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DROID4 Codenamed the “Maserati,” Will Sport a Slideout Keyboard and 4G LTE?

It’s not often that we get to toss up a picture of a luxury car, but will jump at the chance as it relates to the latest rumored Motorola device.  According to members of Howard Forums, the next slideout keyboarded device from Moto will be the DROID4 or 4G and is known internally as the “Maserati.”  Sound familiar?  I’m going to assume that this is the same device our Panda friend mentioned a few weeks back during his Nexus poem.  Many of you caught his comment on it and starting looking for answers immediately.

It’s reported as having a 4″ or so screen, no d-pad, a removable battery and 4G LTE capabilities, something that should have been included in the DROID3.  No other details at this time.  Feel free to take it as a rumor, but this HoFo member claims to have held the Spyder as well, so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Keyboard lovers, did this news just make your day?

Via:  Howard Forums

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  • Karima

    I dropped my android the first day i had got it. But now my android screen is cracked because it fell on brick stairs outside. Time for an UPGRADE!

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  • Fallen_ghost3

    This gives me something to look forward to. Thank you. A physical Keyboard is a maker breaker for me.

  • Now PLEASE let this phone come out Christmastime. {{-_-}}

  • IT IS ABOUT DAMN TIME. {{^_^}}

  • Ryan

    Can’t even wait. Been waiting for a phone with a keyboard. Hopefully it comes out before my upgrade.

  • letinsh

    If we go by the aforementioned poem, it looks like it’ll be June, as Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne, was murdered on June 26th…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I would say yes if we knew the processor and that the release date was not likely six months out. 

  • Daniel Rowen

    I just hope Motorola puts the two-stage dedicated camera button back onto it, that’s one thing I totally love about my Droid2 and really would not want to have to give up.  In the mean time, CM7 on D2 has made my phone so much faster and better, it’s like a new phone!!!

  • David Seibel

    Still won’t be buying a Maserati…

  • Anonymous

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  • sadly i see some T-Mobile phones in my future as soon as Verizons contract is up. Im tired of their overcharged crap and throttling my unlimited data. Cant even get to 500mb of data before they hit that switch. at least with tmobile can get full speed for 2gb

  • Keyboard lovers, did this news just make your day?

    No, no you didn’t, I gave up on motorola when they threw that crap screen on the D3, and I pretty much gave up on getting decent hardware with a slide out keyboard on Verizon…  My OGDroid is holding out for a Vigor or Nexus retirement party.  

  • Exbelnj

    I’m going to wait for droid 87449….maybe not enough models to fix what’s wrong with droid3 but one can always hope!!!

  • Anonymous

    I dont know why people still use physical keyboard? That is a thing of the past nowadays.

    • OGDroidfan69

           I would suspect that there are others who like a physical keyboard, and use it quite frequently, just as I do.  One of the best things about the Droid branded phones, made by the different manufacturers, is the variety of style, specs, and characteristics.  You may feel that the physical keyboard is un-needed, but it not only helped set the OG Droid apart from the competition (ie. the i*hone), it has a cool style and usefulness all it’s own. 
          I am most definitely buying the Droid4 as soon as it comes out, because I am one of those who loves the slideout keyboard, and need 4G LTE.

      • Anonymous

        I am sure it will be a great device. Have you checked the samsung’s new slideout keyboard? It will be lte, but a single core.

    • rrosotho

      I prefer a physical keyboard cuz i have big hands and its a challenge to text and email on onscreen keyboards for me. It would be nice to have a phone with a 4.3 or 4.5 inch screen with a physical keyboard.

      • Anonymous

        They might make it, but it seems that they just making this type of device 4 inch.

  • Anonymous

    If the droid 4 is real and has 4g, ill buy it

  • Anonymous

    I want that car 🙂

  • Pnicuh

    Rumors, rumors blah… my masters of all droid (Droid Bionic) is all i need.

  • Tomgillotti

    All the speculation… Everyone is assuming about all of the internals and everything this phone will have. And I quote, “It’s reported as having a 4″ or so screen, no d-pad, a removable battery and 4G LTE capabilities… No other details at this time.”

    So, until then speculate all you want but don’t start assuming it’s only this or only that. It could be a lot of things. It could be a game changer like the OG was back in November 09. Maybe it will have everything the Prime does and more because it will follow it, which means it will have time to add features to the list.

