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Nielsen: New Smartphone Adopters Choosing Android 2 to 1 Over iOS

Each time we see one of these reports of Android dominating the competition in mobile OS share, we tell ourselves that we will quit reporting on them because it’s the same ol’ tune.  But then reports like today’s from Nielsen come out and surprise us again.  According to their numbers and the left side of the chart up top, Android’s smartphone OS share grew to 43% (up from 40% last month), yet that’s not the monstrous number here.

What should stick out to you is the right side of the chart which displays the fact that consumers who purchased smartphones over the last 3 months, chose Android phones 56% of the time.  The next closest mobile OS is iOS, but it’s all the way down at 28% or half of Android’s adoption rate.  As is pointed out in Nielsen’s report though, these numbers could quickly change once the new iPhone(s) is announced in the next few weeks, but we still found it interesting enough to stop and drop a jaw.  Seriously, 2 to 1 adoption rate of iOS?  Nice work Team Android.

Via:  Nielsen

  • Jace Coleman12

    Holy shit only 2 to 1 smh….they have 30x as many different phones on more carriers. I hate seeing this comparison it doesn’t impress me ever…i think the margin should be even greater 

  • I really, really hate to say this, but I’m going to be defecting from Android in 6 months, once my contract is up for renewal.  I’ve had to tweak my phones too many times just to get it working as stable as it can and the system has proved itself to be too flaky for me.

    My girlfriend, my mother, and a number of close friends are in the same camp as me.

    My point?  Short term studies like this are meaningless.

    Also, there is no war of products or companies.  Only consumers, their choices, and profits.

  • Don’t forget that almost half the sales of Android devices are sold on networks that don’t offer the iPhone (http://www.talkandroid.com/54049-verizon-losing-android-market-share-att-on-the-rise/).  If you put the iphone in all the same stores it’s sales would approximately double.  Some of that would be at the expense of Android handsets. I think that at the end of the day it would be close, at least based on the current demand for the current phones and plans.

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  • Morldmorld
  • Anonymous

    “Each time we see one of these reports of Android dominating the
    competition in mobile OS share, we tell ourselves that we will quit
    reporting on them because it’s the same ol’ tune.”

    This is a blatant lie. 

  • Chad

    You keep posting these like it’s a victory. You’re comparing multiple Android devices to a single iOS device. I own a Droid 3 and have never owned anything iOS. But Kellex, these comparisons just make you look ignorant when you post them. Show me one Android device that has outsold it’s iOS counterpart then I’ll be impressed. These posts of yours like this are a total waste of time in reading.

    • Anonymous

      there are 2 iphones actually plus ipod touches and ipads so yeah android has more devices but nobody is stopping apple from doing the same thing. Just because they choose not to doesnt mean they shouldnt be compared.

      • Jace

        They cant possibly put out as many as android Chris. iOS is only with apple where Android has multiple phone manufacturers and have phones on several carriers where the iPhone is very limited!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daletodd2


  • Daletodd2

    Pretty easy when the is 2 to 1 android powered devices

  • Anonymous

    I love how Windows Phone is lumped into “Other” lol

  • Anonymous

    Android keeps ruling the world 🙂

  • Ryan Lubin

    The thing to note here, is that Android didn’t steal any of Apples market share. The Blackberry and other market shares were the ones who were robbed. Just pointing that out. Lets be fair, here.

  • Polecats03

    Geeee…. flood the market with Android market phones and of course the sales will be higher…. theres an android phone at every price level. iPhone > Android….

  • These polls are so ridiculous.  Until the iphone is on every single carrier that Android is, Android will mostly win in terms of smartphone OS marketshare.  But apple will always make more money and will always wins when it comes to mindshare in the eyes of most consumers.  I know very few people who switch to the iphone and then leave.  I use an iphone because it fits my needs and makes my life easier.  I never had that feeling when I was on android.  I have a lot of respect for android and their immense growth – but Android isnt for everyone.

  • Rmerrigan

    I can’t wait to get rid on my Droid II and purchase the iPhone.

  • Robert White

    No matter what survey or market report comes out the Apple fans will never admit anything beats their choice. It seems for them to feel good about themselves others must validate their purchasing decisions. I’ve heard this when their inferior computer, it still is by the way, was soooooo wonderful. If it’s so great good for you. Go mingle on an Apple site and congratulate yourselves on how great your phone is.

