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Thursday Poll: Favorite Android Keyboard is?


There are so many keyboards these days that it has almost become a chore to keep up with them.  I seem to find myself switching on a weekly basis, falling in love for a couple of days with one, and then reverting back to or finding a new option shortly after.  My current active keyboard of choice is GO Keyboard, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have the itch to jump back to FlexT9 or Swiftkey X.  A lot of these keyboards are just so good in their own right, however, I can never decide which is my go to.  What about you?  Favorite keyboard right now is…?  Or better yet, which keyboard can you not live without?

Favorite Android Keyboard is?

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  • Jbarb

    Whatever happened to Blind keyboard (or something like that?)

  • jayd

    I like Swiftkey because I can change the length of the long press duration before going to secondary character. It takes too long on stock. 

    I assume there are other aftermarket keyboard apps that can do that too, though. 

  • babadush


  • babadush


  • Anonymous

    What ever happened to Better Keyboard 8? This is by far the best layout (and use of space) as a keyboard. Yes it does not swype, do your dishes, or predict your text, but it sure was a hell of a keyboard app. Went looking for it last week, couldn’t find it on Amazon or the Market. What gives?

  • Hdandar

    Still using Shapewriter Keyboard. Wish it was still on the market so its not lost once I upgrade!!

  • TouchPal anyone?

  • ThumbKey!

  • Anonymous

    Forgot Perfect Keyboard.

  • Phillip Purcell

    If I could combine the swipe of Swype and prediction of SwiftKeyX, my keyboarding life would be perfect

    • Anonymous

      I agree, this would be great. FlexT9 attempts this but just doesnt cut it for me. It has a couple quirks in the way that it functions that cant be changed in options (the options are extremely minimal to begin with) and I get annoyed and always go back to SwiftKey. Another that I actually really like is KeyPurr… once I figured out how to properly use it, it became pretty nice to me.

  • Dan

    Swype with Swiftkey X as a close second. In my opinion once you Swype you can never go back 😀

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I have been using FlexT9 since Amazon had it as a free app a few months back and I can not go back to “Typing” again. It drives me nuts whenever my girlfriend asks me to respond to a text on her iphone w/ it’s single letter button mashing. 

  • David Brown

    The keyboard I always end up coming back to, although I’ve never seen it mentioned or reviewed anywhere, is MessagEase, which is hands-down the easiest 1 handed typing keyboard ever. 


  • Anonymous

    Other: Thumb Keyboard. Best keyboard for tablets by far.

  • Anonymous

    SwiftKeyX all the way!

  • I’m surprised so few people use Smart Keyboard Pro. I have absolutely zero complaints with it and fixes one of the biggest downfalls of the stock keyboard imho.. the width of the spacebar so.that.I.don’t.type.like.this.

    • LionStone

      Yea I’m a bit surprised too…I honestly havent tried the others because SKP works so nice and fast too. I like padding the spacebar and other customizations as well. Im using the Galaxy skin, I like the darker keyboards better.

      • That’s the same skin I use, too! I think it matches the blur theme well.

    • 3rd party keyboards are credit card snatchers. Never use them.

      • Uhhh.. not always and definitely not this one. Why reply directly to my post? SKP is 100% legit.

  • Interstellarmind

    thumb keyboard (surprised it’s not it’s own option??) because i can adjust the height (and width!) in portrait and landscape and do away with the editor window. using it on my droid charge.

    also, having thumb keyboard on the xoom was the only thing that kept me from returning it (although, i did return it in the end)

    • Anonymous

      Why’d you return it? Imhad the same issue, and with the split keyboard on Thumb Keyboard, I can type much faster than on either my iPad or Swype on the phone. Also asking cause my friend is asking me for recommendation to a tablet but wants either the xoom or something better. Whatd you end up getting?

  • Anonymous

    Swiftkey x

  • TouchPal followed by FlexT9

  • Droidlovinyogi

    Hacker’s Keyboard

  • Froyo 2.2.1 Multi-Touch was damn good. Gingerbreads sucks donkey schmeg.

  • Phoenixy

    Moto Multi-Touch is the best

    • Lmrojas


      • Wunderwaffe

        It actually is really good…

  • Thumb Keyboard FTW!

    • Kurt Edens

      Haha.. you weren;t kidding, you posted the exact same thing as I did… haha

  • Kuboo99

    Thumb Keyboard

  • duckphan

    I will never want to change from my customized HTC Ime Oregon Ducks,  PDX trailblazers, or Air Jordan keyboards.

  • Mollequin

    you should give the option of Swype Beta versus Swype baked-in. The Beta version is far superior.

  • Anonymous

    Come on, why has Better Keyboard been demoted to “Other” status?

  • Booboolala2000

    Using SwiftKey X, and couldn’t remember if that is the beta or the newest. Anyway, it works the best for me. .even if I miss type.

  • NOTHING beats SwiftKey, imo.

  • Anonymous

    Swiftkey is definitely the favorite from all the keyboards I have tried.  However, I am currently using the default gingerbread keyboard on my OG droid because I find Swiftkey to run a little slow on my outdated hardware.

