A.I.type Keyboard Plus – Now With Improved Prediction and Correction Engine

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Fans of the A.I.type Beta keyboard can now buy the ‘Plus’ version from the Android Market. When your competition is Swype, SwiftyKeyX, and FlexT9 you better bring your A-game. A.I.type has some great features which we wish some of the better known keyboards would have, and they only plan on growing the list. 

  • Suggests your next word.
  • Completes your current word.
  • Corrects your spelling as you type.
  • Auto corrects your typos when you hit the spacebar (context-sensitive)
  • Automagically learns your common words and style. We call it – MyType (beta)
  • Supports unique skins (Windows Phone 7 skin, iPhone skin, large buttons skin and more).
  • Allows skin customization – colors, background images etc.
  • Includes a layout for undo/redo/copy/paste/navigation and more.

Market Link ($4.82)

Compared to Swiftkey and others, is A.I.type on-par, better or worse?




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