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HTC Vigor Poses for Photo Shoot: 4.3″ 720p HD Screen, 2MP Front Camera, 4G LTE and 1.5GHz Dual-core Processor Confirmed

Is there a better way to confirm the specs of the HTC Vigor (Rezound?)than by looking at its About screen?  Probably not, so let’s do that now.  In a new series of pictures that popped up this morning, we not only get the most current shots of the outside of the device, but under “Hardware Information” we get confirmation on all of the specs our sources told us back in early August.  We have a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, Android 2.3.4, 2MP front camera, Sense 3.5, 8MP rear camera, 4G LTE, and that stunning 4.3″ HD 720p display.

How hot is this phone?  Here’s to hoping the battery life is the real deal.

Gallery after the break.  Profile shots included.    

Via:  Team BAMF

Cheers David!

  • Wsullivan1221

    Look at the “usb” port on the side… Look closely and how its shaped… Is that really a usb port?

    • Steve Hawk

      Yes, my old phone had a micro usb port that looked exactly like that.

  • Shawn Stewart

    this phone sucks, its all about the Motorola Razer i paid 500.00 when my first came out!

    • Anonymous

      thats why it has better specs then a droid razor right?

  • J Dub

    We all know ICS is right around the corner. Why buy into the old OS with the new one literally like a week away? Look at the Nexus One. It is still getting updates from Google. Please let the announcement on the 11th be the next Nexus and that it’s on VZW. 

  • Katita0603

    Does someone know if this phone will have Voice over Data, Talk and Surf Wed feature on 3G?  I had the Droid Bionic but returned it because the screen and camera were horrible.  And I couldn’t talk and surf in 3G, only 4G (which I don’t have in my home area).  Even when I was in 4G area (miami), I still couldn’t talk and surf 🙁  

    I’m not a techie nor do I pretend to be a droid guru…but I thought these 4G phones should let you talk and surf.  I know my friend has a Thunderbot and can do that in 3g and 4g (so he says).

    • compchick813

      From what I’ve read it will.

  • Willfake84

    droid prime is the winner

  • Jonezilla

    Doesn’t anyone else notice that the version of Sense depicted, doesn’t match up what with what we’ve seen that 3.5 is supposed to be? http://www.droid-life.com/2011/08/29/htc-sense-3-5-gets-a-full-5-minute-video-preview/

  • jonathan caruso

    Any idea yet if this will include the Krait CPU? I’ve read the CPU should be released in Q4, and that could explain why the battery size isn’t overwhelming as I’ve read power consumption of Krait is amazing.

  • Dude is someone going to ban this angelface77 loser already?  All he does is rag on phones.  Guarantee he is an a*ple employee.  With the way your company is going you wont have a job for very long anyways!

  • Rokka

    I feel that this phone will be quickly forgotten. The Bionic already launched, the Nexus is on the way, as well as the iPhone 5. For what this phone brings to the table, it would seem there just really isn’t a reason to get it. This is of course assuming that speculation about things like the Nexus are true. If they could have launched the Vigor a few months ago, I think it would have been much stronger, but now, for me it’s a big “yawn”.

  • Anonymous

    it looks just like sensation 4g lol

  • FreeWookie

    I just want my Nexus Galaxy S Droid Prime HD LTE.

  • Jim Ortmeier

    Didn’t see if anyone noticed this but look at the charging port. It’s the same as the Inc1 and I believe has a dual function of data transfer/charging and hdmi out. Liking this already!!!

  • tomNasty

    some1 tell me an android phone where the batt don’t blow

  • Thank goodness I skipped on the Bionic.  I have been sitting on an upgrade since beginning of June waiting for something like this.  Just hope the battery does not completely blow.

  • Pennywise

    Looking like a pretty decent phone!  A worthy upgrade for OGer’s certainly.

    That said, it looks thick. The SOC is going to have to work harder to render for the higher res screen (may perform slightly slower than Bionic/Galaxy S2) – this may not become an issue for a while though since the majority of apps won’t support this res (will either be bordered or zoomed to fit) – by that same token, I can’t fathom needing anything faster than the Bionic so this is not necessarily a bad thing!

    This kit however is going to drain bats harder than any phone to-date, and it’s got a 1600 bat?! That’s concerning.

    HTC build quality. But who knows, maybe they’ll start stepping their game up with this one.

  • O!!!!


  • Djsquid10

    any hdmi ports?

    • Mrbrooks418

      it does HDMI through the usb port.