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Exclusive: First Pictures of the Motorola XOOM 2 (Updated)

So far we have had a couple of rumors about a follow-up to Motorola’s original XOOM, but nothing too substantial other than a mention of the name “XOOM 2” tucked deep in a site redesign.  Today, we may change that with pictures of what we believe to be Moto’s next big tablet, the MZ617 aka the XOOM 2.

Our sources tell us that the device is similar in weight to the original XOOM, has an HDMI and micro USB port on the bottom, big physical flush buttons on the back, a SIM card slot (LTE we’re assuming), and no SD slot at first glance. From looking at the pictures, we can gather that it has a front camera, a blue rear camera housing that reads “HD”, and appears to have a 10.1″ screen.  Oh, and those new angled corners certainly remind us of the Photon 4G or the “DROID HD” – must be Moto’s new design theme.

No word on processor, although we would hope for something quad-core.

There doesn’t appear to be specific carrier branding, but with the SIM card slot you have to assume that it’ll be tied to at least one if not all of the major players.  Hopefully Moto has it figured out this time and releases the WiFi version first though.

A look at the backside after the break.  

Update:  The crew over at This is my next received additional details of this new XOOM 2 that are sure to impress many of you.  Their sources have this device at just 9mm thick, dual-core 1.2GHz processor (OMAP “turbo”?), 1GB of “faster” RAM, records 1080p video and can last up to 11 hours on a single charge.  It may also launch as the first tablet to ship with Flash Player 11, stream HD Netflix, and have some sort of home automation software.

Cheers ___!

  • Dan

    Cool phone! I like the fasct these are holding onto flash. means i can go on all the sites i love

  • My two wishes for this phone, Global capabilities and NFC!


  • Stoofoo

    A reasonable theory I’ve heard and have myself is when Xoom2 is released, OG Xoom users will be able to send in theirs for their much overdue 4g upgrade, and what will get sent back to them is a Xoom2. Only way I can see Motorola rectifying this OGXoom tragedy. They know they dropped the ball.

  • The bluish color on the back looks like it’s just a film cover. The bottom right of it says “pull”. So I’m guessing the camera part is silver but looks blue because of the film.

  • if this releases before the original Xoom gets the 4G upgrade than never again will I buy a Moto mobile product

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    That blue rear camera housing just looks to me as a blue Saran wrap type piece of protective plastic.

  • Anonymous

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  • Mark Lansley

    “a blue rear camera housing that reads HD”

    Sigh – that’s almost certainly the delivery protection plastic that peels off.   You can see a similar sheen on the “M” motif below. 

    Ever purchased a new device Kellex?

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  • Anonymous

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  • Maybe they will offer us Xoom owners a discount on Xoom 2 in place of the LTE upgrade.

    • Billy Jenkins

      They will offer you a Xoom 2 at full price but with a promise of a free LTE upgrade for the Xoom 2 in the future.

  • Chichi

    Alot of people on the engadget page are saying it looks plastic and ugly, but HELLO the back has blue protective stuff on it, look in teh right hand corner saying “peel me”. it will probably look better after it is peeled back. 

  • Kixofmyg0t

    As a OG Xoom owner who paid full price on launch day……I can say that *I* STILL to this day….

    LOVE this thing.

    For all the people who harp on bootloaders and this or that “I’m not buying it unless it has a unlockable bootloader”…..does anyone still realize the Xoom’s bootloader is unlockable? It doesn’t have Blur of any kind on it either….pure stock Honeycomb.

    I’m really interested in what all the “crap” is that plagues the Xoom……

    Are people REALLY that butthurt because you don’t have write access to SD?

  • Tyrian

    Could it be the “blue” camera on the back is just a protective plastic wrap?

  • zazou1

    I really think that since Google bought Motorola you will see the first Motorola Nexus tablet.. Hopefully MotoGoogle will not let leave anything out this time…

  • Steven Machado

    The front camera I dont think is bue.. I think its the plastic covering over the cosmetics and lense.

    • Anonymous

      i couldn’t believe they didn’t catch that in the article….

