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Initial Reaction and Thoughts on Google’s Acquisition of Motorola

Talk about big news to start a week, right?  With Google acquiring Motorola Mobility, a number of questions and thoughts immediately come to mind.  We’ll toss out ours and let you pick them apart, reflect on them, and then hopefully share your own.  This is a major move by Google to help protect Android, but can it mean something more?  

The End of Blur?

Seems odd that we’re starting our thought process with an Android skin, but as we quickly gathered from the comments, many of you are certainly hoping that Moto’s blue mess is done for good.  I wouldn’t go that far yet though.  Andy Rubin and Larry Page were both very clear that they don’t expect things to change all that much.  Obviously, they would want to say that to continue to make all of their partners happy in the short-term, but they also clearly stated that Moto will be run as a separate company.  So just because Google owns Motorola, doesn’t mean that we’ll see them quickly change all that has been built.  In a year or so, maybe things will change – just don’t expect Blur to die instantly.  Carriers like differentiation, as does current Moto CEO Sanjay Jha.

Unlocking of Bootloaders?

Is this the move we needed to see happen to get Motorola to finally start unlocking bootloaders on their devices?  Yeah, probably.  Will it happen overnight? I would highly doubt it.  Remember, Motorola still has to appeal to carriers and also protect consumers (hah!), so there is a chance that we won’t see any movement on this front initially.  What we can hope for though, is that Google puts a little pressure on this subject to get the ball rolling in the right direction – something Moto doesn’t seem to want to do.  With Google’s approach to being “open”, one would hope that they would look to replicate one of the devices that helped propel their mobile OS to incredibly heights, the original DROID.

Next Nexus Device?

In the tech back halls, we are all pretty sure that Samsung has landed the next Nexus device that will be out some time this winter.  Could the Nexus following that be from Motorola, though?  Absolutely.  The thing to remember, is that they will have to compete with HTC, Samsung and LG just as they always have to grab that title.  During today’s press call, Rubin made sure that we all understood that they will conduct business as usual, including the selecting of their next Nexus handset maker.

Supercharging Android?

What exactly does this mean?  That’s still pretty unclear.  However, we’ve seen how tight of an experience that Apple has with their iPhone since they produce both the software and hardware, so this should give Google a similar opportunity down the road.  Again though, Android remains open and will be handed out to other handset makers just as it is now.  We are only assuming that with a manufacturer under its wing, that Android can become that much more incredible, stable, innovative, and addictive.


It’s pretty obvious that this move is really about patents, legal jargon, and the never-ending battle with Apple,Microsoft and Oracle.  Motorola has some 17,000 patents that blanket much of the mobile world – Google plans to use this portfolio to fully protect the future of Android.  While we all want Moto to make the next Nexus, eliminate Blur, and unlock bootloaders, those ideas are all secondary to the legal battle that Android will be competing in for the foreseeable future.

What about HTC, Samsung, and LG?

All of these companies have already released quotes to show their support for this move.  They all know that this helps their legal battles with Apple and Microsoft:

Talk about a crazy Monday morning.  Now, your thoughts?

  • David Brown
  • Anonymous

    I hope that Sammy, HTC, and LG don’t focus on Win7 phones now.  Google has to be very very careful about keeping Moto as independent as possible.

  • Djstar2k2

    im intrigued 1 becuz this might finally put an end to this silly apple/ms patent crap and 2 mr moto hardware and pure uncle googs software wow.  opps just like the og droid lol.  also, i think most ppl miss a simple point about android.  it didnt start with the og droid it started with the G1 and the reason i make this point is cuz there were no skins.  the droid was the next evolution for early adopters.  so when ppl say skins help novice use android im confused.  1 yr after G1 came the tmo clique and when i tried it and the sprint hero i knew i wanted no part in skins android was fine the way it is and i cant be the only one who feels this way or left tmo for the droid

  • Anonymous

    I welcome Google’s commitment to defending Android and it’s partners.

  • DIE, BLUR. DIE!! {{>_<}}

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Shifterracer

    I sure do hope the fire the current Moto presedent!!

  • google trying to become Apple in the sense that they make their own hardware?

  • well if Motorola puts out an awesomely spec’d phone with stock android, i will get it.

  • Anonymous

    They could start suing people for this patent 🙂


  • Sparking22

    lets hope Moto android phones will now be updated at a much faster rate!

  • faber

    Well if one thing could save mottos sorry ass, this would be it….

