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Initial Reaction and Thoughts on Google’s Acquisition of Motorola

Talk about big news to start a week, right?  With Google acquiring Motorola Mobility, a number of questions and thoughts immediately come to mind.  We’ll toss out ours and let you pick them apart, reflect on them, and then hopefully share your own.  This is a major move by Google to help protect Android, but can it mean something more?  

The End of Blur?

Seems odd that we’re starting our thought process with an Android skin, but as we quickly gathered from the comments, many of you are certainly hoping that Moto’s blue mess is done for good.  I wouldn’t go that far yet though.  Andy Rubin and Larry Page were both very clear that they don’t expect things to change all that much.  Obviously, they would want to say that to continue to make all of their partners happy in the short-term, but they also clearly stated that Moto will be run as a separate company.  So just because Google owns Motorola, doesn’t mean that we’ll see them quickly change all that has been built.  In a year or so, maybe things will change – just don’t expect Blur to die instantly.  Carriers like differentiation, as does current Moto CEO Sanjay Jha.

Unlocking of Bootloaders?

Is this the move we needed to see happen to get Motorola to finally start unlocking bootloaders on their devices?  Yeah, probably.  Will it happen overnight? I would highly doubt it.  Remember, Motorola still has to appeal to carriers and also protect consumers (hah!), so there is a chance that we won’t see any movement on this front initially.  What we can hope for though, is that Google puts a little pressure on this subject to get the ball rolling in the right direction – something Moto doesn’t seem to want to do.  With Google’s approach to being “open”, one would hope that they would look to replicate one of the devices that helped propel their mobile OS to incredibly heights, the original DROID.

Next Nexus Device?

In the tech back halls, we are all pretty sure that Samsung has landed the next Nexus device that will be out some time this winter.  Could the Nexus following that be from Motorola, though?  Absolutely.  The thing to remember, is that they will have to compete with HTC, Samsung and LG just as they always have to grab that title.  During today’s press call, Rubin made sure that we all understood that they will conduct business as usual, including the selecting of their next Nexus handset maker.

Supercharging Android?

What exactly does this mean?  That’s still pretty unclear.  However, we’ve seen how tight of an experience that Apple has with their iPhone since they produce both the software and hardware, so this should give Google a similar opportunity down the road.  Again though, Android remains open and will be handed out to other handset makers just as it is now.  We are only assuming that with a manufacturer under its wing, that Android can become that much more incredible, stable, innovative, and addictive.


It’s pretty obvious that this move is really about patents, legal jargon, and the never-ending battle with Apple,Microsoft and Oracle.  Motorola has some 17,000 patents that blanket much of the mobile world – Google plans to use this portfolio to fully protect the future of Android.  While we all want Moto to make the next Nexus, eliminate Blur, and unlock bootloaders, those ideas are all secondary to the legal battle that Android will be competing in for the foreseeable future.

What about HTC, Samsung, and LG?

All of these companies have already released quotes to show their support for this move.  They all know that this helps their legal battles with Apple and Microsoft:

Talk about a crazy Monday morning.  Now, your thoughts?

  • David Brown
  • Anonymous

    I hope that Sammy, HTC, and LG don’t focus on Win7 phones now.  Google has to be very very careful about keeping Moto as independent as possible.

  • Djstar2k2

    im intrigued 1 becuz this might finally put an end to this silly apple/ms patent crap and 2 mr moto hardware and pure uncle googs software wow.  opps just like the og droid lol.  also, i think most ppl miss a simple point about android.  it didnt start with the og droid it started with the G1 and the reason i make this point is cuz there were no skins.  the droid was the next evolution for early adopters.  so when ppl say skins help novice use android im confused.  1 yr after G1 came the tmo clique and when i tried it and the sprint hero i knew i wanted no part in skins android was fine the way it is and i cant be the only one who feels this way or left tmo for the droid

  • Anonymous

    I welcome Google’s commitment to defending Android and it’s partners.

  • DIE, BLUR. DIE!! {{>_<}}

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I just p a i d $21.87 for an i P a d 2-64GB and my boyfriend loves his Panasonîc Lumîx GF 1 Camera that we got for $38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS.I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $657 which only cost me $62.81 to buy.
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  • Shifterracer

    I sure do hope the fire the current Moto presedent!!

  • google trying to become Apple in the sense that they make their own hardware?

  • well if Motorola puts out an awesomely spec’d phone with stock android, i will get it.

  • Anonymous

    They could start suing people for this patent 🙂


  • Sparking22

    lets hope Moto android phones will now be updated at a much faster rate!