  • Rob Meyer

    Why is there no lawsuit for false advertising for the OG Xoom? If you bought your device under the guise of having a particular feature set, and were promised from month to month it was coming, why not take their ass to court. At the very least curse off Moto customer support and demand a xoom2 when it drops for an equal exchange. It seems a lot worse then Moto dropping the ball. Imagine buying a car with a stereo, but no antennas. or a tablet with a 4g radio and sd card slot, either of which were usable 6 months post launch. Thats bad for a big company like moto

  • Alan_robb

    After the last Xoom disaster I wouldn’t buy Moto products if they came gold plated..
     6 months plus before an update allowed a basic USB access (and I mean basic) and even now its use as well as blue tooth are set to remain limited (it is a standard guys, how hard could it be?)
    And I know it was partly software issues, but the whole Google user experience thing was handled very very badly
     Customer relations, best Joke EVER

  • Terrymc

    this leaves a pretty sour taste… its almost October and i havent heard anything about my 4G upgrade.  Hey Motorola how about a refund.  i have given you since February to get your shit together but i guess that is wishful thinking!

  • I have confirmation from some Google friends. Moto is going to have the first tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich.Just so you know I also predicted that Moto would have the first Honeycomb tablet and called out the day of the release =op

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • Kunal

    What is a flush button?

  • LionStone

    They wouldn’t dare release #2 without LTE for the OG…would they?

  • Telephoneteck

    Well crap, I haven’t had my Xoom for 6 months yet. There’s no way I am getting another tablet (no mater the specs or brand) until 2013 unless it’s around the,$200 price. Considering I spent $600 on my wife Xoom!

  • Anonymous

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  • Zebra

    “Similar in weight” FTL…

  • division

    Why won’t motorola just give up….. Just wasting money over a dead brand

    • justshutup

      why dont you just give up…just wasting your energy on trolling over the internet

  • Poopsalot

    Can i get an armband for this? I jog a lot.

  • Division

    Why motorola would just give up…. Motorola is a dead brand

  • Anonymous

    4G LTE upgrade-able*

  • Poopsalot

    No 4G or SD service on the first one and they are making this? WTF??

  • Anonymous

    does it have quadcore? if not, i see no reason to buy this.

  • Booboolala2000

    I never use the camera on my XOOM, the rear face anyway. I wonder if the blue camera housing means we will be blessed with more blue tint on the pictures taken… Like with the D3?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Not a bad looking device.

    Just wished they take of the “motorola” on the front.

    Hopefully Motorola dosen’t F*** it up this time.

    Maybe the Google buying them up help.

    They have potential to make great devices, but they seem to F*** that up all the time.

    maybe Google buying them up will help somewhat now. :/

  • Finire

    I’d love to see some pictures of the input locations and a closeup on the lock/volume buttons. I can’t wait to see the quad core this thing is going to have in it. I’m also hoping for some serious improvements in the screen area.

    I might be in the minority, but I love my original Xoom. Though I do have the wi-fi only version. I just tether it to my phone when I’m out of wi-fi areas. I never noticed that fault with the 4g, as I skipped it.

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice if they would price it no higher than $300USD….. :o)

  • d3droid

    yay bring it on so i can get a reasonably priced xoom from someone ditching theirs.

  • Anonymous

    that blue camera just might be tape.

  • bill body

    A tablet with full working word / powerpoint! Just make it like the asus transformer and connect to a keyboard when you need to be productive and you can’t ask for more.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Go away……………………..

  • Jason Purp

    I just want some new pictures of the Nexus Prime.

  • Bionic

    I just wish these things were not so damn expensive.  I got the netbook im on now for $200 on amazon.  I totally would have gotten a touchpad and put android on it had i heard about the sale in time.  

    I will say this however, if and when I decide I want a tablet, it’ll be a Motorola.  

  • bill body

    I swear to GOD! If they release the xoom 2 before updating my xoom1 to LTE I will never buy anything moto again. Such a disaster. Anyways, Win 8 tablet will blow all others out of the water (as long as they get the battery life comparable)

    • Bionic

      Just curious as to why you think windows 8 will be so bad ass?  In my opinion windows anything is only good for PC’s.  And honestly I think chrome computers are really gonna get a lot better.  

      I dont understand all the hype about windows 8 however.  

      • Anonymous

        I don’t see the hype with Windows 8 either.  Those tiles make me feel OCD with their disorganization.  

        @google-9ab2db5f610515b5a2b278f2af9d47a9:disqus : trade in your xoom already on a samsung galaxy tab 10.1 LTE.  I stopped waiting on Moto to become competent.  After the Xoom debacle and the Droid X gingerbread update, Moto lost me as a loyal customer.

  • Ray

    i want my F*cking 4g upgrade i was promised first Motorola 

    • Eric

      I hear ya brother.