  • Anonymous

    Again, where’s my Apple Fan Boy Jeff Bernard ???  Always making excuses about Android on cheap devices in the Asia market and thats the reason why Android is so popular!! 

    Mr Bernard needs to get his facts straight as well as to get a new device, like an Android!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bear0013

    I think google should make there own phones and take android back so these other phone manufacturers atop f#$%ing around ..then we will have a phone that’s bad ass and runs smooth like apples..imo

  • I wonder how the data will look after the i-hone 5 (or 4s or whatever) is released.  Is it bad that I’m considering buying one because IOS is the closest thing to stock “vanilla” android?

    • Sp4rxx

      Well based on the popularity, the numbers will shift back – then someone will create another Android phone that will beat that, then back to iPhone…. it happens all the time

    • Anonymous

      The iPhone’s marketshare has remained roughly unchanged over past releases, there’s no reason to believe it will be any different with the next release.

  • The majority of people who pick up the Iphone5 already own an iphone. Its not going to change the graphs all that much.

  • Anonymous

    Yes… Apple has one phone, but… people are leaving because they realized that they have no say in anything, no choice, and no uniqueness. Android realized that not all people are the same, thus there are many iterations of Android phones ranging from all walks of life. Small screens, big screen, physical keyboards, low specs, medium specs, high specs, mega high specs. 

    • Only one major problem: no one is leaving the iPhone.

      If you’ve followed the stats for quarter after quarter, you see that all the Android converts are switching from BlackBerry, from Windows Mobile.  Apple’s share stays the same or goes up as it gets some of those same converts.

      Android is better than BlackBerry and Windows Mobile, but the fantasy that iPhone users are flocking in droves to Google because they groan under Apple’s oppressive yoke is just that, a myth. Most people buying Android phones don’t even know what the app policies are and don’t care about having every little niche of hardware design covered.

      Also, remember that Apple has stayed steady at 28 percent with a phone that’s now 15 months old. Android is still healthy, but let’s see what happens when there’s an iPhone 5 and Google can’t use Sprint as a ‘safe haven’ for Android.  We’ve never seen a brand new iPhone launch on three US carriers at once before, and there’s no guarantee the Galaxy S II, Vigor, Nexus Prime, and the like will do anything to slow it down.

      • Anonymous

        I dunno about you but I see it happen all the time. All the people I know, work with, and any acquaintances of mine have an Android phone and say that the iPhone sucks pretty hard. Maybe the Android users are not directly coming from an iPhone, but there are many more Android users now than iPhone users. That’s a fact, and you cannot defend iPhones there. Look around in the real world what will you see? More people sportin’ a real phone: An Android.

        • There will be more Android users than iPhone users… soon.  People forget that Apple built up that much of a lead that it’s only now to the point where the established user base is getting close.

          Also, painting the Orwellian image is rather ironic given what happens to Android.  The OEM installs a custom UI you don’t want and clamps down on the bootloader (thank goodness HTC and Motorola started backing off).  The carrier puts on apps you can’t remove and neuters OS features. You’re actually the one with the least amount of control over what happens to your phone.

          Plus, the irony of claiming that iPhone owners are “mindless robots,” and then saying ‘everyone’ is switching to Android, is hilarious.  When your platform is supposed to be in the majority and is even named Android, doesn’t that make you the robot just following herd mentality?

          • Sp4rxx

            No, it means that more people are following a brand that doesn’t limit their use of a product.  If money was no object, would you choose a flashy new MacLaren F1 or a Viper RT10?  You would say the F1 simply because it is more exotic, however many people would choose the Viper.  One rule in effect – the F1 is not street legal but the Viper is….. So you’re saying that because people chose the car that is logically the better choice (one you can actually drive around legally and show off) or one that is super flashy but limited to a show room, that those people are robots?

            Please….be realistic.

          • Google does limit the use of its product — don’t buy into the image that you’re truly free.

            Realistic is knowing that Google will gladly let an OEM lock your bootloader.  Or that it will let the carrier install apps you can’t remove, prevent you from installing certain apps, or (until recently) prevent you from going outside of Android Market.

            Not to mention that you’re creating a distorted, polarized view of how things are. The notion that the iPhone can’t be used “off the track” (to abuse the car analogy) is just as false as the notion that Android is a buggy, virus-plagued pit.  An iPhone owner can do many things in the real world just as well as an Android user, sometimes better (see: AirPlay, battery life, enterprise deployments, game support).  Android is powerful, but don’t pretend that it’s the only phone you can use to get real things done.