  • faber

    Well if one thing could save mottos sorry ass, this would be it….

  • another 🙂

    • Larry Jr. Lima

      LOL u win the internets

  • Booboolala2000

    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! I am definitely not getting the Bionic. Will wait till next year to get a new Motorola. Now I can email Google and ask them to fix LTE in my Xoom. What a great way to start a week. Really, it’s all down hill from here. Lol

  • 🙂

  • ed

    If everyone is using skins, would it not differentiate your phone more to run vanilla android? Throw in some widgets to add the social funcionality they want, maybe even a custom launcher or one of the better ones from the market, but also include a way to add and remove them. Thr phone can come all prettied up with populated homescreens including a link to the Moto setup app which brings you through pages with toggles and screengrabs of various added features  so you can pick and choose. 

  • Anonymous

    I am happy Samsung is working on the Prime. 
    I prefer them to Moto. 

  • rrosotho

    Im still in SHOCK!!! i had to read both articles twice for it sink in. Hey maybe Moto will release products at a reasonable time scale now. Instead of delaying until everyone is disgusted with them!!!

  • Trinisite

    anyone else notice that Samsung and HTC effectively said the exact same thing regarding the acquisition?

    • Anonymous

      Theyre both probably pissed off doing that fake smile that you use at a holiday when that annoying relative comes in.

  • KniteLyf

    Everyone is missing the best part of this acquisition…not patents or portfolios, but the very real, very soon termination of Sanjay Jha! Its like Christmas in August

  • Even if the next Nexus is not by Motorola, I believe we can still expect a developer phone from Motorola pretty soon — I can’t think of a reason why Google will not do that. And really, we all just want an open dev phone, regardless of its name.

  • Poedroiduser

    Anyone remember how many movie theaters dropped Coke when it owned Colombia pictures?

    • Anonymous

      Really? because every movie theater that i have been to sells coke

    • Anonymous

      yes, because a lot of the pictures also had prominent Pepsi brand add placement, which was really odd to me at the time.

  • Turb0wned

    My opinion is this… Many of you wont like it but its what I think.

    It wont be the end of blur, unlocked bootloaders or automatic Nexus. It will still be ran the way it is now for the next year or so. Google will then sell off the company and keep the patents.

  • Look at those f*king robot presidents and  CEOs. HTC’s and Samsung’s statements are basically the same. Glad to see everyone “welcomes” this deal. smdh talking points ftw. As for my thoughts on the deal? I’m stoked.

  • Anonymous

    google-rola pure android devices FTW!

  • TomHolmes

    I’m glad to see that Google coordinated this acquisition with all of the competing hardware vendors for Android to ensure they are aligned and comfortable with Google’s reasons. I don’t think that Google really wants to be in the hardware manufacturing business, and much of what Moto does is completely outside of Google’s business interests, but Google has to play to survive. I don’t personally have any idea how powerful the Motorola patents are, but I expect we’ll see soon enough.

  • brife

    I’m curious how this will affect relationships with the cell carriers.

  • Anonymous

    Kellen, how come you didnt tell us about this earlier?

    • This seems to have come pretty much out of the blue.  None of the Android blogs even hinted at it until it broke this morning.  They appear to have pulled off quite a surprise on the world with this one.

      • Anonymous


    • Donnavon Hallgren

      I been telling people for awhile now that Google was going to use Blur for their aosp interface.. Just didn’t realise that this is how they would go about it 😛

  • Jose Ricaurte

    This is obviously great news for Android. Like Kellex mentioned, it adds more possibilities for patent protection, might end Blur, trigger the common practice of unlocking bootloaders in the future, serve as an avenue to introduce a Moto Nexus device, and maybe even tackle some of the fragmentation issues.

    But something that hasn’t been mentioned might be the biggest thing of all: Google TV

    You know that little (or big) cable box you have sitting close to your TV? Chances are that Motorola Mobility made it. Google is now one of the biggest cable box makers in the world. They now have the power to slip Google TV directly into your cable box, something that was most likely impossible in the past. Combine that with Honeycomb already making it’s way into Google TV and 2012 looks like it’s shaping up to be quite a comeback year for the platform.

    Internet Protocol Television, here we come!

    • babadush

      very good point +1

    • Your right my box is made by moto!!

  • SetNick

    This should be looked at as a positive step for the Android Ecosystem.   I have been on this Android Train since the 1st device, th T-Mobile G1.  Never looked back and don’t ever plan to switch to something different. Well, maybe just a newer Android device.