  • another 🙂

    • Larry Jr. Lima

      LOL u win the internets

  • Booboolala2000

    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! I am definitely not getting the Bionic. Will wait till next year to get a new Motorola. Now I can email Google and ask them to fix LTE in my Xoom. What a great way to start a week. Really, it’s all down hill from here. Lol

  • 🙂

  • ed

    If everyone is using skins, would it not differentiate your phone more to run vanilla android? Throw in some widgets to add the social funcionality they want, maybe even a custom launcher or one of the better ones from the market, but also include a way to add and remove them. Thr phone can come all prettied up with populated homescreens including a link to the Moto setup app which brings you through pages with toggles and screengrabs of various added features  so you can pick and choose. 

  • Anonymous

    I am happy Samsung is working on the Prime. 
    I prefer them to Moto. 

  • rrosotho

    Im still in SHOCK!!! i had to read both articles twice for it sink in. Hey maybe Moto will release products at a reasonable time scale now. Instead of delaying until everyone is disgusted with them!!!

  • Trinisite

    anyone else notice that Samsung and HTC effectively said the exact same thing regarding the acquisition?

    • Anonymous

      Theyre both probably pissed off doing that fake smile that you use at a holiday when that annoying relative comes in.

  • KniteLyf

    Everyone is missing the best part of this acquisition…not patents or portfolios, but the very real, very soon termination of Sanjay Jha! Its like Christmas in August

  • Even if the next Nexus is not by Motorola, I believe we can still expect a developer phone from Motorola pretty soon — I can’t think of a reason why Google will not do that. And really, we all just want an open dev phone, regardless of its name.

  • Poedroiduser

    Anyone remember how many movie theaters dropped Coke when it owned Colombia pictures?

    • Anonymous

      Really? because every movie theater that i have been to sells coke

    • Anonymous

      yes, because a lot of the pictures also had prominent Pepsi brand add placement, which was really odd to me at the time.

  • Turb0wned

    My opinion is this… Many of you wont like it but its what I think.

    It wont be the end of blur, unlocked bootloaders or automatic Nexus. It will still be ran the way it is now for the next year or so. Google will then sell off the company and keep the patents.

  • Look at those f*king robot presidents and  CEOs. HTC’s and Samsung’s statements are basically the same. Glad to see everyone “welcomes” this deal. smdh talking points ftw. As for my thoughts on the deal? I’m stoked.

  • Anonymous

    google-rola pure android devices FTW!

  • TomHolmes

    I’m glad to see that Google coordinated this acquisition with all of the competing hardware vendors for Android to ensure they are aligned and comfortable with Google’s reasons. I don’t think that Google really wants to be in the hardware manufacturing business, and much of what Moto does is completely outside of Google’s business interests, but Google has to play to survive. I don’t personally have any idea how powerful the Motorola patents are, but I expect we’ll see soon enough.

  • brife

    I’m curious how this will affect relationships with the cell carriers.

  • Anonymous

    Kellen, how come you didnt tell us about this earlier?

    • This seems to have come pretty much out of the blue.  None of the Android blogs even hinted at it until it broke this morning.  They appear to have pulled off quite a surprise on the world with this one.

      • Anonymous


    • Donnavon Hallgren

      I been telling people for awhile now that Google was going to use Blur for their aosp interface.. Just didn’t realise that this is how they would go about it 😛

  • Jose Ricaurte

    This is obviously great news for Android. Like Kellex mentioned, it adds more possibilities for patent protection, might end Blur, trigger the common practice of unlocking bootloaders in the future, serve as an avenue to introduce a Moto Nexus device, and maybe even tackle some of the fragmentation issues.

    But something that hasn’t been mentioned might be the biggest thing of all: Google TV

    You know that little (or big) cable box you have sitting close to your TV? Chances are that Motorola Mobility made it. Google is now one of the biggest cable box makers in the world. They now have the power to slip Google TV directly into your cable box, something that was most likely impossible in the past. Combine that with Honeycomb already making it’s way into Google TV and 2012 looks like it’s shaping up to be quite a comeback year for the platform.

    Internet Protocol Television, here we come!

    • babadush

      very good point +1

    • Your right my box is made by moto!!

  • SetNick

    This should be looked at as a positive step for the Android Ecosystem.   I have been on this Android Train since the 1st device, th T-Mobile G1.  Never looked back and don’t ever plan to switch to something different. Well, maybe just a newer Android device.

  • Scottyb112

    This is great news,  because Moto makes great phones, and google is Shit!   The new blur isnt bad at all.. the widgets are actually very useful in day to day life..   Go Google!!

  • Jimmy8

    two words. Thank God.

    As much as I hate this whole mess of patent tag, at least this should help Android around, maybe apple can get off the patent trolling now.

  • Nativi

    My thoughts I don’t have any. Unless we get a nexus on Verizon