          • Sp4rxx

            “google does limit the use of its product” – yes I agree – but not NEARLY as much as Apple does for theirs. 

            “it will let the carrier install apps you can’t remove” – and the iPhone lets you wipe all the apps 100% that are installed with it?  That’s never happened.

            “prevent you from installing certain apps” – Apple does the same thing with the iPhone – Jobs personally DIDN’T allow certain apps to the app store to download to his hardware?  Um, yeah, there were legit apps that were reported that he personally rejected as it would have tainted his false utopia.

            “prevent you from going outside of Android Market” – install the Amazon App Store app or AppBrain App Market – the carrier can’t control those ….

            So far, all your points have been contested and disproved leaving Apple dead-even or slightly behind …. any others you may think are relevant please share

          • There are already way more Android users than iPhone users.

          • Anonymous

            The iPhone is one locked down phone from one company, Android is an open source project on many phones from many companies offering full freedom to do practically anything you like.  Who’s the mindless herd?  Maybe you should reflect back on what makes a sheep a sheep.

          • But it’s not an open-source project.

            Google withheld source code for Android 3 because it “wasn’t ready” (read: we want to control who gets it).  Only certain seeds are released at all.  You’re not allowed to modify certain parts of it.  And again, as an end user, you can’t necessarily load any firmware you like.

            A sheep is a person who trusts a message without question… no matter what that message is.  It’s just as sheep-like to parrot Google’s line about Android being open as it is to assume the iPhone is automatically better for having a curated app platform.  It’s okay to use Android if it isn’t truly open; you just have to be honest with yourself and accept the tradeoffs.  I’m not naive to think that all is happy in Apple land, but you’re not fighting The Man by picking Android — it *is* The Man.

          • Anonymous

            No, it is open source, no ifs ands or buts about it.  We’re talking about the phone operating system here, not the tablet version which is still under development to be combined.

            So if android “isn’t truly open” then how come you can load and distribute it for free on just about any device imaginable running an ARM (and soon Intel) processor?  How come you can modify nearly every aspect of it?  How come Google made it so modular that you can replace most system apps with third party versions like alternate launchers, etc?  How come you can install third party markets, ‘sideload’ and easily gain complete root access with most phones?  Android being as open as it is also means that OEMs who make use of it can try to lock it down for their own reasons, don’t mistake that as a limitation of android.

            Again, I’ll reiterate, Android is many products spanning the hardware and design gamut from many companies with many alterations to look different.  Apple is one company with one product locked down as much as possible who requires everything be approved, rejects some things based on ulterior motives and charges extra for every privilege.  It’s time for you to re-examine the concept of “The Man”.

          • Anonymous

            And Android isn’t locked down on any phone? 

          • Anonymous

            Irrelevant, Android is open to those OEMs who choose to lock it down for their own monetary reasons.  Even then it is still far more open and capable than an iDevice by default and there has yet to be an Android device that hasn’t gained access to 99% of the system through some hacking.

          • Anonymous

            It’s not irrelevant.  90% of users are not going to root their device to regain the “openness” that android provides.  The vast majority of android phones are locked down and stay locked down. 

          • Anonymous

            As I said, Android is far more capable by default, whether you have root access or not. Root obviously allows you to modify practically anything you like. Phones come locked down for good reason, so that people can’t go messing in the system folder and hose their phone. Root is for advanced users who know what they’re doing.

          • Chris

            valid point!!

      • Sp4rxx

        Yeah, dude – I can count at least a dozen people where I work who got fed up with their iPhones and switched to the Android OS and they all had the same argument “I got sick of not being able to do anything I wanted with my iPhone – everyone who I know who has an Android loves it and I find myself using their phone to do more”

        So yeah – it happens, and a lot more often than you want to realize

      • Trisjen Harris

        Stats don’t mean nothing, you must be a analyst! Iphone 5 on sprint won’t mean nothing, just like it didn’t mean nothing on verizon. Market share belongs to android and apple has a long way to catch up, which they won’t. 