  • Anonymous

    I use the gingerbread keyboard. Can’t stand anything else due to the lag.

  • Brian Fernald

    I can’t vote right now. I just downloaded SwiftKey X to my Bionic after using Flex T9 on my OG Droid and a week or so with the new phone. SwiftKey might be hard to beat.

  • You forgot simply stock keyboard; I mean non-OEM, stock Android keyboard that Google provides. I have tried many others, and I still use the stock Gingerbread keyboard. (And yes, I realize this keyboard has to be installed by hand on a bunch of phones that use OEM keyboards.)

  • Swiftkey is legit.

  • Swiftkey was good for a short while but it doesn’t work on my CM7… Swiftkey X doesn’t seem to be as good when it comes to predicting for me, so I stick to Flex T9 as the tracing is better then Ultra’s.

  • HeliosAI

    Just tried out the new AI Type. Swiftkey is still my fave. Cloud prediction seems slower than just having it right on the phone.

  • dunner87

    Gotta go with a more recent addition, the new TouchPal with Curve.  I especially like how all the editing tasks and the nav arrows are just a panel away from the main keyboard.

  • Mikedeamicis

    dude! whats up with such a short duration on most of the poles here. i was on this site this morning and there was no poll. 3 hours later the poll is over. for those of us with a life and work to do, do our opinions not count? ever heard of letting a pole run for a full day? just sayin.

  • Anonymous

    im still rocking better keyboard 8…its been out of the market over a month now, and thanks to titanium backup i dont have to drop another $3 on the amazon appstore for it again

  • cklooi

    where is touchpal!??

  • Haven’t found anything that works better for me than Swype.  Is there a keyboard that’s designed to eliminate the right edge of the screen? My poor little OG is starting to age and the right 2mm or so of the screen no longer respond 🙁

  • John



    • Anonymous

      I agree. I’ve been using FlexT9 since the day it was the free app of the day on Amazon and haven’t looked back. It replaced Swype for me.

  • Anonymous

    AOSP Gingerbread keyboaord plx?

  • SolidSnake4

    I still can’t get used to actually typing out words or hitting the space bar after using Swype for a year or so.  That said , the latest update SUCKS and has me considering a switch.  It gets the word wrong and is always replacing words with names from my contacts and splitting single traces into two words.

    • Mikedeamicis

      yea, running swype on my bionic is starting to piss me off as well. it causes some serious glitching when mesenging. 

      • Anonymous

        I’ve been doing great with it.  I love that it can even put numbers in words and do full email addresses now.  I went away from it for a few months, but am happy to be back on it, especially with the Bionic.  

  • Hacker’s Keyboard! https://market.android.com/details?id=org.pocketworkstation.pckeyboard

  • Anonymous

    yeah, surprised you forgot thumb keyboard from your list. definitely can’t live without it on my transformer

  • Anonymous

    The Droid 3 physical keyboard.
    Best out there.

    • STiK

      I second this!

    • Zaqwsx

      I third it!

    • Drafter29

      Mine sticks & drives me nuts.

  • Jedi54

    I’ve been using TouchPal for years ever since my WinMo phone.

  • ramifications

    What about the stock Android Gingerbread keyboard?

    • Lmrojas

      Exactly. Kellen is messing up on these polls

    • agreed…dont understand why that’s not on the list. I’ve used Swype and Swiftkey and what-not. Always come back to the gingerbread one. it’s fast and works well, swiftkey eats ram like crazy

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t realize swiftkey(X) used a lot of ram.. may have to go back to stock and compare otherwise it’s predictions have made typing so much faster and I like being able to long press to get alt symbols and numbers.

      • Anonymous

        I agree it is nice for devices packing 1g of ram

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. All the others miss key presses when I try to type quickly. And I like the Gingerbread autocorrect more.

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn’t that fit under Stock/OEM keyboard?

      • Rizzidy

        There is no “Stock/OEM” option.  There is only a “Stock OEM” option which necessarily excludes the stock Android keyboard.

      • Rizzidy

        There is no “Stock/OEM” option.  There is only a “Stock OEM” option which necessarily excludes the stock Android keyboard.

    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      And where’s my ThumbKeyboard?! It may just be the best app I ever bought for my tablet!!!

  • Bill Morrow

    Thumb Keyboard FTW!  Lol, seriously took it from my Xoom, and put it on my phone

  • Kurt Edens

    Thumb Keyboard FTW!

    • Bill Morrow

      Now, that, is awesome.

      • PSU_DI

        yeah I can’t believe Thumb Keyboard didn’t even make the list on the pole. It’s by far the best keyboard I’ve used.

        • Agreed.

          • Robpsmith

            +1 Great keyboard with themes and customizable layout!

          • Kurt Edens

            There are so many good things about Thumb Keyboard.  So many preset layouts. Full customization, themes, different layouts for different orientations, multitouch (as of a recent update) and sooo much more.  By far the best keyboard out there.  Should be default.

        • Anonymous

          That one sucks

    • Haha I posted the same thing and then realized you did first.

    • I also listed Thumbs Keyboard.  Don’t know why it wasn’t on the list.  And I found out about it through this site!