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Motorola Plans to Hand Out Photon 4Gs for the Entire Month of August in a Daily “Lighting Hour”

Motorola has launched a new contest called the “Lightning Hour” that will run from today through the end of August and reward lucky readers with prizes like the Photon 4G.  Each contest will be up for one hour each day (the “Lightning Hour”) and will require entrants to complete some sort of simple task.  The tasks will be announced through Moto’s social networks:  Twitter and Facebook.  Once you see the tweet or wall post for each day’s hour, you will have limited time to jump on it, so be quick!  Today for example, all you have to do is head to their Facebook page, watch a video, and then enter in your info.

Enter today’s contest here.

Easy enough, right?

  • Scooterman7

    Droidlife, how do you spell ‘Lightning” in “Lighting Hour” in you Post Name?

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  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one that noticed that in the title of the article it’s called “Lighting Hour” and in the article it’s “Lightning Hour”?

    • guest

      yeah i didnt notice.  Funny how our brain just corrects things

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Just saw the Photon on Nvidia’s site. So it’s a Tegra 2 phone.

  • Lightning

    So only one hour of light and then what? 23 hours of darkness. Man that sucks. xoxox

    • Peter Bartholomul

      It’s Motorola. what do you expect?

  • Jason Purp

    I won a Bluetooth headset 😀

  • faber

    FU MOTO!

    • Peter Bartholomul

      I suggest anger management

      • faber

        Hmmmm…..i may have to try that….pickled a bad day to quit qualudes…..
        Picked a bad day to quit caffeine too….

  • faber

    Well since I can’t say they can’t give that crap away, I’ll say that they have to give that crap away.
    F moto.

  • Peter Bartholomul

    Is it just me or does the Photon 4g in that pic look alot like Motorolas version of the HTC Thunderbolt?

  • i like moto blur…  especially the new version of it….     if my OG droid had moto blur on it i think i’de like it a lil more

  • Gferg

    I really wish they would just fix my damn groid global….

    • Gferg

      my bad..droid global haha

  • FortitudineVincimus

    To much effort. They get 100x more out of it than the few people that win. F you moto.

  • Wyveryx

    Wish they would invest the time and energy on these contests into providing a better overall experience for all their customers. If I wanted to participate in a contest then I would go buy a lottery ticket, I’d have just as good odds and I wouldn’t have to glue my eyes to some ridiculous twitter feed or FB post.

  • Wyveryx

    Wish they would invest the time and energy on these contests into providing a better overall experience for all their customers. If I wanted to participate in a contest then I would go buy a lottery ticket, I’d have just as good odds and I wouldn’t have to glue my eyes to some ridiculous twitter feed or FB post.

  • Anonymous


    haha, couldn’t resist.

  • I played with a Motorola Photon a few days ago, and have to say I liked it alot. If I was on Sprint, it would be my phone.

  • Jonathan Hunt

    What’s a Futon?

    • 3242341982

      one of those fold out phones??

    • EC8CH

      It’s a Transformer that turns into a couch, a bed, and a robot.

      • Bigsike

        @EC8CH:disqus   lmao!!!

  • MotoFail

    Motorola, I do not want a free phone, or a contest to win a free Motorola Phone, what I want is simple:

    1) No more Blur =  what’s the point of a free Motorola phone when great hardware is going to be bogged down by crappy software that ruins the android experience
    2) an unencrypted bootloader = what’s the point of getting an Android smartphone if you are going to lock it up to prevent the modding community from developing for it – For that, I might as well get an iPhone.
    3) Timely and well tested OS updates = what’s the point of a free Motorola phone if it is going to take a long time for Motorola to issue updates, and when it does they are half baked and broken thanks to problems with the way in which Blur is baked into Android?

    So, take your free phones and shub them where the sun don’t shine. Instead of giving away crap free phones, why don’t you just spend some time fixing all the problems with your phones

    1) Blur, 2) bootloaders 3) updates

    Until then, thanks, but no thanks.

    • Anonymous

      I dont like it either, but if I win it.. hellooo ebay!

      • MotoFail

        I would do that too, except that I don’t want some n00b to get a Motorola phone and decide that they are jumping ship to iOS b/c Android (as Motorola serves it) is half baked and full of bugs, and it just does not work.

        Look through the Motorola Support Forums, you’ll see your share of former Motorola Android owners who decided to give iOS a chance thanks to Moto’s crappy Android experience. 

        • What fanboy are you HTC?samsung!?

        • Anonymous

          I don’t tell many people this, but I was looking forward to owning an iPhone for years, and was really tempted to get one(couldn’t at the present time ’cause I was still on contract with my flip phone, lol), but then my Droid X/Android somehow found me and I never looked back. iPhone is overrated and I honestly couldn’t be any happier that I went with Android over iOS.

    • I love how every post about anything having to do with Motorola turns into a total hate fest for them.