        The iron fist rule is over, just face it especially if apple tries to sell a reinvented iphone 4 for the new iphone 5. People will look at this new copied iOS5 and say this looks very similar to Android

        Another thing is I have a ipod touch 4g and I tried to dwnld a song off of a website and it said that it isn’t allowed I had to go thru itunes!!! Are you kidding me people should be free to do what they want with what they bought, for this reason apple’s day’s are numbered. You have no say so with these apple devices that you buy, apple controls it. This ain’t the government.

      • I know a few people who switched from iPhone to Android and don’t look back. It’s not like “nobody”.

      • iPhone user have too much invested to switch.  If I want to move from a HTC to a Samsung android, guess what? My apps and data go with me.  If I want to move from iPhone to an android, I will have to start from scratch.  Apple leaves you no choice, you either keep buying their products or abandon all your apps and data and start over…brilliant if you ask me but sucks for iPhone users.  Their dissonance wouldn’t let them switch, even if they wanted to.

        • Chris

          this is such an idiotic comment. plus i have yet to meet anyone that has switched from iphone to android. no duh you have to “start from scratch” in getting apps cause it’s the same as switching from a mac to pc, or blackberry to windows phone. IT’S A WHOLE DIFFERENT OS!!!

      • Chris

        Couldn’t have it said it better Jonathan. Seems like you’re one of the few that actually knows what they’re talking about.

      • EC8CH

        “Google can’t use Sprint as a ‘safe haven’ for Android”

        yeah… because it’s Google’s fault that Sprint hasn’t carried the i*hone…. 

    • I think it’s a sad reflection of society that your sense of uniqueness is dictated by the phone you own.  

      • Anonymous

        Lol. Perhaps you don’t understand. 

        • I don’t think slavery is an appropriate way to frame your position either, nor is “ends up in a fueled battle”, but you did, and it is another sad reflection on the state of society where we have to polarize choices that people make, but I digress.   

          Anyways, doesn’t your abject hatred of apple make you a slave to android?  I’m not “fanboy”-ing, I’m free to make whatever choice I’d like regarding which phone I’d like to purchase.  Personally, I like android.  I don’t like what the manufacturers do to the OS.  I’m not buying a another blur’ed, touchwiz’ed, or sense’d phone. Corporate policies (i.e., the “Man”, or, the way I make my living), won’t allow me to install a ROM.  Thus, I’m stuck…. wait for a nexus phone, or buy an apple.  I’d prefer a nexus, but if the apple build is better, I’m going apple.    

  • Interstellarmind

    time to dump that RIM stock…

  • Anonymous

    I just got a $827.89 Samsung Galaxy Tab for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HTV for only $251.92, they are both coming tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prîces at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for.
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    • billybob

      your Mom’s a whore so stfu! 

  • Can’t wait to see Apple’s next press event and show a graph somehow showing that iOS is ahead of Android.

    • They will show tablet market performance chart.

    • well considering Apple makes 2/3rd off all profits in the smartphone market i think they are way ahead in the only number that matters to corporations. 

      • Anonymous

        I hope you’re a shareholder, otherwise you just sound like an idiot.

        • EC8CH

          he doesn’t just sound that way…

      • EC8CH

        I didn’t know there was a way to quantify a company’s evilness.

        Must go something like this:

        Posing as police officers to search someone’s house for a phone you lost = 10 points
        Monopolizing the sales channels for software on your platform = 100 points
        Suing anyone who produces anything rectangular = 1000000 points

  • Manny

    2 to 1 Sounds not so good for android as we have about 100 android phones compared to 1 iphone….

    • aventador779

      One and a half actually..

    • Anonymous

      There’s no beating the Apple super marketing propaganda machine.

  • Anonymous

    Wewt! iOS can go cry in a corner somewhere. Seriously… please go AWAY!

  • Kris Brandt

    I fail to see just how skewed the results if the IP5 was available now.  Everyone knows its right around the corner.  You either know you’ll wait for the next iPhone or you’ll buy something else.  Even if there was a change, I couldn’t see it affecting the results in any way by more than 10%.

  • yea but what yall fail to realize is theres a 100 android phone to 1 iphone so at the end ios still wins.. so apple is still smiling at the end cause it takes all these phone to out do 1 phone smh, and no im not a apple fanboy i rock an D3

    • Kris Brandt

      Yes, because this poll is comparing phones, not operating systems.


    • Anonymous

      Well there are two iPhones, the iPhone 3g s and iphone4. Also I believe the 3gs still sells more than the iphone4 but I could be wrong on that.