  • Scottyb112

    This is great news,  because Moto makes great phones, and google is Shit!   The new blur isnt bad at all.. the widgets are actually very useful in day to day life..   Go Google!!

  • Jimmy8

    two words. Thank God.

    As much as I hate this whole mess of patent tag, at least this should help Android around, maybe apple can get off the patent trolling now.

  • Nativi

    My thoughts I don’t have any. Unless we get a nexus on Verizon

  • El El Kool J

    $12 billion was the price tag on this deal…. that is about $500 for ever unemployed person in our country..  will this business deal do anything for all those unemployed American?  No probably not.. but Im sure that the $12 billion spent could of been spent to help alot of Americans..

    • Knightcrusader

      It will create a competitive environment by keeping Android around, and competition = more business = more jobs.

    • Are you lost?

  • Jack Sanchez

    Hopefully google will do the smart thing and instead of removing blur they give us the option on setup to use blur or stock. Something motorola and htc should’ve done from the beginning.

  • Jack Sanchez

    Hopefully google will do the smart thing and instead of removing blur they give us the option on setup to use blur or stock. Something motorola and htc should’ve done from the beginning.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully the new Motorola phones will receive OS updates quicker now.

  • Anonymous

    Google = The Borg

  • Anonymous

    Pinky: Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?
    Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world!…

    • Knightcrusader

      Where Pinky = Andy and Brain = Larry?

  • Anonymous

    I almost crapped my pants when I read this.

    …Then I remembered I was on the toilet so that was perfectly OK.

  • Misphit

    They do already…..

  • Rich

    My thoughts are, why does it have to be skinned… why can it be built into the OS so that it works and helps with updates…

  • This is great from a patent acquisition perspective but I wouldn’t get too excited about the death a Blur. I seriously doubt Google will kill it off. Most average consumers probably like it because it adds some nice features that are sorely lacking from stock Android (this may change with ICS). Some average Joe who bought a Droid X2 would probably be pretty miffed if his Droid X3 didn’t have the ability to sort apps in the app drawer. I don’t see much changing at Motorola other than maybe quicker software updates. Google doesn’t want to upset its (arguably more valuable) partners like Samsung and HTC. I actually don’t think they even want to be in the hardware business, they just bought Moto because of the ridiculous patent wars.

    • Well said, blur on the D3 is dope. What is this DX3 you speak of?

      • Donnavon Hallgren

        Only thing I found wrong with Blur on the D3 is the damn launcher redraws every 5 minutes. Hoping they fix this soon.

        • The only redraws I get is exiting the cameras app

  • babadush

    Hey Apple. Remember that Xoom you were suing for in Europe. Oops. Now it’s owned by Google

  • Anonymous

    I know this is a stretch but could this have something to do w/ the delay of the Bionic?  Either way I think this is HUGE for Google!

  • pezjono

    Well, I for one welcome Google’s commitment to defending Android and its partners.
    I don’t know about everyone else…

    • EC8CH

      a company buying patents to protect other companies rather than sue the pants off of them…

      a novel concept indeed.

      • AndroFan

        If you think Google’s intentions are purely benevolent, then I have a bridge you might be interested in buying….They bought the patents largely to protect *themselves* and their own interests (which, incidentally, line up with OEM’s interests).

        • EC8CH

          no doubt…

          but it just so happens that Google’s stance on providing opensource software often means that their interests are aligned with many others and not just their own.

          Another example is Google purchasing the codec to make WebM open and available freely.

    • Anonymous

      Because Google, like Microsoft before them, realize that it’s not about the hardware, it’s the software – and making it as widely available as possible.  Apple’s riding high now but they’ll fall.  They’re making the same mistakes they made in the 90s (I’m writing this on a Mac).

  • Anonymous

    Hello Goto!

    One thing is for certain: there is no stopping them; the super phones will soon be here. And I for one welcome our new Android overlords.  I’d like to remind them that as a trusted droid-life personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground dev labs.

  • Anonymous

    Could this acquisition be the REAL reason Bionic has been delayed….

    Maybe we are in for some AWESOMENESS

    • kq

      doubt it’ll change anything with bionic…its too late in its production stages…might be hope for unlocked bootloaders…

  • Anonymous

    Google MotorolaGoogleMotorolaGoogleotorolaGoogletorolaGoogleorolaGooglerolaGoogleolaGooglelaGoogleaGoogle

    • Kierra

      HA Googarola does sound catchy

  • Anonymous

    Google FTW and Motorola FTW!

  • My first thought was this is good news to get an unlocked vanilla motorola device. As long as the bionic (and other future phones for that matter) can be unlocked (bootloader) we dont need to kill blur right away because im sure cm7 will supported.

