Swype Receives First OTA Update, Includes Better Context Prediction Engine

If you love Swype, keep an eye on your device as Swype’s first OTA is soon to be rolling out. Included in the update is an upgraded Context Prediction engine for people who like fast, smart, and overall responsive keyboards. We were hoping that Swype would finally pick up a new color scheme, but that doesn’t seem to have happened yet. Come on Swype, I know you’re listening. Give users the ability to customize the look of the keyboard and I promise you will have many happy users.

With our first over-the-air update, we’ve enabled our Context Prediction Engine. By analyzing the text you’ve already entered, Swype will offer more accurate predictions that make sense in the context of the sentence

  • 40% increase in prediction accuracy when a language profile is present
  • Learns over time as you use it, building up a personal language profile for you.

As Swype starts getting “smarter”, is anyone thinking of switching back from SwiftKey X or FlexT9 to give this a go?

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Thursday Poll: Favorite Android Keyboard is?


There are so many keyboards these days that it has almost become a chore to keep up with them.  I seem to find myself switching on a weekly basis, falling in love for a couple of days with one, and then reverting back to or finding a new option shortly after.  My current active keyboard of choice is GO Keyboard, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have the itch to jump back to FlexT9 or Swiftkey X.  A lot of these keyboards are just so good in their own right, however, I can never decide which is my go to.  What about you?  Favorite keyboard right now is…?  Or better yet, which keyboard can you not live without?

Favorite Android Keyboard is?

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SwiftKey Reaches 10 Billion Keystrokes Saved Milestone – Begins Vizio Tablet Giveaway

We have plenty of people here who love them some SwiftKey. It is one of the top alternative keyboard choices for Android alongside Swype and FlextT9. SwiftKey has just announced that they have saved users a combined 10 billion keystrokes thanks to their word-predicting engine. And to celebrate, are giving away tablets, launches of trial applications, and support for six new languages.

If you want to get in on the fun, and happen to be a SwiftKey user, then follow these easy instructions to enter yourself in to win a Vizio tablet.

To enter the drawing, SwiftKey users are being asked to tweet how many keystrokes they have saved – a stat available in their app’s settings – along with the hashtag #SKX10bn. And for Android users yet to try SwiftKey, the company has just launched two new free trial apps, so users can give the award-winning technology a shot and then submit their tweet. One winner will then be randomly chosen and contacted via direct message at the end of each day.

If you choose to enter, then good luck to you. I would love for people to put down in the comment section how many keystrokes they have saved. Are Droid Life readers anywhere near at least a billion?

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Thursday Poll: Your Favorite New App is…

We’re always looking for the next big app to show up on Android, but one of the best ways we’ve found is to simply ask all of our fabulous readers.  In the past we’ve asked what your current list of tops apps is – starting this month though, we want to make it a much more regular thing.  So instead of a random poll, we’re going to do our best to ask you once a month what your favorite app of the moment is.  And of course, feel free to list more than one, but the goal here is to find out which app you’ve stumbled upon recently and just can’t live without.

For me, it’s Flex T9 keyboard that was an Amazon app of the day.  Every time I pickup a new device to review or mess around with, I find myself downloading the Amazon store immediately just so that I can put Flex on it.  I’m officially addicted to this keyboard.

And Tato wanted to point out that he can’t get enough Nano Panda, HeyTell, and SMS Popup.  That’s three I know, but he’s special.

What about you guys?  Any current app addictions?

FlexT9 Keyboard is FREE Today From Amazon, You Better Get This One

FlexT9 on Android is free today (normally $4.99) from the Amazon Appstore and we’re definitely recommending that you go grab it.  While it make look a little i*hone-ish, it might be one of the best keyboards you’ll ever use.  Not only is it easy to type on, it also allows you to swipe words, use voice-to-text, and even write out words free-hand.  And not to hate on Swype, but this keyboards seems to have a couple of swiping bonuses over it.

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Cheers Tim and all of you on Twitter!