      Most of vzw android phones are in the same price range as iphone4 and some are even higher.

    • Fyrenzy

      i thought there was more than just one iphone. iphone4 and the iphone3gs. so its not just one phone. also most ppl still go for iphone cause its the “popular”  phone. i know dozens of ppl that only got one cause they thought it was more “popular”. and now everyone of my friends with an iphone are complaining and wishing they had a droid(but they are trapped in contracts or cannot afford a droid). Something being “popular” has alot to do with sales. doesnt make the phone better, examples are any and every major “popular” clothing brand, shoes, sunglasses, tv’s, and every other product. The iphone was popular before droid was(it came out first) and that popularity is still doing wonders for apple, but it wont last. nike shoes used to be popular(always have been made very crappy), foakley sunglasses used to be popular(till ppl realized they didnt protect your eyes from harmful rays like other sunglasses did). the popularity faded when better products came out. took a while but now everybody likes other things. The same will happen to apple unless they change their gameplan. the company is on a downward spiral.

    • Anonymous

      Doesn’t really make sense. What makes sense is to compare operating systems, as the chart above does.

  • Next Us

    resistance is futile…

  • Anonymous

    What always makes me laugh when I look at charts like this is that Apple could have completely owned the smartphone space. If they released the iPhone on all carriers before the Droid came out, with just two or three price points and hardware options, Android never would have gotten off the ground.

    • Sp4rxx

      The problem with that theory is that iPhone still offers no variety.  There is one flavor and if it doesn’t meet what you’re looking for in a phone you end up plum outta luck after purchase.  Regardless of carrier, the consumer wants variety and a device that meet most, if not all, of their expectations in a mobile device.  iPhones offer a finite amount of features that consistently lag behind Android (and some newer WinPhone7) phones.  Heck, just a few months ago Apple “magically” updated to do what Android was already doing.

      So your argument is null and void.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t mean squat since the ip4 is over a year old.  Let’s see the numbers for OCT-Dec 11 after the ip5 comes out.  Glad to see Android doing well, but short term studies like this are pretty meaningless. Also the cheapest ip is on ATT only, whereas the cheapest ip on VZW is $199 which is much more expensive than many android phones. I’d be surprised if they weren’t selling this well. If, and that’s a big if, the ip5 outsells Android devices in the next quarter that will be a truly amazing thing for a $200+ phone to outsell cheaper ones.

    • Trisjen Harris

      That won’t happen buddy! It isn’t our fought that Crapple doesn’t have a low end device on the market for Verizon. The iphone 5 will be DOA against any top notch Android phone. To start with the PRime for Q4 or the SGS2. The sales result in Q4 will still show Android dominating while apple try’s to catch up, the gap is getting wider and wider.

      P.S. We still haven’t seen Ice Cream Sandwich, but we know what to expect in the copied competition iOS 5. How many times can you polish the same iOS since 2007 and call it new again?

      Oh yeah 1 size does not fit all, Jobs didn’t get it so maybe Cook will.

      • its not our fault you can’t spell either. iPhone 4 is the most sold smartphone in the world. iPhone 5 will continue that trend. 

      • Anonymous

        You sound like a fanboy. Ios 5 is more different than 2.2 is to 2.3, which many of us haven’t even received even though it was announced 1/2 a year ago. I like android a lot, but the numbers don’t mean much, and especially don’t make fanboys cool just because you use an android phone. The droid heads are just as bad as the apple drones.

      • Dual core and 1gig of ram…with the battery life Apple is unwilling to compromise on?  Yeah, that’s nothing to sniff at.

    • You must not have been around when the iPhone 4 launched. People said the same thing then, and then they were surprised when Android still gained marketshare and Apple yet again remained flat.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think anyone has been surprised at androids growth, but with the amount of different phones, pricepoints, and carriers, i could argue its lead should be even larger.

    • Anonymous

      I predict a bit of an uptick in the short term for Apple after the iPhone 5, and then business as usual again with Google slaughtering them shortly thereafter. It’s Mac vs PC all over again…

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s because apple hasn’t come out with a new phone in the last three months, whereas android has? Just a thought (from a non-fanboy)….

  • Anonymous

    Man… Android is almost double iOS… never thought I’d see that day back when I bought my OG Droid…
    *single tear*

  • John

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    • rikster

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      • Anonymous

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