  • Anonymous

    Think about it.   Sanjay knew the company will never really be profitable.   How else could he save face and make a ton of money and look like a start?

    Interesting indeed.

  • Anonymous

    I think suerchanging may mean that Google has saw what the atrix could do? and wants the android system to do something more polished than this on a near future? maybe we see certain good features being integrated on the system as core apps, with good development everything is possible and if it helps Google achieve a better system then I welcome this 

    • jafo

      Bye-Bye Chrome OS.

    • Seeing how Apple has its hand in nearly every audio device and dock accessory available as far as portability.  You might be right, the docking capability for all Android phones could be something that would set the entire ecosystem apart from its competitors.  

      “Got an Android phone?  No problem, now you got a computer too!”

      albeit they would have to set some sort of guidelines so it can be a universal device.

      They need to make some sort of universal connection, that at some point thanks to that built in Android Controller API capability where if you connect it to a compatible device would let your phone become the controller or the accessory, such as that speaker dock they showed off at I/O etc.

      It would be nice to see that all devices would be able to use a universal dock of some sort, to charge, play videos and even output the content.  

      The other thing would be Android needs to break into the automotive market with USB support, thus turning all Android phones into an all-in-one solution for everything

      Thats what my hopes are, but it will be a long time before that even happens too if at all…

      • Anonymous

        maybe android at home and the open accessory help with that…. summing this up with the atrix dock capabilities we have the last piece if the puzzle needed to make android a all in one solution for everything

      • LionStone

        More docking capabilities will be most welcome! It sucks so bad that almost all the docks for speakers/music are made specifically for one brand of fruit to sit nicely in the dock, while my Droid has to connect with a wire around the back? Android in my car/truck with Bluetooth already rocks but would welcome more integration and innovation. Exciting to see there is so much potential here…

  • Anonymous

    I’m ecstatic.

  • Meltdown07

    “So just because Google owns Motorola, doesn’t mean that we’ll see them quickly change all that has been built.  ”

    Google will own Motorola Mobility, not Motorola.  Motorola is a very large and successful company and spun their Mobile division off in to a separate company (Motorola Mobility) some time ago.  This is what Google is acquiring.  Motorola itself is an entirely separate beast.  

  • Does anyone think this was thought out from the beginning of Android? If I remember correctly, Android was released, then Moto split their handset section from the other chunk that is Motorola, now Google is buying the piece that was released. Since Moto realized that the Razr is the best handset they could make (separate the mobility), then the release of the OG Droid (strengthen Android), then a bunch of bad decisions (weaken mobility to enhance perception of Google purchasing it). Call me paranoid, but seems a little too thought out. Especially since there were no mutterings in the Android community about this. Droid-Life would have been all over that rumor.

    • Anonymous

      Ohhh I love conspiracy theories.

    • I like where your head’s at with this.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same thing this morning but figured I was just spending too much time on blogs.  Glad to see I’m not the only one.

  • Thank You,… I was getting a headache at reading the comments in the last article.  Most of the people are just reading the headline and a few lines in the article and come the conclusion that “OMGZ, Google bought Motorola, Death to blur and locked bootloaders, Exclusive NEXUS X coming soon!” etc

    It might open those possibilities more easily than it did before the transaction, but its not happening over night or in the near future.

    Not to mention this will still have to pass the FTC before its allowed to go through

  • The patent war is ridiculous. Just the other week, Google was claiming that they are the subject of litigation from companies that don’t innovate, and now they buy 17,000 patents to use, which they had nothing to do with in IP. It’s a necessary move, but it really is hampering innovation.

    • Google stated a few press releases ago that “Patents are killing innovation, and that they intend to force Patent Reform”  This is just part of that.  From the looks of things, there trying to buy up all the patents they can so not only will they be able to defend Android, it will also make there portfolio so massive no other companies will be able to touch Android, but there are still fears that the competition will likely seek the FTC to look into all this, just like with the Nortel patents they bought.

      A few weeks ago Google also bought 1,000 patents from IBM.  Its good to see them using that money there making to improve on Android though.

    • I dont see them suing anybody 

  • Anonymous

    We welcome. Is that seriously what EVERY CEO said? Come on… think of something else to say

  • Anonymous

    This is incredible news for Android.

  • EC8CH


  • If the new “Motorola” phones are all running vanilla android and are being put out by Google,  wouldn’t that make all there phones “Nexus” phones?  You have to assume that there phones would all be the first ones with the latest updates.

