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Exclusive: First Pictures of the Motorola XOOM 2 (Updated)

So far we have had a couple of rumors about a follow-up to Motorola’s original XOOM, but nothing too substantial other than a mention of the name “XOOM 2” tucked deep in a site redesign.  Today, we may change that with pictures of what we believe to be Moto’s next big tablet, the MZ617 aka the XOOM 2.

Our sources tell us that the device is similar in weight to the original XOOM, has an HDMI and micro USB port on the bottom, big physical flush buttons on the back, a SIM card slot (LTE we’re assuming), and no SD slot at first glance. From looking at the pictures, we can gather that it has a front camera, a blue rear camera housing that reads “HD”, and appears to have a 10.1″ screen.  Oh, and those new angled corners certainly remind us of the Photon 4G or the “DROID HD” – must be Moto’s new design theme.

No word on processor, although we would hope for something quad-core.

There doesn’t appear to be specific carrier branding, but with the SIM card slot you have to assume that it’ll be tied to at least one if not all of the major players.  Hopefully Moto has it figured out this time and releases the WiFi version first though.

A look at the backside after the break.  

Update:  The crew over at This is my next received additional details of this new XOOM 2 that are sure to impress many of you.  Their sources have this device at just 9mm thick, dual-core 1.2GHz processor (OMAP “turbo”?), 1GB of “faster” RAM, records 1080p video and can last up to 11 hours on a single charge.  It may also launch as the first tablet to ship with Flash Player 11, stream HD Netflix, and have some sort of home automation software.

Cheers ___!

  • Dan

    Cool phone! I like the fasct these are holding onto flash. means i can go on all the sites i love

  • My two wishes for this phone, Global capabilities and NFC!


  • Stoofoo

    A reasonable theory I’ve heard and have myself is when Xoom2 is released, OG Xoom users will be able to send in theirs for their much overdue 4g upgrade, and what will get sent back to them is a Xoom2. Only way I can see Motorola rectifying this OGXoom tragedy. They know they dropped the ball.

  • The bluish color on the back looks like it’s just a film cover. The bottom right of it says “pull”. So I’m guessing the camera part is silver but looks blue because of the film.

  • if this releases before the original Xoom gets the 4G upgrade than never again will I buy a Moto mobile product

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    That blue rear camera housing just looks to me as a blue Saran wrap type piece of protective plastic.

  • Anonymous

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  • Mark Lansley

    “a blue rear camera housing that reads HD”

    Sigh – that’s almost certainly the delivery protection plastic that peels off.   You can see a similar sheen on the “M” motif below. 

    Ever purchased a new device Kellex?

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  • Anonymous

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  • Maybe they will offer us Xoom owners a discount on Xoom 2 in place of the LTE upgrade.

    • Billy Jenkins

      They will offer you a Xoom 2 at full price but with a promise of a free LTE upgrade for the Xoom 2 in the future.

  • Chichi

    Alot of people on the engadget page are saying it looks plastic and ugly, but HELLO the back has blue protective stuff on it, look in teh right hand corner saying “peel me”. it will probably look better after it is peeled back. 

  • Kixofmyg0t

    As a OG Xoom owner who paid full price on launch day……I can say that *I* STILL to this day….

    LOVE this thing.

    For all the people who harp on bootloaders and this or that “I’m not buying it unless it has a unlockable bootloader”…..does anyone still realize the Xoom’s bootloader is unlockable? It doesn’t have Blur of any kind on it either….pure stock Honeycomb.

    I’m really interested in what all the “crap” is that plagues the Xoom……

    Are people REALLY that butthurt because you don’t have write access to SD?

  • Tyrian

    Could it be the “blue” camera on the back is just a protective plastic wrap?

  • zazou1

    I really think that since Google bought Motorola you will see the first Motorola Nexus tablet.. Hopefully MotoGoogle will not let leave anything out this time…

  • Steven Machado

    The front camera I dont think is bue.. I think its the plastic covering over the cosmetics and lense.

    • Anonymous

      i couldn’t believe they didn’t catch that in the article….

  • Rob Meyer

    Why is there no lawsuit for false advertising for the OG Xoom? If you bought your device under the guise of having a particular feature set, and were promised from month to month it was coming, why not take their ass to court. At the very least curse off Moto customer support and demand a xoom2 when it drops for an equal exchange. It seems a lot worse then Moto dropping the ball. Imagine buying a car with a stereo, but no antennas. or a tablet with a 4g radio and sd card slot, either of which were usable 6 months post launch. Thats bad for a big company like moto

  • Alan_robb

    After the last Xoom disaster I wouldn’t buy Moto products if they came gold plated..
     6 months plus before an update allowed a basic USB access (and I mean basic) and even now its use as well as blue tooth are set to remain limited (it is a standard guys, how hard could it be?)
    And I know it was partly software issues, but the whole Google user experience thing was handled very very badly
     Customer relations, best Joke EVER

  • Terrymc

    this leaves a pretty sour taste… its almost October and i havent heard anything about my 4G upgrade.  Hey Motorola how about a refund.  i have given you since February to get your shit together but i guess that is wishful thinking!