    No pentile
    HD cams
    HD screen
    ICS 4.0
    No buttons
    Quad core?
    More/better RAM
    More internal storage

    This list could go on and on and probably will up until this phone gets closer to release. Patience.

  • Anonymous

    Apple will sue them for using the name “Maserati”

    • Anonymous

      Of all the Maserati images to use… I would have gone with this guy – GranTurismo MC depicts ‘speed’ much better.

  • Anonymous

    Wanna bet it will have the new Moto endorsed super amoled from the spider?

  • Djstar2k2

    same boat as all the og droid owners she did well but its time to move on to what i have no clue.   rooting is not always easy and roms bring they own special bugs.  nowadays what droid did that icrap cant are gone so all kb phones are low end crap except d3 which was slurred up, im mean blurred up, umm moto app platform.  so where does that leave early adopters of the G1 then the og Droid?  i guess oems dont care about vanilla android or only if they can be the 1st with it sucks.

  • Anonymous

    im intrigued by this but all these damn t-mobile ads ALL OVER THE EFFIN SCREEN are driving me away =

  • Tomgillotti

    Have been waiting for this phone… I have one upgrade left before no more unlimited and have missed my keyboard since giving up the og Droid for the DX in Jul ’10. As long as specs don’t disappoint, I will ditch my T-Bolt (have grown to really like Sense and HTC build) and head back to Moto. Despite my bitterness over the Bionic, which left me sour for a while, after Google purchased Moto, I dropped some of the grudge.

    Droid 4 I have been waiting for you!

    Waiting with bated breath for more updates…

    On twitter @Androidspeak:twitter mentioned a possible November release for this phone (WITH 4.0 ICS!?!?)… not sure if he was on to something….

    So we wait…..

  • I’m currently stuck with a Thunderbolt so hopefully I can find a Droid 3 soon, I personally love having a physical keyboard

    • I’m in the same boat as you, but I have an upgrade now and will have another ready by next spring. So, I think I am going to get the Stratosphere to hold me over until the D4 comes out. I had the D2 and loved it.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry in advance for the rant, but physical keyboards are worthless. 

    I never use the Droid 1’s keyboard, I’m insanely fast and accurate using the on screen keyboard but last night my on screen keyboard bugged out when I needed to text someone back quickly.

    So I slide out the keyboard, start trying to type and it feels like I’m pulling teeth to type one letter, it is honestly the most awkward and worthless thing I’ve ever attempted to use. One sentence took me literally 2 minutes to type out, which takes maybe 5-7 seconds with the on screen.

    They should take the people they have working on this device and put them on something worth building because physical keyboards like the ones used on the Droid 1 are a waste of plastic.

    People will come back at me with “I type faster on a physical keyboard” and honestly, it’s only because you haven’t tried the on screen, you would be infinitely faster with the on screen and I’d bet my house on it.

    • You owe me your house.

    • Anonymous

      The Droid 1 has the world’s worst keyboard.  Buy a phone with a good keyboard, like the D3, and you’ll see how much faster you can type.  There’s a reason why desktop and laptop PCs don’t have flat keyboards…

    • i) I have a lot of issues typing fast on the on-screen keyboard because I tend to mistype on those a lot (I have a microcoordination disorder). Hardware keyboards fix that.

      ii) I use SSH a lot. An on-screen keyboard in landscape mode takes up way too much precious terminal space. And lacks special keys.

      iii) I type 25-35 words per minute on my Droid 2 Global’s physical keyboard. That is a lot for a mobile device, at least to me.

  • Fanboy report

    Good, maybe this phone won’t need random unimportant keyboard patches, unless of course it has Motorola made software on it.

  • Tony Allen

    Glad I’ve got another upgrade next summer xD

  • Bryan York

    Now this is what I’m talking about! Oh, and motorola, you get yourself a unlocked bootloader, and I’ll forgive you for making me wait this long with my D1.

  • Anonymous

    Get rid of that Pentile screen and give it some more RAM and maybe I’ll bite. Otherwise I’ll continue to hold out for the Prime.

    • Bionic

      Im sure it’ll have 1GB of ram

  • Anonymous

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  • Ahhh when! I need my keyboarded replacement for the OG!