    • digsoreos

      Perhaps, but I think there will be many Motorola loyalists who still will crave and demand Motorblur. (Pause. Waits for hysterical laughter.)

  • Anonymous Coward

    Bet this is why Eric Schmit wasn’t worried a couple weeks ago…

  • Every company announces “nothing will change!!  it will be all rainbows and unicorns!” when they acquire another company.  If an exec ever stood up and said “we will be dismantling the company from the ground up!” there would be a massive coup internally.  This is all bloated mgr corp speak, lets wait until everything goes down and see what happens in the near future.

  • It would be amazing if they released a ICS tablet/phone (like Asus’ Padfone) ASAP with a new stock interface hybrid b/t current stock and blur with some sense-like widgets.

  • It would be amazing if they released a ICS tablet/phone (like Asus’ Padfone) ASAP with a new stock interface hybrid b/t current stock and blur with some sense-like widgets.

  • The one thing I haven’t seen addressed is the future of Moto CEO Sanjay Jha.  Does this mean the end for Jha with Moto, or at least put him on a very short leash?

    • babadush

      amen to that.

    • Anonymous

      Well, since the company will remain separate, they’ll need a CEO.  However, he did not have much to say on the call today, so his future could be shaky.

    • We can only hope.

    • Anonymous

      Why not fire him and have him work as the CEO for WP7? He couldn’t do any damage, there, since no one actually uses that OS.

  • Anonymous

    The first order of business should be to recall every last Xoom and replace them with 4G Xoom 2s.  Then we’ll know they are serious about jump starting the the experience or whatever they called it.

    • Yeah, that wouldn’t make any business sense.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I wasn’t actually thinking that would happen.

  • babadush

    I woke up this morning and thought I was still dreaming!!

  • Anonymous

    Motorola to the world:
    “We, for one, welcome our new Google overlords.”

    I would too, if I were them. This can be nothing but good for Motorola and Android. How much good? That’s yet to be seen.

  • Anonymous

    In the near term, it’s all about patents. But in the mid-to-long term… lets just say I have a hard time thinking Google would spend 12 billion dollars on a patent portfolio. I’d imagine Andy Rubin is going to really like the idea of being able to dictate hardware decisions on at least one major OEM.

    • Jbernard703

      this guys actually knows how to read between the lines. +1 to you sir

      • EC8CH

        The difference between this guy and you is that he isn’t basing his analysis on the absurd notion that Google is planning to abandon their primary revenue stream in 2018 because of a single patent’s expiration.

        This guy is right though that they see more in Moto than just the patent portfolio, but Google’s isn’t planning on becoming *pple by closing off Android in the future as you suggest. 

        • Anonymous

          let’s not forget that motorola was exploring the possibility of deploying their own OS onto handsets in the future.  I don’t know how far out that was expected to take but mabye google is looking to cannibalize what they can from that project and at the same time kick out future competition and ensure motorola keeps android as the #1 priority.

          • Can you share a source link? I don’t remember this at all

          • Ven727


            There are many other links on it as well but this one was a good read.

          • Anonymous

            i remember reading about it here on D-L, probably about the same time frame as the article Ven727 posted.

            I think a big thing to take from this is near the end of that article where they talk about ways to integrate the webtop dock from the atrix into future phones and that it “was a little lacking in featurs” when they reviewed it.  I figure by partnering with Google, Motorola can better address the webtop/android interface and make it that much more like a netbook.
            Right now only Motorola has the ball rolling on this AFAIK.  That would mean that if google could integrate it better into future editions of android – and possible make the technology open enough for other OEMs to copy it, leading the “webtop” interface to be a ubiquitous aspect of Android.

        • Jbernard703

          “abandon” is your word not mine. i say transition. it’s called strategic business planning. i say it makes google smart you act as if it makes them dumb. 

          • EC8CH

            no.. these are your words:

            “Android will begin to lose their OEM partners because they will not be able to compete with Google in the Android market. Moto will remain separate for the next 18-24 months but after that they will merge with Google and the Android “open” train will come to a halt.”

            at that’s where I think you will be proven wrong.

          • owned him

          • EC8CH

            it’s like owning a retarded hamster though… what good is it.

  • nessa

    i hope they buy verizon wireless one day

    • I think everyone hopes that lol  They need new leadership or ownership…  or something….  

  • Mr. Joe

    Google’s going to rule the funking world!

    • Anonymous

      I paid $23.88 for an i Pad 2 32-GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumiix GF 1 Camera that we got for $ 38.41 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $ 635 which only cost me $ 61.74 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it al from,

    • palomosan

      I’ll say cancel the Bionic (Moto are u listening) then release it as a pure Vanilla Android phone.

