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DIY Hack Brings DROID Bionic Webtop and HDMI Mirroring to Your Car

A crafty DL reader with a new DROID Bionic and car dock decided he wanted webtop and Netflix from anywhere.  So what did he do?  Hacked the s.o.b. to work through his car’s entertainment system.  He now has webtop and HDMI mirroring throughout his entire car.  Sure it took some epoxy, an HDMI cable and a drill, but I’d say it was well worth the effort.

Here are his brief instructions:

– First I took apart the car dock and grinded/drilled an opening so I could fit the micro HDMI cable.
– Then I docked the phone. Then aligned and plugged in the micro HDMI into the phone.
– I then epoxied the HDMI onto the case and let it dry.
– The stock power port was adjusted to match with the HDMI port and epoxied that as well.
– I put everything back together.

Check out additional pics of Netflix and webtop after the jump.  




Via:  Droid Forums

Cheers Keith!

  • wnrussell

    Try Slingbox and watch TV like this!

  • Djuram54

    Look people all cars since 2009 employ a type of intergration with gps to tell when the car goes over 10mph. u cant bypass it unless u invest $200 for a brand/ lockpic. I have a cadillaccts coupe 2011 and no mods worked with my android or iphone or ipod. The cars electrical system is all tied in . back 4 yrs ago u could just ground the brown wire but now car senses with speed and gpd and shuts down the screen. now all u people gotta understand having something lije this isnt for the driver but to entertain the family and keep the driver sane

  • driveByBraille

    Now if he can only figure out how to integrate that tape deck into Android…

  • Spc Hicks09

    Who the hell still has a car with a TAPE PLAYER!?!

    • Anonymous

      Someone who has a car with a screen that displays red as orange… Guy needs to color correct the display for sure.

  • Justin

    Nice set up

  • Jnmigr

    Pro for you, I already see Motorola posting this as a way to rule them all.

  • Anonymous

    This car has a tape deck, WTF!

    • BBorell

      See my reply to Tboltuser above.

  • Jonathan Hunt

    Well I knew it wasn’t an easy job.  Involves converters, a/v switches and an HDMI/Composite converter.

    Should I still hold onto my dreams of head unit manufacturers waking up and creating displays with HDMI inputs?!?!

  • Keith

    Hey there everyone. I am the guy that has this setup. I posted an update to clarify my setup on droid forums. More photos can be found on the droid forums link posted in the original story.

    To answer some questions:

    1. The sole purpose for this mod is for the two 9.2 inch headrest monitors.
    Please don’t assume I will be driving around with Netflix running on my
    main screen. The main head unit screen can be switched between inputs
    and stock navigation.

    2. Yes my car is old. 2003 Lexus GS 300

    3. Yes, my car comes with a tape deck and also a 6 disc changer in the glove box.

    3. Yes, the head unit is the factory 7 inch navigation screen. I installed an
    rgb video converter to switch between stock navigation and other
    inputs. There is also a digital video/audio source switch box installed
    as well. The input signal is then sent to a video amplifier and
    distributed to the headrests and stock screen.

    4. Yes, my stock head unit is touch screen, but does not work with the phone.

    5. I already had a hdmi to composite converter prior to getting the Droid Bionic.

    6. The extra wire you see in the photo is a 3.5mm audio cable for my fm
    transmitter. Since I have installed the hdmi from the phone, all the
    sound is routed from the hdmi cable back into the composite converter,
    then to the fm module, as well as the video amplifier. No need for the
    3.5mm cable anymore.

    7. I have had my car audio/system like this for years. All I did was integrate the phone into the setup.

    8. Yes, every time I dock the phone, I can choose webtop/mirror modes.

    9. Yes, I can run Google navigation on all the screens.

    10. Youtube app will show on the car screens, but the phone itself goes
    black while playing video. TV.com app shows on the car screens, but is
    will not scale to fit the screens.

    • Tboltuser

      Slick mod. Nice work on that.

  • J Dub

    I really have a hard time taking this seriously with a tape deck right below the screen.

    I would have got a massive nerd bone from him modding this FOR the tape deck. Sliding the Bionic into the tape deck to dock it. Rework the eject button to push it out of the dock. Yeah, that’s nerd bone worthy.

    • Tboltuser

      The tape deck mod would be classic.  But, I will say, my dad had a ’05 LS 430 and it had a tape deck (CD changer as well, of course).  And that was with the Mark Levinson package.  I guess Lexus buyers still want their cassettes!

      • BBorell

        The reason lexus and many other luxury car brands offered tape decks in their cars long after us geeks would claim them obsolete is that many luxury buyers listen to books on tape. 

    • Rick

      Would you drill and EPOXY and new Lexus?  Me thinks not…

      • Keith

        Those steps were for the car dock itself, not the car.

        • Ranzid

          I know you said an RGB converter but did you mean Red White Yellow? aka Composite or RCA? I am doing this mod but my head unit has RWY.

  • Woohoo, 2nd gen Lexus GS FTW! Makes me wish I’d opted for a GPS-equipped one though…Pioneer electronics in those, if that helps the discussion at all.

  • Anonymous

    That’s cool…Good Job….

  • Anonymous

    This is no good without an 8-track player…

  • Nick Dodge

    I wanted to do that with the touch screen in my 2nd gen Prius but I have no idea how to add an HDMI port to it.

    • Be sure to let me know if you figure this out….