  • oshane green
  • Theluxscientific

    yawn, nexus prime please…….please

  • Mojoman

    I like Motorola’s Droid line.  We have or have had an OG, D2, D2 Global, and D3 in my family (we all prefer physical keyboard phones).  My wife and daughters for texting and I find it convenient for filling in fields on web pages and it also makes a nice “handle” just to hold the phone without blocking any screen real estate.  I do hope this device will be different (significantly better tech) than the D3 or this will smack of the D2 –> D2 Global scheme if they just take the D3 and drop in LTE.  I wanted to like the D3, but the tech was too weak for me to blow my upgrade.  My daughter’s OG keyboard started acting flaky last week so she went with the D3 and I really do like the new keyboard layout over the OG/D2 series.  I also like the dual-core and size (any larger would start to be inconvenient for me as I don’t use a case or cover, just drop it in my front pants pocket most times).  But they need to lose the pentile screen for a better quality screen, bump the ram to at least 1Gb, add LTE and I will be content to give up my ragged but still running OG.  If I wanted to create a “dream list” I would add give us an unlocked bootloader and leave out the uninstallable (cr)aps.  But I don’t expect that to happen….

    • Anonymous

      Wait, so your daughter uses the D3, and possibly your wife the D2, and you use the OG still??? How does that even compute?

      • Mojoman

        My wife and I both got OG the first day they came out.  My wife got the D2 shortly after it released, by handing down her OG to my older daughter when her old phone (can’t remember what model) died.  Then when my younger daughter’s LG EnV (forget which version) crapped out, we got her a D2 Global.  At the time, I was a bit peeved at the D2 Global release so quick on the heels of the D2.  And as I said, my daughter’s OG keyboard just started acting flaky so she went with D3.  I so wanted to like the D3, but the lack of the three things I mentioned (quality screen, more ram, and LTE) prevented me from pulling the trigger.  So now I continue to watch, wait and hope Moto gets it right this time around.

  • Yes I agree that a Droid 4 is coming and all those specs make sense but I hope the Droid 4 is more than just 4g and a spec bump.

    The Droid 3 is a BIG improvement just because of the design change and the 5 row keyboard. I hope the 4 will have some other design improvements. Also, I want it in Red!

  • Ibob337

    If it has a better screen than the d3 then I’m in. Couldn’t stand the screen and returned my d3. Still using my d2.

  • Alto

    Too bad when it’s released, non-keyboard phones at the time will have better specs.

    • Riknik

      It seems us physical keyboard fans have been getting neglected lately.

      • John Hall

        I only feel that way on Verizon. The myTouch 4G looks pretty hot.

  • mbanicek

    should have been the droid 3

  • I can do my happy dance now!  =)

  • Didnt the Droid 3 *just* come out?

  • Tbis08

    New website name. http://www.droid-tmobile.com

  • Mehoff88

    so wait, its a droid 3 with an updated keyboard and maybe a lil bit faster of a processor?

  • DBK

    So they may actually call it the Droid 4G? lol Can we call it or can we call it?  🙂

  • Anonymous

    Moto keeps doing it 🙂 I do not like physical keyboard, but for the ones that do you have your wish

  • Anonymous

    Too little, too late. I hate Motorola’s strategy of launching a high profile phone with key features intentionally left out just to get an incremental upgrade months later.

    Xoom & Xoom 2? Droid 2 & Droid 2 Global? And now Droid 3 and Droid4g? Tired of Moto.

    • Anonymous

      shut up

    • Anonymous

      This is exactly what Apple does with the iPhone. Fortunately for you, as you are on an Android oriented website I would venture to say that you prefer Android OS and are therefore not actually limited to only the Droid brand… There are other options.

      I actually agree generally though. Which is why I will be getting the Nexus.

  • Clark

    No d-pad? Why?

    • tanknspank

      Probably since it was a pretty useless feature for most and gives more room for bigger keys on the keyboard.

      • Kalon

        That’s the same argument soft keyboard fans say about physical keyboards. I must be in the super minority since I want a keyboard with arrow keys. 

        • Anonymous

          The D2 and D3 have arrow keys — just not a d-pad.  The D2/D3 arrangement works well.

          • Kalon

            I guess I misunderstood. Thanks!

          • D1

            Hopefully the forum user also didn’t confuse arrow keys and dpad as the same thing too.