      • Jack Sanchez

        Maybe google can actually release the bionic before my grandkids are born. Im 18 now

        • Johnny Fitton

          “Its not the phone you’ve been waiting for, it’s the phone your’re grandkids have been waiting for.”

    • pezjono

      I for one welcome our new mobile overlords!

    • Skynet!

  • Keeping Blur on there would be a huge mistake.  Not just because Blur is garbage – but because it will confuse consumers.  People will know that Motorola is owned by Google, and will take it that Blur is the “official” skin of Android, which is definitely not the case.  Frankly, I think MotoGoog should make only stock Android devices and let the other OEMs work on skins to differentiate themselves.

    • Tabe

      Statements like this come from people who have either never used Blur, or haven’t used the newest Blur.

      • Nosnhojm

        I have the newest Blur…it is garbage.  Statement confirmed.

        • Tabe

          Lol right…

      • Did you even read my comment, or did you just see the “Blur is garbage” part and have a kneejerk reaction?  Whether Blur is the greatest or worst thing in existence, my comment still applies.

        • Tabe

          Didn’t say the rest of your statement is wrong. I was responding to one part of your statement.

      • Nosnhojm

        Granted, it’s better than the old Blur.  But I’ve also used more vanilla ROMs (APEX, Liberty, Cyanogen)…and much prefer them.

        • Tabe

          MUCH better than old Blur. There are many features of Blur, that aren’t skin-related, that vanilla Android could benefit from.

        • Bullet Tooth Tony

          a ROM isn’t Stock Android, by its very definition… it’s yet another set of enhancements, to use the word loosely, much like Blur.  What you’re saying by admitting you use ROMs, is that you prefer skinned Android… even if the skin looks like stock at face value as opposed to the look of Sense or Blur as other examples.

          …just sayin.  😉

      •  I own a phone with Blur and have used the new Blur.  It is still horrible and unneeded. 

        • Tabe

          Hah! Ok. Cool story.

  • Nosnhojm

    I, for one, like Blur….

    Oh wait…no I don’t….BURN IT TO THE GROUND!!!

  • Anonymous

    As a Motorola Solutions Employee, this is amazing news!

    • slappynutz

      amazing? tho some of you might be out of a job so watch what you wish for.

      • Anonymous

        MMI is a separate business from our MSI division, this won’t impact us. As a mobility employee, this could go either way like you said. I’m more happy as a Android / Motorola enthusiast put it this way. 

        • Not to mention the nice stock price bump if you held on to your post-split MMI shares 🙂

  • Anonymous

    wow, if you would have told me last night that this is what i’d wake up to this morning, i would have said you’re f*cking crazy.  anyone see this coming?

    • Anonymous

      If someone did, they would be very rich owning MMI stock right now.

  • well actually i sort of liked the new blur *ducks for cover*

    • Anonymous

      Vanilla Android (at least in GB) is not ready to the average consumer who doesn’t want to install apps/launchers/widgets/etc to have the phone be full featured out of the box.  That’s where Blur/Sense/etc come in.  If they do scrap Blur, it needs to be because the features are incorporated, not necessarily in the same way, but there out of the box.  Hopefully ICS addresses this so a vanilla device can do that.

      • THANK YOU, r0lct.
        Do you want Android to be popular to the masses? Then you need a skin that provides the features they assume their phone should just have out of the box.

        • NebulaOcton

          If that were true, then why was the OG Droid so popular running vanilla Android?

          • Kevin Jellison

            At that time, it was pretty much the only choice. Either go to AT&T, or stay on Verizon and get something that functions similar to the i*hone. Of course there was the Incredible, but with the supply shortages it still only left you with one choice. Some people might say the Eris was another choice, but really, it wasn’t. That left us with the OGD. A phone we all love more than any device after it because by we had worked hard to master it, and customize it to our liking. It became really annoying when the manufacturers started customizing it for us. 

        • Anonymous

          I agree just give us the opportunity to get rid of said skins if we don’t want them

      • AwsmJames

        The OG Droid was pretty popular with the average consumer.

    • Ditto – it’s much more seamlessly integrated, and a very light touch.   Some of the changes are actually quite nice.

    • Anonymous

      Ya Sense 3.0 is pretty nice as well.

      • Gordol

        My only direct experience with Sense was on a WM6.5 phone, and I absolutely, totally HATED it.  So much so that I returned it 23 hours later.  Unfortunately, my only viable alternative at that time was a Blackberry Storm 2 which in the long run turned out to be worse.  But it did eventually get me here with a Droid X that except for a bad (by design?) headphone jack (all Xs that I demoed have the same problem) I really like.