    • Granted

      You lost me at Prius……

  • Anonymous
    • Keith

      exactly what i used.

      • Onebadmazda

        Sir, I’m 100% with you until the powering the converter part. How did you power the hdmi-rca converter? I’m hoping you’re not gonna say an inverter.

    • Tboltuser

      Don’t think anyone was stumped.  It was pretty clear HDMI was converted to RCA, and an RCA input was probably added to the stock system. 

  •  How did he get the Webtop to enable over HDMI only?

  • And now he has a video screen just a little bit larger than his phone’s screen right next to his phone? That seems like a lot of effort for gaining like an inch of non-touch screen.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe screens in the headrest???

      • He did say throughout the whole car

  • Sylense

    Hmmm…lexus, in dash entertainment system, droid bionic, cassette player. Something is out of place here lol

    • Sylense

      Nice coin stash in the ash tray though hehe

  • PAJ

    Is that in-dash screen qHD PenTile Matrix  or AMOLED Plus?  😉

  • Tboltuser

    I’ve been looking into this for any phone with HDMI, and I think there could be some parts missing from his list.  You cannot “splice” an HDMI cable, it has to be converted to composite (unless, of course the car does have and HDMI input, but I find that very unlikely), so you would need an HDMI to Composite.  Also, you need to tap into the screen input, so you’d probably need something like NAVTOOL or TV2GO as well.  You’re probably looking at a $200+ mod, but it could be worth it to many.  Unfortunately my TBolt doesn’t have HDMI out, else I would do it.

    • Maybe Radio Shack sells an HDMI cable that plugs into the guys cassette deck and converts the signal over. 

    • Anonymous

      I doubt the touchscreen of the head unit controls the phone.  This is display-only.  You can get an HDMI-to-composite adapter for <$50.

      • Tboltuser

        Yep, you can, but you also need some way to get that composite into the stock stereo and have the ability to switch sources (assuming you still want to use the stock unit to control the heat/ac, radio, etc).  Unless Lexus put a secondary RCA input in their older vehicles.  If not, you are looking at $50 for the HDMI to RCA, and another $150 for a device to integrate an RCA input on your stock screensystem.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, thats cool, does he work at Best Buy or something 😛

    • Keith

      nope. i used to own a stereo shop.

  • I just want to know how he connected it to the head unit.  The one in my truck is using a composite input, HDMI off the phone is digital.  Did he use a digital to analog signal converter to get it to work with the head unit or does his head unit already have an HDMI port?

    • Anonymous

      I’d have to say he used a converter, since his head unit accepts cassette tapes

  • Kevoskee

    This is how to crash a vehicle people …

    • Joelseph

      LOL I was thinking the same thing.  Pretty cool, but man…  crash!

    • Keith

      The video feed is actually for the headrest monitors.

      • Frank Muhl

        Any idea if this can work on the iDrive system on the BMW’s?

    • BS. I hacked the Pioneer head unit that I installed in my car so that you can watch DVD’s while the car is moving. How many times have I done that? Once. On a vacation drive home this summer my wife popped in a DVD and watched while I drove. It was a long boring drive at night… my eyes were on the road. I listened, she watched and had a blast. Its called will power and making a choice. The same way I don’t drive and talk on my phone unless I am hands free. I don’t text. I don’t read email. Its up to the user to be responsible.

      That said… nice hack. Cheers to ya.

      • Adam Elghor

        lol it was a joke but props 2 u…..there would be less crashes if ppl had more will power like u 🙂

      • by hacked you mean grounded the wire that connects to the parking brake

  • Anonymous

    How exactly did he get video on double din dash unit when none exist that have HDMI connections, unless he spliced the HDMI wire into a composite or component connection.  

    Not exactly out of the ordinary though since alot of mods similar to this can be found all over the internet where people hack there game systems and other devices to use the screen on there double din dash units with 7″ screens.  i’m just curious how he got the HDMI to the dash unit

    • Even if spliced the digital signal will not translate to an analog signal unless if used with a converter box.

    • Rich Floresjr

      Im with you, I need more details because I think this would be cool to attempt.

    • Check out the link to the Droid Forums article.  Plenty more info there.

  • Mr.joe

    Cars come with HDMI ports now?

  • Sk102704

    That is awesome!

  • Guest

    that is some certified bad-ass shit!

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  • Anonymous

    wait, so he is using his factory audio system/screen with this? how did he get the hdmi connection???

    • Davidcgeiger

      That was my first thought also.

    • Eric Jansen

      he just drilled a hole and glued it on there, that’s how these things work.  🙂

      • LionStone

        nice! lol!

      • “I already had a hdmi to composite converter prior to getting the Droid Bionic.”

  • accident waiting to happen 

  • Wow, the dude also has a cassette deck on his Lexus.  The last car I bought with a cassette deck was in 2000!

    • Anonymous

      The flap on the cassette deck says “Theft Deterrent Design”. I’ll say…

    • ChrisI

      I was just thinking the SAME thing!!! Quite ironic to have a sweet LTE setup with HDMI capabilities and super-advanced smartphone technology with touchscreens……and then right below it all have a technology that’s 20 years old and can’t be purchased anywhere anymore. Very funny setup.

    • seconded. my 2000 silverado has a casette!

    • I think the car is a mid 90’s LS 430, I just got rid of mine a few months ago

      • Keith

        nope 2003 gs 300

    • vernon

      the 2009 lexus gs was actually the last car to have a cassette player!