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XOOM 4G LTE Upgrades Set to Begin, Business and Government Users Up First in “Pilot” Group?

Even though the XOOM had its “first 4G LTE tablet” tag snatched up when the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was released a few weeks ago, customers were still told to expect an upgrade to support 4G LTE some time in September.  According to the email one of our readers just received, it looks like the upgrade is going to start a little early, within the next week for “business” and “government” XOOM owners.  This initial upgrade group is said to be the “pilot” program before they start upgrading the masses.  Wait, are there XOOM masses?

Just as we reported back February, the upgrade will be free of charge and will be initiated by an email with instructions from Motorola.  Along with said email, you will also receive a pre-paid FedEx box to ship your XOOM in with enough packing supplies to make it safe for travel.  Moto and Verizon recommend that you back everything up, since the upgrade process will likely require them to wipe your device clean.

Letter and instructions after the break.  

How does a 3 business day turn-around sound for “business” and “government” customers?

Here is a link to the tracking site.

While it’s not ALL XOOM owners at this time, it is at least a start.  Everyone ready?

  • Surfcitymarie

    going in circles…i found the shipping instructions on Moto site, but went to verizon store and got a blank stare from the service person…not the first time I’ve seen the stare….

  • Jason Mcreynolds

    It would be nice if they just shipped us a next gen Xoom, then I’d be happy. 🙂

  • I want to remind people: BUSINESSES and GOVERNMENT get the THREE DAY TURNAROUND.

    CONSUMERS will get FIVE DAY TURNAROUND. A Verizon representative clearly told me a few months ago that was how it was going to be. There is a distinct speed of service difference between the two.

  • Wesandnic

    A vzw rep told me Sept 16 will be the full roll out. I know they tell you anything to make you happy. But he has said there was internal communication that it was happening.

  • Wesandnic

    A vzw rep told me Sept 16 will be the full roll out. I know they tell you anything to make you happy. But he has said there was internal communication that it was happening.

  • Smilepak

    How do you get on the list?

  • Chuckg73

    For the 1st time I disagree with most of the posts here.  Motorla is doing the right thing, they are providing free shipping and upgrading for free.  I love my Xoom tablet and have had zero issues and love it’s durability.  I hope I am not without it for an extended period of time and look forward to the 4G speed increase…  

    • No one questions what they are doing, it was always supposed to be free upgrade (ship and all) it was a heavily advertised and promised months ago upgrade, we bought our upgrades… everyone’s annoyance is how they have sloppily delayed and handled it… making the xoom, and with good reason, a joke. I own one and sure it’s fine but yeah they over promised and under delivered. Next tablet or even phone don’t count on me grabbing one from moto.

      • Jfalcon

        You sure you wouldn’t want a moto device now that Google owns them?  I would think that after the acquisition, moto owners will probably be the first to get Ice Cream Sandwich.

        BTW, backing up your Xoom before sending it in for the upgrade, doesn’t appear to restore back to its original state copying everything back.  I went through that experiment expecting to have to send in my device soon.

  • this is bull dung!  i was first inline at my verizon store, first to pay for mine, and first to activate.  it should be based the order in which the tablets were activated.  those who made the early trek to the store should be first to get updates. 

  • Anonymous

    they better not change the turn around time for us early adaptors… what am i saying they dont care about us…

  • StormbladeX69

    Gov’t & Business. How about Pre-Order Launch Day customers…?!?!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a business user, but I still think anyone who bought it on launch day should be the first to get the upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    Freakin Motorola. Can they possibly do anything more to delay the update to the poor folks who paid 800.00 for this piece of junk. I’m soooo happy I sold mine while it was still worth something. I will never buy another Motorola product again.

    • Anonymous

      So you think they are intentionally delaying this product?  thats a brilliant marketing scheme. Odds are they are being insane about the testing since they don’t want people having any problems now that there’s some other LTE players in town.  

