Samsung Godiva “Stratosphere 3” Outed in Pics, R.I.P. Keyboarded Phones

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The Samsung SCH-i425, or better known as the Godiva, appeared in its first set of pictures this morning. The device, which some were expecting to be the next in the Stratosphere line since the model number matched up to previous Strato models, may not be all that similar after all. Notice anything missing from the phone? Yep, that would be a physical slideout keyboard.

Other than the missing keyboard, we should be looking at a HD (720p) display, NFC sensor inside the back cover, and an Android version of 4.1.2. It’ll likely be an ultra-affordable 4G LTE device for those not willing to pony up $200+ for the latest and greatest Android device.

No official word from Verizon on name or release date, but if it’s in the wild like this, it may not be far off. Plus, Big Red has yet to announce anything for Q1, so we should be hearing and seeing something very soon.  (more…)

Samsung Stratosphere 2 and LG Spectrum 2 Also on the Way to Verizon

According to Verizon’s Equipment Guide, they are planning to introduce follow-ups to two of their late-2011, early-2012 devices. The Samsung Stratosphere, aka the first 4G LTE slider, will get a refresh and be released as the Stratosphere 2 (SCH-I415). We aren’t seeing much for specs that would impress, but are assuming it’ll sport a Snapdragon S4. What 4G LTE phone doesn’t these days, right? Otherwise, we know it’ll have a 4″ Super AMOLED display, and carry the exact same form factor as its predecessor.  (more…)

Samsung Stratosphere to Receive First Update – Includes Face Unlock and Other ICS Features, is Not ICS Though

The Samsung Stratosphere is set to receive its first update since being released on Verizon almost a year ago. The update is labeled FF1, is 53.8MB in size, and includes a number of features that will add to the user experience. The biggest is probably the new face unlock that security feature that we have become familiar with thanks to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), however, this update is not Ice Cream Sandwich. The device will still be running Gingerbread (Android 2.3). They also tweaked the incoming call screen, gave more sorting options in the app drawer, included a photo editor, and allow for stills to be taken during video recording.

Other than those major UI changes, Verizon and Samsung patched security (probably a root exploit), improved navigation audio, added video chatting in Google Talk, and improved touch screen response. Again, it’s the first update for the device, so as you can expect, it’s a pretty sizable one.

No official word has been given for a timeline for rollout to users, but we usually see it within a matter of days once Verizon has posted up support docs like these.  (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Stellar Headed to Verizon, but What is It?

I’m going to go out on a limb here (not much of one) and assume that the Samsung Galaxy Stellar is not the “newest Galaxy” that Samsung is planning to unveil on August 15. I could be wrong, but if this new Galaxy device is already appearing on rebate forms, I would assume it’s not worthy of a press event. With that said, what is it?

Well, we saw Samsung file for a trademark of the name Stellar back in early March, but that’s about all we know. We have however, seen a device codenamed the Jasper (SCH-i200) appear in both pictures and benchmarks in recent weeks. It’s a mid-range device with some decent power, but definitely not on the level of the Galaxy S3.

Over the weekend, another Samsung device jumped onto our radar as it cruised through the FCC, Bluetooth SIG, and WiFi Alliance. With model number SCH-i410, it looks like another headed to Verizon. As you may recall, the Samsung Stratosphere carried the model number SCH-i405, so one would assume that this is some sort of a follow-up device.

Is the Stellar the Stratosphere 2 or the Jasper? The mid-range battle begins!

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Samsung Stratosphere Owners Receiving Text Messages from VZWNMN? Here is How to Stop Them

Samsung Stratosphere owners are the latest target for Verizon’s new Backup Assistant Plus service. Many of them are receiving text messages from VZWNMN, something that we understand to be annoying, to say the least. We actually wrote about this exact same tip in June for the Incredible 2, but for whatever reason, it’s Big Red’s other 4G LTE slider that is being attacked today.

Like I said, the messages have to do with Backup Assistant Plus which is VZW’s new subscription service that allows you to store more than just contacts. You can manage multiple webmail accounts, store media (pictures and video), and access them all from anywhere. It may sound neat, but your Android phone already does all of the contact backup automatically to Google’s cloud. And if you want to backup media, there are plenty of options like Dropbox or Box that will do just fine. There is really no reason to sign up for this service other than to make your life hell when setting up your next Android phone.  (more…)

Samsung Stratosphere Rooted Already

Did anyone purchase the Samsung Stratosphere when it was released two weeks ago? If you did, know that you can now root the lil’ guy and attempt to have even more fun with your LTE speeds and physical keyboard. The instructions look massive and are not for just any casual hacker though. You need adb, Heimdall or Odin, and to follow the entire process that is listed at the source link below.

If only rooting could add a second processor, Super AMOLED Plus screen, and 1GB of RAM, this would be really hot.

Via:  RootzWiki

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