        • John Hall

          I find the d-pad super useful when I do RDP sessions on the phone as it makes navigation a snap. I’m not so certain that I’d like the other.

        • Anonymous

          I agree

  • This put a smile on my face!

  • Droid4ME

    Maybe this will be something similar in the case of the Droid 2 –> Droid 2 Global where it’ll essentially be the same phone, but more powerful with more a few more capabilities (LTE). If this is the case, I think I have found my new phone.

  • Anonymous

    My totally diggin my Droid Bionic. Nothing it can’t do, or at least the things i need.

  • Jonathan

    Would be nice – if it had webtop.

  • Anonymous

    My money is a Droid 3 with 4G lTE and a gig of DDR2 ram. The way it should have been from the beginning. Droid 4

  • Spyderman

    I can remember when the Droid2 was released, I never thought I could wait until my upgrade. Now, I don’t think I can decide what to get, months after being eligible and still rockin my OG Droid. I think I need the spyder/razr, more info please.

    • Anonymous

      I barely lasted a year with the low specs on my OG droid before I got frustrated with it’s slowness. Rooting and OCing did help but the lack of RAM was the problem. Luckily my mom had an upgrade she wasn’t going to use so I got the Inc for $100 as a slight upgrade until I upgrade to a beast of a phone like the Vigor or Nexus Prime in the coming months.

      • Balls

        agree, the OG droid is one of the best phones but the lack of RAM sucks

  • Moto better watch out with using that codename, they might get sued…oh wait…this isn’t Apple we’re talking about. On another note, they only waited for the 4th version of the Droid to add LTE so they could call it the Droid 4(G)

    • Don’t throw any fruit at me…Apple went from iPhone to iPhone 3G without an iPhone 2, I know I wouldn’t have been upset to see OG Droid, Droid 2, Droid 4G if that is the only reason Moto and VZW are making me wait for an LTE physical keyboard device. My OG Droid is ready to retire.

  • Sean

    lame.  glad i bought then quickly sold my droid3 for $400.  now i can spend that money on a phone that ISNT from moto.

    next question is (obviously):
    htc rezound?  
    nexus prime?

    • You did hear that Google owns Moto now right?  Can’t wait to see what Google can do with control over hardware AND software!

      • tanknspank

        Except there won’t be such a thing. Google bought Moto for protection, through patents and such. They’ve already stated that there wouldn’t be any preference for things like the Nexus devices, and that Moto will still make its own phones.

        • Droid4ME

          They also stated they only bought them for the patents, but that was later proven false by the Schmidt-myster. While Motorola will continue to operate as Motorola, think of the purchase as google’s purchase of YouTube. A lot of people thought they were going to use it for Google Video, but it remained YouTube. But Google still was in charge and regulated YouTube, and the same will occur for Moto. I can see a bright future ahead of Motorola.

          • tanknspank

            Do you have anything, like a website post to a credible website, etc, stating what Schmidt said? Not trying to be a dick, just hadn’t heard anything about it and was wanting to verify, lol.

          • Droid4ME

            Why yes I do – http://www.businessinsider.com/google-chairman-eric-schmidt-2011-9

        • Binglut9

          I forgot you are in Google’s meetings everyday…..oh yea you werent

          • tanknspank

            If you don’t have anything constructive to add, then please, don’t comment. But then I guess with comments like these you never have anything constructive at all do you?

      • Anonymous

        And when Google unlocks Motorola bootloaders all will be right again. 

        Then Motorola will be unstoppable!

    • Deadhorse Beater

      Rezound…what a god awful name

    • Anonymous

      Are you serious?  HTC releases more phones in a shorter time line than anyone else.

      • Anonymous

        No samsung still has HTC beat.

        • Anonymous

          Really?  How so?  HTC just updated their 4 month old Sensation with the Sensation XE and the Amaze 4G.  HTC is going to release the Vigor to replace the 6 month old Thunderbolt and the 4 month old Incredible 2.  Feel free to try to provide examples in which Samsung releases more products in a shorter period.

          • Anonymous

            Galaxy note, galaxy s2 hd galaxy s2 LTE the list goes on. Samsung makes way more phones than HTC. Plus the vigor is replacing the tb not the inc2 and the prime is going to replace the charge which is newer than the tb.