      • Jfalcon

        Wow, that’s like promoting “vaporware” as a marketing ploy.  Interesting that they managed to pull it off with hardware this time. 🙂

  • Murphy

    Business and Government? It’s a conspiracy!

  • Will you still get the upgrade even if you don’t have an account with Verizon?  I’ve been holding out for 4G before I would buy into signing up with Verizon.

    • Anonymous

      There was a Verizon FAQ somewhere that indicates yes, as long as the device MEID is not reported stolen or lost, etc. you can get it upgraded even if not active on LTE.  

      …not sure that has changed…but I swear I saw that somewhere back when.

  • Ray

    im a government employee and i have a xoom but i haven’t received any email yet.

    • Anonymous

      Is it on a government line? that seems to be the trigger according to the article.

  • jack kramer

    I love my Transformer the way it is, updates on time, keyboard and netflix!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      This is a thread about a capable LTE tablet, why not post up how much you love your tires or car or something since that has more to do with being mobile than a wifi only product?

  • Jake

    I want to know which government agencies purchased Xooms so I can take them to task for poor stewardship of public funds.

    • Anonymous

      Department of Defense, so just pick up your phone – they’re already listening. 🙂

  • Pennywise

    Someone who sends theirs in please mark it yours somehow and let us know if you think you actually got ‘yours’ back… Think they’re ‘upgrading to LTE’ or replacing entirely with XOOMs built with LTE?

    • Booboolala2000

      Me thinks the later. I thought about nicking the screen or something but… Probably won’t. Not like I don’t have time to decide. Still love it though. I just wish Motorizon would do the right thing here. And don’t mean a free keyboard or case.

    • Anonymous

      They put in a modem and send it back to you.  It’s yours you will get back.  

    • StormbladeX69

      Probably get them back. I wouldn’t mind a replacement… that would mean a fresh battery after 7 months of heavy use.

    • Anonymous

      no need for extra marking here, i got the one and only case that was avaible at launch and it has left me with some nice wear of the metal outer casing, is funny you wouldnt expect them to sell a case that wears on their product, or much less what kinda metal did they use that hard plastic can wear it down?

  • LOL… I can’t believe how much Motorola has screwed up this “upgrade” process. Just ridiculous. I feel sorry for the “masses” of XOOM owners out there. I’m glad I never by into the marketing hype.

    • Anonymous

      Looks like from the paperwork it’s a pretty straightforward process to me, no?

  • Booboolala2000

    Still a joke. The XOOM is great. The way Motorola is treating the early adopters is an insult.

    • Anonymous

      You really think the Xoom is great? Is it the pitiful screen you like, or the weight? The complete lack of honesty on the part of Motorola regarding upgrades? Maybe the gallery app that makes your photos look like mud. You need to get out more and check the competition.

      • Anonymous

        honesty on upgrades? eh?

      • Anonymous

        You mean all the competitors with cellular connectivity (3G or 4G) and expandable storage?


  • trumpet444

    what makes the government users more important? Probably a bunch of desk jockeys anyway. Its not as if the pentagon or military is waiting on baited breath on a 4g upgrade. I would rather the business users be first, followed by casual consumer, followed by government. (by the way, I’m neither. I don’t own a xoom)

    • Rizzidy

      “Probably a bunch of desk jockeys anyway.”

      What’s your point?  

  • Only 5 months after is went on sale! Wow, that’s customer service.

    • Anonymous

      Your right, would be much cooler if Moto was like HTC/Gingerbread shell game thats going on…not.

    • I couldn’t wait. I had them trade mine for a Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE.

  • Anonymous


  • Carlito Pr787

    So if my VZW Account says government on it ill be one of the first to upgrade? 🙂

  • Hrishmawi

    do you think that when the 4g xoom actually comes out in september i can just walk into a store and trade in my current version. if it’s gonna be wiped why not just trade it in?

    • it only took 7 months

    • Anonymous

      Verizon seems to only be assisting users with the information…shipping containers and stuff is all Motorola.  

      • Surfcitymarie

        so can anyone tell me how to get the shipping box??