        • its a million times better on an android phone, trust me

        • Anonymous

          Umm I am talking about HTC Sense 3.0 which is found on a few new HTC phones and then parts of it have been ported to custom android roms.  I believe you had an HTC phone with wm6.5 on it with a few aspects of sense which at that time were in no way Sense 3.0 so before you bash it check it out. 

      • what sense 3.0 is crap there is just too much in it they need to stop making it so resourceful and scale it down…

    • Trust_Me_I’m_A_Lawyer

      There are some parts that I like about some of the skins and I don’t mind that carriers attempt to differentiate their devices through customization.  All I want is choice.  If you are confident that you are building a superior product, give me the choice to turn your skin off an run vanilla android. 

  • Anonymous

    “Andy Rubin and Larry Page were both very clear that they don’t expect things to change all that much.”

    I’m sorry, but if the hardware is made by Google (or by a company owned by Google), and it is not a Google Experience device, that would send bad signals about Android, in my opinion.

    It would be akin to Microsoft selling Windows with a Mac OS-looking interface on top of it. What would that tell you about Microsoft’s feelings about its own interface?

    • Jbernard703

      of course it will change, everything will change. did you expect them to come out and say “hey everyone we are now competing directly with Samsung and HTC, but hey guys please keep putting our software on your devices”

  • slappynutz

    Have to wait and see how this plays out.

  • IMO, this was a good move by Google.  They grabbed a huge number of patents, and this allows them to work more closely with OEMs to make better Android products.

    • Jbernard703

      Leave it to me to explain this to everyone since you guys clearly don’t understand. This is not about patents. Moto’s patent library sucks and hasn’t prevented anyone using Android from getting sued. This is about one thing and one thing only. In 2018 Google’s patent on their search algorithm is going to expire. Google makes about 97% of their money from search. This is an attempt by Google to become a hardware/software maker just like their “enemy” Appple. Google has just started the process of becoming what you all claim to hate. Android will begin to lose their OEM partners because they will not be able to compete with Google in the Android market. Moto will remain separate for the next 18-24 months but after that they will merge with Google and the Android “open” train will come to a halt. Short term(2years) this will seriously put a dent in Android activation numbers, long term this will actually help Android as a product and maybe that disjointed mess will start to take shape and actually compete(in terms of quality) with iOS. 

      • Anonymous

        That’s a good story, tell us another one.

      • Anonymous


        • jafo

          so in 2018 they will not have any other patents to back them up?  No new search patents?  No innovation? I think it is short sited to believe this was just about patents, but I think it was a strong motivator.

      • Cool story, bro.

      • babadush


        even apple knows they have a buttload of patents. what world are you living on? 17k to be exact.

      • Right, because 1 search patent is the only reason google rules search.  It has nothing to do with all of their trade secrets that they back into the actual algorithm or the fact that your 97% number is completely pulled out of your ass and their real revenue stream is ads.

        • Jbernard703

          yeah lord forbid you actually use google to find out for yourself. 


          • Thanks for proving my point, google websites only bring in 68% of revenue


          • Jbernard703

            you are forgetting to add the number directly underneath that number. you do know that google has search boxes on non google websites, right? i love when people try to act intelligent yet fail to read just one line down. you are cut off from my replies. 

          • Irony, you has it.
            The sum of Google Websites and Google Network Members’ Websites equals total advertising revenue. 

            Google Network Members’ Websites means ads that are shown on non-Google owned websites.  It has nothing to do with search boxes.

            do the names Adwords and doubleclick mean nothing to you?

          • [email protected]

            That link says nothing about where their revenues come from, just what they were. You’re a douche.

        • Jbernard703

          please explain to everyone how they use ads….oh thats right it’s in their search results. Google doesn’t make money on print and tv ads they are a search company who sells ads embedded within their search results. how old are you? are you new to this?

          • Anonymous

            are you new to the internet?patented search technology isn’t why people automatically go to google.com to search for something.

            let me know when “bing it” or “yahoo it” enters the dictionary.

            as an isheep, one would think you’d pick up on the power of brand recognition

            again, patents aren’t keeping another serach engine from taking google’s top spot.

          • Have you ever viewed a website on the internet? those “ad” things are all over the place and the vast majority of them are served by Google.

          • [email protected]

            Their ads aren’t exclusively in their search results, and do you honestly believe that everyone is going to quit using Google just because a patent expires? I agree with the premise that they’ll eventually be developing hardware as well and become a little more similar to Apple, but the fall of Google search won’t be because a patent expired. It will be because of a competitor finally figuring out a way to draw market share away from them.