    • Consider it an early adopter fee…

    • Anonymous

      never trust moto sir

    • palomosan

      I’m glad I waited and got the best Tablet for the best price…The Asus Transformer. 

      Moto made a fool of themselfs and everyone who bought a Xoom and that has cost them a lot of costumers.

      • Anonymous

        Which manufacturer makes the asus?

        • I think its HTC…no wait its Sony….sorry its Pantech… or maybe its VZW…no no no its HP….

          (Motorola Xoom, HTC Scribe, ASUS Transformer, )

          • Anonymous

            Its the HTC flyer, not the scribe, hun.

          • Anonymous

            What a tool lol

  • Pnicuh

    A latop is fine for me, no need for a tablet.

  • Anonymous

    As I sit here looking at the brand new Xoom still sitting on my desk, a place it has occupied since purchase, I can’t help but wonder what lies will be marketed to me ahead of the X2. I may not know what bullshit they’ll try to feed me this time, but I do know one thing. I won’t be a sucker twice.

    • Anonymous

      You have to admit though, a plan where they release a device, and then have you ship it back at a later date to be upgraded was completely flawed from the start. It had logistical nightmare written all over it. I’m not really sure what people expected. It was too idealistic for it to be doable

      • Anonymous

        Yup, you’re right. I feel 50% pissed at them and 50% pissed at myself for falling for it. Fool me once, ya know?

  • P5stover


  • Chris

    oh boy, here we go again. don’t do it!!!!!!!!

    don’t get suckered into dishing out all that money on Doom, i mean Xoom that will be nothing but a serving tray after its 6 months of its release! but i know most of you won’t listen to me cause as soon as Kellex start promoting this thing, you guys will all get suckered into getting one. don’t say i didn’t warn you!

  • Anonymous

    Hehe Kellex isn’t that just classic moto blue protective plastic over the cam?

  • Kianjudah

    Wow. Not at all impressive. Not even close to being different enough from the first one, that I own and LOVE! 

  • .. looks ghey.. 

  • Gross….

  • Anonymous

    how about moto fixes all the crap that plagues the original XOOM first?? who the hell is gonna wanna buy this after the debacle regarding the original?…

    • Kixofmyg0t

      And what debacle are you referring to?

      What “crap” plagues the Xoom? 

    • T1392

      If it comes with wifi only version first with reasonable pricing for both, LTE included.Then everyone who didn’t buy the original Xoom will be lined up to buy it IMO.

  • Anonymous

    ^^)^$#&^@# Now Can We Get A Class Action Lawsuit Going, Am I The Only One With The OG XOOM Feel FKD!

    • droidrev71

      I feel you! I feel screwed also! I did get mine for $600. I used that code to get $200 off. I think that was a scam cause they knew they were never going to get it straight with the 4g. I’d love to sue x

    • Jmmcreynolds

      +1 🙂

    • bill body

      its totally bullshit! I want my money back

      • Anonymous

        That’s all I want, my money for the Fkn XOOM and the $20 a month Data few from day one, the Archos 10.1, Honeycomb, 250gb hard drive is looking pretty good, even though it has been set back to early 2012 instead of October…

    • LMZ1963

      I’ve been having thoughts about a class action Lawsuit too!  We’ve been lied to all over the place.

    • Great Idea, Class action lawsuit… you will win as much as $1.15 as compensation, while your lawyer walks away with a couple million… And then all your troubles will be far away.

  • Billy Jenkins

    I wonder what motorola will forget to add to the Xoom 2 before its released. 

    • Anonymous

      They will forget LTE..

    • Anonymous

      Probably ICS.

    • Kixofmyg0t


    • Anonymous

      They say it will be the first tablet with flash 11. Which means awhile after release another OEM will release with flash 11 and moto will say a hardware issue is causing a delay.

  • Eric

    Sounds and looks like a bigger failure than the 1st one.

  • I think I’ll wait for the Nexus Tablet… Rumored running Android Apple Pie… lol

    • Are they skipping K-Z and starting over?

      • Yes. They decide that the upcoming success of Ice Cream Sandwich will help them destroy iOS and Apple will also move to Android (skinned like iOS of course). So with Android’s mobile phone/tablet dominance they decided to start fresh, that’s how they came up with ‘Apple Pie’. Who doesn’t like apple pie?!

        • Anonymous

          The next version is “Jelly Bean”, but nice try.

          • Fyrenzy

            it was a joke. also known as being humorous. or trying to be funny. its something alot of ppl do to pass the time because its FUN.

