgrade is ready to put to use lol…I can’t wait

  • verizons chat says the epic comes with no pre installed memory? it comes with a 16gb micro sd pre installed

  • so we compare phones launching in 10/11 to phones launched in 8/09 and 01/11 now? thats cool.

  • Anonymous

    the lady in the Verizon store swore up and down that this was the GSII. i told her it was basically the Epic 4G for VZW but she wouldn’t listen. wasn’t worth trying to convince her but i was impressed that she knew about a lot of the rumored phones, in general at least.

    but anyway, who wants this dated phone? if i was going to pick one with a slider, it would be the Droid 3 anyway. i really wish we could get a phone with bleeding edge tech with a physical keyboard. that’s just not the trend now though it seems.

  • Anonymous

    Well, that’s a little… underwhelming.  But still, 10MBps download speed.

    I’m definitely going to get a Droid 4 when it comes out, even if I have to pay full retail.  But if that’s not going to be for another six months or more, I’ll probably get either a D3 or Stratosphere to hold me over.

    First, though, I want to see whether the Nexus Prime slider will be coming to Verizon with LTE…

  • This will have to do for me until the D4 comes out. I just hope CyanogenMod gets ported to it!

  • Anonymous

    Test out a phone with more that 512 RAM and tell me that 512 is enough.

  • Anonymous

    Sammy did a good job with this

  • Ntbohl

    worst part about this device? micro sim… won’t be picking this one up after all. sometimes having a full keyboard is nice.

  • Christophernapier

    So does this mean no Nexus Prime?

  • Ninjalkamst

    God, I hope that keyboard phones never die out!

  • Anonymous

    I must be getting old, I remember “Mid-Tier” meant 99.99 for a device lol


    thought the thunderbolt had a 1.3 mp front and this would have a vga….pretty sure my thunderbolt has a 1.3…

  • Ships with gingerbread…how are all the Fascinate and Continuum owners holding up?!?!?

    • Don’t forget the Charge. It doesn’t have Gingerbread either.

      • Zdoomcentral

        Speak for yourself, been on Gingerbread on my Charge for literally months

    • Anonymous

      I used the continuum for about 2 weeks then gave it to my 5 year old.

  • At least the D3 is dual core!!!!

  • Wow, ANOTHER single core, 512MB RAM, 4G Android phone! Spring called, they want their latest/greatest back! #fail

  • I’m still wondering why Verizon is just now getting the Epic 4g…

  • Mr.joe

    How is the Revolution a mid/high tier phone while the Charge and Thunderbolt are high?  They all share roughly the same specs.  Hell the Revolution and Thunderbolt have the same MSM8655 Gorgeous Snapdragon…

  • Bryan York

    I can’t wait anymore. Stratosphere it is. Probably will buy this one full price and wait for the Droid 4.

    This Droid 1 owner is getting upgraded:
    Unlocked Bootloader
    512MB RAM (Dear god 256mb was not enough.)

    Not the best upgrade, but it’ll have to do. I just hope they have some decent docks for this thing. I love my Seidio Droid 1 Car Dock, it’s amazing.

    • Mr.joe

      You gotta wait Bryan!  The Droid4 will be here in like 9 months.  The D4 will be wroth the update!  Just wait.  9 months isn’t that far away.

      • Bryan York

        Wow only 9 months! That’s like 9….long….slow….RAM deprived months. LOL.

        • Mr.joe

          Just do the following:

          CyanogenMod nightly
          Deprimed Kernel
          SuperCharge Script

          With the above your OG will be faster and smoother then even the Bionic.  

          • Bryan York

            Oh believe you me, I’ve hacked my phone to pieces. Running SS 5.4 with ChevyNo1 kernel. (It’s CM7+) I like the fact you can lock things in memory. I’ve even set up 10% compcache and a SD card swap file. Did I mention I run a lot of background services?

          • Anonymous

            ROFL, no.  No rom I tried was anywhere close to the speed of my Bionic.

            Btw, Project Elite was the fastest and most bug free I found for the OG.

  • Jonathan Carnesciali

    if it had 720 p video recording i would get it but it dont

    • Mr.joe

      I wouldn’t trust this.  According to this the Charge,TB, and Rev have VGA FFC.  They all have 1.3…

  • Still wondering why the Droid 3 wasn’t LTE instead of this…

    • Anonymous

      It’s a great question.  Unfortunate, that’s for sure.

    • Knox

      Too bad when the Droid 4 comes out it’ll be crappier than current phones at the time. At least that seems to be the trend lately.

      • Lolo

        Hopefully that trend reverses itself. Otherwise, I’ll actually be waiting the 2 whole years to upgrade my phone (to an outdated slider, of course).