      • EC8CH

        So basically in 2018 Google will be like.. 

        “F*ck it! Search was fun, but this patent is up so lets find an entirely new way to make 97% of our revenue”???

        I don’t think so.

        • Jbernard703

          of course not. that is why you make moves like this 7 years out to ease the transition from search to hardware. they will still sell ads but those ads will come more from their devices and less from traditional search engine results

          • EC8CH

            You think they did this to transition from making money on ad supported search results to making money on hardware, because they are scared and want to be more like *pple.

            I think they did this to strengthen their furture position of making money on ad supported search results.

            The difference is:
            You are wrong and I am right.

          • Jbernard703

            actually the difference is you are a kid and i am an adult. check your track record of predictions and comments then check mine. proof is in the pudding. 

          • EC8CH

            Ok buddy… I guess when 2018 rolls around and I’m all grown up I’ll track you down on the interwebz and we can see if Google is suing everyone on the planet to protect some silly aspect of their hardware, or if they’re still finding ways to leverage their products to make money from advertising.

          • Jbernard703

            how about those xoom sales you predicted. haha next

          • EC8CH

            My biggest mistake about the xoom was how it’s name would be pronounced, not it’s sales numbers.

            Nice to see you’re changing the subject as you obviously have run out of ways to explain how this is the beginning of the the end for the opensource android project.

          • Droidzzz

            I’m not sure what’s more annoying; your love for trolling or your arrogance.  I remember when I had my first beer.  Did you put your big boy pants on today without the help of mommy?  Just because you’re legally viewed as an adult doesn’t necessarily mean you match up to all other adults’ intelligence and maturity.  You’re having a pissing match on the interwebz with people whose age you’re not even actually sure of, and trying to condescend to them by calling them “kids”.  I wish I could be there when people like you finally come to the realization that this kind of behavior is extremely laughable.

          • Anonymous

            Even if they owned that patent for 100 years there’s no guarantee people will find data the same way 10 years from now anyway on the Internet.  Google is trying to stay as people’s “home page” or gateway to the Internet and that’s what their search page, Android and other products do.  Then they can sell you ads and services.  As people move to mobile as their primary access they want to try and guarantee that gateway spot and not be at the mercy of an OEM or carrier.  Obviously they thought they needed to buy Moto to keep things progressing the way they want.

      • fartbubbler

        paragraph break, dude. 

      • Anonymous

        “Android will begin to lose their OEM partners because they will not be able to compete with Google in the Android market.”

        So android will lose its (android is singluar) OEM partners because it (still singular) will not be able to compete with [itself] in the Android market (the place where you purchase apps) ????

        Might want to drink a cup of coffee and recompose your thoughts!

        • Jbernard703

          terrible reading comprehension on your part. 

          Android will begin to lose its OEM partners because they(OEM partners) will not be able to compete with google(moto) in the android market. 

          • Anonymous

            So now you’re blaming your own grammatical mistakes on my reading comprehension?

            Do know what an antecedent is and how to use one, or is that my fault too?

            And you still didn’t pick up on the fact that “the android market” is the NAME OF THE APP STORE, iDIOT.

            I fully comprehended what you failed to write out correctly.  I simply dismissed the claim because it’s grounded in your own personal imagination and chose instead to focus on your horrible grammar and ignorance of android-related jargon.  Google already “partners” with a specific OEM for their Nexus brand phones, and it definitely doesn’t hinder any other OEM’s ablility to compete.  Unlike in the walled garden, competition is encouraged on Android.

      • Anonymous

        The same way IBM got out of the mainframe business when their patents expired?

      • Mwclaunch

        Google invented the internet…true story.

        • EC8CH

          ManBearPig is gonna get you.

          • Knightcrusader

            I’m super cereal!!!

        • Maybe not, but Motorola did invent the cell phone.

      • Mwclaunch

        Google invented the internet…true story.

      • Donnavon Hallgren

        I’m still laughing at Motos patent library sucks.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully now Motorola devices will be Google Experience. Would love to see them scrap every ounce of MotoBlur.

    • Anonymous

      I would love to see them incorporate every good once of Blur that is good into stock and then scrap the rest. If you think there is nothing good about Blur then you probably never used it.

      • Anonymous

        I sure have. Had a DroidX and the experience was miserable. I had a couple of Original Droids before that… great, except for some hardware issues I had.

  • Dshudson


    • slappynutz

      want a cookie?