  • Granted

    Well damn if that doesn’t look like a tablet. Yep, it’s a damn tablet. News worthy pictures! Brouhaha!

  • deleted.

  • Am I the only one that thinks this design looks terrible? :/

    • not really. it looks like they were just cutting corners.. ….. phun fully intended

    • No, but I do believe you’re in the minority.

  • Christianpeso

    Needs to be quad core and have a USB port. Lte, ics, and unlocked.

  • Anonymous

    first tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich?! would be sweet, hoping that it’s thin like the tab 10.1

  • Pmagent2013

    Hopefully the lock button is on the back like the og xoom. Any idea?

    • Anonymous

      That’s what I’m hearing.

      • Pmagent2013

        Perfect, now any word on release date, b4 Christmas or springtime?

    • Anonymous

      i love the location of this button.  it’s perfect and well-thought out

  •  I want LTE for my Original Zoom before I even think about a Xoom 2.

  • Afox1208

    Update old one?

  • Anonymous

    Not exactly digging the blue camera housing.. everything else is a win tho

    • Psuturtle

      the blue on the housing might just be protective film…hard to tell.

    • The blue on the housing is most likely just protective tape to keep the surface from getting scratched.    I see a lot of this on new cars before the customer takes delivery.  Usually this means the surface is easily scratched or scuffed and the manufacturer wants to protect it until it is in the customers hands.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, looked again, why would the camera lens itself be blue?

  • Pilotblue

    nice! now i want one already, thanks droid life!

    • Anonymous

      Unless this has a Super AMOLED Plus display, I think I’m still leaning towards the Galaxy Tab 7.7. So is this the same as that 7 inch that got leaked a few days ago?

      • Billy Jenkins

        You mean they are both rectangular? yea thats how tablets usually are shaped. I heard the Xoom 3 might be triangular though.

        • Anonymous

          Very funny, I mean the Nokia N8 styling of the corners, I honestly haven’t seen many tablets with that styling.

          • Anonymous

            Interesting, opposite for me. I use my tablet outdoors half the time. If it’s AMOLED, I don’t think ill be getting it.

          • Anonymous

            That’s an old myth, if anything Super AMOLED Plus would be much better than any LCD in sunlight since its significantly brighter and with much better contrast.

          • Anonymous

            Not an old myth, I have the Nexus S, can’t see anything outdoors when traveling overseas. My domestic Droid X’s screen in the same era had slightly better daylight visibility, almost better than my Bolt later on. And I did some tests and looked at the Epic Touch’s screen next to my Bionic. Hands down the LCD was more visible in direct daylight. Day and night, lol.

          • Anonymous

            Not saying one is better than the other but none of the devices you mentioned are SAMOLED+.

          • Anonymous

            The Epic Touch is S.AMOLED+. (the Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch)

            Other S.AMOLED+ panels I came across… I actually already compared it to my friend’s Droid Charge back in May which I had for a day when I was setting it up for him. But I can tell the panels on the Epic Touch is better overall, though daylight performance is still lacking. Checked out the Infuse as well back then for what it’s worth, but the Charge’s screen was better, higher pixel density, but that’s a whole different topic. (though that is my biggest complaint about all the SIIs. Pixel density has always been important to me, that’s why I held off on getting LCD monitors for my desktop for the longest time.)

          • Anonymous

            I misread your comment and was thinking you meant the older Epic.

          • Anonymous

            Just making sure but you did turn the brightness all the way up, right? I find it kind of surprising that you consider the LCD to be better “hands down.” I find most screens to be equally terrible in daylight I just find Super AMOLED Plus to be the most bearable, but if you really need a good screen to use in daylight I’d say go for something like the Notion Ink Adam. 

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, brightness all the way up on all of them. Though I should say 2 things. You are right, both the DX and Nexus S had really low visibility in daylight, kind of a toss up. The NS was brighter but not in daylight; perhaps the display was closer to the surface it gave it some advantage. The DX and later on the Bolt had bigger screens, so maybe that helped. But overall they all were equally bad. The other thing is screen glare. Not sure what the difference in glass is (other than gorilla glass on the motos, but that might have a bearing.

            But the partulicular LCD in question is the one on the Bionic I use now. For some reason this particular LCD just shows up in daylight much more than regular LCDs. (Pentile is another topic again, don’t prefer it, but can live with it given the daylight performance and pixel density)

          • Billy Jenkins

            well I’m glad you didn’t get mad since I was just kidding. lol

    • Chris


      • rrosotho