          • Anonymous

            The Galaxy Note is a new product, not an update; it’s also more of a tablet than a phone. Yes the other two are but if you add up the phones you’ll see that HTC makes far more models than Samsung along with having quicker refresh cycles.

  • Anonymous

    Regarding the Panda poem, though, would it really make sense for him to spend all that time talking about the Nexus Prime and switch to a Motorola phone in the last line?

    Maybe we’re going to have both a Samsung Droid/Nexus Prime with keyboard as well as a Motorola Droid 4.

  • lol at all the droid 3 owners, now you guys know how us droid 2 non-global owners felt when it got replaced with a better cpu and global capabilities a few months after the D2 came out…

    • Binglut9

      Some people don’t need lte or a gig of ram…you know what I mean its the beauty of android CHOICE…and every company does it…thunderbolt? And now thunderbolt 2….

    • DBK

      Same CPU, just clocked slightly faster (which really made no difference in the end). The only real difference between them was the global feature.

      Of course in saying that, I agree (former D2 owner).  🙂

    • Anonymous

      This won’t be out for awhile yet.

  • Bleedingpurist

    A bit soon isn’t it?

  • Billy Jenkins

    I want that phone in the picture above. a 4g phone with a slideout keyboard AND with an engine to drive me around. you cant beat that

  • Anonymous

    That sounds like exactly what I’m looking for.  If the hardware already exists, perhaps we’re looking at something like a November release date?  It would make sense to release this before the holiday shopping season.

  • Jason Lee

    I’d be pissed if I just bought the Droid 3 and this next one comes out in a month or so.

    • Anonymous

      I doubt it’ll be that soon.  I’d say Spring at the earliest.

      • Joseph Moreno

         i wish theyd keep it at like every 9months or so for a brand so mighty

      • Anonymous

        If they actually have working hardware, I’m guessing that they’re aiming for the holiday season.

        • Binglut9

          Noway droid 4 it will be like April or may

    • Anonymous

      I expect February or March to be more realistic.

  • geeyawn

    YES! If there is 4G plus slide out keyboard, my OG droid finally be able to retire. Its taking a beating like Brett Favre, and this sounds like the Aaron Rodgers i was looking for.

    • Thatsjared87

      You spelled Riahanna wrong.

      • Sean

        LOL yesssss

      • Muddy B00ts

        so did you.

  • I’m sure everyone knew there’d be a 4G keyboard phone coming out. The real question is “When?”

    • Anonymous

      If we go on VZW and Moto’s current timeline for the DROID1/2/3, then I’d say next summer.

      • They seem to be getting released sooner and sooner each year. OG Droid = November. Droid 2 = August. Droid 3 = July. Maybe this will be released in May or June?

      • Anonymous

        by that time we will be having quad core devices.

        • Mr.joe

          Why can’t the Droid 4 have 4G and a 4 core CPU?

          Droid FOUR.

          4.x” screen
          4 Core CPU
          4.x OS

          4 four related items…

          Lots of 4 going around here.

          • Stephen D

            I think that’s what they’re aiming to do…that’s what I’ve heard anyhow. 

          • Anonymous

            It could these carriers are getting rich. Because of us lol. They are making a device every week it seems.

          • Oui

             Hoping the x in the 4.x” screen is a 0.

          • Or a 3 or 5. That would be beast.

          • Not I. Why should the touchscreen-only phones have all the fun? {{-_-}}

          • also with 4k video recording 😉

          • Rob

            That would be so awesomely REDONKULOUS!

          • Schristy1

            And Brett Favre pitching it…..

          • Anonymous

            Because that would make it a really good device, and everyone knows that keyboards cannot go on high-end products. =

            We can dream about a great phone with a keyboard, but it seems like those of us who still want keyboards are now the minority.

      • Anonymous

        That’s sad, because by next summer we’ll probably have phones with quad-cores in them and this will (probably) be outdated before it’s even launched.

      • Nick

        It’s supposed to come out in the spring.

    • Anonymous

      before year ends

    • Stephen D

      Moto says they take about 12 months to develop a phone, from the ideas on paper to the final product, so next summer is a good bet. 

      • Anonymous

        So by that logic the phone the source held was made of cardboard?  

  • damnit …now THAT was the droid i was looking for.