      • IamNed

        They reap what they sowe

      • Anonymous

        Two things are true right now… Hating on Motorola is “cool” and overlooking issues with Samsung phones and claiming your life would be better if you just had an SGS2 is in.  

        It is like the insecure bully that has to make fun of everybody else to mask their own issues.

        • I couldn’t agree more. If you want tons of likes on your comments follow these directions:
          1. Hate on Motorola
          2. Praise the GS2 as the “best” phone
          3. ????
          4. PROFIT!!

          • Peter Bartholomul

            1. Motorola sucks with all the bugs and blur
            2. GS2 is the best phone ever. nothing better then GS2
            3. I have no idea
            4. I want my money

          • dont use 4chan shit on here. seriously, go back to /b/ with that garbage.

        • Anonymous

          This would be true if there were no reason for people being upset. Most of the angry moto comments come from those of us that had and loved our D1’s. All we want is for Motorola to give us back what we loved. 

          There are plenty of newbies that have no idea what all the complaining is about. And like I said above if rooting and custom kernels and roms are not important to you then Motorola phones may be wonderful for you. But you can’t call us bullies if you don’t truly understand our position.  

          Motorola makes great phones. All we want them to do is un-cripple them.  

          • Anonymous

            I don’t disagree with the sentiment that it would be better for us (and Motorola) if they unlocked the bootloaders.

            But that is not what is going on.  It is almost comical the way comments go now… I mean read some of it, and you can’t help but laugh because the hatred I guess goes so deep that people rewrite history.  

            A good example is the Xoom.  When released, the main complaints were lack of native apps, the fact that the OS did not support the SD Card, and the price (which was funny because they insisted on comparing the price of 16GB wi-fi only iPad to it, not understanding that the comparably built iPad was the same price).

            But read now, and I see how the Xoom has “build issues” and how Motorola is to blame for Honeycomb not yet having full SD Card support, and so on.

            It is also revisionist history to say that Motorola has not had a hot device since the OG Droid.  It was the Droid X that blazed the trail for the 4.3″ screen and was one of the most highly anticipated devices when it was released last year.

            I can accept anybody not liking any particular device or mfr.  That is what is so great about Android… choice, since not everybody is going to agree.  But it is really sad when you have people (half of whom are talking about things they have no first hand knowledge about), that can’t wait to find every post about a Motorola device and jump on it to say how this sucks and that sucks and how a phone nobody has actually seen is SOOOooo much better.  Especially when you look at Samsung’s history of support and phone quality.  It is those people that I classify as the insecure bully… those that can’t substantiate their points, but rattle off things that they read somewhere as if their’s is the only opinion that matters.  Disagree (as you have done) does not qualify… since you can disagree and still act like a human being.

      • Probably never owned one

      • Anonymous

        It’s because Motorola had a real good thing started with the D1. Then from there went downhill by locking everything down and loading the phones up with a bunch of crap.  It’s a shame because they are great phones that have been crippled.

        It’s as simple as unlocking the bootloaders then Moto would be back on top.

        The other phones if they have crappy software or lack of updates can be easily fixed because there is a way to flash roms and kernels.

        The D1 to date is still Motorolas top phone.

        If you have no interest in root or custom roms and kernels than none of this crap we talk about matters and the Motorola phones may be wonderful for you….

        • Anonymous

          I have a Droid X and have owned it since last Summer and haven’t really had one bad thing to say about it. Also, two words: Rooted/ROM. You can remove blur yourself if you don’t like it, which is what I did by rooting my phone, installing a custom ROM and theme, etc. I’m looking forward to getting a new Motorola phone next year(either Bionic or something more powerful), but all I can say about my Droid X is, great f’n phone.

          • Anonymous

            Did you own a D1?  I also owned a DX and really did enjoy the phone so I agree. I also do not have one bad thing to say about the phone. However for the longest time the custom roms were all based off the stock kernel. Which means the roms were nothing more than elaborate themes… and yes some of them were great!  But nothing at all compared to what you could do with a D1. They finally after a year found the 2nd init which helped to some degree… but still not the same as being unlocked. Again it was a nice phone but it was just not what we had with the D1 and many are disappointed. 

            I would also look forward to a new Motorola phone and I would have been loyal forever if they had continued what they started with the D1.  Everyone has the ability to choose what they enjoy and many don’t care if a phone is truly unlocked or not and that is totally cool. But you also can’t blame those of us that do know the difference for being let down. I tried to continue with Moto but finally had to give up and have moved on and am very happy. 

            Some say Samsung and HTC sucks because of lack of updates. That’s the beauty of being a phone that can be unlocked because not only can you make roms but you can install custom “kernels”.When you are locked down you are more at the mercy of the updates or if a developer can get an update that can run off the stock kernel.

            There is no reason to continue arguing over this because there are too many that don’t understand what they are truly missing. All that matters is that you are happy with whatever phone you have. Some of us have had to move on from Moto because of their policy. Other manufacturers have come to embrace those of us that want true freedom and are giving us what we want. And for that reason I have moved on. But I will come back if Motorola ever wakes up.

        • Peter Bartholomul

          So whats the difference between Motorola unlocking the phone for you or you unlocking it yourself in about an hour or less? Does unlocking the phone yourself make the phone any less great? I agree that Motorola unlocking their phones would make them a little better but not by much because of how easy it is to unlock yourself

          • Anonymous

            I’m sorry but you don’t understand. You cannot unlock any Verizon Motorola phone since the D1.

            But I understand why so many think this since you can root them and load some roms. It took almost a year to get 2nd init.

            Its just as bad that many that think root means an unlocked phone as some jumping on the rag on Motorola crowd.

        • Anonymous

          If bootloaders were soo important….how come the Droid X is probably Motorola 2nd best phone as far as popularity, sales in recent years?

          Did ya know the Droid X was in the top 5 phones sold either last year or the beginning of this year?

          Bootloaders for the win huh….

          • Anonymous

            You are missing my point. The X is a wonderful phone and I owned one, got my son and my employee one.The reason I said the D1 is the top phone is because it was the last that was unlocked.

            There are many that don’t care about bootloaders and what that means. There are also many that don’t understand that having root is not the same as unlocked.

            Not everyone owned a D1 and got hooked on modifying it. Then because of all our excitement with the D1 we moved up to the X because it was upgraded and had a bigger screen. Then you notice all the chatter about being locked started….  Yes there are roms and many can be satisfied with that. But there are still some of us that remember what could be done with the D1 that can’t be done with any Motorola phone since on Verizon. 

            Like I’ve said, Motorola makes great phones. 

          • we are nothing more than a vocal minority. that is why the DX sold so well. its a great phone, just not one that i would be willing to use.

          • we are nothing more than a vocal minority. that is why the DX sold so well. its a great phone, just not one that i would be willing to use.

        • Anonymous

          Considering the size of the Rooting and Roming crowd, I don’t believe this to be true.  Would it help?  Probably.  

          But the fact is Motorola has got to have the worst front man (Jha) and even more horrible marketing department.  The fact is the Droid was a hit because VERIZON made it so.  Left on its own, Motorola does absolutely NOTHING to get people excited about their devices.

          I fear this situation will only worsen until they get a clue and discontinue their attempts to bring the ill-fated “Webtop” to market, because that is only going to keep them from unlocking these devices and putting this issue to bed.  And worse, they are going to waste precious marketing time promoting this lemon of an idea.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, no kidding, right? Why don’t people just get off their high horses and not complain about something that will probably never change, anyways? I want to see a day where not one person complains about anything. But then again, that’s wishful thinking ’cause I am sorta complaining about someone complaining right now. So yeah, everything I just said was pointless.

        • Anonymous

          LOL… everything we all say is pointless.

          • Anonymous

            haha, true, true…to some degree.

        • Peter Bartholomul

          The only way for there to be a day with no one complaining would be if everyone got exactly what they wanted which is literally impossible. That would require every phone to be unlocked with a 4.3″ screen so its not too big AND a 4.5″ or greater screen for those who want a big screen on the same phone. that alone is impossible. and from that one sentence i think u get my point why it would be literally impossible. I do agree with u. i also wish there would be at least 1 day with no one complaining.

    • Anonymous

      I actually do want the contest. Not because I want a Moto phone, but because I want to win one and sell it so I can then buy a decent HTC or Samsung phone. I couldn’t care less if they have locked bootloaders, Blur, etc… Their phones are crap in the first place.

    • Anonymous

      I kinda have a new take on blur…i think its fine to have it, since the dev ccommunity always pumps out blur free roms anyway. this way everyone gets what they want. also, i dont recall a single phone that moto made for verizon that cant get rooted, romd, and overclocked, so i think that is also a dead arguement. yea, bootloaders are locked on certain phones, but all that the normal android enthusiast sees from that is a sort of different method to overclock. honestly, as long as you can achieve root, nothing else matters in my eyes.

    • All you need is the unlocked bootloader. If you don’t like Blur, then
      you can get rid of it. About the updates, HTC and Samsung take their
      sweet time getting to those as well. It should be faster all around.

    • Anonymous

      I just paiid $21.87 for an iP a d 2-64GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $657 which only cost me $62.81 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from, http://bit.ly/nzgzEi

    • Anonymous

      u forgot battery life that is also a key featured that needs fixing

  • Anonymous

    When are they giving away a Samsung GSII? 😛

    • every time they delay the Bionic’s release.

  • Jason Purp

    This website is now my home page. kbye.

  • JDGX3

    Heres to WINNING again..I just added the Droid 3 from their twitter giveaway!

  • T Hall

    I thought it was funny that Droid Bionic was one of the phones listed under the drop down for your handset.

    • I also find it amusing that no HTC devices are listed to choose from.